I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: The Performance of the Psychic Dancer

Maryse, upon witnessing the crisis unfolding before her eyes, still chose not to intervene for the time being.

Although those cultists are indeed wicked individuals, she is not concerned about being outwitted by them.

Because Mr. Profligate is right here, as long as reliable him is present, there will be no failure whatsoever.

[The name of the Crown Ceremony is 'Grand Opera', but I feel like it is not grand at all, and the current situation is too simplistic, isn't it?]

Why would there be disdain for one's own simple ceremony? Bai Yan almost stumbled and fell to the ground upon hearing this.

[Originally, Mr. Savior had chosen the simplest ceremony for you...]

[Moreover, Phoenix's emotions are extremely intense, as a single individual, he carries a considerable amount of emotional energy. On the other hand, the majority of emotional energy obtained by Crystal is actually derived from within yourself.]

"Fusion Slime" and "Fist of Duel" have also reached the level of Potential Crown.

However, their Crown Ceremonies cannot be resolved overnight.

The most suitable Crown Ceremony for the slime is straightforward and requires it to devour ten rare ceremonial materials, merging them into one.

However, Bai Yan scoured through only half of the five major families in Tatsumi City and the Demon Hunt Agency.

As for the most suitable Crown Ceremony for Ganis... the time for its completion has not yet arrived.

Because Maryse's Crown Ceremony is the simplest and she happened to have obtained the necessary materials, Bai Yan chose to promote her immediately.

[Do I really have this much emotional energy... I suppose I am indeed too strong.]

Maryse was a little surprised, but then very naturally began to boast about herself.

However, what she said was not entirely incorrect.

Bai Yan noticed that 80% of the emotional energy within the crystal came from Maryse, 15% came from Phoenix, and the remaining portion came from other "extras."

As a formidable wielder of psychic powers, her emotional energy naturally surpasses that of ordinary individuals.

Furthermore, Maryse, at present, may not appear outwardly, but in reality, her emotions are quite stirred.

Bai Yan could vaguely infer that she was responding to the display of affection between Phoenix and his daughter.

He took out his phone and flipped through Maryse's character card, suddenly realizing that the item "family" she disliked was no longer present.

The only thing that Maryse dislikes left is... "herself".

She has always understood why everyone dislikes her!

Even she herself hates herself!

Phoenix, still very excited, didn't directly agree with the other person, but instead, was stalling for time.

The followers led by Allen were wicked and malevolent.

At this moment, the guards of the Augustus family finally reacted.


The alarm blared, and the lights within the heavily fortified villa community flickered on.

Hundreds of guards, both internal and external, surrounded the villa from all sides, activating armed vehicles and activating various monitoring, lighting, and communication devices.

The adult superhumans in the Augustus family were also informed of the situation and swiftly arrived on the scene.

Although it was already late at night, the illumination equipment instantly lit up the surroundings of the villa, making it as bright as day.

[Now that there are many people here, it's also time for me to perform... Mr. Profligate, how about you hand over the crystal to me?]

Bai Yan vaguely sensed that Maryse was up to something, but he wasn't quite certain about the exact nature of her intentions.

However, he believed that the little one would at least not mess up the Crown Ceremony.

However, Bai Yan couldn't help but peek into Maryse's inner thoughts and only after confirming the situation did he respond.

[Very well.]

Maryse's happiness was soon interrupted as she heard Bai Yan's subsequent words.

[However, you must remember, there is only one Ermoros Crystal in the entire Tatsumi City, and tonight is your only chance... If you fail, Mr. Savior may very well suspend you and administer disciplinary measures.]

[Nonsense, Mr. Savior would never be as mundane as you!]

Allen and the multitude of cultists before Phoenix were all astounded.

"Why, why are we surrounded, so many people!"

They suddenly realized something, why is it that they, as individuals, were able to successfully infiltrate the villa.

Clearly, in their memories, it seems they have never earnestly planned an infiltration before.

How did we come in?

There always seems to be something amiss.

"The villains who dare to cause trouble for the Augustus family, all of them shall perish!"

Suddenly, everyone witnessed Maryse rising again.

The "wounds" on her body unexpectedly began to heal bit by bit.

Phoenix was startled, this fellow is truly a monster, to think that he didn't die despite such circumstances!

Or rather, has the Savior manifested?

Regardless, he breathed a sigh of relief. How wonderful, both he and his daughter are saved!

Maryse's eyes had turned silver-white, barefoot, she slowly approached, radiating an overwhelmingly majestic aura.

"Kill her!"

Allen and the other cultists sought to attack, only to find themselves completely immobilized!

"Why can't we move?"

"What's going on? What's the deal with this guy?"

"Wait, my legs, my legs are moving on their own!"

Maryse stepped forward, one step at a time.

"What happened?"

Deep within Allen's heart, there is a multitude of fearful emotions, which are gradually being extracted by the crystal, one by one.

Under Maryse's relentless advance, the uncontrollable cultists took step by step in automatic retreat from the mansion, gradually emerging from the ruins of the room.

Hundreds of guards, both external and internal, anxiously watched this scene unfold.

Simultaneously, when they caught sight of Maryse, they were utterly astounded.

"It's her!"

"Miss Maryse, she has actually returned?"

"How could she be here?"

The guards were all unaware of Miss Maryse's return, but everyone knew that the "monster" of this family was extremely terrifying.

They didn't expect to see her here, driving away the cultists.

What's going on?

When the members of Augustus' family saw Maryse, they were all taken aback.

"How could it be her here?"

Although the true members of the family knew that Maryse had already returned, nobody had seen her make a public appearance.

Soon, everyone's attention was directed towards the cultists.

Many people were perplexed, wondering how dozens of cultists had managed to sneak in unnoticed.

They can't fathom it.

However, in front of that "monster" from Babel Tower, the cultists were merely walking into their own demise.

No matter how much they wracked their brains, they could never have imagined that the person letting the cultists in to destroy their home was none other than Maryse herself!

Maryse uttered slowly:

"You dare challenge Babel Tower, seeking to destroy the Augustus family, but it is an impossible delusion!"

"As long as I am here, no one can let them be destroyed!"

The scarred cult leader, Allen, persistently struggles, trying to break free from mental manipulation.

At this moment, his face turns ashen, and his feet are completely immobilized under the control of psychic forces.

There is simply no way to contend with it.


Ultimately, why am I here?

Indeed, I came here to negotiate with Phoenix, who was once my dear companion.

"What exactly is going on with all of this..."

The memories of the cult leader Allen are also very chaotic, perceiving many subtle inconsistencies.

Maryse actually longs to reveal the truth to this cultist named Allen, which is why she preserves their ability to think and maintain their consciousness while under mind control.

You don't truly know Phoenix at all...

You don't know me either!

They don't even know about the existence of the Babel Tower!

However, you are indeed cultists, as Mr. Profligate brought back "ritual materials" from other cities one by one.

Each one has killed innocent people; they deserve to die.

Of course, Maryse cannot reveal the truth, otherwise the Crown Ceremony would fail.

Although the Savior would not subject themselves to self-flagellation, there is still a possibility of involuntarily urinating... The thought of this sends shivers down her spine.

Phoenix rose with his daughter in his arms and walked out, staring blankly at this scene.

"This fellow, she protected me and little Eir..."

Although the disgust in his heart had not completely faded, at least Phoenix refrained from cursing his sister at this moment.

As they say, love extends to all, influenced by the presence of his daughter, Phoenix started to view Maryse with a slightly more favorable eye.

However, if he were to know that the instigator behind this "drama" was Maryse...

He would probably be infuriated to the point of wanting to dip her in soy sauce and devour her.

"Perish, sinners! The Augustus family is not a place you can violate!"

"The Babel Tower is even less likely to be challenged by humanity!"

Maryse, radiating with grandeur, began to adopt an increasingly adolescent tone in her speech.


With a grand gesture, she commanded one after another of the cultists to raise their weapons in horror and begin performing public suicides with cries of agony.

"No, no, no!"

"Damn it, I can't control myself!"

"Please, spare me!"

"I curse you, you bastard! The Moon of Eternity will never let you go!"

Even the guards and palace sentinels, upon witnessing this scene, stared wide-eyed, causing some members of the Augustus family to vomit immediately.

Blood and screams, fear and despair.

The powerful performance of the "actors" under the spotlight is absolutely staggering, and the haunting "self-slaughter" scene leaves the audience in attendance with an unforgettable experience!

The colossal, overwhelming blend of emotions from hundreds of people on-site surged into the Ermoros Crystal, causing the initially deep red hue to grow darker, verging on a shade of crimson that almost approaches blackness.

In the final moments, the crystal even trembled, revealing delicate cracks that emerged on its surface.

In the darkness, Bai Yan, has already noticed that when it comes to constructing the "stage", Maryse actually places even greater emphasis on the aspect of performance than himself.

Perhaps, in some alternate timeline, she would evolve into a character of the "clown" archetype.

Meanwhile, Maryse quietly conveyed her thoughts to him.

[As I reminisce, I recall that version of myself from the evening before my father made the decision to sell everything, pondering over what I truly desired.]

[...This way, perhaps, is not too bad... I can manipulate Phoenix's memories in public in the future, hehe.]

Maryse, as Bai Yan knows, has always yearned for acceptance from her own family.

Despite harboring a deep resentment towards Reno due to love, the desire for recognition and acceptance merely remained deeply buried within.

From the very beginning, she has always yearned to be admired and acknowledged by others.

The gruesome scene, the composed young woman, and the horrifying imagery left Phoenix silent, unable to utter a single word for a long time.

In the next moment, Maryse slowly made her way past numerous corpses and stood before the members of the Augustus family.

"I know, you are afraid of me!"

"It has always been like this!"

"You think of me as an uncontrollable monster!"

Upon hearing this, the members of the Augustus family wore somewhat grim expressions, unsure of how to respond.

Maryse once again communicated through her psychic powers, speaking inside someone's heart.

[Actually, you're right, I am a monster.]

Maryse suddenly smiled and said:

"However, starting from today, I will protect the Augustus family! As long as it progresses along the trajectory I envision, following in the footsteps of the Babel Tower!"

She paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and finally said:

"Remember! Do not betray me!"

The family members, guards, and internal defenders suddenly found that their bodies were also beyond their control!

One by one, they knelt down!

[Dreadful apparition of the mind.]

[Indeed, it is an exceedingly chilling force. How repugnant! Do not dwell on it any further, for she shall become aware!]

[However, with such a monstrous guardian protecting the family, the name of Augustus should undoubtedly grow even more prestigious...]

In this moment, Maryse finally felt that she had decisively reclaimed the rightful place of her family in her heart.

The objective pursued since departing from the family has now truly been achieved.

Indeed, compared to being a mere shadow head of the family, it is far more gratifying to wholeheartedly bask in the admiration of others!

She smiled as she produced a quivering crystal before the onlookers, reciting the pre-prepared incantation for the ritual.

The ancient incantation, which didn't belong to Noah's realm, carried a power that surpassed mortal comprehension. Gradually, it manifested as massive crimson runes, encircling the petite figure of Maryse.

A resounding "crack!" resonated.

The crystal shattered!

Countless emotions and energies that had been condensed within were released, as waves of immense power surged from the depths of her soul, inundating Maryse's inner being.

"I sensed it."

She murmured to herself as her body gradually ascended, entering the realm of clouds.

An immensely colossal red radiance blossomed amidst the darkness of the night, with the clouds continuously rolling and twinkling incessantly.

Many people from Tatsumi City gathered near the windows, observing this incredible spectacle that is seldom witnessed during the darkness of night.

Maryse's body gradually fragmented within the emotional energy, as she screamed amidst the immensely colossal emotional force, transmitting increasingly powerful psychic energy.

A tremendous upheaval began to engulf the entirety of Tatsumi City, while the girl's shriek left everyone unsettled, causing millions to awaken from their dreams!

Mu Ling calmly watched this scene from the top of a building.

She was aware that a new Crown level powerhouse had emerged.

Without a doubt, the new powerhouse is none other than "Psychic Dancer" Maryse.

Mu Ling smiled with contentment.

She genuinely felt happy for her good friend.

Bai Yan remained in the shadows, lifting his head silently as he observed everything.

"The absorption of emotional energy is overwhelming. The grandeur of the promotion ceremony is even greater than anticipated. However, this also means that if you cannot withstand it, your promotion will immediately fail... But Maryse, if you truly can endure it, the success rate of your promotion will greatly increase."

I believe in you.

In fact, he didn't need to come tonight, Maryse could have performed the Crown Ceremony herself.

However, Bai Yan still came.

He hoped to witness the breakthroughs of the Core Operators with his own eyes.


Maryse's physical body gradually undergoes reshaping under the embrace of psychic power.

She experiences an unprecedented sensation.

A multitude of voices, ranging from male to female, from old to young, enveloped her ears.

They whispered, shouted, conspired, vented, and murmured.

Not only could she listen attentively, but she could also join in.

The concept of "mind" is not a simple one for oneself.

...but rather faithful subjects.

The important object that ordinary people find difficult to defend has always remained worshiped at my feet, bowing down and pledging loyalty, immune to betrayal.

Obey my command!

Let us dance together!