I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: "Psychic Dancer" Unboxing and Review

The grandiose Crown Ceremony has finally concluded.

The red clouds gradually dissipate, leaving the residents of Tatsumi City, who have witnessed countless wonders over the past few months, still awe-struck.

Maryse, who had reconstructed her body, calmly landed on the ground, even the clothes that were just destroyed moments ago were now fully rebuilt.

She could feel that the psychic power within her had multiplied several times, and the precision in controlling this power was completely different from before.

"I had never before realized how obedient and compliant the mind could be."

With a smile on her face, Maryse looked triumphantly at everyone who was left speechless.

The voice of the young girl resounded in the minds of the guards, internal security personnel, and family members.

[What you just witnessed was the Crown Ceremony, and up until this moment, I have successfully ascended and become an extraordinary being at the Crown level.]

In this moment, astonishment consumed everyone!


Especially the core members of the Augustus family, their emotions were incredibly stirred.

How many years has it been?

It seems that for over a hundred years, the Augustus family has not produced any Crown level extraordinary individuals. However, that monstrous girl managed to reach this level rapidly within a few months!

Is this the power of the Savior of the Babel Tower?

"Savior... Did he truly make you become stronger this quickly?"

Biting his teeth, Phoenix, holding onto the child, truly felt envy and jealousy upon witnessing this scene.

He yearned to transform himself into a girl and offer himself to the Savior.

To be honest, Maryse's elder brother, as a high elf, naturally possesses a handsome appearance, and coupled with his skillful sense of fashion and attire, his charm is at least an 8 out of 10.

[Arise, I beseech you.]

Maryse no longer manipulates everyone to kneel down and withdraws her psychic power.

Until this moment, members of the Augustus family gradually stood up one by one, while many others remained deeply immersed in today's astounding events, unable to regain their senses for a long time.

Maryse, too, was unsure of what to say at this moment. Though she had put up a facade, she herself had no idea how to salvage the aftermath.

Character and experiences have both determined that Maryse is not a natural leader.

After entrusting his daughter to the elderly governess, Phoenix let out a sigh.

He stepped forward to take charge of the situation.

"Listen to me, everyone. Thanks to my sister, Maryse, we were able to resolve today's matter..."

[Darn, if only it were me who stood out, this little monster...]

[How dare you insult me again?]

[I can't control myself...]

Cold sweat immediately trickled down Phoenix's handsome countenance.

[In conclusion, as long as you don't let me make a fool of myself in public, anything is fine, Maryse...]

Phoenix was genuinely afraid.

If that little monster made him do a handstand streaking right now, everything would be ruined, and he would probably have to leave Tatsumi City.

But he soon discovered that Maryse surprisingly didn't hold it against him.

Not even uttering any more threatening remarks.

Wait a moment, where is she?

Phoenix froze in place.

The onlookers were all perplexed, unaware of when exactly Maryse had vanished without a trace.

Just a moment ago, she was clearly at the very center of everything.


"What a failure."

Bai Yan sat in a dimly lit café, tranquilly sipping a cup of coffee generously blended with sugar and milk.

Now it is late at night, and one would expect no one to be making coffee at this hour. However, there are still some individuals diligently working in the café.

They prepared coffee and pastries, serving them to Bai Yan, who sat on either side of the table underneath the sole spotlight, alongside Maryse in front of him.

These individuals are all under Psychic Domination, not employees here, acting as if they were sleepwalking under Maryse's command.

Upon hearing Bai Yan's words, Maryse blinked slightly, becoming perplexed.

"What do you mean by 'failure'? Wasn't it a success?"

Maryse's transformation at this moment is quite significant.

In her eyes, there is a faint silver shimmer, and her entire aura is drastically different from before.

It's as if she possesses an aura of a youthful empress, apparent to ordinary individuals who can't help but feel her nobility and be compelled to bow in reverence.

This is the change brought about by the elevation of spiritual power.

With a smile, Bai Yan continued, "You have succeeded, I have failed, but I won't tell you what I have failed at."

Maryse, becoming increasingly perplexed, asked, "Why can't you tell me?"

Bai Yan said earnestly, "You know so much about what's in people's hearts, losing many mysteries of the world. Have you always found it tedious? I choose not to speak, for your own benefit, so that you may have something to ponder and speculate within your heart."

Maryse was stunned for a moment, only then realizing that the other party was bluffing her.

"Go away!"

Bai Yan remained silent, his mentioned failure referring to his experimentation with "Babel Tower".

The Crown Ceremony today is not only intended to aid Maryse's ascension to the Crown, but also to ascertain whether Bai Yan's recruited cultists can activate the mechanism of the "Babel Tower" game.

The answer is, no.

If it could be triggered, Bai Yan would not hesitate to "import" cultists from other regions on a daily basis, using his psychic powers to confine them within an area and continuously alter their memories.

Regular dispatch, targeted point accumulation.

Unfortunately, alas, the experiment has failed.

The "Babel Tower" game, the black mist, and the Cognition Filter, these things all seem quite user-friendly and intelligent, indicating that their mechanisms are subject to constant fluctuations and not easily deceived.

Bai Yan shifted the topic, smilingly asking, "Maryse, it seems that you no longer harbor resentment towards the Augustus family."

Maryse glanced at the coffee for a moment, finding it too bitter to drink, so she only indulged in sweet desserts.

While enjoying a macaron, she shook her head and said, "How should I put it? I still detest what happened in the past, but for now, I don't want to dwell on it anymore. It's like practicing the art of 'letting go'."

"I will remember all of it, and I won't forgive easily."

Maryse paused for a moment and continued, "However, these things will no longer be a burden on my soul."

She chuckled and jokingly said, "I want to set an example for my younger sister Mu Ling. As someone older than her, I should strive to perform well in Babel Tower in the future."

Bai Yan asked earnestly, "I can't tell, are you even bigger than that 'Nightsaber'?"

Her face blushing, Maryse said, "I have elven lineage, you see. In terms of age, I am actually slightly older than Mu Ling."

Just a little bit!

"Oh, so you were talking about age!"

Bai Yan made a sudden realization expression.

Ah, what else could it be then? Maryse paused for a moment, then grew angry!

"I will kill you!"

Bai Yan chuckled, having discovered a way to get along with Maryse during this period of time.


After Maryse left, the unfortunate sleepwalking workers were also sent back to bed.

Only Bai Yan remained alone in the café, savoring the tranquility of the late night.

"What's going on, I find myself increasingly fond of drinking coffee lately, even though I can only drink the sweet ones."

He gently shook his head and opened the operator list for "Babel Tower" on his phone, only to find a set of refreshing and rejuvenated character cards.

Just like Nightsaber, after being promoted to the Crown level transcendents, the character card for Psychic Dancer underwent significant changes.

Bai Yan squinted his eyes and murmured to himself, "Is it because she absorbed the largest amount of emotional energy in the end? The plane of her soul, surprisingly, also ascended along with it."

Core Operator:

Title: Psychic Dancer

Gender: Female

Plane: Formation Realm

Level: Crown (Lower Rank)

Race: Elven Kind

Operator Identification: Control/Support/Infiltration

Milestones: High Elf, Betrayer, Chief of Shadows, Executioner

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 42+50 Self-healing Specialization (Rending geese alive!)

INT: 146 (Enables more precise application in battle)

Skill: 388 (Can influence the minds of all animals within a radius of three hundred meters)

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 10 (The demeanor of a superior being, almost flawless appearance)

Loyalty: 8 (She is filled with gratitude towards you, perhaps even expressing it)

Mood: 8 (I am invincible!)


Unfiltered love and hatred (revenge paid tenfold!)

Farewell, my timidity (skills will receive a significant boost during battles)

Free-spirited (reducing the likelihood of being controlled)


Telepathy (proficiency level 100%)

Mind control (proficiency level 100%)

Memory retrieval (proficiency level 74%)

Long-lasting Command II (proficiency level 65%, extending the duration of mind control to 190 hours)

Mental transmission (proficiency level 28%)

Blood of Darkness · Self-healing Specialization

Memory alteration (proficiency level 57%)

Sacred Rune - Athena (proficiency level 66%)

Deep Red - Divine Punishment (proficiency level 85%)

Common Knowledge Substitution (proficiency level 1%)

Mind's Piercing Scream (Skill Level: 1%)

Secondary Data:

Measurements: 145cm, 74, 54, 81

Interests: Being kind to oneself, garnering attention, playing games.

Aversion: herself

Items: Ring of Protection 1, Invisible Cloak of Hermes 1, Blade of Annihilation 1, Special Automated Battlerobot 1, Copper Waistband 1

Description: A noble descendant of an ancient elf clan, naturally endowed with incredibly powerful psychic abilities. Ordinary minds are laid bare before her, and the uncontrollable power has made her aware of the filthiness of the real world, and also heightened her appreciation for sincerity.

Betraying the family that raised her, willingly embracing the incarnation as a true psychical monster, thereafter transcending above all other beings.

"The future Empress of the Mind, a creature that manipulates all beings."

After promotion, the physique and INT gains of the Psychic Dancer are both minimal.

However, the most important attribute skill has been greatly enhanced!

When Maryse's awakening was at its lower level at the beginning, her psychic power could only influence people within a radius of fifty meters.

When she ascended to the status of Potential Crown, her psychic power was already capable of influencing people within a range of one hundred meters.

However, when elevated to the status of Crown, the range of Maryse's psychic power instantly expands to three hundred meters!

In other words, the advancement from Potential Crown to Crown, as a significant stage of progress, results in a substantial increase, by several folds, in the overall magnitude of Maryse's psychic power!

Alternatively, she is able to simultaneously control the bosses holding meetings on the top floor while sipping her milk tea underneath the skyscraper.

With regards to the number of individuals under her control, Maryse's psychic power, which has grown exponentially compared to before... at this very moment, her ability to simultaneously exercise Psychic Domination over individuals has greatly increased as well.

Not only has Maryse's charm experienced a certain enhancement, but her Traits have also undergone a transformation.

"The extremism and madness" have transformed into "blunt expressions of love and hate."

Upon seeing this, Bai Yan felt genuinely comforted and happy, as it indicated that the little one's mental state had greatly stabilized.

He had witnessed the deterioration in the first playthrough, during which Maryse would have a Trait called "Descent and Isolation" as a substitute for "extremism and madness".

The long-lasting command has been directly upgraded to the second level, extending the original duration of just a few dozen hours to a significantly increased timeframe of one hundred and ninety hours.

Simultaneously, Maryse has gained two new abilities!

"Common Sense Substitution" and "Mind's Piercing Scream."

Replacing Common Sense is undoubtedly a powerful ability.

Just like the Civilization-level Relic "Script of Pseudo," it can alter one's cognitive common sense.

For instance, making people believe that hunger needs to be replenished through love, or causing them to think that stabbing oneself with a knife is the only way to quench thirst, and even considering... that kneeling motionless is the way to retaliate against enemies.

This ability can truly be described as terrifying!

However, Maryse's "Common Sense Substitution" still has flaws compared to the Civilization-level Relic "Script of Pseudo."

It cannot work on souls of a higher Plane, and its effectiveness cannot last for too long.

"The Script of Pseudo" is a Civilization-level Relic, and its power is irresistible to all mundane entities.

Mind's Piercing Scream is a powerful ability that can attack and control others over a large area, making it difficult to defend against.

Maryse's inner strength has become incredibly powerful, and with a single Mind's Piercing Scream, she can even shatter the minds of ordinary people.

Individuals whose sanity is shattered will enter a state similar to that of a vegetative state. Although they are still alive, they are unable to respond to the outside world and it is highly unlikely for them to recover without specialized treatment.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😄)

After the promotion, Maryse undeniably became stronger.

Simultaneously, Bai Yan also grew strong.

Nowadays, he possesses the extraordinary powers of three different Crown levels simultaneously.

He slowly closed his eyes, extending his psychic power, perceiving the people living in the surrounding neighborhood.

One after another, souls in the darkness shining like torches.

"It's time to move on to the next task."

Bai Yan rose slowly, took out his mobile phone, and selected to enter the Babel Tower.

As the world before his eyes began to crumble and disintegrate, in a daze, he found himself in the Heart of Babel Tower, also known as the Operator Center.

Here stand seven towering portals, and the gateway of "Fist of Duel" is forged from steel, adorned with numerous dark patterns on its pristine white surface.

While the gate of "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" is constructed of vivid crimson hues, it even emits a hint of warmth.

Bai Yan slowly approached the gate where "Fist of Duel" was located, intending to journey towards the capital of the Kingdom of Dark Light.


That is the largest and oldest city in the entire world of Noah, where countless powerful forces intertwine, and a considerable number of formidable individuals roam within its midst.

However, the self-proclaimed strongest human in the world, known as the "Divine Envoy of Dark Light," reigns over the city. Hence, until now, no so-called powerful individual has dared to manifest their madness.

Bai Yan knew in his heart that there were at least four Core Operators of the Babel Tower, all present in this city of hope.

He must go there once, to interact with and assist known and unknown operators, as well as to seek the path to godhood.

"So, let us journey to Annottales."