I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Sylve

The birthday celebration proceeded smoothly.

The noble families participating in the birthday celebration were neither too many nor too few, totaling a little over ten families.

Without a doubt, their status in the Platinum Zone is comparable to that of the Helen family.

As for the members of the five major families, they would naturally not deign to associate with such inconspicuous minor noble families.

Even among the lower ranks of the nobility, Sylve's birthday celebration still had a grandeur unmatched by ordinary households.

The well-trained servants conducted themselves with propriety, and exquisite dishes were served on the dining table, of superior quality that appeared no less impressive than the culinary offerings of the five major families, leaving commoners no choice but to admire from a distance.

This is also what makes Lady Helen feel proud.

However, if Maryse were to come here, she would discover that at this birthday party, both the tableware and the beverages are of an entirely different caliber compared to what is used in the Augustus family.

In fact, Maryse's household items are all custom-made.

Not to mention the artwork scattered throughout the villa... The painting displayed on Maryse's bedside at this moment alone would be enough to purchase ten precious treasures from Lady Helen's family collection.

The true gap often manifests in these minute details.

Sylve, as the centerpiece of the birthday party, naturally wears a smile in her conversations that is lacking in sincerity, while the gentlemen and ladies surrounding her exhibit their own forms of pretense.

The social interactions of the aristocracy are always filled with etiquette and perfunctory gestures. Occasionally, there are those who make sarcastic remarks about the Helen family, but Sylve, as a noble young lady, cannot directly retaliate with harsh words.

Only "ambiguous" is suitable.

After having barely managed the situation at the birthday party, Sylve was promptly whisked away by her mother, Lady Helen.


"You must come with me."

She was led by Lady Helen to the master bedroom on the second floor, evading the presence of others.

Sylve appeared somewhat fearful, vaguely suspecting that her mother was about to divulge the matter to her.

Lady Helen took a deep breath and said, "Just as I mentioned earlier, Sylve, it is crucial for you to be acquainted with the most significant secret of our family."

She stood in front of a blank wall in the master bedroom, closed her eyes, and silently recited a simple incantation.

This is not sorcery, but rather a special ritual, it is the "key"... This incantation symbolizes a "key" that can unlock the corresponding "doorway".

The wall started to subtly shake, eventually revealing a colossal door, unveiling a secret chamber that Sylve had been oblivious to during the years she had lived in this house.

"I never expected it to be here," she exclaimed in astonishment.

"Come with me, my Sylve."

Lady Helen took a deep breath and entered the secret chamber, while Sylve nodded gently and followed behind.

They entered the secret chamber.

This is an incredibly spacious secret chamber, appearing to be larger than the master bedroom outside, with an area of at least a hundred square meters.

Inside this secret chamber, there is almost nothing, except for an ancient altar embedded in the floor, crafted from an indiscernible black material of peculiar nature.

The black substance seemed to be writhing, even emanating an eerie aura of magic.

When Sylve saw it, she instinctively felt very uncomfortable and took a step back.

"Do not retreat!"

Lady Helen's tone was extremely stern and earnest, as if reprimanding Sylve while simultaneously engaging in a conversation with her past self.

"This is something you must endure, come forth, Sylve, and advance with me."

Sylve swallowed nervously, nodded gently, and stepped forward.

Lady Helen said earnestly, "Wait a moment, you must try to remember the incantation I am about to recite."

Next, Lady Helen took a deep breath and slowly placed her hands in front of the altar, then began reciting the enchantment.

This is an exceedingly intricate, ancient, and enigmatic incantation that has been passed down through generations of the Helen family for over a century. It is so complex and obscure that Sylve merely listening to it feels dizzy and overwhelmed.

Several minutes passed until Lady Helen finally finished reciting the ancient incantation, consisting of hundreds of words. In the palm of her hand, an ancient symbol began to manifest.

Sylve watched this scene in astonishment.

Blood seeped from Lady Helen's palm, as the crimson liquid rapidly surged towards the altar, merging with it!

The black altar slowly illuminated!

A dreadful force suddenly emerged on the altar, forming a gray vortex.

"What is this?"

Sylve, filled with trepidation, attempted to retreat, only to have her hand firmly grasped by her mother.

In the next instant, Lady Helen suddenly let out a piercing scream!

The act of performing the ritual seemed to inflict immense pain upon her! This agony was comparable to nothing short of bone-shattering torment!

Lady Helen's countenance was filled with anguish, while Sylve could only stand here in a daze, watching this scene unfold.

By the time the ceremony concluded, Lady Helen was already drenched in sweat, and the illuminating light upon the darkened altar had vanished without a trace.

Sylve noticed that there was an additional shimmering blue gemstone on the black altar, radiating brilliance unlike anything she had ever seen before. It must have held considerable value.

"This is the secret that has allowed our family to prosper and thrive throughout the ages. Now, finally, you, ah, you now know it."

Lady Helen's face glistened with perspiration as she weakly approached, crouching down to pick up the blue gemstone.

"The ancient ritual that we possess allows for a connection between Tatsumi City and the untamed wilderness beyond, and this gemstone comes from that very wilderness..."

Her words were undeniably true.

"Our family's other ventures are just a facade, mere failed attempts at transformation. What we truly excel at and succeed in is the business of smuggling and illegal immigration."

Sylve opened her mouth wide, unbelievable!

"Smuggling, illegal immigration... Aren't these activities illegal? If caught, one could face imprisonment! Is it truly in the best interest of our family for you to engage in such actions?"

"Snap out of it, Sylve!"

Lady Helen abruptly turned her head, her chest heaving, her emotions evidently taking a somewhat unsettling turn.

"Who do you think doesn't engage in illegal activities in a place like this? Just because Babel Tower commits daily acts of murder, does that make it lawful? Are the five major families truly blameless?"

She seemed to be accusing!

Accusing herself of enduring various dangers all these years, single-handedly fighting against them, and bearing the multitude of pains on behalf of her family!

Lady Helen's voice grew increasingly louder!

"Truth be told, the terms 'noble' and 'illegal' are never disconnected. This holds true in Tatsumi City and in every city within the Air Alliance!"

"Why do you think I didn't stop Moriarty from doing what he did to you? Because sooner or later, you will have to endure this pain every day, just like me. You must adapt, Sylve! That is what growing up is all about!"

Sylve stood frozen in place, while Lady Helen continued her narrative.

"If one day, those unruly tyrants were to burst in! Forcing you to kneel down and bow your head like a dog, wouldn't you also have to comply? Sylve, welcome to the real dark world!"

Sylve stared blankly at her mother, the woman before her no longer exuded grace and composure. She seemed to have transformed into an entirely unfamiliar person.

Upon seeing her daughter's expression, Lady Helen suddenly felt a bit uneasy, realizing her own lack of composure.

She took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry, Sylve, I was just... I have endured alone for far too long, and just now hearing your reproach...I couldn't help myself."

Sylve suddenly dashed out from the secret chamber without even looking back.

Lady Helen stretched out her hand and opened her mouth, wanting to shout and stop her, but she ultimately couldn't find the words.


She gently lowered her hand.

Perhaps it would be beneficial to let her calm down for a while.


Bai Yan stood in the position of the balcony, quietly gazing at the night scenery outside.

Alan is right.

"I have indeed become increasingly... ordinary."

What is ordinary, after all?

Ordinary, of course, doesn't mean "good," and it certainly doesn't imply that one has become kind... The so-called ordinary is, in fact, impure.

He tilted his head back and chuckled.

"The purity is too low."

The incomplete badness is thoroughly imperfect, while the goodness is chaotic. Although one may desire to be cool and decisive, they cannot fully carry it through. They neither persist in saving the world with love and benevolence, nor do they realize the necessity of maintaining a flexible moral baseline in being human.

This is what ordinary means.

However, as a person who saves the world, there is no such thing as ordinary...

Bai Yan still remembers that version of himself, documented many years ago, how pure and transcendent he was.

Perhaps it can be referred to as "divinity."

The present self has already lost...

However, Bai Yan doesn't dislike his current self at all.

The voice of a young girl resonated nearby.

"Mr. Moriarty."

Bai Yan, who had looked up, had long noticed someone approaching, and he knew it was Sylve. So he smiled and lowered his head, gaze fixed upon the young girl standing before him.

She seemed to have cried, as there were faint traces of tears in the corners of her eyes.

"What's wrong with you, Sylve?"

Bai Yan was merely asking a question he already knew the answer to; he was well aware of everything in the villa.

Although, theoretically speaking, it would be unlikely for someone to suddenly locate Bai Yan and carry out an assassination, he has remained highly vigilant in recent months.

Even Bai Yan himself was unclear about what he was guarding against.

Perhaps, it is merely instinctual.

"Nothing really, Mr. Moriarty, I am just deeply moved."

Sylve shook her head and said, "I never knew before that my mother silently sacrificed so much for me. All along, I have only known how to enjoy myself, while constantly evading pain."

"Everyone avoids pain, and I am no exception," Bai Yan said calmly.

"Is that so? Mr. Moriarty, if I recall correctly, this is the first time you've ever talked about yourself,"

Sylve smiled and said, "I always feel that today, you seem to be more in agreement with me than ever before."

"It's just your illusion, Miss Sylve. You are foolish. I will not agree," Bai Yan replied casually, with a smile.

Sylve could tell that this man was joking.

He is a man who rarely jokes in front of himself... The girl, instead of getting angry after hearing this, became even happier.

Sylve approached the edge of the balcony, gazing out into the world, and continued saying, "It's lovely to have you by my side. The former me was incredibly hollow, indulging in deceptive and mundane pleasures."

"But since you came, I have started to change. Thank you," she expressed her gratitude.

She sincerely expressed her gratitude to the man before her.

"I am very grateful to you for allowing me to have this experience in my life, even if you may not be aware of it, your influence on me has indeed been significant," she expressed earnestly.

Bai Yan suddenly spoke, "I'm about to leave, Sylve."

Sylve froze for a moment and immediately asked nervously.

"Where are you going?" she inquired.

Bai Yan's tone was calm as he spoke slowly, "I am heading to the place I need to go. In this world, I have many important matters to attend to. For now, I won't be coming back for a while."

After a moment of silence, Sylve hesitated and asked, "Can... Can you take me with you?... No, forget it. I was just being willful. Please pretend you didn't hear anything."

She shook her head and said, "Actually, my mother needs me a lot. She has been shouldering too many things all by herself. I should try to understand."

"You have truly become a good child."

Bai Yan slowly extended his hand.

A peculiar object appeared in the palm of his hand.

That is a silver-white pendant in the shape of a teardrop, a precious Relic from the Capetian family.

"This is my birthday gift to you. When you encounter danger, it will safeguard you and cause your enemies to be harmed by the attacks they bring upon themselves," he explained.

"However, as you now comprehend, everything in this world comes with a price," he pointed out.

Bai Yan cautioned, "Once it is activated, you will pay a price... a significant depletion of something crucial!"

Sylve swallowed nervously and inquired with fear, "What is the price? If it involves the life of a loved one or the loss of a limb, I believe it is better not to use it..."

Bai Yan chuckled and said, "A total weight of one kilogram, with a harmonious distribution between muscle, fat, and water content."


Sylve could hardly believe her own ears!

Is this also considered a price?

In fact, this is indeed the price for the advanced Relic, "Star Reversal."

From a macro perspective that transcends human moral values, the loss of adipose tissue, muscle, and water content in a living organism is indeed an unfavorable occurrence.

Sylve eagerly put on the silver pendant "Star Reversal" and exclaimed with excitement, "Mr. Moriarty, I implore you to give me a slap as soon as possible!"

Bai Yan simply touched her face and gently shook his head.

"I apologize."

He left from the balcony.

Until the birthday party came to an end, Sylve too was engrossed in contemplation.

She didn't understand why... Mr. Moriarty would apologize to her.

Was he speaking in reference to the rigorous training?

She always had the feeling that it wasn't the case.

In the dead of night, after everyone else had departed, Sylve, adorned in her nightgown, lay on the bed ceaselessly toying with the silver pendant.

She smiled, devoid of any trace of sleepiness.

Today truly turned out to be the most splendid birthday for me!

"Mr. Moriarty, I will wait for you to send the letter."


Upon departing from the villa, Bai Yan tranquilly looked up and beheld flakes of white descending from the black night sky.

This city.

It is snowing.

"Even without that known answer..."

"I would probably make the same choice as well."

In the midst of the snow, he still remembered that he had arrived at "the Library of Ruina" before attending the birthday party.

After Bai Yan asked that question, he received the corresponding answer.

"If I were to reveal all the truths and explain that I came here to destroy her, would the final element of the Crown Ceremony be fulfilled?"


[Even if you do so, she will still not hate you.]