I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: "The Startling Shadow"

A few minutes ago.

Demon Hunt Agency.

"There was something strange happening in the office."

In the spacious hall of the Demon Hunt Agency, the newly appointed captain Alan, wearing a black suit, looked serious.

He was facing a group of ready Night Watchers.

These Night Watchers are the elite of a team, each of them has the possibility of awakening. There are even two extraordinary individuals among them who have already reached the awakening level. They have the potential to become captains even in other teams.

Alan shared an important piece of information with the people of the Demon Hunt Agency. He told them that there was a very dangerous and mysterious creature lurking within the agency right at that moment.

Eager to make a move.

Alan became the captain of the team not long ago, but everyone could see how amazingly powerful he was. None of his former teammates knew that this guy was actually so strong...

Did he hide his true strength? People wondered if he used to deliberately pretend to be weak...

But Alan personally denied this thought.

"It's impossible for me to not... When I'm protecting the innocent, protecting all of you... How can I possibly hide my strength? I must give it my all."

But Alan suddenly becoming very powerful was indeed a suspicious thing.

The members of the Night Watcher suddenly becoming stronger seemed like a good thing, even something worthy of joy. But in the system, there needed to be clear reasons for it.

After every extraordinary individual noticeably becomes stronger and improves, they have to write a detailed report, documenting the details of their abilities.

All of this is done to prevent the extraordinary powers from getting out of control.

The new director, who was once known as the "Raven Reaper," silently stepped forward.

He said it was because of Lin Bian's inheritance that Alan quickly became strong.

So, not many people delved into why Alan grew so strong so quickly.

Firstly, there was respect for the departed Lin Bian, and secondly, there was trust in the endorsement of the new director.

Alan took a deep breath. He knew that things were still very serious.

"The Savior" had told him in his mind... The creature lurking within the Demon Hunt Agency was the most terrifying one among the creatures that had appeared this time.

However, until now it still hasn't shown up.

But Alan could be sure that this creature was hiding within the Demon Hunt Agency...

At this time, most of the people at the Demon Hunt Agency had already left for the various locations where strange occurrences were happening, helping the members of Babel Tower disperse the nearby residents. Only a few people remained inside the Demon Hunt Agency.

However, the people who were left behind were undoubtedly the best of the best. They didn't have to do the mundane tasks, but instead stayed behind to keep watch over the final creature.

Alan, Raven Reaper, and Adelaide were all in attendance.


Alan looked at his teammates, who were actually his longtime friends. So, even after becoming the captain, there was no distance or conflict between them.

In a team that considered themselves as the best, there was Lin Bian. He always seemed carefree, but deep down, he truly cared about everyone like a protective elder.

Now, he has gone away.

Although many people didn't show it so clearly, Alan knew that everyone was actually very sad.

But, this was the path of the Night Watcher.

The people carried Lin Bian's wishes in their hearts and continued walking this path.

Until they were completely exhausted and their body was broken into pieces.

Alan knew that the power of "resurrection" was truly real.

After the death of a super being, their soul would wander in that dimension for a long, long time, not transitioning to the next life like an ordinary person's soul in a confused manner...

One day, he would bring Lin Bian back to life, sooner or later.

The Savior promised!

He will grant himself such great power!

Alan's assistant was a young woman with short hair, glasses, and an intelligent air. She looked a bit thin and delicate, though she was in her early twenties, her demeanor was remarkably mature.

Her name was Ai.

She stepped forward and calmly said:

"The wards within the Demon Hunt Agency didn't detect anything unusual, and the divination ceremony has been performed numerous times without finding any strange beings."

Ai hesitated for a moment, then continued, "Now, there are two possible outcomes."

"The first possibility is that this so-called strange thing doesn't actually exist, or it has already left the Demon Hunt Agency and gone to other areas in Tatsumi City..."

Alan silently listened without saying a word. Ai was also an awakened individual at the highest level. In the past, she and Alan were the two most likely candidates to succeed Lin Bian.

Originally, this guy hardly gave him a glance, treating him as if he were a disgusting bug... Alan thought that if he became the new captain, she would strongly oppose it. However, Ai unexpectedly and obediently helped him with his work.

Perhaps it was because everyone wanted to continue fighting alongside Lin Bian.

"The second possibility is that it has a special ability that ordinary means cannot detect, and it has flawlessly hidden itself."

Alan stayed silent for a while and then said, "The second possibility is correct, it's right here nearby."

"I understood."

Ai nodded, even though she didn't understand why the captain was so sure, but she decided to trust him.

Alan quickly fell into deep thought, wondering where exactly the "strange thing" could be hiding.

He still remembered one thing, which was that the "Savior" had said that this peculiar name was... "the Startling Shadow."

That means, maybe it was a special kind of strange creature like a Shadow Fiend.

Could it be hiding in the shadows?

Alan, who had just thought of this, suddenly felt a chilling sensation deep in his bones. In all these years, he had rarely experienced such an evil presence.


He heard a teammate shout!

"Captain! There's something wrong with your shadow!"

All the members of the team quickly scattered, but Alan remained standing in place, silently gazing at the shadow at his feet.

Indeed, there was a problem.

Alan's shadow had mysteriously transformed into a remarkably tall and large figure. It had become extremely thin and had many "hollows" that looked like a mouth and eyes, appearing out of nowhere on its head.

It was laughing.

Compared to the previous strange creatures, this particular strangeness seemed to possess a higher, even comparable intelligence to that of humans.

Or rather, when you combine the danger of the previous three peculiarities altogether, it still couldn't match up to the dangers posed by this one!

"Oh, there you are! Great, we don't need to search for you anymore..."

The Fire that Burns Everything!

Alan didn't hold back at all, not even for a moment. He didn't hesitate, even if there was a chance that someone would figure out he was part of the Babel Tower.

If he even slightly held back here, there was a possibility that his companions could die because of it!

Now Tatsumi City and the Demon Hunt Agency are both under the control of the Savior, even if his identity is revealed, it won't be a big problem.

He knew this very well.

The dark fire instantly burst into flames, spreading along the shadow beneath Alan's feet.

In the shadow, the strange and eerie figure chuckled, feeling a sense of danger due to a powerful burst of inspiration. Suddenly, the figure extended a large hand and forcefully grabbed its own head, pulling it outward. In the blink of an eye, it had yanked itself out!

This strange action was incredibly bizarre, as if a character from an animated world had somehow entered reality, creating a sense of unease. However, it actually happened in a very tangible way.

The Fire that Burns Everything had lost its target, and it continued to burn relentlessly on the ground, never extinguishing.

Alan wanted to keep attacking, but he couldn't even keep up with the speed of this thing!

So fast!

The strange creature from the shadows suddenly, with astonishing speed, dashed towards the shadows of the Night Watchers. Everyone instinctively tried to dodge, but the opponent's speed was just too quick.

In just a moment.


In Ai's shadow, the "strangeness" had already merged. She suddenly realized that her body couldn't move anymore.


Ai looked at Alan subconsciously, her eyes filled with a mix of complicated emotions.

In the next moment, she reluctantly launched an attack.

More accurately, it was the shadow that launched an attack.

The strangeness had already merged with her shadow, becoming one. Then, a huge weapon slowly emerged from the shadow's chest, causing Ai great pain as it was pulled out. She cried out in agony, her voice filled with sorrow.

"Ah, ah, ah..."

She couldn't control herself at all. Alan and the others didn't know how to handle this situation right away.

That was a sword with shark-like sharp teeth, emitting a strong black aura, concealing absolute madness and terror.

Alan's eyes narrowed, and his intuition started frantically sounding the alarm.

This thing is really dangerous!

"Quick, hide! You must not get hit by the blade!"

The strange creature, which had fused with the shadow of Ai, was still "pressed tightly" against the ground, but the blade it swung became three-dimensional!


The enormous pitch-black shadow blade swung towards Alan!

In an instant, Alan was split in half.

With a look of shock on his face, he was cut horizontally and his body split into two. Then, a tremendously enormous wall appeared, starting from the far end and extending all the way to an unseen location on the other side. It quickly materialized into a faint and almost invisible line.

In the next moment, the Demon Hunt Agency headquarters collapsed with a mighty force, as if a mountain was tumbling down!

The towering building, strengthened with numerous enchantments, was effortlessly cleaved in two by the Startling Shadow, as if it were slicing through soft tofu!

Crown level!

Not just an ordinary Crown level! It was an incredibly powerful and peculiar being!

All the Night Watchers present were left dumbfounded. This terrifying power was unprecedented. The Demon Hunt Agency, which had stood for so many years, was now effortlessly split in half!

Originally split in half, Alan suddenly transformed into a puddle of black ink, while another version of him emerged from nearby.

This was the forbidden magic given to him long ago - the Substitute Puppet.

"I will find a way to save you! Don't worry!" he took a deep breath, giving it his all.

However, how could they drive away and vanquish this thing without causing harm to Ai?

Alan pondered in place, hesitating to take action for now, and the other Night Watchers were also wary, shocked by the terrifying blow moments ago.

Ai was completely unable to unleash her own power. Suddenly, her body began to twist and distort gradually. Her limbs were manipulated at will, like a dancing puppet, and her bones twisted in horrifying angles.

At that moment, she was being controlled by shadows. Her body turned into a puppet, completely under the command of the Startling Shadow. She felt immense pain.

Upon hearing Alan's words, tears silently welled up in Ai's eyes.

"Kill, kill... me..."

The true Night Watcher possesses the willingness to sacrifice themselves.

She understood the current situation, and wanted to get rid of the strange creatures while keeping herself safe. However, it was extremely challenging.

The recent attack... if it had directly targeted the buildings in the residential area... the consequences would have been unimaginable.

The wisest thing to do right now was to immediately put an end to her own life!

If it were you...

Kill me...

I won't feel any pain...

Aaron took a deep breath and suddenly revealed a gentle smile. With a flick of his finger, several playing cards turned into flying knives.

"Let me try my magic, please."

Several flying knives were launched simultaneously, accurately pinning down all the dark shadows.

Alan used a newly learned spell, causing the throwing knives to gleam with white sparks. The Startling Shadow cried out in pain as it was struck by the electric shocks. It was unable to break free from the attack in an instant.

In the next moment, Alan clapped his hands.

Using the Reanimation Spell, he transported himself to the presence of the peculiar being.

In the midst of the strange influence and electrical sparks, Ai looked at him in double agony. Her face showed a multitude of complex emotions - a mix of pleading, reluctance, and a hint of anticipation.

Alan took a deep breath, slowly reaching out his hands as if he wanted to hug her.

The Sun Anthem!

From the god of the sun, a divine power erupted at that very moment. The golden radiance of this power was incredibly bright! It began to sweep away everything in its path, transforming and destroying all shadows.

With a silent roar, the enraged Startling Shadow was unleashed. It swung its massive dark shadow blade, aiming to sever the man and woman before it!

Alan had already stretched out his hand ahead of time!

The Fire that Burns Everything.

The black flames burst into sudden and swift ignition!

The Startling Shadow let out a silent and mournful howl, but even with its immense strength and strangeness, it couldn't extinguish or resist the flames from the Outer God.

Looking up with sorrow, Ai's whole body full of broken bones, smoke rising from her clothes, she collapsed onto Alan's body.

Alan immediately used The Reanimation Spell once again, transferring Ai away.

"Everyone, hurry and go away, you are no match for it!"

After Alan finished shouting, he stood frozen in place, unable to move.

A very large gathering of darkness, with multiple mouths and eyes on its head, held a massive, fearsome blade... That strange being stood right in front of him.

The Startling Shadow stared at him!

The parts of its body that were touched by dark flames automatically shed off and separated from its main form.

The Startling Shadow suddenly dropped the massive blade from its grasp and forcefully pierced it into the ground. With an unseen ripple, the shadows of everyone present, except for Alan, instantaneously elongated and were directly pulled into the blade.

After losing their shadows, the Night Watchers fell to the ground, unconscious and unable to wake up. Meanwhile, the pitch-black shadow blade kept growing larger, becoming even more powerful than before, with an exaggerated force.

Alan, who was not yet at the Crown level, could feel his own insignificance.

Even with powers that surpassed his own level, he still couldn't defeat this terrifying being.

"Savior, please save them..."

At that moment, Alan gazed at the enemy, not giving up and also praying to the Savior!

Praying to the Savior of the Babel Tower, may he show his mighty power!

Just then, Alan heard a familiar voice.

"It seems like we haven't arrived late."

It's him!

Alan turned back with excitement, only to realize that he had misheard. The ones who had come were "Profligate". Wait a minute, that man... Mr. Kessel, the "Emperor" himself, was among them!

Bai Yan looked coldly at the giant shadow figure, and his Gungnir shot up into the sky.

In an instant, an unstoppable and perfectly accurate beam of white light descended from the sky, completely enveloping the Demon Hunt Agency's hall.

Amidst the continuous booming sounds, the Startling Shadow was struck by a terrifying blow and let out another silent cry of pain!

It angrily swung a more powerful dark blade towards Bai Yan and the others!