I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: "The Demon of Justice"

The gigantic, constantly expanding blob of flesh wriggled irregularly. It devoured everything it touched, sparing nothing. Both living and non-living things became its nourishment.

Compared to lifeless things, those creatures with flesh and souls were clearly more suitable for its growth and proliferation. It kept expanding, expanding, and expanding, crushing and devouring everything. There was nothing that could stop this terrifying process!

Luckily, there were no people nearby anymore. In the Dawn Park and several nearby streets, the Night Watchers had already driven away all creatures larger than fists and most of the bugs using various methods. There were hardly any living beings left that could come near this terrifying giant blob of flesh.

In fact, even the Night Watchers couldn't do much to help against such a terrifying monster. The most important thing they could do was to scatter the crowd.

However, in a certain sense, it was a great help for Bai Yan and the others if someone prevented them from falling behind.

Even so, people could still see its presence, and this was something that couldn't be kept hidden.

Because it was incredibly massive, towering over a hundred meters high, many people in the Dawn District had already noticed the disgusting flesh ball's presence and were documenting everything in fear.

"What is that thing? Is it another new monster?"

"It looks really exaggerated. I don't know if it's just my imagination, but it definitely wasn't this big a moment ago."

"But don't worry, as long as Babel Tower is here, nothing bad will happen."


After a few people met near the park, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly became awkward.

The Scarlet Moon seemed cold and distant, showing no signs of a friendly expression. She was very cautious towards the "Emperor" Kessel and the deceiving "Profligate" who had tricked her, without trying to hide her alertness at all.

In her eyes, most beings who were not from her own kind were considered untrustworthy.

Kessel also knew who the Scarlet Moon was, the renowned king of the dark world of Tatsumi City, the absolute ruler of a branch of the Scarlet Blood Clan.

The former "Emperor" did consider, at times, uprooting the entire clan from Tatsumi City when he became aware of their frequent misdeeds and abuses of power.

But with the director of the Demon Hunt Agency's strong persuasion, he ultimately gave up on that idea. Although there were occasional conflicts, the Demon Hunt Agency and the Scarlet Blood Clan both belonged to the side of order in Tatsumi City.

Meanwhile, Kessel clearly didn't hold any grudge towards the Scarlet Moon at this moment.

He said calmly, "You don't need to be so cautious around me. I don't have any ill intentions. You can ask your companions, they will confirm it. My only goal is to swiftly eliminate these strange creatures. Our alliance with Babel Tower is temporary for now."

The Scarlet Moon snorted, completely disagreeing with the idea that she and Profligate were companions.

She had just finished helping Profligate and repaying a favor when she was forcibly taken into Babel Tower, losing her freedom... The Scarlet Moon, who was never particularly forgiving, now felt annoyed at the sight of Profligate.

Bai Yan nodded lightly and smiled, saying, "Hmm, just trust me. Otherwise, you can believe in the Savior."

"I believe you!" Maryse immediately nodded, smiling.

She didn't doubt at all.

The reason is simple: believe in the only opposite-sex peer who has been very kind to oneself for the past twenty years, at least with little difference in appearance. Of course, there is no need for a reason... especially when dealing with someone who is very emotional.

However, Profligate's reputation meant nothing to the Scarlet Moon!

Perhaps it would only have the opposite effect, because in the eyes of the Scarlet Moon, Profligate was nothing but a deceitful person who forgot all about gratitude and loyalty!

Compared to the Savior, she actually disliked Profligate more. After all, the Savior of the Babel Tower was a very imaginary being, and it didn't feel real enough to the Scarlet Moon.

She said in an unusually calm tone, "Your code name is the Emperor, the most outstanding member of the Imperial Guards known as the Eyes of the Empire. You are also the most powerful spiritual sorcerer of the Air Alliance. You even taught as a mentor to both the 'Magician' and the 'Hanged Man'. I heard that you arrived in Tatsumi City last time, but I never expected it would take so long to finally meet you."

Suddenly, the Scarlet Moon changed her tone and spoke in a cold manner, saying,

"I remember you were supposed to be an enemy of the Babel Tower, right?"

Kessel stared at the Scarlet Moon for a while without saying anything.

At this moment, Bai Yan quietly used his newfound power.

The next moment, he, as the "Savior," began giving commands to the Scarlet Moon.

[Believe in him]

The Scarlet Moon's face slightly changed, and once again came the irresistible voice of mystery.

For so many years, she had seen beings stronger than herself, but it was the first time she truly understood the real meaning of the word "fear".

Compared to the formidable individuals capable of moving mountains, persevering against all odds, and being unyielding to the end, only the "Savior" of the Babel Tower, with its all-knowing and omnipresence, possessing absolute control over life and death, could truly be considered a terrifying presence.

Finally, she stopped talking about this matter and turned her head to look at the strange thing that was growing bigger not far away.

"This thing, as well as other strange occurrences in Tatsumi City, they all require us to be careful... We have to admit, each one is more tricky than the last."

Although she hadn't witnessed the other strange occurrences with her own eyes, she learned about the situation through the messages posted by Mu Ling on Amy's forum.

The Scarlet Moon paused for a moment and continued, "I do wonder though, what is the true origin that caused their appearances? It is odd for several powerful strange beings to suddenly appear in this city for no reason at all."

After hearing these words, Kessel, who was originally somewhat hysterical, seemed to have no reaction at all. He appeared to have calmed down, completely reverting back to his usual personality.

At this moment, Bai Yan, who had activated the "Connection," had a faint black light shining from his eyes. Only he could see it. The casual remark made by the Scarlet Moon just now had already caused a noticeable change in Kessel's emotions.

Bai Yan, now, was very certain.

Kessel's wife, the "Demon of Justice" Ailsa, was the sudden origin of many strange beings that appeared.

It is quite possible that she is the true "BOSS" behind the four strange beings in this event.

Bai Yan stared at the big ball of meat in the distance, activating the power of "Insightful Linking".

Absorbing information.

Suddenly, things within Bai Yan's sight began to change.

Around the flesh ball, it seemed like there were countless tiny threads present, each thread having a different color - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, silver, gray, and so on... All of these are "Connections".

In the world, everything is connected. Some connections are important, while others are not so important. Some connections are well-known, while others remain unknown to most people.

He even noticed many connections on Maryse and the Scarlet Moon. There were faint black chains around their necks, reaching up to the sky... Perhaps this was their connection to the Babel Tower.

Chains? It truly is a terrible form.

Perhaps, the Scarlet Moon was completely right. The so-called Core Operators were nothing more than slaves under the domination of the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan had a vague sense that these black chains were made of black mist. Perhaps that's why every time something happened, the black mist would instantly appear and save the members of the Babel Tower.

Because it has always been there.

Bai Yan could see that there were some threads connecting Maryse to himself. One of the threads, in a faint pink color, seemed delicate as if it could break at any moment.

What does this mean, Bai Yan knew very well.

He focused his attention and stared at the increasingly enormous strangeness.

Among thousands and thousands of "connections", constantly searching for the ones Bai Yan needed, this process was very tiring, but Bai Yan persisted without giving up.

Finally, Bai Yan found some threads that were as black as night. These threads represented the connection to the strange thing's "weakness".

Whether it was a living thing or an inanimate object, almost everything had its own "weakness". Nothing was invincible, as long as you could find the weakness and target it, it would be easier to defeat many things.

"I see it," Bai Yan muttered to himself, with a swirling black mist in his eyes.

That was the information they needed.

The other three people looked towards Bai Yan, wanting to know what he had seen.

Bai Yan said calmly, "Its powerful rules only react fully to those who have ill intentions towards it. If we can cause harm without any ill intentions, maybe we can destroy it."

Maryse immediately spoke after listening, saying:

"But it was quite a challenge to eradicate such a big presence without any ill intentions."

Ill intentions?

A few people fell into deep thought, wondering if they could solve this peculiar situation without having any ill intentions.

It was obviously quite difficult.

The Scarlet Moon actually felt an urge to strike back, but her body was already injured by a counterattack that was twice as strong. Trying again might result in severe injuries inflicted by herself.

"I couldn't do it," she admitted honestly.

Just as the Scarlet Moon was pondering, the Emperor, Kessel, spoke up.

"I might be able to handle this thing, at least I can give it a try."

After Kessel finished speaking, he walked forward and slowly reached out his hand to touch the enormous creature's expanding head.

This strange being lacks intelligence and emotions, possessing only instinct and the power of rules...

The Distance of the Hearts.

Kessel's most powerful forbidden spell, "Distance of the Hearts", is a spell that can be turned on and off, like a switch. Normally, it remains on all the time.

Even though Bai Yan momentarily broke Kessel's "Distance of the Hearts", it only took a few seconds for Kessel to rebuild it again.

An invisible power is blocking everything in reality.

Bai Yan stood silently behind, not making a sound. He quietly switched to "Mysterious Magic" and used the Pupil of Mystery to secretly learn Kessel's powerful forbidden spell.

It has the power to separate from reality, making it suitable for stealing.

The magic that Bai Yan learned using the Pupil of Mystery cannot be shared with Mysterious Magic.

As young Kessel's fair palm made contact with the strange object, a peculiar scene unfolded before him in a highly mysterious manner.

The power of 'Double Repayment' has the ability to bounce back any attack with double force. However, this power doesn't activate all at once. It actually consists of two progressive stages: 'Double Duplication' and 'Rebound'.

In the moment it was pressed by the fracture of "Distance of the Hearts," it instantly duplicated "Distance of the Hearts" twofold.

But "Distance of the Hearts" itself is a self-protective power, not an attack, so the strangeness didn't directly bounce back and harm Kessel.

"Maybe I can do it," Kessel said, as he continued walking forward.

He didn't intentionally hurt the strangeness, but this act of moving forward could cause the two "Distance of the Hearts" to collide.

Two terrifying mind powers, so powerful that they could even disrupt reality, collided with each other!

In the next moment, a special explosion of minds occurred!

This was a silent explosion.

A massive invisible impact instantly enveloped everyone present, and each person felt a weightlessness in their hearts.

This feeling was extremely rare, something that even in their ordinary lives they had never experienced before. Although Bai Yan and the others remained motionless in their original positions, they could feel as if they were already soaring through the air.

If we were to use a metaphor to describe this state, perhaps it would be more fitting to say it was like their souls had left their bodies.

The strange state made Bai Yan's mind instantly calm, like still water. This incredible phenomenon of minds colliding and exploding had never been witnessed before... And it was at this moment that he saw the bizarre and shattering creature.

This thing was hurt, but it wasn't actively trying to attack. So, the creature kept duplicating itself in the lingering aftermath of its own mental power, until it completely destroyed itself in the end.

The state of weightlessness in their souls seemed to last for a long time, but in reality, it only lasted for a brief moment in the real world.

The few individuals quickly regained consciousness.

"Ah!" Maryse exclaimed at once, covered in sweat from head to toe. She plopped down on the ground, unable to gather herself for quite some time.

After screaming, she remained silent for a while. Her eyes were empty as she said, "So, this is what happens when the residual waves of mental power collide and explode. I've never felt anything like this before..."

Maryse wanted to understand how this magic worked, but she soon realized that it was simply beyond her grasp.

In theory, she could weaken her psychic power to create a less powerful version of the "Distance of the Hearts."

It's like saying that a gorilla could theoretically play basketball... but when it comes to soul magic, Maryse really has no expertise. Compared to Kessel, she's truly at a gorilla's level in this area.

So she couldn't possibly replicate the "Distance of the Hearts."

At that moment, the others weren't feeling very well either.

Kessel, standing still, closed his eyes and rested, with sweat on his forehead.

He quickly recovered, and his expression grew even stronger and more determined.

The Scarlet Moon took a deep breath and shook her head, clearly still not recovered.

"Solved... you were more useful than I had thought."

After Bai Yan regained his senses, he immediately checked the new information on his phone.

As expected, after the third strange occurrence was resolved, a new clue appeared.

"An eye for an eye, a double repayment, only then can we have a place to stand."

Hmm, Bai Yan knew very well that these were the words spoken by the Demon of Justice.

He was not surprised at all. With so many clues, there was no need to decipher them anymore.

But here comes the problem, if the final BOSS they would have to face after resolving all the strangeness at Babel Tower was really that person, what should they do?

Bai Yan really didn't know the specific abilities of the Demon of Justice. After all, this guy had existed over two hundred years ago.

"However, if she is the final BOSS, there should be a 'game' display on the Babel Tower in her mobile phone first. Then I can gather information by playing the game."

Bai Yan looked at the gradually recovering crowd and calmly said, "Let's go, the final strange creature is at the Demon Hunt Agency."

Yes, there was only one left - the last and most powerful strange creature.

At the same time, he activated the power of the Cybertyrant and searched across the entire internet for information about the Demon of Justice.

Bai Yan quickly found a lot of information about this important person. There were many records about her in various places where organizations had studied her life.

Ailsa, born 271 years ago, is a woman and a human. She was once a slave.

Back in those days, the Air Alliance had not yet been formed. This vast wilderness, known as the Air Realm, was just a collection of different strongholds. Some of these strongholds were established by sinners, while others were built by ordinary people.

Each stronghold had a few thousand people, but the larger ones had nearly one hundred thousand people. They often clashed and fought each other, which is how slavery came to exist.

Apart from these strongholds, there was also a gigantic creature lurking.

At that time, there was a tremendously powerful cult that had established a nation in the Air Realm. The population had grown to millions, and everyone in the country was a devout follower of the Outer God.

They would often come out and capture people from different strongholds to take them back for sacrifice. Many strongholds were frequently destroyed, causing several of them to join forces. This is how the Air Alliance began to take shape.

It was in this dangerous environment that Ailsa, a slave, rose to power at an astonishing speed. With her unbeatable strength, she defeated the evil kingdom and united the strongholds built by ordinary people, forming the Air Alliance as it exists today.

And those leaders of the strongholds are the ancestors of the kings we have today.

They learned about the Kingdom of Dark Light and Nightfall, with the help of the wizards from the Time of Chord Guild, they built cities that could withstand disasters, and established a united nation that stood between the two.

"The Demon of Justice," Ailsa, strongly believed that all extraordinary powers should be hidden and controlled, never to be accessed by ordinary people. Only a few professionals should be allowed to possess such powers.

In this way, the number of people who would connect with the Outer Gods would decrease significantly, resulting in a reduction of superhuman crimes and disasters.

And so, the Demon Hunt Agency and the principle of mystery came into existence.

All of these records were kept secret, but under the power of the Cybertyrant, they were completely revealed for everyone to see.

Bai Yan soon noticed something very suspicious.

Lastly, Ailsa suddenly vanished from history, a very unexpected disappearance, and no one could ever find a trace of her again.

But Bai Yan already knew that she might not have died after all, but instead, she was still in Tatsumi City!

"Um, let's go, there's only one left."

Kessel's tone seemed much more relaxed, as if he became invigorated, and it seemed that the situation now was no longer as tense.

However, Bai Yan looked at this man with mixed emotions. He already knew that this man could very well be the biggest obstacle in this mission.

Perhaps, at that time, he would have to make a difficult decision.

He sighed and said to himself, "This time, we will definitely be able to save Tatsumi City again."