I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: The Scourge of War

Bai Yan pondered for a moment.

He ultimately bestows the newly acquired mystical power, "the Scourge of War," upon the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon."

Although this mission was a joint effort between "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" and "Nightsaber," it is evident that Mu Ling no longer needs to cultivate favor and loyalty on her own.

Therefore, Bai Yan chose to grant the reward to the Scarlet Moon, thereby reversing her long-held unfavorable impression of the Savior.

By the way, Bai Yan also intends to introduce the Scarlet Moon to the experience of the Recovery Spring.

Lastly, bestow upon her a special Entertainment Card.

That is an Entertainment Card that specializes in targeting the Scarlet Moon. Bai Yan, in his first playthrough, has attempted it numerous times, and each time, that Entertainment Card has proven to be highly effective in improving the favor and loyalty of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Although it won't directly transform the Scarlet Moon from hostility to friendship, at the very least, it will prevent her from loathing the Babel Tower any longer.

Bai Yan, having contemplated everything, proceeded to press down with his fingers one by one.

"Ah, so all the rewards were given to the Scarlet Moon. I really am biased... But I know Mu Ling, you won't be unhappy because you're the most obedient... The Sacred Rune will temporarily remain on your abdomen and will not be taken back."

Mu Ling has never been jealous; collective honor holds far greater importance in her eyes than personal achievements. One could say she is the opposite of Maryse.

They have a very good relationship, yet their ideologies are completely different.

Bai Yan deeply understands the personality traits of every Core Operator and believes that Mu Ling can comprehend him.

Meanwhile, he was in control of his own incarnation.

Bai Yan's incarnation is not in the villa, but in one of the three secret "realms" belonging to the Transcendent beings of Tatsumi City... Engaging in a transaction with the prominent figure of the Shadow Association, known as the "Undead Bird," within the "Azure Waters Realm."

"Pleasure working with you."

He purchased all the necessary ceremonial materials regarding the Crown Ceremony "Fictional Enactment" from the "Undead Bird."

Indeed, Bai Yan is well-prepared for the Crown Ceremony.

He was never someone who relied solely on one hand to secure the outcome.

Just like during the previous event "Black Catastrophe," in reality, Queen of the Scarlet Moon was present to assist. Perhaps Bai Yan himself didn't need to be present at Babel Tower in order to emerge victorious against "the Undefeated."

However, in order to ensure undisputed success, Bai Yan still went.

Therefore, Bai Yan's recently prepared Crown Ceremony encompasses much more than just the "Puppet Dance."

If the "Puppet Dance" ritual ultimately doesn't materialize, Bai Yan has decided to ascend to the Crown through a "Fictional Enactment," making it his third suitable Crown Ceremony.

"The Fictional Enactment: By incorporating numerous self-constructed details and hints, making the masses perceive multiple non-existent 'individuals' and wholeheartedly believe in their existence. The greater the number of non-existent 'individuals' and the more diverse the differences, the higher the success rate of the ritual... Finally, at midnight, performing the Carta ritual, supported by 'the Essence of the Void,' ascending to the Crown."

To be honest, due to the presence of both the "Savior" and Profligate, this ceremony has already completed many steps.

The materials that Bai Yan has managed to acquire for the Carta ritual, and most importantly... the Essence of the Void.

The Essence of the Void is a remarkably rare and precious ritual material, originating from other realms.

Its form resembles that of a transparent pearl, hollow on the inside, devoid of any substance, time, or space, but truly embodying the concept of "nothingness" in its purest sense.

The Essence of the Void is often priceless, and Bai Yan even resorted to offering two high-level Relics in order to obtain it from Undead Bird.

However, these two advanced Relics were simply gifts offered by Maryse's brother... so Bai Yan doesn't need to spend any "money" himself.

Both the "Puppet Dance" and the "Fictional Enactment" provide him with the opportunity to ascend to the Crown.

Bai Yan picked up his phone and glanced at the character card of Queen of the Scarlet Moon. Indeed, her affinity and loyalty had both changed.


Surrounded by the black mist, the Scarlet Moon once again returned to her own room, and regained control of her body.


The Scarlet Moon calmly lifted her hand and gazed at her fair fingertips.

The feeling of not being able to move even a single finger just now was truly a terrible experience that was ordinarily unimaginable.

The city she arrived at was undoubtedly Heart City.

The Scarlet Moon is well aware that Heart City is a highly renowned city within the Air Alliance, one of the numerous independent cities. Both prominent factions of the Flow of the Heart, "Candlelight" and "Luminescent," are even famous worldwide.

"In a short period of time, enabling rapid travel across the entire country... A true Savior, indeed unfathomable."

However, what does it matter anyway? No matter how powerful the Savior may be, it has nothing to do with her.

The current self, after all, is just a "slave".

Being dominated by the Savior beneath the Babel Tower.

The Scarlet Moon shook her head, showing no interest in saving the world, nor comprehending Mu Ling's fanatical adoration.

At this moment, she suddenly heard a cold and merciless young voice.

[Queen of the Scarlet Moon, next you will enter the Babel Tower to heal your worn-out body and mind in the Recovery Spring.]

Babel Tower?Recovery Spring?

Before the Scarlet Moon could ponder further, she witnessed the disintegration and collapse of everything around her.

However, when she regained her senses, she discovered that she seemed to have unknowingly arrived in another world.

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This is a world that bears significant differences from Noah's.

In the sky, three dazzling golden orbs undoubtedly represent the sun of this world, while a substantial amount of white mist envelops the Scarlet Moon.

Beneath her feet lay a beach of golden hues, while the sound of waves resonated in her ears.

And the scent of the sea... The Scarlet Moon, who had never been to the seaside nor ever smelled such fragrance, experienced for the first time the sensation of this saline aroma entering her nostrils.

"Is this, indeed, the Babel Tower?"

Even though she was already aware of the formidable power possessed by the "Savior," upon witnessing the emergence of the new world known as Babel Tower, the Scarlet Moon still experienced a certain degree of hesitation.

"The Savior, perhaps, truly is a magnificent being resembling a deity."

Why, exactly, have you chosen me?

She pondered, proceeding along the sound of the waves, her fair feet treading upon the soft pebbles.

The scent of the sea breeze grew increasingly intoxicating.

After journeying for some time, the Scarlet Moon finally beheld the boundless sea.

The surging waves, adorned with white froth, incessantly rolled, captivating all those who approached them.

Aiming to bring people closer together.

This ocean hopes for souls to merge with its essence.

"This is the Recovery Spring..."

The Scarlet Moon fell silent for a moment, then stepped forward slowly, placing her immaculate feet into the clear and transparent seawater.

In the next moment.

She sensed it.

It is a tremendous joy and comfort that the Scarlet Moon has not experienced in hundreds of years.

The gentle consolation, like an embrace from a family member, some more fundamental essence, at this moment, was accepted by her soul. The Scarlet Moon could distinctly feel the ecstatic sensation bursting forth from the depths of her soul.

All weariness, pain, anger, distortion, confusion... negative emotions, were vanishing within the magical power of the seawater.

The Scarlet Moon couldn't help but close her eyes and earnestly soak in everything, emitting a soft sound from her lips.

"It's so comfortable... What on earth is this...?"

When the Scarlet Moon opened her eyes once again, she found herself unconscious beside the golden pebbles at the edge of the seawater. She could hardly fathom everything she had just experienced.

A truly unforgettable experience that will remain etched in her memory.

"However, I will never be easily swayed."

The world began to gradually transform.

The Scarlet Moon knew that she was about to return to the world of Noah.

After returning from the Babel Tower to Noah, the Scarlet Moon sat on the chair, not very calmly, and still with her eyes closed, savoring it for a long time.

That unique sensation is a pleasure difficult to imagine for those who have never experienced it.

The Scarlet Moon could feel that her soul received the deepest solace within the "ocean," as the special power swept away all negative emotions.

This is something that no extraordinary power known in the world of Noah can achieve.

She gently shook her head, knowing that this was the means by which the Savior was trying to win her over.

However, the Scarlet Moon cannot be easily moved.

[This is the reward bestowed upon you.]

The Scarlet Moon was taken aback, as she never expected that the reward phase had only just begun, and the Recovery Spring was merely a prelude.

However, even if the Savior were to offer the best reward imaginable, she would not yield.

"...This aura!"

The Scarlet Moon rose slowly, becoming alert.

Suddenly, an indescribable aura, intense and ferocious, engulfed them from all directions!

They seemed capable of destroying everything, as if they embodied the essence of countless wars. Nothing would remain in their presence except for annihilation and conquest; any beauty or sorrow would be utterly crushed!

The Scarlet Moon furrowed her brow, sensing the immense power emanating from the Outer God!

It is the power belonging to the Colorless City!

A black vortex slowly emerged, enveloping the Scarlet Moon's beautiful, art-like figure, relentlessly bestowing, bestowing, bestowing, disregarding all resistance and personal will, forcibly infusing her with a profound and incomprehensible power!

Excruciating agony!

Unimaginable and unprecedented, an intense pain surged through the Scarlet Moon's body. She felt her soul being torn apart, only to be implanted with something unknown.

Even so, she merely furrowed her brow gently, without displaying any signs of pain.

It seemed like a meme, yet also resembled an unclear, incomprehensible string of information that undeniably and rapidly altered the Scarlet Moon's perception of the world.

As if by instinct, she comprehended the power known as "the Scourge of War."

"So this is how it is..."

I have understood.

The Scarlet Moon remained silent for a while, then raised her hand.

In the next moment.

The world had completely transformed, and the Scarlet Moon found herself amidst a battlefield.

Above the white sky lie countless city ruins, suspended in the air, never to touch the ground.

The vast expanse of the pale earth stretched endlessly, devoid of any trace of blood on its surface. Instead, there were Relics inserted into various corpses, one after another.

The Scarlet Moon walked slowly towards the corpse of a colossal armored giant, withdrawing a massive jet-black spear from its body.

It emanated a terrifying obsession, possessing an aura that instills profound dread.

The Scarlet Moon took a deep breath and recognized it.

This is a Civilization-level Relic... All the "weapons" attached to these corpses here, they are all Civilization-level Relics!

However, they are not genuine Civilization-level Relics, but merely a "fantasy".

The Colorless City is an Outer God symbolizing war, conquest, and weaponry, storing within "the Scourge of War" all the "fantastical" creations of Civilization-level Relics that have witnessed the act of killing.

Civilization-level Relics that possess auxiliary effects and cannot directly engage in acts of slaughter, don't exist within this realm.

Even Civilization-level Relics that possess the ability to kill, but have never taken the life of a living being, will not exist within this realm.

The Scarlet Moon realized that she could bring out the Civilization-level Relics from here.

Due to her unfamiliarity with this power, she only has one opportunity per day to bring something out, and can only bring out one "fantastical" item.

Moreover, the "fantastical" effect of this Civilization-level Relic is only half of its true potential.

However, utilizing the "fantastical" Civilization-level Relic doesn't require any cost or sacrifice!

"Without any cost... All the Civilization-level Relics in the world are gathered here... At my disposal."

Even though she has lived for hundreds of years, the Scarlet Moon couldn't help but be astonished at this moment!

The power bestowed as a reward by the "Savior" was so formidable, far beyond her imagination, and even difficult to comprehend!

This is the power from the Outer God, the Colorless City.

This is by no means a method that ordinary objects can possess.

"Why is it that both the ancient gods and the Outer God are all utilized for the Babel Tower?"

The Scarlet Moon couldn't comprehend what kind of magnificent entity the "Savior" truly was.

After she returned to reality, the pitch-black lance in her hand had already started to dissipate, but even so, it was enough for the Scarlet Moon to wield it for at least ten minutes.

"What are you, the Savior, really?"

She slowly lifted her head and looked out the window, as if trying to find answers from the sky.

As the hunter said.

It is indeed impossible for oneself to oppose the Savior with such magnificent and unfathomable power.

Perhaps, from now on, her entire life will become a mere pawn in His hands, without any chance of resistance.

The Scarlet Moon closed her eyes.

Due to the excessively exaggerated "rewards," the Scarlet Moon has already accepted unconditionally any command from the Savior, and the fact that she cannot resist the Babel Tower in any way.

However, she still didn't want to yield in this manner.

Just at this moment, the Scarlet Moon once again heard a voice echoing in her mind.

[This is the precious gift bestowed upon you.]

Has it not ended yet, unexpectedly?

The Scarlet Moon was completely astonished, never expecting that the "Savior" had something to give to her.

Why, among the numerous members of Babel Tower, does He show such a pronounced inclination towards her?

"Is it just to make me obey Babel Tower? Don't be absurd!"

Suddenly, she instead felt a hint of anger.

I will not succumb to you.

Absolutely not!

The ultimate measure was a targeted Entertainment Card issued by Bai Yan.

The name is...

Happy Memories.

In the midst of a daze, the Scarlet Moon, for the third time, departed from the real world.

Everything before her eyes had changed, a gentle breeze brushed against her cheeks. The Scarlet Moon seemed to have returned to six hundred years ago.

She slowly widened her eyes, unable to believe it.

The familiar small village, the familiar wind brushing through her red hair. She stood outside the village, observing her familiar parents in the distance, smiling and waving at her.

"This is..."

Her hands trembled ever so slightly.