I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: The Seventh Meeting

The first snowfall in Tatsumi City was not particularly heavy. It lasted only one night before coming to a halt. The white snow on the streets was shoveled to both sides, leaving space for pedestrians and vehicles to move.

Bai Yan calmly sat in his designated spot inside the university library.

After leaving the villa of Helen's family, he returned to the university, where he continued to cultivate his own power.

For the time being, Bai Yan will not meet with Sylve anymore. He will communicate with her through written letters.

I have other important matters to attend to and cannot afford to waste time on pointless things.

Bai Yan closed his eyes and embarked upon his personal training.

At this moment, he copied Fusion Slime's abilities.

Bai Yan's arm is visibly liquefying before one's eyes, resembling a pool of simmering pale porridge, it softly lands on the table, emitting wisps of white steam.

This state is exceptionally peculiar; prior to encountering Fusion Slime, he had never experienced such a unique phenomenon.

Bai Yan attempted to exert a trace of control over his arms, only to discover that they seemed to be composed of "numerous" entities, rather than a singular limb.

One's own brain consciousness needs to give commands to multiple parts, not like controlling an entire arm, but more like simultaneously controlling dozens of fingers with varying shapes.

Some find it difficult to adapt...

"I gradually understood that this is how it should be operated."

Bai Yan's expression was remarkably serene, completely focused.

He gradually achieved success, as his once watery-like liquefied arm began to wriggle and reassemble itself.

In the end, the arm successfully reintegrated, but instead of returning to its original state, it transformed into a flesh-colored and agile tentacle.

The elongated tentacles extended and undulated slowly, presenting a highly "disharmonious" appearance at first glance.

There were some students around who were reading, but they all "ignored" Bai Yan's presence, as if this eerie and horrifying scene didn't exist in reality.

Before the experiment, he had already given a long-lasting command using the power of his mind.

The people here will not have any reaction to Bai Yan's actions.

After a while, Bai Yan slowly retracted his arm.

"Next, let's try starting from a different area."

He closed his eyes in silence for a long time, and suddenly a large number of wriggling flesh buds began to grow outward from within his body. Tentacles emerged from various parts of his physical form, continuously extending outwards.

It could not extend too far, at least unable to cover the entire library.

Bai Yan attempted to extend his body and cover a nearby female student, as a multitude of fleshy tentacles gradually retracted, slowly engulfing the unsuspecting young woman entirely.

This feeling is extraordinarily peculiar...

Bai Yan murmured to himself:

"Indeed, although the slime has never attempted such a feat, it is actually capable of digesting the swallowed individuals and regenerating its own vitality."

He gradually retracted his extended limbs, while the female student remained seated, engrossed in her book, completely unaware of the recent events that had transpired.


Bai Yan took out his phone and saw the game hint provided by "Projection."

Projection, "The Kingdom of Dark Light consists of six provinces, and each province is governed by a 'Divinus,' who possesses great authority and is considered symbolic of divine contemplation."

Today is the day of the seventh convening of the meeting.

"This is also the inaugural meeting of 'Fist of Duel' and 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon.' Hmm, the addition of new members should certainly make the meeting quite intriguing."

Bai Yan, wearing a smile, stood up and walked slowly amidst the students in the library, murmuring to himself.

No one was aware that the true King of Tatsumi City was right beside them.

The students were merely studying peacefully.

He stood by the window, took out his cellphone, and opened the game "Babel Tower".

Choose to enter the grand halls of Babel Tower.

In the next moment, everything around shattered and disintegrated, only to be rebuilt in a collapse and reconstruction of all elements.

Once again stepping into the depths of Babel Tower, Bai Yan donned a cloak of darkness, opting for a previously unexplored world backdrop.

"Ocean Sanctuary"

Bai Yan sat upon a towering azure throne, before him lay a palace crafted with countless coral reefs and underwater rarities, as a multitude of fish suddenly darted past his ears.

Seated within the depths of the sea, Bai Yan remained utterly unaffected by the pressure that should have been present, as if he could breathe freely even underwater. Perhaps it was a special effect bestowed by the "Ocean Sanctuary".

"Let's begin."

Upon confirming that the Core Operators were in a summonable state... he proceeded to summon each and every one of them.


The Kingdom of Dark Light.


Seventh District.

In the large training room beneath the abattoir, Ganis, blindfolded, engaged in hand-to-hand combat with ten heavily armed sinners.

"Come, I will fight with you using the same strength, speed as yours."

He took a deep breath and said, "Do whatever it takes to defeat me."

These ten sinners are not ordinary individuals, but rather resident duellists possessing extraordinary powers, not mere cannon fodder.

Their assault was well-orchestrated and highly effective. Together, wielding iron swords, they launched an attack on Ganis, targeting his blind spots.

However, Ganis undoubtedly possessed the innate qualities of a true warrior.

In the midst of an absolute encirclement, he still managed to identify a loophole, swiftly lowering his body and forcefully breaking through the obstruction of the two individuals.

The vulnerability of the sword formation instantly widened as Ganis took cover among several individuals, swiftly delivering a kick to the sinner who had turned his back towards him.

Subsequently, he launched a rapid assault akin to entering a flock of sheep as a predator.

Ganis quickly took down each of his sparring partners, even though he employed the same strength and speed, the gap still persisted.

He shook his head and said, "Your coordination is still not meticulous enough. You must pay attention... If your opponents are experienced, they will definitely find a way to break through the onslaught of the sword formation. So, you need to think about the next step, what to do if the enemy counterattacks... And also, what to do if there is a surprise attack from behind?"

Ganis stood amidst the crowd, imparting his teachings to the sinners present, almost hand in hand.

Inside the underground training chamber, the guards of the abattoir stood naturally. The former knight, now the warden of the abattoir, also stood here.

Clad in a suit of black armor, his visage concealed, he vigilantly supervised the sinner's demeanor, clasping his fists.

Ganis cast a fleeting glance at the warden of the guards.

He clapped his hands vigorously and exclaimed, "Alright, everyone take a five-minute break. Rest up, and then we'll resume training. We must put on a splendid performance at the New Year celebration in one month's time!"

The New Year celebration in January is one of the major festivals of the Kingdom of Dark Light.

When the time comes, the well-trained sinners within the abattoir will offer a series of battles.

However, not all duels necessitate fatalities; in recent decades, there has been a gradual emergence of the "exhibition match" segment.

After all, it would be quite costly if some of the highly popular sinner duelists were to perish haphazardly.

For example, Ganis, he didn't become a duel celebrity solely based on his fighting skills and mischief-making abilities.

Mr. Keno, the organizer of the abattoir in District Seven, spent an astonishing amount of money on marketing for Ganis.

When all the training of today was finally complete, Ganis took a deep breath as he joined the sinners for a bath.

Only here and in the dormitory are the places where the guards will not enter.

He turned around and said to the sinners, "I have mentioned this matter to all of you before, and now I emphasize it once again... The Savior, the Savior spoken of in the sinner legends, does indeed exist!"

The men and women present were all somewhat moved, as they turned around and looked towards Ganis.

Throughout history, there have always been legends among sinners about the Savior.

"The Savior shall emerge from the tower, leading 'the Persecuted' to the city of hope, while the six evil gods kneel trembling on the ground, praying for mercy."

The existence of this legend has a peculiar history, as both the sinners from the Air Alliance and the sinners from the Kingdom of Dark Light, despite being thousands of miles apart, have heard of it.

The sinners have been passing it on by word of mouth from generation to generation, up until today.

Ganis' eyes were filled with radiance as he continued, "The true Savior has appeared, and he has revealed to me... I have been chosen! I will become the executor of the Savior! Ultimately, the Savior will lead all of 'the Persecuted' to the city of hope!"

His emotions appeared greatly stirred as he exclaimed:

"Brothers and sisters! The oppression from the 'City-dwellers' will come to an end sooner or later! 'The Persecuted' will find a safe haven and be bestowed with ample respect!"

"The 'City-dwellers' treat us like livestock and playthings, robbing us of both life and dignity! Look at the current state of affairs, in their eyes, we have ceased to have a gender, devoid of shame. We have become nothing more than swine! 'City-dwellers' show us absolutely no respect!"

Ganis, casting his gaze upon all the men and women, lowered his voice and roared:

"Sooner or later, we must make these individuals pay the price!"

The sinners looked at each other, contemplating the possibility of the existence of the Savior, which they had once pondered.

Having prayed, hoping that the Savior would rescue the Persecuted from their suffering.

However, day after day, year after year, they witnessed countless sorrows and agonies, yet the awaited Savior didn't arrive.

Even though the champion Ganis himself spoke these words, there were still some aspects that were difficult to believe...

Does the Savior truly exist?

[Put on your attire.]

Ganis hesitated for a moment, as a voice in his mind sounded both stern and exhilarating. Without delay, he adorned himself with his garments in the grand bath chamber.

The sinners had no knowledge of his intentions.

Suddenly, a dense veil of black mist materialized around Ganis.

Everyone inside the bath chamber was utterly astonished!

What is this?

Chloe was astounded, "What is that dark mist... what on earth could it be? How are you, Ganis?"

Steel Fist mumbled to himself, pondering, "Such unparalleled strength, why does it manifest here? Astonishingly, it remains unimpeded by the formidable barriers of this place's guardians!"

Ganis suddenly exclaimed, "Behold, this is the power of the Savior!"

"In front of Him, even Dark Light is inconsequential, for this is our hope and the divine being we should believe in!"

Gradually, Ganis vanished from the black mist.

After the onlooker sinners were shocked, one by one, they suddenly knelt down. They dare not shout aloud, yet each person's eyes were filled with a gleam.

The Savior of "the Persecuted" truly exists!


When Ganis regained consciousness, he found himself in a completely different place.

In an environment akin to the depths of the ocean, he could freely breathe... Small and large fish swam past him, towering sea creatures sheltered above, and beneath his feet lay a ground formed by coral reefs. The surroundings were adorned with exquisite pearls and resplendent gemstones that could be found everywhere.

Ganis discovered that he still had a peculiar mask on his face, though the exact appearance remained unknown to him.

I emerged from the abattoir!

He could hardly believe his eyes, unable to fathom that he had managed to escape so effortlessly and effortlessly from that infernal place!

However, Ganis suddenly thought of his sister's predicament. Oh no, if he were to leave just like this, wouldn't his sister be at the mercy of that scoundrel Keno...

He took a deep breath, hoping to maintain composure, believing that the Savior could solve his problems!

Soon, Ganis noticed individuals emerging one by one from the dense black mist, donning masks as they stood nearby.

Simultaneously, the most mysterious and unfathomable figure, the one who stirred Ganis with unparalleled excitement, sat tall and composed upon a deep blue throne not far away - the enigmatic man cloaked in darkness.

Transcendent from the world, resembling a deity!

Ganis instantaneously grasped a revelation!

At this location...

It is the very land of his aspirations!