I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 257

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Chapter 257: An Unexpected Mission: the Midnight Menace

After the party ended, the sky had turned as dark as ink.

Bai Yan's eyes slowly returned to normal, the silver color fading away. He turned around and left the luxurious mansion.

On the carriage, Kaluoer calmly waited inside. She had a blank expression on her face, with her hands neatly placed on her knees. Her black and white maid outfit was still impeccable.

She had no idea that she was just a few hundred meters away from her once most important sister.

Bai Yan sat across from her, smiling and nodding.

Kaluoer immediately turned her body to knock on the carriage and the barrier in front.

"Drive the car."

Once they returned to the Tulip Manor, Kaluoer opened the car door. After Bai Yan got off the carriage, she followed behind him.

"I always feel that life nowadays is too indulgent, it was unimaginable just a few months ago..."

Bai Yan fell into deep thoughts, knowing that the girl behind him carried a box of toothpicks with her. If he had gotten food stuck in his teeth at the banquet just now, she might have even helped him remove it.

Is this how nobles get treated and pampered...

Bai Yan, oh Bai Yan, you can't continue to indulge like this!

Keep going down this path of indulgence!

Aren't you going to have an amazing time!

Lately, he had been thinking like this quite often, feeling that he should try to control himself a little bit.

After thinking it through, Bai Yan walked into the luxurious mansion of the Tulip Manor. As he entered, Kaluoer immediately came over to help him take off his coat.

He hesitated for a moment, knowing that Kaluoer had a very strong "super intuition". In order to avoid making mistakes while pretending to be "Viscount Edmond", he decided to continue indulging himself.

So, Bai Yan obediently let her take off his coat.

Kaluoer took the coat and handed it to other servants. As a personal attendant, she didn't have to do everything by herself.

In fact, in a true noble family, they pay attention to the principle of "one person, one task". This means that each task is assigned to a specific servant. For example, one servant is responsible for turning off the lights every evening, while another servant is in charge of managing the snuff bottles.

Bai Yan here still didn't have the top-notch manners.

As usual, Bai Yan returned to his room and stood in front of the mirror.

"Sir, you should come home earlier these days."

Kaluoer helped with dressing while calmly saying, "There's a midnight monster that has appeared in the Seventh District. It kills people when the night is quiet. Several victims have already been found."


Bai Yan, who had changed into his pajamas, nodded softly, paying little attention to it as his mind was elsewhere.

Now, the most important thing, of course, is about the "Innocent Singer."

He just used his mind control on Evie's personal maid, making her deliver messages to him. There would be no mistakes.

"So, at this time tomorrow, Princess Evie will find a way to sneak out and meet me at the specified location,"

Then, holding the card with Kaluoer's name on it, Evie would surely obediently listen... With the assistance of Bai Yan's psychic power, he had complete confidence in controlling her.

Kaluoer felt a sense of familiarity when she heard the name Evie, but she couldn't remember it exactly.

She was also curious about why the host of the Mercury Ball had not been in touch with her recently.

Perhaps, she should try to assassinate again.

"Kaluoer, you can go out now. I will be going to sleep soon."

After Bai Yan finished speaking, he didn't wait for a response.

And so, he turned his head and saw that she was once again squatting in the same spot, with a serious expression on her face, looking ridiculously funny.

Common Sense Substitution is the name of this magical power.

Or rather, it was such a terrifying power!

Bai Yan could easily create a Tulip Manor that resembled a mysterious and spooky movie if he wanted to.

Now, as a beginner, he was just testing his skills, causing the concept of "assassination" to be mixed up with the idea of "squatting" in Hidden Azure's mind.

Bai Yan, who was actually a quite reasonable person, would usually hold back his laughter and only truly laugh when he couldn't help it.

He suppressed a smile and waved his hand, saying, "Hmm, perhaps you could try a different pose."

Kaluoer placed her hands behind her head without any expression on her face, and continued to squat.


If she had a look of panic, it would have been understandable, but it was this serious appearance that made people laugh uncontrollably!

Bai Yan finally burst into laughter.

He simply couldn't hold it in any longer!

"Mmm, very nice, this position looks better, remember to leave my room after you're done."

After Kaluoer, who was lost in thought, had left, Bai Yan finally took out his phone and checked it. Just now, this thing had vibrated again.

Sure enough, it was a new mission in the "Babel Tower" game.

"Emergency mission!"

"Game tip: A special and strange midnight demon is haunting the streets of Annottales, constantly devouring the life force of others. Please send Core Operators to eliminate it!"

The phone reminded Bai Yan to choose two Core Operators and go into battle.

"Is this the strange thing that Kaluoer just mentioned?"

In Bai Yan's memory, there was no such thing as a "midnight demon," and that's completely normal. In the Babel Tower game, there are so many things to remember, but it's impossible to remember them all.

He thought for a moment about who to send into battle. First, he chose Ganis, a local from the Kingdom of Dark Light. Then, he selected Alan.

"In a way, this group could be considered the men's team of the Babel Tower?"

On Bai Yan's phone screen, a classic pixelated image appeared-a dimly lit, gloomy street.

He needed to control either Fist of Duel or Mysterious Magic for the battle, while the other person would appear in the game as assistance.

In the pixelated street, a strange figure appeared. Its height was indiscernible, but its appearance was incredibly peculiar.

It looked like a constantly wriggling mass of black slime.

As soon as it saw "Fist of Duel" and "Mysterious Magic", it immediately transformed into the appearance of "Fist of Duel" and rushed towards the two of them!

Bai Yan had chosen to control "Fist of Duel".

The way this mission works is like a classic fighting game. It requires the skill of manual input and charging up special moves.

The "Fist of Duel" under his control sparkled and swiftly moved, relentlessly attacking the black copies of the "Fist of Duel".

Again and again, Bai Yan controlled "Fist of Duel" to defend and attack. After dodging, he quickly discovered that the opponent's skills were just as comparable as "Fist of Duel".

Regardless of speed, attack power, and even health, everything was the same.

This "evil creature" was probably the type of strange being that completely copied the fighting abilities of its enemies.

But surely it must have a limit to its copying ability, and it couldn't possibly be evenly matched with every strong opponent. The only mystery was where exactly this limit lay.

In the end, Bai Yan, with his exceptional gaming skills and strategic move, triumphed... He used his powerful ultimate move, "Assist", to summon the "Mysterious Magic" and unleash the black Fire that Burns Everything, striking with a successful finishing blow.

After being engulfed by the Fire that Burns Everything, the strange "midnight demon" lets out horrifying cries of agony. Its health bar steadily decreased, until finally, Bai Yan, controlling the Fist of Duel, unleashed a series of powerful combinations, swiftly defeating the creature.

"It's so easy!"

Bai Yan, also known as Bai Yan, shook his head and began to examine the rewards.


At night, in the seventh district, inside the abattoir.

Ganis, inside his bedroom, wasn't sleeping. Instead, he sat on his bed, quietly pondering about the different parts of the abattoir and considering which areas could be advantageous to him.

He muttered to himself, "With the help of the members from the Babel Tower, everything should be fine... But I mustn't let my guard down, I need to be prepared for any unexpected situations that may arise."

During this time, Ganis also underwent the incredibly strict daily training of the Babel Tower.

Ganis' training involved facing powerful and random monsters one-on-one. The enemies gradually grew stronger, starting from weaker ones. At first, Ganis didn't find it too challenging, but soon he was overwhelmed and defeated.

Time and time again, Ganis was killed, which made him start to question the meaning of life.

Is the Babel Tower such a strict and demanding place?

However, the countless battles where he faced stronger opponents gradually transformed Ganis, who had been "performing" for years.

Just like a lance whose rust has been polished away, it radiated a renewed brilliance.

He became even stronger than before, and he also gained a better understanding of the power he had acquired at the "Potential Crown" stage.

"You have been chosen," a voice declared.

Ganis blinked in surprise, recognizing the voice in his mind.

In the next moment, Ganis found himself surrounded by a swirling black mist, and soon, he was transported to the streets of Anno.

At the same time, he noticed with caution that a dense black mist appeared not far from his side.

From within the swirling black mist, the figure of a person slowly emerged.

The figure was dressed in a purple suit and wore a white clown mask, completely hiding their face. Ganis could only guess their identity by the way they moved.

"Are you, Mysterious Magic?"

"Fist of Duel?"

Ganis and Alan stared at each other with wide eyes for a while.

It was a little awkward.

Finally, Alan casually said, "Another mission, and I never expected you to be my partner this time."

"Is this 'going on missions' a lot?"

Ganis furrowed his brow. Today's experience was something he had never encountered before, and it made him feel a little nervous.

Alan thought for a moment and replied, "There will be at least one mission every week, but it's not particularly frequent. Just relax. With the support of the Savior, no matter how strong the opponent is, we will definitely win."

Can he really relax?

Ganis stayed silent, unsure whether he should trust this "city dweller" or not.

Even though Nightsaber helped heal her sister, it did make him start to see the "city dwellers" in a slightly different light.

Just at that moment, he realized that he didn't need to keep overthinking anymore.

A pitch-black shadow appeared in front of the two of them, about ten meters away, but they had no idea when it had appeared.

It looked nothing like a living person, appearing blurry in the darkness of the night, slowly drawing closer.

"What is that thing?"

Ganis was a bit surprised and then looked in shock as another one of himself appeared in the darkness! Even though they looked almost identical on the outside, the other Ganis had darkened skin and a fierce expression in his eyes!


It let out a very loud and sorrowful cry, as if it were feeling desperate and wailing in sadness.

Alan furrowed his brow and said,

"What in the world is this thing? It looks like some kind of strange and peculiar creature. Be careful!"

Just as Ganis nodded to indicate that he was ready to start the fight, he suddenly realized that his body was not under his control. Then, his body rushed forward on its own and immediately engaged in a fierce battle with the strange creature.

"What's going on?"

Ganis realized that, even though he could speak, he had no control over his actions at all.

Just like the time when he was chosen before, it felt the same way.

Is this the manipulation of the Savior?

The fight didn't end quickly because Ganis and the black creature were evenly matched, neither of them could defeat the other.

Until Alan unleashed the Fire that Burns Everything to launch a sudden attack, that's when he completely defeated the creature.

"Is this the end?" Ganis looked at the creature burning to ashes on the ground, then turned to the man beside him and asked.

"Yes, and then we may receive rewards, or we may not. In conclusion, goodbye... Fist of Duel, I can sense that you are a good teammate."

Alan couldn't help but chuckle. He realized that he had only been inside the Babel Tower for a few months, yet he suddenly felt like an experienced elder.

Ganis nodded gently, squinting his eyes. He spoke with a subtle tone, saying, "You must be... a good companion."

As the thick black mist surged up, Ganis felt a calmness wash over him, little by little, sensing his body starting to vanish. Surprisingly, he didn't resist or feel afraid this time.

Instead, he grew increasingly aware that the greatness of the Babel Tower and the Savior's mission were far beyond the understanding of ordinary people!


Evie has returned to the Temple of Dark Light, where she resides.

The Temple of Dark Light is the largest building in this city. It is built in a Gothic style, resembling the majestic Milan Cathedral in Bai Yan's homeland of Europe.

From top to bottom, the sculptures are adorned with a dark golden color, exquisitely intricate. The external buttresses, towers, and walls are divided vertically, with pointed tops for all the sections and details, giving a sense of soaring towards the sky.

The Temple of Dark Light, in terms of its decoration and design, appears quite delicate and rich in artistic colors. The entire temple itself can even be described as a work of art.

Legend has it that this temple was not built by human hands.

And it was the Savior of Dark Light who personally created it.

It takes up a huge area in the first district, with as many as thousands of rooms, providing a home for nearly ten thousand people.

There is only one ruler here, and that is the incarnation of the Savior of Dark Light, the esteemed messenger of the gods walking on earth.

Inside a room in the side hall of the Temple of Dark Light, there is a luxurious and incredibly spacious area. This is where Evie, the adopted daughter of the Incarnation of Dark Light, resides.

At this very moment, she sat on the big bed, dressed in a white gown, feeling quite confused in her heart.

After several years, she finally received news of having a younger sister. Even though she had been searching for her for a long time, she couldn't find her, not even her father, who was so capable, could find her.

"But, suddenly, now there is news about her! It's just not known if it's true!"

Evie couldn't believe it.

If the Viscount Edmond dares to play with her, Evie decided to have someone break his leg!

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Kaluoer, I will definitely find you. Don't worry, I will share everything I have with you.

Evie opened her eyes again, anger filling her gaze. It made me realize who caused you so much pain all these years. I will make sure to get it all back for you!

Her loyal maid walked into the room and handed her a rolled-up newspaper, calmly saying,

"Your Highness, here is today's newspaper."


Evie nodded and took the newspaper without much interest. She casually placed it on the table and opened it, taking a quick glance.

She suddenly stood still, frozen in place.

"What is this?"

On the newspaper page, a previously unseen "Babel Tower column" suddenly appeared!

On top of the column, it said that the members of Babel Tower successfully expelled the midnight demon.

Evie, standing there frozen, even saw something incredible. Next to the news article was a black and white photo that seemed to come to life!