I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: Avengers and Leaders

[Annihilate these scum!]

He looked at his seriously ill sister in his arms, recalling the blood he had stained his hands with over the years, as well as Keno's hypocritical face and the manic laughter of the audience.

Those smiling faces, grim, terrifying, and fear-inducing!

Ganis was growing increasingly furious in this very moment, an unprecedented rage!

[Spare none, let neither the old nor the young survive!]

[I want them to pay the price!]

[No, I cannot kill children... but haven't I already done so before? At their bidding, I have killed countless innocents.]

[We, the Persecuted, have lost so many lives merely for the sake of their "entertainment"!]

"Indeed, demons."

Ganis shook his head, feeling that his anger had gotten out of hand.

[When cutting grass, one must uproot it; if killing is necessary, it must be done thoroughly, sparing not a single person... The "people of the city" are all demons, with no place for sympathy.]

Bai Yan silently listened to the inner workings of the other party, not uttering a word, only persevering in awaiting their decisive resolution.

Ganis suddenly cast a glance at him, pondering something.

[Profligate, why would he ask me this question?]

[Consider the consequences, calm down, Ganis, you are not fighting for yourself and Ann alone.]

[Well, the people of Babel Tower are all "city dwellers". If I were to display excessive behavior in front of the people of Babel Tower, it is inevitable that some may hold grudges against me.]

[Either spare none or kill none...]

Ganis fell silent for a moment, suddenly asking, "If, I mean if someone important were to die here, like Keno or his family member, Mr. Profligate, would you be able to completely conceal the matter?"

"My power can only conceal temporarily, but not forever."

Bai Yan's response was very sincere.

This is not Tatsumi City, but rather Annottales, a place filled with formidable individuals.

Undoubtedly, Keno is a member of the upper class, and his life and death cannot go unnoticed.

The members of the Church will come to investigate the situation, and Bai Yan doesn't have complete certainty in continuously concealing the truth.

Ganis took a deep breath, his clenched hands showing prominent veins, but ultimately, he managed to maintain control over his emotions as always.

Just as Bai Yan envisioned.

Ganis has the best psychological resilience among the current Core Operators.

He remained silent for a while, then continued to ask, "Babel Tower, I mean, if we were to engage in a full-scale conflict with the Dark Light Church, would we be able to emerge victorious?"

Bai Yan gently shook his head and said, "At present, it is unlikely."


In other words, is there hope for the future?

Is Babel Tower truly such a formidable and mysterious organization?

Ganis felt slightly shocked, with a vague sense that Bai Yan was definitely not speaking falsehoods.

He continued, "Do you have a way to simultaneously remove all the Persecuted in the entire city?"

"It's impossible."

Bai Yan openly admitted that there were hundreds of thousands of sinners in this city, and their daily necessities such as eating, drinking, living, and relieving themselves posed a tremendous challenge. It would be extremely difficult to remove them all at once.

Even if they were taken away, where would so many people be resettled?

Moreover, simultaneously orchestrating the massive undertaking of secretly removing everyone would undoubtedly draw the attention of the formidable individuals within the Dark Light Church, posing significant risks.

"What about the people at the abattoir in the Seventh District?" Ganis persisted, refusing to give up.

"In theory, it is possible."

Bai Yan, not speaking nonsense, mentioned that the "portal" of the Heart of Babel Tower doesn't restrict the number of people entering.

Although there are thousands of sinners in the abattoir of the Seventh District, in theory, they could still all escape in a single night.

Compared to the massive undertaking of accommodating hundreds of thousands of individuals, it is still feasible to manage the placement of just over a thousand people.

"I see, I understand now."

After contemplating for a moment, Ganis nodded heavily and said, "We need to take Ann away now, and if someone dies here, it would be easy for them to trace back to the abattoir for clues."

Indeed, if Keno were to die and coincidentally An went missing, the people of the Dark Light Church, unless they are foolish, could easily link the clues back to Ganis.

"So, are you able to constantly manipulate the actions of Keno?"

"Uh, yes, that is something that can be achieved."

Bai Yan nodded gently, and this was not particularly difficult for him.

The "Long-Term Command" in the power of the mind now lasts for up to one hundred and ninety hours. He just needs to come over every few days and use his psychic abilities to extend Keno's hypnotic state.

This man can be easily manipulated and controlled.

Ganis remained silent for a long time, and his tone suddenly became unusually calm, a calmness that even had a terrifying aspect to it.

He said indifferently,

"For the time being, a living Keno is more important to us. Once the resettlement issue is resolved, we will let everyone from the Seventh District's abattoir escape, and then I can seek revenge without delay."

[All the avengers need is wrath, but I am not a mere avenger...]

Bai Yan once again heard Ganis's inner voice.

Ganis continued, saying:

"Mr. Profligate, I intend to lead everyone back to the wilderness. 'The Persecuted' and 'the Urbanites' should not coexist, but prior to that, proper preparations for resettlement must be made."

"This matter, I would like to ask for your assistance, along with the other individuals from Babel Tower."

"The wilderness, you say?"

After some contemplation, Bai Yan said, "The wilderness near Tatsumi City is safer than here. When natural disasters occur annually, I can temporarily allow you to take refuge in Tatsumi City."

"Tatsumi City?"

Ganis had some doubts, unaware that Tatsumi City was already within the grasp of Babel Tower.

Bai Yan nodded and smiled, saying, "Yes, Tatsumi City is completely within our grasp at Babel Tower... But the people there will certainly not welcome you, and you won't even look favorably upon the 'city dwellers.' So, perhaps it would be better for you to reside in the wilderness near Tatsumi City."

He didn't fail to regard the sinners as ordinary people. He simply knew that forcing people from two opposing sides, as incompatible as fire and water, to be together would inevitably lead to various conflicts erupting.

Ganis suddenly gazed into Bai Yan's eyes and earnestly spoke, "May I ask you something?"

"What question? You have already asked so many," Bai Yan shook his head and smiled.

Next, Ganis asked a question that was of great importance to him.

"Mr. Profligate, how powerful is your projection in this world?"

After a moment of silence, Bai Yan responded, "Well, to be honest, I believe I could handle anything under the 'Apocalypse'."

He speaks the truth.

From Crown to Apocalypse, there is a qualitative change, but under the Apocalypse, he believes that he should be able to give it a try in battle.

Ganis nodded without saying a word.

Indeed, I see now.

At this very moment, Ann, who had been listening in silence, suddenly started coughing intensely.

"Ahem, ahem..."

She coughed severely, clutching her chest, her face contorted with pain, as if she were going to expel her own heart and lungs.

Ganis's eyes immediately became filled with anxiety as he tightly embraced his younger sister.

"Ann, how are you? Hang on!"

Upon witnessing this scene, Bai Yan, seemingly indifferent, simply remarked in a nonchalant manner:

"Your sister is clearly in urgent need of treatment. Come, Fist of Duel, let us take her away."


Tatsumi City.

Mu Ling's home.

The silver-haired girl, Mu Ling, calmly extended her hand, as a white glow manifested in her palm, swiftly emanating a soothing power.

Lying on the bed, Ann's originally pale complexion gradually started to regain its luster, rapidly recovering.

While Mu Ling was harnessing the power of Sacred Rune · Frigga, she calmly remarked, "Fortunately, her illness is not something severe. As long as it is promptly treated, everything will be fine."

She glanced at Ganis, who was standing beside her.

"Don't worry, she will be fine," she reassured.

Both Ganis and the "Profligate" version of Bai Yan were standing aside, watching, with the former exhibiting considerably more anxiety.

Simultaneously, a sense of distrust towards "Nightsaber" lingered deep within his eyes.

Finally, Ann's face was devoid of the expression of pain and tranquilly drifted into a deep sleep.


Within Ganis, a myriad of emotions intertwined. From the very beginning, he had smuggled his younger sister into the city, solely with the intention of seeking treatment for her illness. However, the outcome was an unfortunate chain of events that led him to his current predicament.

Finally, until now, her illness has been cured.

However, the one who cured her turned out to be a... "city dweller".

Tall in stature, Ganis knelt down on the ground, with a sincere expression, saying, "Nightsaber, I will forever remember this day. If the opportunity arises, I will surely repay this act of kindness."

[Indeed, even among "city dwellers," there are individuals who harbor benevolent intentions. I had originally believed that they were solely interested in bloodshed and carnage...]

"There is no need for you to repay me."

Mu Ling shook her head, tilted her face upwards, and as always, said, "You only need to express gratitude to the Savior."

"I used to only possess the power of blade and slaughter, but now I have been bestowed with the ability to heal others, and this is also a gift from the Savior."

She continued to speak:

"If it weren't for the Savior, you would not have been able to appear here, and I would not have been able to save her."

Ganis nodded, fully understanding the profound gratitude he felt towards both Babel Tower and the Savior.

He knew he had to repay this debt of gratitude, even if it meant sacrificing his own life...

Bai Yan stood quietly at the side, smiling without uttering a word.

In fact, Bai Yan himself can also use Power Possession: Replication to copy Nightsaber's ability, using Sacred Rune to cure Ganis' sister.

There is a reason why he deliberately had Mu Ling come to save Ann.

Because Mu Ling is also what you would call a "city dweller".

Not only is she, but actually Bai Yan as well, Alan too, Maryse and the Scarlet Moon as well...

The cruel past experiences have made Ganis harbor a great disdain towards "city dwellers," and the main members of Babel Tower are indeed what you would call "city dwellers."

If we don't eliminate this rift, it is akin to the existence of a hidden time bomb!

Thus, Bai Yan brought An to Mu Ling for treatment, and only through such a tremendous act of kindness could Ganis, who had already been baptized by hatred, have a slight change of perspective towards "city dwellers".

Bai Yan doesn't expect, nor does he intend to force Ganis and "city dwellers" to embrace each other with affection and forgiveness, but at the very least, he hopes that personal matters will not cause any trouble for Babel Tower.

Ganis, who was kneeling on the ground, slowly rose and said, "Now, let me go back. Ann, you can stay here."

Ganis found the people of Babel Tower trustworthy, and this included Mu Ling, despite her being a "city dweller".

His breadth of mind and courage far surpass ordinary individuals, understanding that in order to achieve one's ideals, when abilities fall short, it is necessary to collaborate with individuals one may not necessarily favor.

Bai Yan said, "Once you return, you will become the actual proprietor of the abattoir, and as for the settlement in the wilderness, I will make the necessary preparations as soon as possible, as agreed."

Ganis looked at his younger sister, struggling to find words, and gently shook his head.

"For now, let's separate for a little while. I apologize, Ann, you will be disappointed when you wake up and can't see me."

He slowly took out a beautiful stone from his pocket and left it in Ann's hand.


After separating from Ganis, Bai Yan took out his phone and looked down at it on his way back to the Tulip Manor.

Firstly, the loyalty of "Fist of Duel" has been elevated from its initial rating of 5 to 7.

Clearly, he has become deeply enamored with the Babel Tower.

However, this man belongs to the "leader" type of individual, so it is not so easy for him to pledge his loyalty to another leader. Therefore, the increase in loyalty was somewhat less significant.

Furthermore, Bai Yan accomplished a pivotal decision-making task.

Undoubtedly, this is a crucial moment of decision-making. Once Fist of Duel's sister, Ann, dies, he will completely embrace darkness and extremism, deviating from the path of leadership and veering towards that of an avenger.

"The mission was successful, yielding Babel Tower Legendary Points +80."

"You have obtained an emergency mission reward: Source Energy Points +100."

"You have obtained an emergency mission reward: Ghost Armor."

This item, from my recollection, is not bad at all. He muttered to himself, "If I get the Ghost Armor, it would be a small stroke of luck."

Bai Yan already knew about the "Ghost Armor" back in the first playthrough.

It appears to be a black, ancient-looking armor with engraved patterns of malevolent demon faces on its surface.

It's not a mysterious Relic, but rather a high-level "enchanted equipment" that has the effect of simultaneously consuming the flesh of the wearer while granting them greater power.

Although not a mysterious Relic, the power of the Ghost Armor, as an "advanced enchanted equipment," still rivals that of high-level Relics.

Only the master of alchemical arts can create such formidable equipment.

Although it certainly can't compare to a Civilization-level Relic, a Civilization-level Relic is not a creation of human capability.

And 'advanced enchanted equipment' is an item that can be manufactured and continuously produced.

This is a significant advantage.

"Yes, it can be given to the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, Mu Ling, or even to the yet-to-be-obtained Red Moon."

Bai Yan has already returned to Annottales.

Through the perception of his avatar, he knew that "Hidden Azure" Kaluoer had already returned and was no longer staring outside the window.

There is always a time bomb beside him, which is definitely not something Bai Yan desires.

He intends to save "Hidden Azure", but it doesn't mean he wants to sacrifice himself.

Perhaps, Bai Yan will not sacrifice himself for anyone in the world.

"It's time to give her some 'adjusted training,' Maryse. Your power is most useful in times like this."

Bai Yan walked calmly on the deserted road, contemplating how to handle the various matters, when suddenly he heard a most unusual sound, and it was not far from his location.

That sound seemed to be of mystical origin, unlike any sound found in the natural world.

In a narrow alleyway, a group of people was locked in a standoff.

More precisely, it was two knights facing off against a group of over a dozen individuals clad in black robes.

Two knights clad in black standardized heavy armor stood at the exit of the alley. Their heads were completely enveloped in sturdy, dragon-shaped helmets. The black heavy armor was exquisitely crafted, exuding a sense of weightiness. Along the edges, there were intricate golden patterns.

They resembled fortresses, giving off an indomitable impression.

Merely two individuals standing here, yet they already appeared as an unassailable mountain.

Bai Yan immediately recognized it.

These two individuals are knights of the "Divine Blade."

The local guardian knights of Annottales.

In the Kingdom of Dark Light, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of knight orders scattered across the nation. Every thirty years, a competition is held to select the top ten strongest knights known as the "Ten Pillar Knight Orders."

Only the crème de la crème among the "Ten Pillar Knight Orders" are eligible to apply for membership in the most formidable knight order.

Divine Blade.

They are the guardians of Annottales, and there is often a comparison made between the "Divine Blade" and the "Sword-wielding Troop" of the Exorcism Bureau.

In the dark alley, there were a dozen or so figures clad in black robes, all wearing thick masks that completely concealed their faces.

They were dripping with sweat, trembling all over.

Although they were the larger group in terms of numbers, it was evidently these individuals who found themselves surrounded.

Two "Divine Blades" were positioned at the entrance of the alley, seemingly having completely sealed off the area.

A black-armored knight spoke slowly, their voice carrying a weighty and magnetic tone, but sending shivers down one's spine like the grim reaper:

"This is where it ends."

"The followers of the Witch Cult... you have no way to retreat. Immediately expose the heretics you believe in!"

"Otherwise, execute them on the spot!"