I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: Prospects of the Plan

Bai Yan, seated loftily upon the throne, looked down upon the gathering crowd.

Everything is progressing toward a favorable direction, isn't it?

Bai Yan was well aware, even when considering the entire world of Noah, that the current Babel Tower had become a formidable force that should not be underestimated.

He employed the power of his mind, transmitting his own will to every individual present.


[Welcome to Babel Tower, we meet once again.]

[This time's Babel Tower has welcomed new members, as the salvation of the world necessitates increased potentiality.]

Undoubtedly, the Scarlet Moon also stood among the crowd.

She still wore attire in shades of red and black, exuding the regal aura of the sovereign of the dark realm.

A black lion mask concealed her exquisite countenance, yet even so, when people laid eyes upon her, they would instinctively envision the simple concept of "beauty".

Through the black lion mask, she observed the members of Babel Tower gathered before her.

Their faces each bore distinctly different masks - cats, dogs, wolves, deer, and foxes.

The only one without a mask is that massive deep blue slime, which the Scarlet Moon finds somewhat intimidating.

When she was young, her family was extremely impoverished, and she was forced to consume this... Perhaps it is the only thing in the world that can make the Queen of the Scarlet Moon feel fear.

The Scarlet Moon quickly noticed something: most of the members' masks were white, and only the wolf mask was black, leaving her pondering its symbolic significance.

"So, what color is the mask on my face?"

Deep in thought, the Scarlet Moon pondered whether the other members of the Babel Tower were as resilient as herself or become devoted hounds like Mu Ling. What were their attitudes towards the Savior, after all?

Finally, she tilted her head slightly and gazed at the mysterious entity above the throne.

"So... you are the Savior of Babel Tower..."

This man is enigmatic, towering above on the throne, with an inscrutable demeanor that seems transcendent of the world, surpassing everything she had ever witnessed.

If placed in the past, the Scarlet Moon might have resorted to mocking words or even launched a direct attack against the Savior.

Even in the face of a significant power disparity, the Scarlet Moon would not let go of her kingly pride and dignity.

However, after experiencing the events of these past few days, the Scarlet Moon has realized that the disparity between the two sides is not of the same magnitude. Being crushed by the other party would likely be easier than killing an insignificant ant.

And even in death, her soul will continue to be toyed with.

Launching an attack recklessly would only reveal her foolishness and potentially bring catastrophic consequences upon the blood clan, the Scarlet Moon silently pondered.

Moreover, coupled with that wondrous memory experience, it did indeed leave an indelible impression on her, ultimately resulting in the current Scarlet Moon temporarily not exhibiting strong hostility.

Ganis, the figure concealed behind the Black Wolf mask, took a deep breath as he stepped forward from the crowd and knelt before the throne.

"Oh, magnificent Savior!"

"Please save the sinners! Save my sister!"

"I am willing to give everything, even to offer my own soul to you!"

Mu Ling, Maryse, and Alan were all taken aback, unexpectedly witnessing such a spectacle from the new member right off the bat.

What on earth is going on with him?

Could it be that his current situation is quite unfavorable?

Amy, sitting in a wheelchair, silently analyzed everyone present.

From the attire alone, it can be inferred that the woman wearing a black lion mask is highly likely to be the Queen of the Scarlet Moon from Tatsumi City.

She had seen a photo of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon in the database of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City.

After the "Savior" mentioned that this formidable individual would become a member of the Babel Tower, Amy consciously deepened her impression of her.

"Indeed, it is true. The reigning champion of the dark world of Tatsumi City... Apart from the unfathomable 'Profligate', she should be the strongest among the current members of Noah's Babel Tower."

Amy continued to gaze at Ganis, silently contemplating:

"This kneeling man has no relevant information in the database, making it impossible to determine his exact identity. However, judging by his attire, he appears to be affiliated with the Kingdom of Dark Light... According to his statement, is he a sinner?"

Ganis knelt down on one knee, at this very moment, he truly was willing to give everything, hoping that the Savior could truly be like a legendary deity, capable of waving a hand to change all the suffering in the world.

He is willing to pay whatever price it takes to achieve his ideals!

[Just like 'Rainbows' and Outer Gods...]

[I am currently unable to directly intervene in the world of Noah]

The cold and merciless voice once again resounded in the minds of everyone.

The "Savior" once again straightforwardly admitted that he is temporarily unable to intervene in the world of Noah.

Ganis was momentarily stunned.

The Scarlet Moon, having existed for a long time, naturally understands the limitations that the "world consciousness" imposes on god-tier beings.

She had anticipated this answer, and the others were also aware of this matter from the previous meeting.

"How is that possible? So, how exactly can I obtain your assistance?"

Speaking of this, Ganis's expression had already changed, and he exclaimed loudly, "Please, quickly send me back! If those despicable 'urbanites', those beasts, discover my absence, they might possibly harm my sister!"

He could hardly imagine what would happen because no matter how revolting the circumstances, the urbanites had perpetrated such atrocities upon the Persecuted.

Maryse suddenly inquired, "Are you a sinner, by any chance?"

Ganis hesitated for a moment, only the urbanites referred to them as sinners, whereas they would identify themselves as "the Persecuted."

He slowly rose to his feet, turning his gaze towards the young girl wearing a white cat mask.


Ganis suddenly realized something, perhaps, a portion of the people here were not the Persecuted, but rather the urbanites.

The Savior of Babel Tower may not necessarily be the "Savior" of the Persecuted as the legends suggest.

Maryse noticed the gaze of the other person, almost as if they were looking at a creature's offspring, filled with wariness.

"Well, it seems you truly are a sinner," she said. "Don't give me that look, I'm not discriminating against you, you know."

Maryse truly had no prejudice against the other person.

Even in the education she received from childhood to adulthood, adults were always telling her that sinners were beasts, animals, murderers, and terrifying monsters.

Maryse had heard many stories of what sins sinners had committed, such as who they had devoured as a family after illegally crossing borders, or whose unfortunate child they had taken away.

But what's ironic is that Maryse herself had been labeled as a monster by her self-righteous family for twenty years.

Therefore, she had long known that some seemingly correct words could not be fully trusted.

Although it is a fact that there is a considerable proportion of sinners among the cultists who believe in Outer Gods.

"Wait, all of you are 'city dwellers'?"

Ganis inquired tentatively, and to his surprise, no one in the room uttered a word, as if they tacitly accepted the answer.

Only Fusion Slime made a feeble attempt to argue, in the face of this.

I am not human!


Hence, Ganis's heart instantly skipped a beat.

Oh no, I've become the one who is surrounded!

How could this happen?

[Please don't misunderstand, I am truly not human! Alas!]

To emphasize its non-human nature, Fusion Slime continued to anxiously exclaim, "Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle!"

However, it was ignored.

No one paid any attention to its thoughts.

The Scarlet Moon suddenly spoke up, saying, "Whether it is 'city dwellers' or sinners, it is of no importance to me. I am the king of the vampire, responsible only for my kind. I have no desire to be involved in the matters of the Babel Tower."

Mu Ling finally spoke, saying, "But you also have no chance to withdraw. Let us together save this world, which is essentially equivalent to saving your own vampire kind as well."

She was initially concerned that the Queen of the Scarlet Moon might cause trouble here, but the situation turned out to be much better than expected.

The Scarlet Moon merely snorted disdainfully, refraining from further speech.

She actually never believed in the words of saving the world, even though she had witnessed many miracles, she still didn't believe.

If the "Savior" were to claim that He intends to rule the world, then the Scarlet Moon would believe a little bit more.

Why is that?

Because over the course of several centuries, the Scarlet Moon has come into contact with more than a dozen cults devoted to the Outer Gods, and among them, half have been proclaiming themselves as Saviors of the world...

Maryse and Alan were taken aback, only now realizing something.

Wait, hold on, is that woman really the legendary Queen of the Scarlet Moon?

That is a character from a legendary tale!

She has actually become a member of the Babel Tower!

Alan pondered, truly living up to the title of the Savior of the Babel Tower, to think that he could even subdue such a character!

Drawing a deep breath, he stepped forward and spoke:

"Great Savior, I hope to resurrect those who have passed away! Surely, you must have a solution, right?"

"Please make me stronger! I wholeheartedly pledge my loyalty to you!"

After he finished speaking, he also knelt down on one knee.

"This city, no, not just this city, but there are also many people in the world who need me to protect them."

All eyes turned towards the exalted Savior, high above, seated upon the throne, so transcendental and sublime, as if surpassing the very realms of the world, resembling a deity!

A voice, once again resonated from the depths of everyone's hearts.

[Mysterious Magic, your dreams can come true in the future]

[But not at the present moment]

[As a member of the Babel Tower, continue to perform brilliantly]

A surge of intense joy welled up in Alan's heart. He now held utmost trust in the Savior, fully aware that His promises were anything but mere frivolous words!

Lin Bian, along with her, are both saved...

Bai Yan, I will definitely find you. Please, don't perish!

Meanwhile, Bai Yan, the "Savior," continues to convey his thoughts.

[As for you]

[Soon you will return, but now is not the time to escape.]

[Sooner or later, you will realize your aspirations]

[He will assist you]

Ganis blinked slightly, suddenly noticing the presence of an unfamiliar man that had appeared nearby, at an unknown moment.

He was the only person on the scene who was not wearing a mask.

With his slightly curled black hair, handsome Western features, and the demeanor of a noble scholar, the man dressed in a black robe smiled as he gazed upon the assembled crowd.

Bai Yan, or "Profligate", with a solemn pretense, smiled and said, "Pleased to meet you, 'Fist of Duel'. I am the 'Profligate' of Babel Tower, hm, you probably don't know me yet... but others are rather acquainted with me."

The Queen of the Scarlet Moon's mood grew increasingly displeased, always sensing that encountering this individual never brought anything good.

Maryse's mood, on the other hand, soared, and a smile appeared beneath her mask.

Ganis was completely immersed in contemplation, unsure of how to answer.

Maryse immediately interjected, "Senior Profligate hails from another realm, and what you see is merely his projection. He is certainly capable of assisting you!"

"The true him is a formidable force beyond your imagination!"

Upon hearing that, Ganis naturally felt a startled surprise.

The temperament of this man does indeed bear resemblance to that of certain top-tier powerhouses.

He pondered, "So that's what it is! It means that the Savior has dispatched a mighty ally to aid me!"

Ganis was well aware.

Regardless of whether the enigmatic Babel Tower is truly the Savior, as the legend of the sinner suggests, at the very least, it will be my Savior.

He is also our only choice now!

[Fulfill the tasks bestowed upon me, constantly accept bestowed blessings, and then grow powerful]

[Fist of Duel, you will brandish your fist against this unjust world and initiate duels]

Ganis understood that Fist of Duel was his own nickname.

He raised his head and exclaimed loudly:

"O great Savior, I long to know! As one who accepts all of this, what cost must I bear?"

From a young age, Ganis knew one thing, that all blessings come with a predestined price in his fate.

Even many times, this price would be an unbearable sacrifice, far surpassing the value of the blessing itself.

[Without cost]

[Only requiring your constant growth, ultimately saving the world, fulfilling the mission of the Babel Tower]

Bai Yan emphasized once again.

[To save all worlds, to prevent the demise of the multiverse, that is the purpose of your presence here]

[Save all worlds?]

Ganis finally recognizes that the Savior of the Babel Tower harbors aspirations grander than his own!

Indeed, He is a magnificent being!

Therefore, achieving one's own ideals along the way should also be possible!

"Very well, I comprehend!"

He nodded heavily, his face adorned with a gleam of longing and hopeful radiance, as he clenched his fists.

Those "urban dwellers" who act with reckless abandon... wait... I will be back...

However, Ganis looked towards these so-called companions, who, besides the "Profligate" from another world, were all "urban dwellers".

As a veritable human being, can I truly endure becoming teammates with demons, and even save the world alongside the very same demons?

Moreover, he simply couldn't believe that the "urban dwellers" possessed the virtuous qualities of desiring to save the world!

During his time in the wilderness, Ganis had only heard of the wickedness and atrocities committed by the "urban dwellers".

After departing from the wilderness, Ganis also witnessed the audacious recklessness and crazed hypocrisy of the "urban dwellers" within the abattoir.

He truly had no favorable impression whatsoever towards the "urban dwellers".

After all, it is truly difficult for humans to imagine things they have never seen before.


After the "Profligate" version of Bai Yan heard the remarks of the "Savior" version of Bai Yan, he spoke up as well.

"I will journey to Annottales and rescue your sister."

"Thank you, Mr. Profligate."

Ganis nodded at Bai Yan and smiled.

As Bai Yan claimed to be from another world, neither "the Persecuted" nor "a city dweller," Ganis had a rather favorable first impression of him.

Bai Yan's purpose in journeying to the Kingdom of Dark Light was actually not only to rescue Ganis's loved ones.

He also had two important matters to attend to.

One of them is, as the witch mentioned, the ultimate ritual of achieving godhood that exists in the Kingdom of Dark Light.

That is the only known path to divinity in Noah's world!

Although the Core Operators are far from becoming deities, Bai Yan clearly is the kind of person who would make preparations in advance.

The quantity of god-level combat capabilities is highly important to determining the ultimate success of clearing Babel Tower and even achieving a perfect ending.

The second important matter is to make early contact with those Core Operators from the Babel Tower in the Kingdom of Dark Light, within the Euro League.

In fact, Bai Yan knows that there are Core Operators waiting in the pool, not just "Fist of Duel," who currently need assistance.

He will not only go to the Kingdom of Dark Light but also to the Night Union.

Bai Yan, naturally, will not passively stand by in the face of a tragedy that can be changed.

If, in the future, after drawing them, he listens to these Core Operators recount their experiences, and then hypocritically say, "Ah, what a pity, if only someone could have saved you at that time" with the identity of Profligate... Bai Yan feels that he truly cannot treat his comrades in such a contemptible manner.

"Mr. Profligate, are you really going to Annottales? I know that it is the capital of the Euro League, Noah's largest and oldest city!"

Maryse suddenly becomes excited.

At this moment, Fusion Slime is repeatedly rolling at the edge of the Ocean Sanctuary, but no one pays it any attention.

Bai Yan nodded gently.

"Yes, I do intend to go," he replied.

She looked at Profligate Bai Yan, hesitated for a moment, and finally mustered the courage to ask, "Can you take me with you?"

"No, I can't."

Bai Yan shook his head gently and said with a smile, "Rest assured, I will constantly travel between the two cities, so you will still be able to see me often."

After hearing this conversation, some Core Operators revealed an expression of "Could it be that they actually..."

Maryse coughed lightly and said, "It doesn't matter, to be honest, I don't really want to see someone like you either."

Bai Yan faintly smiled, remaining noncommittal.

In fact, he intends to create another avatar in Annottales, aiming to enhance the likelihood of success in the "Fictional Enactment" of the Crown Ceremony.

If Maryse also goes along, then this avatar's identity won't hold true.

The "fictitious identity" required for the Fictional Enactment must remain unknown to all individuals in regard to the actual circumstances.

[Psychic Dancer]

[You also have important matters to attend to]

Bai Yan felt like a master director, seamlessly slipping into the dialogue of "Savior" when needed, instantly capturing everyone's attention once again.

Maryse lifted her head blankly, unaware of what task the "Savior" had in store for her.

[Soon, you will ascend to the position of Crown]

Inside the current Babel Tower, there are three extraordinary individuals with Potential Crown, namely "Psychic Dancer," "Fusion Slime," and "Fist of Duel."

Naturally, Bai Yan inquired about the suitable Crown Ceremony for them through "the Library of Ruina."

Next, we need to assist them in their ascension before the arrival of the First Doomsday Crisis.

And among the three Crown Ceremonies, the Crown Ceremony of the "Psychic Dancer" is the easiest to accomplish. Bai Yan naturally decided to let her ascend to Crown first.

The slime continued to roll around.

Maryse was dumbfounded.


So fast, unexpectedly?

Will I... also become a "Crown"-level transcendent?