I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: Summon! the Initial Encounter With Hidden Azure!

"The true hunter often emerges in the form of its prey."

Bai Yan sat calmly in his study, puffing on a randomly flavored cigar, and exhaled a breath with a smile.

Hidden Azure.

She is one of the Core Operators of Babel Tower.

Name is Kaluoer.

She and her twin sister Evie, both being "Savior of Dark Light" in the "Rainbows", are the "Vessels of the Dark Gods".

Due to some unknown reasons, the two of them got separated from a very young age.

Even so, the two of them still have a deep spiritual connection.

The sensations experienced by one sister in their daily lives are also fully felt by the other sister. For example, if one person's arm is cut, the other person will also feel the pain.

Therefore, both Kaluoer and Evie are well aware that they have a sister in the world.

Compared to her fortunate sister, Kaluoer is unfortunate, as she fell into the hands of the ancient assassin organization of the Kingdom of Dark Light, known as the "Mercury Ball", from a young age.

"The Mercury Ball" is an ancient assassin organization that instills fear in countless people of the Kingdom of Dark Light.

In ancient legends, members of the Mercury Ball would automatically appear before those harboring resentment, first demanding payment, and then assassinating the designated targets.

No one knows where they come from, nor does anyone know the true identity of the "host" of the Mercury Ball.

All we know is that every year, renowned individuals meet their demise at their hands.

Legend has it that there is a significant connection between the ancient "Mercury Ball" and the "Tower" organization.

After arriving in Annottales, one of the things that Bai Yan wanted to do was to free Kaluoer from the clutches of the "Mercury Ball".

Thus, he seized the opportunity and purchased the Tulip Manor.

The Tulip Manor is crucial, even more so than Viscount Edmond.

Very few people are aware that beneath this estate lies a tremendously powerful "ancient entity".

The original Mercury Ball has already been planned, scheming to obtain the power of the "ancient entity" hidden beneath this estate.

As a result, the Tulip Manor was abruptly bought by Bai Yan.

When Bai Yan purchased the Tulip Manor, he was well aware that the upper echelons, even the mastermind "host" of the Mercury Ball, had most certainly set their sights on him.

In order to obtain the ancient entity hidden beneath the manor, the Mercury Ball will undoubtedly dispatch individuals to assess the situation and determine if they can once again make the Tulip Manor ownerless.

Bai Yan outwitted the situation and subtly utilized "memory modification" to influence the Mercury Ball's spies.

Therefore, he left an impression on the Mercury Ball as someone with not particularly profound background, but as an extraordinary individual who could be assassinated but not easily assassinated.

As expected, the Mercury Ball refused to relinquish the secrets of the Tulip Manor.

The upper echelons dispatched their most formidable assassin from Annottales.

"Hidden Azure"

When Kaluoer was discovered by the "Mercury Ball," her body was already shattered into pieces.

Her half body was completely reformed by the black wizards of the Mercury Ball, transformed into a hybrid of a half-marionette, half-beast creature.

Kaluoer's official alias is Hidden Azure, but some people disdainfully refer to her as "mongrel".

Neither human nor orc, neither human nor puppet.

A haphazardly assembled entity.

However, Kaluoer, being the "vessel of the malevolent deity," possesses an immensely powerful potential.

She naturally possesses the power to nullify any extraordinary force!

Due to possessing this formidable power, "Hidden Azure" Kaluoer has become the bane of many supernaturals.

If one doesn't understand her, even mighty supernaturals may perish under her deadly first encounter.

Kaluoer underwent the most extreme assassin training methods since childhood at the Mercury Ball.

She is subjected to spellcasting every day, enduring a daily erosion of her emotions.

Simultaneously forbidden by the black wizards to have any likes, dislikes, to cry, to smile, to eat, and to express almost all innate aspects of natural life.

The upper echelons of the Mercury Ball view her as a mere "instrument" and exert their full efforts to shape her, employing numerous cruel methods to completely strip "Hidden Azure" of her human essence.

The character background of "Hidden Azure" that Bai Yan has come to know is solely derived from the "game content" of the first playthrough of "Babel Tower".

In fact, he had never laid eyes upon "Hidden Azure" until today.

And in that moment when he laid eyes upon the young girl, Bai Yan had already harnessed the psychic abilities of "Psychic Dancer," attempting to listen to the inner thoughts of "Hidden Azure."

However, at that time, he didn't hear anything at all.

Yes, Bai Yan was truly very surprised in that moment!

He vaguely remembered that one of Hidden Azure's traits was called "Innocence".

"This child, in a certain sense, has already gone bad."

Bai Yan remained silent, unsure if there was any hope left for Kaluoer's situation.

"Phew, in any case, let's first think of something cheerful."

Bai Yan shook his head gently, took out his phone, and initiated a new round of summoning.

Since the eradication of the main forces of the Black Star Faction, "Babel Tower" has entered a period of extended hiatus.

Although there are occasional emergency missions and weekly missions that can be assigned to the operators, there hasn't been any new activities emerging.

Until now, Bai Yan has only accumulated five hundred Source Energy Points.

This time, the pool he wants to summon from is "Fate".

He muttered to himself, "It is highly illegal to use a cellphone in this country; if caught, there will be consequences... I wonder if I will be punished?"

Bai Yan is aware that Core Operators are protected by the black mist and will not be subject to the punishment of the Savior of Dark Light's power. They are essentially individuals with an 'exempt constitution'.

However, I am not a Core Operator of the Babel Tower.

Will the black mist provide protection for me?

Ultimately, he still doesn't know what the black mist is, where it comes from, or if it belongs to his own power.

However, the known intelligence is too scarce, and for the time being, Bai Yan couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation, so he temporarily decided to set aside further contemplation.

Commence tenfold summoning!

After the finger was pressed down, one by one, different cards gradually appeared from within the black mist.

First summon!

"Operator Fragment · Innocent Singer×1"

Second summon!

"Operator Fragment · The Final Gun×1"

Third summon!

"Mystical Power Fragment · Manipulation of Reality×1"

Fourth summon!

"Tactical Card · Falling Meteor×1"

Fifth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Blink Blade×1"

Sixth summon!

"Mystical Power Fragment · Eternal Youth×1"

Seventh summon!

"Operator Fragment · The Final Gun×1"

Eighth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Crime Hunter Perduto×1"

Ninth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Apollo's Arrow×1"

Tenth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Moon Witch×1"

Another fragment of the Moon Witch has been acquired!

Bai Yan knew that, at this very moment, Merete Chambers was also present in this city. Just like him, she was scheming to find the "key" that would unlock the ultimate ritual.

"Indeed, we will meet again soon, and I eagerly anticipate that day."

Additionally, the fragments of the Innocent Singer have also increased.

In reality, she is the twin sister of "Hidden Azure," and if we exclude the "Potential" skins, "Innocent Singer" is the only support-role character in the original version of Core Operators.

"Innocent Singer" Evie has also been residing in Annottales.

Perhaps it was destined, but over these many years, she has been unable to find her own younger sister, yet she has constantly experienced all the hardships her sister has endured.

"It is also possible that human factors have prevented them from meeting each other."

Bai Yan pondered, but he didn't dare to immediately seek out Innocent Singer.

She is the "princess" adopted by the most powerful Incarnation of Dark Light in the world.

Even without any authority, they still possess a rather high status, which is not something that just anyone can easily approach.

Incarnation of Dark Light.

The sole Rank Zero in this country.

The spiritual leader of the Dark Light Church, the spokesperson of God, the envoy of the divine.

But he secretly gave orders to Pastor, hoping that Pastor would let Scatino go, trying to resist his own god, the "Savior of Dark Light".

Bai Yan is not quite aware of how strong he is in the real world.

He only knows that in the game, with just a finger, he could easily defeat his present self.


The next day.

In the morning.

This is the first day of Bai Yan living as "Viscount Edmond" in the Tulip Manor, the fragrance of flowers outside the window, as always, remains exquisitely serene and mysterious.

He sat on the bed without sleeping, keeping his eyes open, gazing at the ceiling.

In fact, Bai Yan had been honing his extraordinary powers throughout the night.

After a long period of self-devoted training, he has increasingly mastered and harmonized the extraordinary powers of all Core Operators, ensuring that when switching between each Core Operator, he can instantly adapt to the ever-changing physical and mental demands.

Considering the time, Bai Yan calmly took off his clothes and returned to the bed to pretend to sleep.

"Knock, knock, knock."

The sound of knocking started punctually.

A few seconds later, Kaluoer with her icy-blue hair slowly pushed open the door and walked in expressionlessly.

As the personal servant, Kaluoer doesn't need to ask if she can enter, like Butler Carson. Instead, she can directly enter the master's room.

Regardless of whether it is in the Air Alliance, the Eruo League, or the Kingdom of Dark Light, what is commonly referred to as a personal servant in high society is essentially an extension of the master themselves.

Kaluoer's face displayed no expression as she remained clad in a black and white maid attire.

She humbly bowed and respectfully handed over the newspaper in her hand.

"Sir, allow me to help you change your clothes. Here is today's morning newspaper."

For Hidden Azure, serving a regular noble is considered a "novel experience". She used to work as a personal maid for an elderly noblewoman, concealing her true identity.

"Thank you very much, Kaluoer."

Bai Yan calmly got out of bed and glanced over at the newspaper.

"Put on my clothes."

He donned a pristine white nightgown, standing before the floor-length mirror, extending his arms while allowing Kaluoer, by his side, to assist him in dressing.

Class and order are synonymous with the Kingdom of Dark Light, implying that everyone will do what they must... Bai Yan had preemptively studied the relevant knowledge.

If Bai Yan were to dress himself at this moment, it would actually be an insult to his personal servant, implying a strong dissatisfaction on his part, suggesting "I am considering replacing my personal servant."

He certainly couldn't be so rude; he should adapt to the local customs and calmly appreciate the sensation of the cold little hands touching his body.

Then, Bai Yan heard Kaluoer's inner thoughts.

["The assassination order has not yet been issued."]

I see. Though most of the time, "Hidden Azure" remains indifferent, occasionally she still has inner thoughts.

[However, I can first dig a good pit in the flower bed.]

Kaluoer, who was helping with dressing, squinted her eyes and gestured slightly with her gaze.

[The body shape has been confirmed.]

[Next, I shall observe his dietary habits.]

Bai Yan was momentarily at a loss for words, his lips twitching ever so slightly.

With a slight lift in her step, Kaluoer was earnestly assisting Bai Yan, finally fully dressing him in a harmoniously coordinated black Western-style suit, where not a single detail appeared out of place.

"Hmm, alright."

Bai Yan turned around with a smile, gently reaching out to caress the young girl's icy blue hair.

"Well done, it seems our compatibility is quite promising."

"Thank you for your praise."

Kaluoer, still expressionless, bowed and turned away.

Just like all nobles, Bai Yan also indulged in normal activities during the day, such as dining, reading, and strolling.

In the city of Annottales, the public security is excellent. Although it doesn't reach the level of leaving doors unlocked at night, most people don't have to worry about any dire situations occurring.

Everywhere is filled with order, almost every individual in each sequence lives in a meticulously organized manner.

The priests of the Dark Light Church provide free assistance in healing and treating ailments for everyone except sinners.

Their power derives from the divine, capable of healing almost all injuries and illnesses. The citizens of the Kingdom of Dark Light possess the highest average lifespan in the world of Noah.

As night fell once again, Bai Yan instructed the incarnation to feign lying in bed, while his true form ventured out into the courtyard.

He closed his eyes and used the power of his mind to perceive.

The concealed "Hidden Azure" had already arrived outside the window of Bai Yan's bedroom on the third floor, silently gazing upon the sleeping Bai Yan, believing that the incarnation was the true Bai Yan.

"You may continue to monitor 'me' here."

Bai Yan gently shook his head, ignoring Kaluoer's actions, and turned around to leave the Tulip Manor.

On the streets, darkness engulfed everything, causing households to avoid venturing out during the night. Only the law enforcement teams and occasional sightings of knights wielding the "Divine Blade" would occur in the shadows, striving to maintain order.

Before long, he had arrived in front of the abattoir in the seventh district.

From the outside, the immense abattoir resembled a colossal sports arena.

In recent times, through a series of searches, Bai Yan has roughly determined the whereabouts of Fist of Duel's sister.

However, he has no intention of directly rescuing Fist of Duel's sister himself.

Bai Yan smiled and murmured to himself, "Because if I were to go, it wouldn't trigger any missions. It's better for you to handle it yourself."

He calmly stepped into the abattoir, and the color of his pupils gradually transformed into a silvery hue.

All the guards on the first level of the abattoir were frozen in place, not only turning a blind eye to Bai Yan's presence, but even assisting by opening doors voluntarily.

Bai Yan had long understood a certain matter.

"The terrifying aspect of this little one's power lies not in conquering bosses, but rather, in her wanton manipulation and oppression of the 'social collective'."

Before long, Bai Yan had arrived at the underground dormitory of the sinners, standing in front of the room labeled "Fist of Duel".

He gently raised his hand to knock on the door, smiling as he said:

"Hello, may I ask if you, Mr. 'Fist of Duel'... are the one who wishes to rescue your own sister and lead everyone to break free from this corrupt and filthy place, is that correct?"


No one spoke in the room for a long time. Bai Yan had been waiting outside for quite a while before finally hearing a response.


"It's me."

"For this, I am willing to pay any cost!"