I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: The Mercury Ball

The Order of the Moon Witch.

They also claim to be the "Lunar Erasure Sect," worshipping the Ultimate Witch and her successive reincarnations.

The Order of the Moon Witch believes that one day, "the Ultimate Witch" will ascend to a divine position, while the "Rainbows" will prostrate themselves at her feet, forever condemned to be her eternal slaves.

It is evident that, although the Order of the Moon Witch doesn't worship the Outer Gods, they are unequivocally regarded as a cult organization by various countries.

The reincarnation of this generation is Miss Merete Chambers, whom Bai Yan is acquainted with.

The enigmatic individual who is hard to fathom.

In theory, the reincarnation of the Ultimate Witch is the sole master and spiritual cornerstone of all believers.

However, she herself completely disdains this cult, even referring to it as "traitors".

Even if Bai Yan had gone through the first playthrough, he still remained unaware of the specific circumstances.

However, he knew that the Order of the Moon Witch was a mixed bag, having engaged in questionable activities, and certainly not a benevolent innocent organization.

There is no need for oneself to seek attention in front of the Divine Blade on behalf of them.

Therefore, Bai Yan calmly hid in the shadows and "observed from a distance".

"We will not speak of it, absolutely not. You can take action!" shouted the leading disciple.

He appeared utterly despondent, as if speaking out the secret would result in unimaginable, terrifying reprisals.

Or perhaps, there is simply no way to articulate it...

A flash of silver light.

The individual's head rolled down to the ground, and the body gradually collapsed, as copious amounts of fresh blood gushed forth like a spring.

Blood flowed continuously on the ground, pooling into small puddles.

The rest of the people wore expressions of terror, as no one could clearly see how the others had attacked.

Two black-armored knights still stood guard at the entrance of the alley, resembling unwavering walls of steel, impervious to any attempts to dislodge them.

The black-armored knight who had been speaking all along continued, his voice akin to a heavy machinery crushing upon people's bones, "Perhaps someone didn't hear clearly earlier, so I shall repeat the question: Where is the reincarnation of the witch?"

For a moment, no one responded.

Bai Yan noticed something.

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The members of the Order of the Moon Witch had peculiar expressions on their faces. Some individuals clearly lacked resolve, yet they remained unwilling to disclose the secret.

Silver light appeared once again, and two more individuals were beheaded.

The black-armored knight fell silent for a while before speaking again, enunciating each word, "Where is the reincarnation of the witch?"

Finally, a disciple couldn't help but give in to despair.

He knelt down on the ground, pleading for mercy, tremblingly lifted his head, and looked at the two unbeatable adversaries.

"I want to speak! I really want to speak! However, we simply cannot express ourselves. Generation after generation, we are unable to betray our master. You should know... that legend, the Mental Imprint, it truly exists!"

The black-armored knight nodded and said, "Indeed, I have heard that your ancestors betrayed the witch, feasting upon her flesh and blood. As a result, they were cursed for generations, branded with the Mental Imprint, an indelible mark preventing any betrayal of her reincarnation."

"I originally thought it was just a legend, but I didn't expect it to be true."

He sighed and shook his head gently.

"So, all of you are utterly useless."

As soon as he finished speaking, the disciples of the Order of the Moon Witch went mad, trying to forcefully break out of the narrow alleyway!

However, this is impossible.

In the next instant, an abrupt silver light appeared in the narrow alley, and everyone in that frame was abruptly split in half by the silver light, their bodies severed, flesh shattered, dead beyond death!

"It's over, let's go."

The black-armored knight turned around and calmly departed, while another, who had remained silent all along, followed slowly.

After the two "Divine Blade" black-armored knights turned and departed, approximately half a minute passed before Bai Yan, who had been hidden in the shadows all along, finally revealed himself.

He looked at the corpses scattered on the ground, plunging into contemplation.

"What attack caused their death in that moment? Although I, with my 'slime' physiology, shouldn't be in danger, the attack pattern that is inscrutable still poses a threat."

However, Bai Yan investigated for quite a while and still couldn't figure it out.

Fortunately, it is not important; neither myself nor that Divine Blade knight are enemies.

"Divine Blade... In the realm of reality, which side will you ultimately stand on? The side of humanity or the side of the divine?"

Bai Yan got up and left the scene, preparing to return home.

He perceived something through the incarnation.

His adorable personal maid, "Hidden Azure" Kaluoer, has now sneaked out of the villa under the cover of darkness.

"Oh, are you looking for the Mercury Ball?"

Bai Yan smiled.

One of his objectives in Annottales is the Mercury Ball!


The dimly lit hall seems to have fallen into disrepair for quite some time, carrying a scent of decay that is difficult to conceal.

In the darkness, there is a circular silver table.

Five individuals wearing peculiar masks gradually materialize through projection, seated behind the long table.

With masks of crimson, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple, symbolizing the inheritance of seven distinct "premier assassins" of the Mercury Ball.

Currently, the positions of "red" and "purple" are vacant.

And among them, the color blue, namely 'Hidden Azure,' is the sole exception.

Regarded as tools of slaughter rather than members of the management hierarchy.

The remaining individuals behind the round table are represented by the colors "orange," "yellow," "green," and "purple."

They are the core members of the ancient organization, Mercury Ball, who command a substantial number of assassins under their leadership.

Furthermore, there is a man wearing a fluid mercury mask.

The mask appears to be more than just a mask, but rather a flowing liquid surface, completely covering the face of the man dressed in a white robe, accentuating indistinct features.

This man is the "host" of the Mercury Ball.

His status is higher than that of "orange," "yellow," "green," and "purple," and he can be regarded as the leader of the Mercury Ball.

In the middle of the silver round table, stood an ice-blue-haired girl, adorned in black and white attire, devoid of any outward display of emotions.

She stood here motionless, without any superfluous expression.

It is as if she is a tool that has no "heart."

"Hidden Azure."

A middle-aged woman wearing a purple mask, her projected image spoke slowly, "Has the investigation of the target's situation been completed?"

With indifference in her eyes, Kaluoer said, "The target has been identified and appears to be slightly weaker than what the intelligence provided by the investigators indicated. It should be relatively easy to carry out the assassination."

"Very well."

The projected image of the middle-aged woman behind the purple mask nodded gently, refraining from further conversation, seemingly satisfied.

Then, it was an old man who spoke, his assassin emblem being the "orange mask".

The old man said, "In that case, moderator, have you decided to eliminate Viscount Edmond?"

The moderator, wearing a shifting mercury mask, remained silent for a long time.

He didn't issue a direct order, but instead mentioned another matter.

"Recently, Captain Chris of the 'Divine Blade' has returned to Annottales. It is necessary for us to send someone to investigate his intentions... Whether Divine Blade intends to make a move against the Mercury Ball."

The projection of the "youth" with the green mask spoke:

"That 'monster' is truly formidable, especially with that unparalleled strength of will. Perhaps there is no more terrifying presence in this world."

The host nodded and continued, "The saints of Dead Silence have also arrived in Annottales. They are searching for the new reincarnation vessel of the Order of the Moon Witch."

Dead Silence is the largest cult worldwide in terms of scale.

They worship the "Peaceful Songstress", one of the Outer Gods, longing for eternal tranquility.

The saint of this colossal being is certainly of formidable power.

The middle-aged woman with the violet mask exclaimed, "So, the new generation reincarnation of the Ultimate Witch has also arrived here? It seems that this city is about to become lively. Hidden Azure, be careful not to be accidentally crushed by these influential figures."

"Speaking of which, your current task is not to face a suicidal assassination of an influential figure, but rather to deal with a minor character. How fortunate."

Finally, the host slowly raised their hand and issued a command in the darkness.

"Hidden Azure, eradicate that target."

After the command was issued, the projection of the host gradually dissipated into nothingness, followed by the disappearance of the other masks one by one.

Only the violet mask remained, and it slowly flew towards Kaluoer.

"So, this is for today."

A faint purple glow shimmered from the mask, its radiance gradually expanding in its illuminated range.

A profoundly unique sense of twisted agony was implanted into Kaluoer's mind.

The girl simply gazed upon this scene with serene composure, without the slightest hint of resistance.

The immense anguish was enough to make an ordinary person writhe on the ground, yet she remained unaffected, for Kaluoer had long since become completely accustomed to this pain.

The twisted sorcery incessantly stripped the girl of her ordinary emotions, enabling Kaluoer to endure what ordinary individuals could not bear, without ever wavering.

Only such a "heartless" assassin is the epitome of perfection.

"Very well, it is accomplished."

The purple mask continued emanating a sound:

"You are Hidden Azure, an assassin without a 'heart', and you must remember this."

When the purple mask also vanished, the dark hall finally disappeared.

Kaluoer slowly opened her eyes, her breathing incredibly steady.

There was no grand hall, no original table, and no presence of masks. She simply found herself in a dim alley, deep in thought with closed eyes in a corner.

Everything that just happened seemed as if it were only her imagination.

However, all of this actually exists in reality.

The successive "hosts" of the Mercury Ball possess unique powers, allowing them to orchestrate one dance after another in the realm of consciousness, facilitating communication and command.

This is also the reason why he is able to appear directly before the "targets in need of an assassin," as those individuals merely catch a glimpse of the "host" in the realm of consciousness.

This extraordinary power has been passed down through generations, and many speculate that it is the result caused by the Relic.

It's time to go back.

Kaluoer slowly rose from the darkness, calmly stepping out of the alleyway. Her petite figure vanished instantly into the darkness, as if she dissolved into the ethereal realm.

The special poison has been prepared, and she is to eliminate Viscount Edmond as per the command, disguising it as an "accident".

Upon returning to the villa, Kaluoer first approached the window to observe the target. She confirmed that Viscount Edmond was still deeply asleep, showing no signs of waking up.

She nodded gently and turned away.

For some unknown reason, Kaluoer felt a peculiar sensation upon returning to the villa, as if someone were secretly observing her.

She immediately looked around carefully, but couldn't find anyone staring at her from the shadows.

Perhaps it was an illusion.

It seemed as though she didn't pay much attention.

Kaluoer cautiously opened the window of the first-floor kitchen, then returned to the villa and entered her own single room on the second floor. She undressed and laid down on the bed.

She assumed the appearance of having stayed in all night, pretending to fall asleep.

"Hidden Azure," a top-tier assassin, remained completely unaware that someone was silently shadowing her using the "Invisible Cloak of Hermes."

Bai Yan, clad in a classical black robe, stood calmly by the girl's bedside, embodying the essence of "Profligate."

His eyes gradually turned silver-white.

"Let's get started, let's have a game of adjusted training."

In a state of ethereality, one cannot influence the realm of reality.

Therefore, he must dispel ethereality in order to allow the power of his soul to intervene in Kaluoer.

Therefore, Bai Yan dispelled it.

As he dispelled the Invisible Cloak of Hermes, a tremendously powerful force of the mind instantly pierced into the consciousness of Hidden Azure!

If one were a normal individual, at this moment, there would be almost no discernible reaction. Only a handful of people would be able to perceive the subtle distinctions between the state of being "mind-controlled" and the usual circumstances.

However, Kaluoer immediately opened her eyes and her petite body reflexively sprung up.

She swiftly launched a surprise attack, extending the wristblade concealed within her semi-demonic puppet body, instantly aiming it at the neck of Bai Yan!