I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: "Psychic Dancer" Is So Useful

The Temple of Dark Light.

Inside the Temple of Dark Light, there is a grand hall called the Hall of Laws, where the saints gather to discuss important matters.

The Hall of Laws is made of pure white marble, completely clean and untouched. Everywhere on the walls are beautiful illustrations depicting the heroic deeds of the Savior of Dark Light.

The saints of Sequence One were undoubtedly significant figures in the Kingdom of Dark Light. And the things that gathered all the saints for discussion were always extremely important and significant events.

Inside the hall, the shadowy figures of thirteen saints had already gathered together.

Most of them were not physically present in Anno, but instead, they were scattered across different provinces, each leading their own forces. At this moment, they were only able to convene through a clandestine spell, conducting their meeting in this mysterious way.

Originally, the Dark Light Church had a total of fourteen saints. However, after the passing of the Left Hand of Dark Light in Tatsumi City, the great Savior has not yet announced the name of the new Left Hand of Dark Light.

Every time a saint passes away, usually within a year, a new name is announced through a divine message, and a new saint is born.

For thousands of years, from ancient times until now, the Dark Light Church has always had exactly fourteen saints.

An important meeting was about to begin, but the spiritual leader of the church, known as "the incarnation of Dark Light", was nowhere to be found.

No one else found this to be strange at all.

In these past few years, the messages from the Savior of Dark Light became less and less, and the appearances of the Incarnation of Dark Light became rarer and rarer. They had already grown accustomed to it.

Today, the saints gathered to discuss something very special. It was none other than the Babel Tower that had suddenly appeared in the newspaper column.

The Pupil of Dark Light, Hulse, was also among the saints, and he held a significant position.

He spoke first, slowly saying, "The Babel Tower, they have finally appeared."

"They started appearing all over the world after Tatsumi City emerged. And now, even Annottales has these people's presence."

A dark-haired woman among the saints spoke and said, "They don't seem ambitious, their actions are only to punish evil and promote justice. But our Savior has long ago warned that the sinister deity behind the Babel Tower has nefarious intentions, which could be the very culprit of Noah's world's destruction."

Indeed, it was true. The prophecy had long been spoken, and all the saints were aware that although the Babel Tower appeared to be a kind presence, it harbored terrifying ambitions that were beyond what ordinary people could believe.

As for the possibility that the prophecy of the Savior of Dark Light could be wrong, they had never considered such a thing, just like how normal people wouldn't contemplate what to do if the sun suddenly became smaller than the moon.

A girl nodded and said, "That's right, we must be cautious and handle the Babel Tower just like we usually deal with various evil cults, putting an end to it before it grows stronger."

Another tall orc said, "In the end, we should leave this matter to them. According to the rules, they are the ones who should deal with the domestic heretics."

The gaze of all the saints turned towards the three people standing together.

These three saints had similar builds and very similar faces, clearly indicating that they were brothers.

Without a doubt, the Eruo League and the Kingdom of Dark Light are countries that place immense importance on order and rules.

So, the task of eliminating heretics was not randomly assigned to just any saint, but there were always specific saints who were responsible for handling such matters.

The leader among the three brothers was a handsome middle-aged man with golden hair. He had a very relaxed demeanor and was the most casually dressed among everyone, with his clothes looking the most untidy.

Norn is responsible for dealing with domestic cult members, and his position is called "Dark Light Judgement."

He said with a smile:

"For the country, for God, we will quickly sever the connection between the 'Savior' behind the Babel Tower and the present world."

How can one break the connection between an evil deity and the world?

The easiest way is to kill all the "saints" of that cult.

So, as a result, the will of the evil deity cannot directly reach the world anymore, until a new priest becomes the new saint. However, that certainly requires a lot of effort and time from the priests, as well as the right conditions.

To deal with such situations, the top leaders of each country have gained a lot of experience.

Among the group of saints, there was an old man with white hair who was blind. He sat in the farthest corner, always unnoticed by anyone.

Just as everyone was about to discuss the next topic, the old man with white hair suddenly spoke in a hoarse voice, "Should we, perhaps, inform Chris, the Divine Blade, about this matter?"

Everyone was taken aback.

He actually spoke?

Among all the saints, the oldest figure, nobody knew exactly how long he had been alive. Even other saints heard that his history of existence was longer than that of the Incarnation of Dark Light.

He was known as the "Leader of Dark Light."

He was theoretically the highest-ranking figure among the saints, but because he rarely spoke and always lived in seclusion, the other saints would often overlook his presence.

The Pupil of Dark Light, Hulse, remained silent for a while.

He remembered the last time the old man spoke, it was ten years ago.

Hulse immediately disagreed, smiling as he slowly spoke, "Captain Chris and his Divine Blade Knights probably have more important matters to attend to. There have been many signs of activity from the 'Troublemakers' lately. Let's not disturb them, shall we?"

"Dark Light Judgment" Norn nodded as well, with a tone that was not serious but sincere.

"Yes, the matters concerning the Troublemakers are also very important. The 'Pupil of Chaos' they believe in has been peering into this world recently... Perhaps an unimaginable colossal disaster is about to befall."

"We have a responsibility to the people of Dark Light; we must ensure the protection of this world in every possible way."

Pupil of Chaos.

Among the twenty-seven Outer Gods, there are actually three that are related to the Attribute of Chaos.

And one of them is called the "Enigmatic Gazer," which is the Pupil of Chaos.

He, who governs the fifteen o'clock of the day, and the Chaos Star, which governs the fourteen o'clock of the day, were both born at the same time.

The atmosphere of the meeting gradually became very serious. The appearance of the mysterious and unpredictable Babel Tower, as well as the gaze of the Outer Gods, made it clear that Noah had been going through a truly turbulent period recently.

"The Leader of Dark Light," spoke again. This old blind man, who rarely spoke on ordinary days, had a lot to say today.

"So, get ready."

His tone was extremely indifferent, as if he were just an onlooker rather than a participant in the world.

The old man seemed indifferent to everything that could possibly happen, calmly stating without showing much concern.

"The future path of this world may, perhaps, develop in an unexpected direction."

"People who cannot be prepared will perish in the waves."


In a garden within the first city district.

In a quiet and secluded place, where nobody goes, there was a garden with numerous flower walls that created a small maze. Usually, only a few people would venture into this place, mostly couples.

At this moment, Evie was completely wrapped in a black veil. She stood inside the small maze, feeling extremely restless, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the man.

Evie only showed her beautiful, bright eyes on the outside. Her entire body was covered tightly with clothes, making it impossible for even familiar faces to recognize her at first glance.

Evie, for the first time in her life, was filled with anticipation as she awaited the arrival of a man.

After all, he held important information about her sister.

For Evie, there was nothing in the world more important than her sister.

Even the fate of the entire world couldn't compare to the safety and happiness of her sister in Evie's eyes.

However, she was separated from her incredibly important sister.

In the first few days after being separated from her sister, Evie experienced a constant wave of pain and sadness coming from her sister. It caused Evie to feel extreme sorrow and she couldn't eat, drink, or sleep. She was on the brink of collapse.

If it wasn't for her foster father forcefully sustaining her life, Evie probably wouldn't have been able to carry on at all.

After recovering, she started trying every possible way to find Kaluoer, even begging her foster father to help in the search.

After searching for several years, Evie had no news at all about her sister.

But Evie never gave up.

"It won't end here..." she thought this way every night.

Almost every day, Evie would feel the pain her sister experienced, causing her mood to become unpredictable, very short-tempered, and easily angered. It was terrifying how quickly she would get angry at even the slightest provocation!

She couldn't control herself at all.

When you are in great pain and feel like rolling on the ground, someone who doesn't know any better provokes you and even if you try to punish them, there won't be any consequences... Many people would choose to make the other person suffer, just like themselves.

To ease her sister's daily pain, Evie tried her best to live a refined life, avoiding sad and painful things, indulging in delicious food, and experiencing all kinds of wonderful things.

Just a little will do...

Even if there's just a tiny bit, that would be enough...

As the older sister, I must save Kaluoer... Even if it's just a little bit, I want her to experience joy, just like me. I don't want her to believe that the whole world is only filled with pain.

Evie bit her lip and waited for a while inside the flower maze, but she still couldn't see Viscount Edmond appear.

Could it be that this guy is playing a trick on me?

She took a deep breath, trying to control her anger.

"Mmm, you've indeed come, Princess of the Euro League,"

Evie blinked for a moment, the Euro League? It sounded like how people from outside referred to the Kingdom of Dark Light.

She quickly turned around and saw a tall and handsome man standing calmly behind her.

Is it really you?

Viscount Edmond!

"Why do you know where my sister is, Evie?" Her gaze grew colder. "If it's true that you've been the one mistreating her all these years... I will make sure your entire family pays the price!"

Bai Yan spoke calmly, "Would you like to know about your sister, Kaluoer's current situation and whereabouts, Your Highness?"

"Why don't you try to guess why I know about her?"

Evie sneered and exclaimed loudly, "I don't have time to play riddles with you. Tell me immediately about Kaluoer's situation. If you dare to make demands, I will have someone cut out your tongue!"

She was very good at scaring people, and this technique had always worked effectively against the servants in the temple.

But Bai Yan wasn't afraid at all.

He even laughed.

"What are you laughing at?"

Evie was caught off guard, and she could see the disdain and anger in that smile, making her even more furious.

"I am laughing at you, thinking that everything can be the way your heart desires, but in reality, it is not so."

Bai Yan smiled and said, "I came here to make a deal with you. I want you to help me get something from the temple, and then I will tell you about Kaluoer's situation... If you can keep pleasing me, I might even bring her to you alive and well."

This person was threatening and blackmailing me!

Evie quickly understood that the other person was a cunning and deceitful individual.

"Do you think I will be scared of your threats? Do as you say?"

Evie became very angry and immediately raised her hand without any hesitation, saying, "Jing! Let's first disable one of his hands! Let's capture him and take him back!"

Jing is Evie's loyal maid who is always by her side.

In the entire world, very few people would have a powerful protector at the Crown level, but Evie is one of them.

Suddenly, a short maid with a calm expression appeared out of thin air and swiftly rushed towards Bai Yan.

Being a Crown level superhuman with exceptional speed, she, as a speed-oriented individual, was even faster during the surprise attack than Mu Ling typically was!

Bai Yan seemed as if he hadn't realized what was happening and was caught off guard.

One of his arms was grabbed by the other person.

The short maid, following her master's command, tried to twist the other person's hand but suddenly realized that she couldn't move it at all.

"Be careful," Bai Yan gently reminded.

With a strong grip, he effortlessly subdued the short maid, forcing her to kneel on one knee and struggle to stay on her feet.

"Oh no!"

The calm expression on the short maid's face completely vanished, replaced by a look of even fear!

The overwhelming pressure made her doubt whether this man truly possessed such terrifying strength or if she had fallen under some sort of enchantment.

The "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" was undoubtedly a powerful and extraordinary being, full of strength.

With the difference in rank, one being a crowned ruler and the other being beneath them, Bai Yan effortlessly overpowered his opponent using only one hand.

Suddenly, the short maid felt that terrifying force was no longer there.

But then, a surge of psychic power caused her to gradually lose consciousness.

How could this be...

"What did you do?"

Standing there, Evie noticed something was not right. Anger filled her as she glared at Bai Yan, wanting to launch an attack.

Soon after, she saw a pair of silver-white pupils.

"Oh no, no, nooooooo!"

Evie's body kept shaking, her eyes becoming gradually lost, and she made sounds like a little beaten-up baby seal.

Bai Yan smiled and said, "It's so interesting! Both of you have completely different personalities, but your reactions are exactly the same. I wonder if you are the same in other aspects as well."

Kaluoer, after becoming "Hidden Azure," hardly had any emotions, while Evie, the "Innocent Singer," was completely different. Her level of emotional expression was on par with Maryse.

As twin sisters, the two of them had a shared past and completely different presents.

"Psychic Dancer is truly a very useful card..."

Just as he finished speaking, Bai Yan felt a sudden sharp pain in his head, and he furrowed his brow while covering his eyes.

This maid-guard and Maryse are at the same Crown level, both being extraordinary individuals. Now, controlling both of them together is proving to be quite a challenge for him.

But he was still able to do it.

In order to make it easier for the power of the mind to seep in, he stepped forward and gently placed his hand on Evie's pink hair.

"Don't worry, I mean no harm to you two sisters. You will be reunited someday."

Then come with me to save the world.

Bai Yan used his mind power to delve into Evie's soul, searching continuously for various things that he needed.

Deep within Evie's soul, he encountered the being known as the Incarnation of Dark Light, hailed as the strongest entity in the world...

For some reason, whenever Bai Yan glimpsed into the memories of the Incarnation of Dark Light, a peculiar expression of contemplation would often appear on his face.

He seemed to know that he was being watched.

Bai Yan frowned, thinking this was impossible.

In theory, it should never be possible, because it's just a memory of Evie's.

Inside Evie's soul, he discovered a terrifying aura of dark light.

This power was left behind by the Incarnation of Dark Light.

If someone tries to harm Evie's life or attempts to hypnotize her using psychic powers, they would definitely be met with a hidden and terrifying force of protection. They would even be completely obliterated, without a trace of their soul remaining.

There is absolutely no chance of survival for those whose strength is below the Apocalypse.

But Maryse is the future Empress of the Mind, her psychic power is even more terrifying, harder to guard against, and unpredictable!

This is also why everyone in the Augustus family used to fear her instead of trying to defend against this power with spells or relics... They all tried, but it didn't work at all.

"Very good."

Seeing that the Dark Light had indeed not activated, Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

During his first playthrough, he drew the "Innocent Singer" card multiple times, so he was well aware of its existence.

In the BAD END caused by the little one Maryse's betrayal, she managed to control the two sisters successfully. However, she wasn't attacked by the Dark Light within the soul of the Innocent Singer. Bai Yan always remembered this.

That's why he was so brave, daring to directly control the "princess" of the Kingdom of Dark Light.

Finally, Bai Yan, his head throbbing with pain, left with satisfaction, leaving the two master and servant behind feeling a bit confused.

"What are we here for?"

The short maid stood still for a moment and said, "I remember you wanted to escape and have some fun."

"Are you running out to play? Indeed, that's true," Evie nodded gently. But she felt like her head was foggy, as if she was getting sick.

Evie sighed and said, "Let's go, we should go back."



After leaving the first district, Bai Yan's body quickly disappeared.

Yes, this is his "parasitic incarnation."

In such a dangerous situation, Bai Yan definitely wouldn't do it himself. He's not foolish, you know.

At this moment, his true form was in the Tulip Manor, firmly refusing Kaluoer's invitation to pick his ears!

"I understand, sir."

Kaluoer, who was sitting on the bed, nodded silently and got up from Bai Yan's bed.

Although the act of lying on the girl's thigh seemed very tempting, Bai Yan was truly afraid that Kaluoer's sudden emergence of murderous intent could lead to disastrous consequences if he continued letting her pick his ears while squatting down.

Looking at the girl who had been standing by his side all along, Bai Yan couldn't hold back any longer and finally said:

"Kaluoer, you can go take a rest, you don't need to serve me all the time."

"This is the meaning of my existence."

Kaluoer shook her head gently and with a distant look in her eyes, she said, "It's best if you don't consider me as a person because, you see, I am just a tool."


Was she complaining about her fate?

Bai Yan squinted his eyes and sensed that Kaluoer's emotions were changing. Normally, she would answer without hesitation, saying "okay," and then leave the room.

A true tool wouldn't say they're a tool; they would simply obey orders silently.

It seems that after Kaluoer succeeded in controlling her own heart, she didn't continue to receive the spell that eliminates emotions every day. As a result, her long-suppressed feelings have been gradually returning over time.

However, if Bai Yan wanted the girl to truly become a normal person again, he felt it would take several years, even decades, perhaps.

"If you insist, then please stay."

Bai Yan smiled and nodded.

He picked up the newspaper and started reading it. The "Babel Tower section" on it was so prominent that now everyone in the city should know that "Babel Tower" had arrived.

After a while, Kaluoer, who was standing beside him, prepared a cup of red tea for him.

Bai Yan liked to drink cola, the profligate enjoyed drinking coffee, and Viscount Edmond preferred drinking tea... These were some small details that he himself had established to distinguish different people.

He took out his cellphone and checked the logs of the Core Operators.

Just as mentioned before, even with Kaluoer by his side, he didn't need to worry. Only Bai Yan could see the content of "Babel Tower" on his phone.

Kaluoer at most could notice that he was using a cellphone, even though it was against the laws of the Kingdom of Dark Light. However, she could never report it.

Secretly defying the laws of the gods, there were countless noble and wealthy people who did so. The closest "dogs" of the masters, the personal servants, could never report them.

Otherwise, no matter if the report succeeded or not, Kaluoer, who played the role of a personal maid, would completely say goodbye to this profession. And of course, she would not run off to report them.

"The Intelligence Journal of Core Operator Nightsaber."

"I found a bad person who was misusing extraordinary powers. Although they weren't part of a cult, I had to kill them. It made me feel happier (+1 mood and 5 source energy points)."

"The power of the criminals caused a lot of damage, innocent people were hurt. After cleaning up the mess, they were warned to be careful by the 'Mysterious Magic' on the forum."

Bai Yan discovered something.

It was obvious that the legend points for the Babel Tower had reached a high level, causing the in-game ratings to rise even more. As a result, the rewards that could be obtained decreased.

In Tatsumi City, Nightsaber and others used to kill random "monsters" during ordinary times. At the very least, they would always receive 10 or 20 Source Energy Points each time, never just 5.

Bai Yan shook his head, but he wasn't bothered. He had already mentally prepared himself for this.

This kind of balance only affects the daily earnings from idle placement, and it doesn't affect the special events and emergency missions at all.

"Speaking of which, this time, the longing period has truly been longer," he complained to himself.

"Core Operator: Psychic Dancer's Intelligence Diary."

"Exercising the formidable power of Crown level, effortlessly brainwashing everyone in the villa, making them sing and dance in front of me and Irena, Mood +1."

"Looking for clues about Reno's whereabouts, but didn't find any."

Bai Yan fell into deep thought.

Maryse, do you want to see your father?

He knew where Maryse's father, Reno, was.

That man should be serving his punishment inside the Babel Tower.

"Hmm, if there's a chance, I should let the father and daughter meet each other."

Based on Bai Yan's understanding of Maryse, she is not a saintly person and would never easily forgive others. In fact, she might even end up giving her own father a good beating.

"Core Operator: Queen of the Scarlet Moon's Information Log."

"After learning a new recipe, I made fifty servings and fed them all to Lan Lan, who loved eating them. As a result, Lan Lan's stomach was stuffed and burst, but it quickly healed."

"I was suddenly taken to the Babel Tower for 'training', feeling really sad. (-2 Mood)"

Of course, even Queen of the Scarlet Moon would be made to undergo Training Simulations by Bai Yan, without any exceptions.

Her training opponent was a much stronger version of herself in every aspect!

Then, the proud Queen of the Scarlet Moon was beaten ruthlessly by her own self, causing her royal pride to be severely devastated.

Her mood immediately decreased by 2!

This was the one and only time that Queen of the Scarlet Moon had suffered a complete and continuous defeat, after years of always emerging victorious.

Bai Yan shook his head and said helplessly, "Oh Scarlet Moon, you truly are a child with a strong sense of pride. Give it some time, and I will let you go in and get beaten up again, over and over. Once you get used to being beaten, it will be alright."

Even in the real world, Queen of the Scarlet Moon would eventually encounter enemies who were stronger than her.

People cannot spend their entire lives only punching others without getting punched themselves.

Seeing this, Bai Yan suddenly slowly put away his phone and a smile appeared on his face like never before.

"Someone is here, Kaluoer, you can go and open the door."

Kaluoer blinked in surprise and didn't move away.

Of course, Bai Yan knew who would be the person coming to his door.

The person who barged in was obviously there for the "Hidden Azure."

Of course, it wasn't "Innocent Singer".

The person who came was the top "Color Assassin" from the Mercury Ball, who had been the mentor of Hidden Azure for many years.

"Purple Light"

Bai Yan, using his power of "Mysterious Magic," closed his eyes.

"Well, there were a total of twenty-five assassins. It was a bit overly cautious to bring so many people."

Kaluoer also sensed that the Tulip Manor was already filled with assassins from the Mercury Ball. Their obvious target was the "gentleman" in this room.

"Sir, why is it that I can never kill you?" she suddenly asked.

Kaluoer had reached a point where she couldn't go any further, so she decided to be honest and upfront about everything.

She always felt that something was off. Why did she know beforehand that she had been discovered, yet she was still obediently acting like a maid here?

Was this common knowledge...?

"Can you guess?" Bai Yan smiled and asked softly.

Kaluoer remained silent for a while. Suddenly, there was a strong and icy surge of murderous intent from within her... She hugged her head with both hands and started to crouch down.

The smile on Bai Yan's face grew even brighter.

"What did you do to her?"

Suddenly, a third person appeared in the room, but it was unclear when they had arrived.

That was a middle-aged woman wearing an elegant purple mask and dressed like a noble lady. Her hair at the temples was streaked with white.

She calmly watched this scene.

"It's nothing, I just want to free her from your grasp."

Bai Yan sounded very cold, and the woman in front of him was not just Kaluoer's mentor, but also a heartless and cruel person.

Countless children have died in her hands.

Purple Light fell silent for a moment and then suddenly said, "Do not resist. Mercury Ball has taken control of everyone in the villa. If you dare to use your extraordinary powers to fight back, they will perish instantly."

She squinted her eyes slightly.

The intelligence was wrong, Viscount Edmond, who came from another place, wasn't an insignificant person, but rather a mysterious extraordinary being.

But Purple Light was confident that she could handle him here.

At that moment, she suddenly saw a smile in Viscount Edmond's eyes-a smile that she couldn't understand.

The man continued to speak.

"Your ways are very classic, but you will meet a tragic end."

"I had already witnessed your fate in the Babel Tower emergency mission several hours ago."

Purple Light was briefly surprised, as she suddenly felt sticky slime landing on her hair.

She slowly lifted her gaze and saw a giant, deep blue monster clinging to the ceiling!