I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: The Arrival of the Reaper

Another world.

In the world known as Aliin, there is only one continent where civilized nations exist. It is home to over one hundred million diverse intelligent species, abundant with flourishing plant life and a myriad of peculiar creatures.

In the north of the continent of Aliin, there exists a mighty ancient empire.

They rely on a powerful cavalry corps and a magical forces to conquer the continent, and for over a decade, they have been undefeated, victorious in every battle. Now, they are on the verge of occupying all of the known territories in Aliin.

Countless people have perished under the iron hooves of the empire, and many resistance forces have been effortlessly crushed.

The empire, invincible.

Just recently, the empire's sorcerers have discovered something that was once unimaginable.

Indeed, there truly exists the existence of other worlds!

For the Aliin people, who have had very little knowledge of the multi-dimensional universe, this is an unimaginable occurrence.

In their understanding, there is simply nothing beyond the world, and the realm of existence has always been limited to the visible world in front of them.

However, their worldview has now been refreshed as they have found, for the first time, a tangible anchor point in the realm of true existence!

There are even coordinates to a new world!

They smoothly captured a set of world coordinates, and the process was so effortless that it almost felt as though they had been bestowed by someone.

These world coordinates point to a completely new and unknown realm.

The wizards promptly relayed the news about the new world to the ruler of the empire, Emperor Aliin.

Emperor Aliin, who was on the verge of conquering the entire continent, had grown somewhat weary of the monotonous pursuit of power. However, upon receiving the precise information, he became greatly intrigued by this unknown world.

Thus, the empire mobilized its national efforts to construct the "Gate of Space." They discovered that they could continuously capture new intelligence and knowledge from the interstitial space, which aided them in rapidly constructing the "Gate of Space."

After Emperor Aliin successfully constructed the Gate of Space, they swiftly determined the location of that pristine new world.

After the opening of the Gate of Space, the invincible and strongest army of the empire, prepared and united, collectively entered it.

They will venture forth into the uncharted world, symbolizing the emperor's conquest of all things.

Nowadays, on the outskirts of the empire, stands a towering, dozens-of-meters-high, massive circular space gate, shimmering like a mirror, still open.

Guarding this place is another elite legion of the empire, the Imperial Capital Defense Army.

It falls only slightly short compared to the fearsome Dragon Cavalry Corps that entered the Space Gate. Every member of the Imperial Capital Defense Army is composed of elite soldiers who have been responsible for safeguarding the imperial capital for decades without any mishaps.

General O'Hare of the Imperial Capital Defense Army stands solemnly before the Space Gate, his expression weighed down with gravity. Behind him lies a military encampment housing several thousand elite soldiers of the empire.

The Aliin people are a distinct species within the human race, but they differ significantly from the Noah people.

They have a similar physique to the Noah people, but their blood is of a light blue hue, and they possess a unique structure resembling gills on their necks, referred to as "quinn".

Aliin individuals who possess "quinn" have the ability to temporarily increase their respiratory rate, accelerate blood flow, and exhibit abundant physical energy.

General O'Hare, clad in a suit of mysterious silver armor, ponders the intricacies of the entire affair, feeling that His Majesty the great Emperor has been rather imprudent this time.

"Why would he be so careless? To recklessly decide to send the entire Black Dragon Cavalry Corps over... The former emperor was never like this."

According to reason, when exploring an unfamiliar area, it is advisable to first dispatch a small group of elites and professionals to conduct preliminary intelligence gathering.

Once the intelligence has been thoroughly investigated, it is then appropriate to deploy a larger force.

The current empire... They don't even know if the other world can sustain human life, yet the emperor orders the entire army to enter the space gate without hesitation.

O'Hare, with a sense of unease, murmured to himself, "The emperor, he seems to be manipulated... Truly peculiar."

However, he is so immensely powerful, a pinnacle existence among "cataclysm-level" warriors, the most formidable man in the world... Who else could possibly manipulate him?

O'Hare gently shook his head.

After a while, a soldier rushed over and exclaimed,

"General, General O'Hare, your wife has sent word, expressing her desire to meet with you. She hopes for you to come home at least once today!"

O'Hare, who hadn't returned home for several months, paused for a moment and nodded.

"Ah, I understand."

After pondering for a while, O'Hare returned to his home in the upper district of the imperial city. His wife and children awaited him in the dining room, while the surrounding servants kept their heads lowered, afraid to speak.

He could tell that his wife's complexion was far from pleasant - filled with deep concern.

Upon seeing their father's return, the children eagerly gathered around him, and O'Hare, in turn, transformed his troubled countenance into a smile.

"O'Hare," his wife spoke, "I have already heard of it. Lately, there have been individuals pressuring you to take a stance on the matter of the imperial succession."

Indeed, this matter does exist, and it has been a constant source of distress for O'Hare.


He nodded. "It goes like this, Your Majesty, the emperor, after all, is of advanced age. In his early years, he frequently utilized the power of the 'Starfall,' which resulted in a decline in his lifespan. It is now time to choose a successor."

"I hope not to be involved in this matter," his wife earnestly remarked. This noblewoman, who had already aged and lost her former beauty, nevertheless exuded an enduring air of elegance.

O'Hare shook his head and said, "It is a tremendous whirlpool, you see. You don't understand. If I don't get involved, if I fail to choose the right person, our family's power will inevitably diminish."

"Let it diminish if it must!"

The wife suddenly exclaimed, "What if you align yourself with the wrong side? The future of our family is far more complex than just weakening. Do you wish for our children to suffer alongside you, or even lose their own father?"

She continued, "While there's still time, quickly escape from this dreadful whirlpool. Let's appeal to the emperor and request permission to leave the imperial capital... Why don't we move to another province and lead a life in a place with less power struggles? Wouldn't that be better?"

"This is simply blind command, things are never that easy," O'Hare furrowed his brow.

Abandon everything one has achieved in the heart of the empire, including one's family, and meekly become a provincial tyrant elsewhere?

O'Hare had initially intended to loudly reprimand his wife, but right at that moment, he caught sight of his children's faces.

Those were faces filled with fear, yet tinged with a hint of anticipation.

At that moment, General O'Hare wavered.

Perhaps, everything that has been gained in the heart of the empire for all these years may not have been what one truly desired.

Do I truly possess such an intense longing to perpetuate the glory of my lineage?

"I... I will take it into consideration," he uttered.

"Thank you."

Upon witnessing her husband's compromise, the wife shed tears and rose to embrace him.

This embrace caused the long-weary O'Hare to take a deep breath.

The long-lost love between the two rekindled at that moment, and O'Hare finally grasped what he had truly desired for decades!


Meanwhile, the space gate.

A slender young man suddenly appeared.

He hovered in the sky, gazing down upon all living beings, arrogantly looking down upon everything.

His skin was pale and resembled arctic frost, almost devoid of blood. A halo of Rainbow light encircled his golden pupils, and a vibrant blue flame burned within them. His body was adorned in a flowing black robe, as if made of living ink, gracefully swaying in the windless air.

This young man burst through from the other side of the spatial portal.

Thus, he appeared in the world of Aliin.

The elite soldiers in the military camp felt an indescribable and overwhelming pressure.

Instinctively, they prostrated themselves in fear.

No one dared to engage in combat with this young man.

For he is none other than the "Grim Reaper."

"The Grim Reaper" gestured with a flick of his finger, unleashing a black radiance darker than the night. It surged forth like a mighty river, swiftly sweeping across the earth, causing thousands of elite soldiers to vanish in an instant.

Wherever the black radiance touched, all the vegetation in the outskirts crumbled and shattered in an instant. The centuries-old walls of the imperial capital collapsed and fell into ruin. Countless people were transformed into dust before they could even cry out in agony.

O'Hare took a deep breath.

He mustered unprecedented courage as he gazed upon his beloved family, solemnly preparing to make a commitment.

"I love you all, I..."

The black radiance swept through, and their bodies instantly shattered into pieces, transforming into dust.

This black radiance continues to advance, causing everything in its path to crumble and disintegrate without exception.

Even if some "powerful individuals" attempt to hinder it, they can ultimately only be completely extinguished in despair.

No matter how formidable the military or terrifying the imperial forces, they are rendered insignificant like ants being crushed under the sudden appearance of the black radiance.

After just a few short minutes had passed, the empire, on the verge of total conquest of the continent, announced its complete disintegration.

Its capital, in this manner, simply vanished from the map.

"The Grim Reaper" descended slowly from the sky, silently gazing upon the vast and desolate land.

He shook his head gently, saying nothing, before finally turning around and stepping back into the portal.

The spatial portal was not closed; the enchantment that sustained the portal was intentionally left intact by the Grim Reaper.

Next, the forces of the Air Alliance will enter the world of Aliin.

They will judiciously acquire various necessary resources, much like what the Air Alliance has accomplished in multiple other realms.


Meanwhile, inside the villa, Bai Yan was narrating the immense power of the "Eyes of the Empire" to Sylve.

"Each 'Imperial Guard' within the 'Eyes of the Empire' is tremendously formidable, with three individuals even having reached the level of 'Apocalypse'."

He paused for a moment and continued, "Based on my deduction, the Imperial Guard who is embarking on this interdimensional counterattack should be the most strategically dangerous among those three individuals, with the codename 'Grim Reaper' assigned to the man."

Sylve asked in confusion, "Is it really the Grim Reaper... Mr. Moriarty? How did you manage to guess that?"


The first playthrough of the game "Babel Tower" had already spoiled me way beforehand, shall I tell you?

Bai Yan smiled without saying a word, but simply rubbed the girl's head.

Sylve's face turned slightly red.

He looked at the girl's face, pondering a certain matter.

The initial ceremonial conditions of the 'Puppet Dance' have been fulfilled, perhaps it is time for me to carry out the final step.