I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 247

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Chapter 247: Crown Ceremony "Grand Opera"

In truth, Bai Yan had long since discerned the pattern.

The secret of the Crown Ceremony resides within the destiny of every individual.

The more the Crown Ceremony aligns with one's personal trajectory of fate, the higher the chances of success.

In the fate description provided in "Babel Tower," for instance, "Nightsaber" is referred to as the future King of Night.

Therefore, the Crown Ceremonies that best suit Mu Ling are mostly associated with the realm of darkness.

This is how Maryse's destiny is described.

"The future Empress of Hearts, a manipulator of souls' monstrous entity."

The initial Crown Ceremonies suitable for the "Psychic Dancer" are also closely connected to keywords such as "dancer," "empress," "manipulation," and "monstrous entity."

Taking into account the difficulty and success rate, "the Library of Ruina" carefully selected from thousands of ceremonies that could aid Maryse in ascending to the Crown. In the end, the most suitable Crown Ceremony for her was determined to be the "Grand Opera."

"The Grand Opera: The conductor of the ceremony manipulates different individuals by altering their memories, showcasing an opera that encompasses both 'love' and 'death'. The manipulated individuals must unknowingly participate in the performance, while the conductor of the ceremony also assumes the role of an 'actor'."

"The conductor of the ceremony must activate the 'Ermoros Crystal' to absorb the emotions of the 'participants'. Before the final curtain falls, they harness the power of these emotions to ascend to the Crown."

The Ermoros Crystal is also a rather rare ceremonial material that can be used in various rituals to absorb and transform emotions. It possesses excellent capacity and compatibility, but it comes with a high price tag.

Fortunately, this item was readily available in the inventory of the Demon Hunt Agency... Bai Yan decisively took it without hesitation, intending to use it for Maryse's Crown Ceremony, the "Grand Opera."

After absorbing the heritage of the Five Great Families and the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City, the current Babel Tower is easily able to gather the rare materials required for many ceremonies and spells.

Furthermore, during this Crown Ceremony, Bai Yan also wishes to prove something, a hypothesis.

"It will be interesting."

He smiled.


The Augustus family.

Phoenix has already moved into the room that used to belong to the family head, Reno.

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He sat calmly on the antiquated chair, gazing at his pallid right hand.

Gradually, the skin on this right hand started to peel, gradually transforming into a one-meter long, black and red alternating, metallic barrel with flesh suspended from it.

Phoenix murmured to himself, "This is it, the weapon of demons."

The demonic weapon "gun" has three attack modes, namely "rapid fire," "tracking," and "charged strike."

"In rapid fire mode," it can unleash dozens of powerful energy bullets per second, capable of instantly killing multiple enemies.

"In tracking mode," the number of energy bullets fired is two-thirds less than in rapid fire mode, but they automatically track the enemies until a complete hit is achieved.

To launch an attack in "charged strike mode," although it requires a charging time of over ten seconds, a single strike is capable of demolishing an entire building.

"The Devil's Gun" itself is an almost indestructible entity, even if severed, it rapidly regenerates due to its inherent durability, which also enables it to be used for defense.

This is the gift bestowed upon us by the Savior yesterday, out of the blue.

Let him be pleasantly surprised!

As a man with power only at the level of awakening, Phoenix still greatly need this demonic weapon, which can be considered a significant boost in strength.

"This is just the beginning, in the future I will become even more powerful."

Phenix muttered to himself, while simultaneously recalling his sister's flawless face, immediately feeling a surge of fear and anger in his heart.

One day, sooner or later, I will seek revenge against her.

This fellow is truly too audacious and overbearing!

In these days, Phoenix has been manipulated by Maryse several times, causing him to become a bit bewildered.

Once, he even believed that Maryse was his mother!

At that time, Phoenix felt greatly perplexed, wondering why his mother appeared so youthful. Maryse even playfully teased him, claiming that she had used magic to rejuvenate herself.

"Wait and see, Maryse. I will obtain even more from the Savior, gaining greater power and a higher status than you!"

I will prove that I am deserving of all this!

Although he claimed otherwise, Phoenix was actually quite perplexed about how he could truly demonstrate his worth and earn the recognition of the Savior of the Babel Tower.

He knew very little about the Babel Tower and the Savior, certainly no more than outsiders did.

Maryse couldn't be bothered to tell Phoenix about what she knew.

In reality, Phoenix could never attain a higher status than Maryse in the eyes of Bai Yan in this lifetime.

It's just that he felt that there was still a chance, that's all.

Phoenix attempted to wield the terrifying Devil's Gun, and suddenly felt a stirring desire to unleash this immense power in search of a suitable outlet!

For instance, go and shatter that little fellow!


Phoenix chuckled, shook his head, knowing that this was an impossible endeavor.

"Are you yearning for power, isn't that right?"

The hoarse voice that suddenly emerged from the corner startled Phoenix.


Phoenix rose alertly, gazing intently at the corner of the room, and soon laid eyes upon the newcomer - a brown-haired man clad in a black robe, as it turned out... Ah, of course.

Phoenix suddenly recalled that his name was Allen - a friend he had trusted since childhood.

Oh, I see.

"Allen, how... how did you end up here? Wait a moment, how did you come back?"

Phoenix's mind was somewhat perplexed as he vaguely recalled this person... Ah, yes, Allen had departed from Tatsumi City several years ago in pursuit of formidable power.

Why would he suddenly appear in his own room?

Phoenix frowned, feeling a vague sense of unease, yet unable to pinpoint the exact reason.

He maintained a state of vigilance.

That "Allen" chuckled, quietly uttering in the corner:

"The reason is obvious, I am here to assist you, Phoenix,"

"Help me?" Phoenix furrowed his brow.

The man said, "You have been unhappy lately, haven't you, Phoenix? You lack a formidable power and have faced various limitations, even being ridden on the head by a little girl."

"Despite being the head of the Augustus family, you have absolutely no freedom,"

Phoenix's gaze turned cold as he indifferently said, "What are you saying? I don't understand."

Allen took off his hood, revealing a face marked with scars, and growled at Phoenix, "Stop pretending! Phoenix, I know you have joined Babel Tower, and now your immediate superior is none other than the betrayer of our family, that shameful monster, your sister, Maryse!"

"You wish you could tear her apart! Yet you find yourself compelled to kneel down and lick her feet!"

A dramatic change came over Phoenix's expression.

He suddenly reached out his hand, transforming into Devil's Gun, aiming it at the man in front of him.

"How dare you slander the relationship between me and my loved ones, Allen? What exactly do you want to say?"

Allen smirked, showing no signs of fear.

He gazed at the Devil's Gun that had transformed from Phoenix's right hand, shaking his head and saying,

"So, this is the power that Babel Tower bestows upon you? Well, it is nothing more than that."

"We can offer you more, as long as you are willing to assist us... So, I can now help you kill that girl, the half-elf you detest."

Allen extended his hand, a powerful energy gathering within the palm of his hand.

This force, for some unknown reason, possesses a peculiar enchantment, greatly intriguing Phoenix and leaving him spellbound and mesmerized.

By embracing it, one will become immensely powerful!

Even more terrifying than that little creature!

For some reason, Phoenix's mind was filled with various voices, all urging him to accept the invitation as quickly as possible!

Go forth!

Go and fetch it!

This is the power you desire!

Unlike Maryse, Phoenix's mother comes from a noble family of pure-blooded elves. Naturally, Phoenix is also pure-blooded, and within the family, Maryse has always been the exception.

Maryse's human mother had the opportunity to unite with Reno, not out of love, but because of her family's abundant financial support.

Phoenix, back then, was constantly astonished by the fact that his half-blooded sister could be so adorable and beautiful.

Every elf, unable to resist the allure of such a magnificent creature, gradually accepted her presence.

Even after Maryse's formidable power was discovered, Phoenix initially didn't see any issue with it.

Until the moment when, including himself, people's innermost thoughts were unabashedly pointed out by her innocent words... Phoenix gradually began to fear the presence of this girl.

After that incident, the siblings gradually went their separate ways.

Phoenix's mother had a dark secret; she once used the power of a cult to help Reno and, as a result, generously donated money to this cult for an extended period of time.

After the secret was exposed by the naive Maryse, the Augustus family was embarrassed, and Reno had no choice but to expel Phoenix's mother from Tatsumi City.

When Reno officially expressed his desire to isolate his sister, everyone, including Phoenix, hung their heads and didn't object.

At that moment, Maryse looked into his eyes, pleading, while Phoenix coldly remained unresponsive.

She is indeed a monster.

However... now my own choice has nothing to do with these matters anymore.

Phoenix shook his head and calmly said, "No matter what you say, I am clear about one thing... The Savior of Babel Tower is the true god of this world, and Their power in Tatsumi City is far more terrifying than 'Rainbows' and 'Outer Gods'!"

"I will not stand on the wrong side."


In an instant, the Devil's Gun in "rapid fire mode" sprays numerous blue and white light orbs.

Allen burst into wild laughter, his body had already vanished in some mysterious manner.

The light orbs blasted the front wall into smithereens.

Upon realizing the sudden disappearance of the enemy, Phoenix immediately rushed out of the bedroom with an anxious stride. He made his way to his daughter's room, scooped up the infant, and hurried towards Maryse's residence.

As for the safety of others, he temporarily paid no attention to it at all!


"So, this is how the ceremony goes, right?"

Maryse, who had been observing this scene from the shadows, turned her head and addressed Mr. Profligate.

Bai Yan nodded and said with a smile, "Indeed, it's quite bizarre, isn't it? This is just the beginning of the story. Now, it's your turn to make an entrance."

Maryse hesitated and struggled to find the right words, eventually furrowing her brow and asking, "If my brother, um, I mean, that guy Phoenix, really allied himself with the cult I control, what should I do?"

Bai Yan knew that Maryse posing such a question indicated that there was still a trace of familial affection in her heart.

"The decision to dispose of him is up to you."

Maryse said faintly, "Fortunately, he doesn't give me any dilemmas now. The Savior of Babel Tower is truly formidable, which makes Phoenix dare not rebel at all."

"I am the kind of person who treats others well if they treat me well, and vice versa... I have kept in my heart all the insults Phoenix hurled at me in these twenty years."

Bai Yan remained silent, knowing that Maryse was indeed the kind of person described.

Her preference is for people who are kind to her.

For the past twenty years, besides Irena, she had no other friends, so it was effortless for both himself and Mu Ling to take advantage of her vulnerability.

Similarly, anyone who slightly offends her will be remembered by the little one for a lifetime.

Maryse paused for a moment and continued, "But his child is innocent, I don't want my niece to lose her father easily."


When Phoenix arrived at Maryse's room, he found that the female housekeeper named Irena was not there. Only Maryse stood calmly in front of the dressing table, looking at herself in the mirror as if she were applying makeup.

"Phoenix, what's the matter?"

"Our house has been invaded by cultists!"

I know, that cultist was under my control, hehe.

In reality, Phoenix doesn't actually know anyone named "Allen", it is merely a manipulated memory created by Maryse.

All of this was for the sake of the "Grand Opera" of the promotion ceremony.

Suppressing a smile within, Maryse pretended with astonishment, "How is that possible? Did someone intrude into the family?"

"It's true! You can read my mind!" Phoenix said somewhat angrily. "In short, you should understand that I don't want anything to happen to my daughter. This is the safest place for our family because you're here."

Maryse nodded gently and stood up, saying, "Indeed, since joining the Babel Tower, I have acquired a power even stronger than before!"

She said with a slightly "chuunibyou" manner:

"As long as I am here, no enemy can ever destroy Augustus."

Phoenix couldn't help but feel a bit peculiar. Since when did Maryse start caring about the family?

However, before he could ponder further, he suddenly heard a loud noise!


A dreadful impact surged from outside the house, devastating the entire room as this force demolished it, causing the walls to crumble instantaneously.

Phoenix held his daughter tightly, guarding her against harm.

He felt the pain as the aftermath of the attack inflicted damage to his skin and flesh.

The baby cried loudly, and miraculously, she was completely unharmed.

After the dust settled, he was stunned to discover... Maryse, the epitome of beauty, impaled to the ground by a massive steel beam, her eyes bulging and her mouth filled with blood.

"Ah, ah, the pain, it is so agonizing. I should not have lost. Ugh, I feel so wretched..."

Maryse continued to cry out for a while, until finally, her head tilted to the side.

She "perished".

Phoenix's heart sank as he began to regret his decision to bring his daughter here.

Emerging from the dust, a group of individuals clad in black robes slowly emerged; undoubtedly, they were cultists.

Phoenix knelt down, his eyes filled with terror, and pleaded loudly, "I am willing to do anything, I implore you, as long as you spare my daughter. I am prepared to do whatever you ask!"

Allen, that person has appeared again, holding a bottle of crimson elixir in his hand.

He said indifferently, "Then, Phoenix, please consume this potion. From now on, you shall become our slave, but we shall spare your daughter..."

In that instant, Phoenix was rendered speechless; a multitude of emotions flooded his heart.

Resentment, anger, fear, pain, sorrow, confusion... When he finally looked down at the crying baby in his arms, he suddenly smiled.

"I will protect you."

Phoenix slowly lowered his head and gently kissed the forehead of the infant.

Oh, Savior.

If you truly are the Savior of the world.

Please save my daughter! She is innocent!

I am willing to devote everything to you!

Bai Yan stood outside the house, his body enveloped in a classical black robe, his presence unbeknownst to anyone.

In his hand, he held a fist-sized transparent crystal.

After a large influx of extreme emotions, little by little, they entered the crystal in Bai Yan's hand.

The originally transparent crystal gradually turned red. After all the negative emotions, it was the emotion called "love" that eventually caused the crystal to transform completely into a deep crimson shade.

Bai Yan used his psychic power to notify Maryse.

[Success has been achieved. Next, you must assimilate the power of the crystal within the drama, ascending to the rank of Crown.]

[Ah, Phoenix has indeed compromised with the cultists now and intends to betray Babel Tower]

Maryse's emotions seem somewhat low, and at the same time, Bai Yan is able to perceive that certain inner aspects of her are undergoing some changes.

[However, how should I put it, he is no longer so despicable in my heart]