I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: "The City in One's Palm: Tatsumi City."

Crown Tower.

It is still the same hotel, the same room, but the heads of the five major families who have come to the meeting are no longer the same individuals.

There are a total of seven people present, and one of the most unfamiliar faces is the new head of the Capetian family, the son of the previous head Xiu.

This is a young man with pale complexion, his face covered in sweat, clearly bearing significant pressure.

"I... um..."

He wanted to speak but couldn't find the words.

Beside him is the head of the Wettin family, who had long ago pledged allegiance to Count Gallard of the Babel Tower.

At this moment, he appeared as he did in his youth, handsome and dashing. His golden locks exuded a remarkable aura, while his entire being resembled that of a young lion.

Gallard said in a cold voice, "It appears everyone is here, there should be no need for me to say anything more, ah."

The person seated beside Gallard is Kesu, the head of the Astor family, tall and slender. With black hair, beard, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, he resembled a scholar.

Black Vulture, a member of the "Problem Squad" within the Demon Hunt Agency, is also a member of the Astor family, adopted by Kesu's sister.

Kesu lowered his head, lost in his thoughts.

He didn't say anything.

Then came the head of the Guise family, Bernard, a fat man with an innocent smile adorning his face. Dressed lavishly, he resembled a nouveau riche, and his increasingly obese physique drew much attention.

His eyes were filled with resentment, fear, struggle, yet also a sense of powerlessness.

"Everyone should have understood by now..."

Lastly, it was Phoenix, formerly the deputy head of the Augustus family and now the true head, who covertly aligned with the Babel Tower.

He was Maryse's so-called older brother, dressed immaculately in a black suit, his captivating face and gentlemanly demeanor shining through.

"Today, everyone has gathered here because of the Babel Tower."

Apart from the heads of the five major families, the remaining two individuals are "Profligate" and "Psychic Dancer" from the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan sat at the head of the rectangular table, his countenance cloaked in silence.

Maryse sat by his side, in close proximity, wearing a smug smile on her face, almost as if she had written the expression of "triumphant satisfaction" all over it.

Bai Yan sighed inwardly, your "petty and smug" expression seemingly resembling that of an antagonist... We are clearly the heroes saving the world, after all.

Maryse narrowed her eyes, appearing increasingly exhilarated.

The current scene is truly a situation that she would only dream of!

The five major families all bowed to her!

Bai Yan shook his head, this embarrassing little fellow, better off delivering her to Africa... if only this world had an Africa.

He gazed calmly at the people present, some of whom dared not meet his eyes, while others immediately responded with a smile.

"Well, the Leaf King won't come back, so besides the Demon Hunt Agency and the influence of the blood clan, you guys are probably the only ones in Tatsumi City that can have a say."

Bai Yan said:

"Your families have been toiling in Tatsumi City for a long time, working hard, and I believe none of you would want to be driven out just like that... By joining Babel Tower, you will gain greater power, but the price is that you must obey the commands of the Savior."

"If you choose not to join, we will contemplate methods... to make your families disappear from this city."

The words spoken by Bai Yan were already so explicit, resorting to threats and temptations. Everyone's time is tight, so there's no room for empty talk.

He deliberately made his words harsh, otherwise these old folks would surely go off on tangents and find ways to delay the time.

"I have finished speaking. Who is in favor, and who is opposed?"

Bernard, whose face is adorned with layers of fat, suddenly exclaimed, "I object! I...I am in favor!"

"I also agree."

Phoenix immediately nodded and earnestly said, "The Leaf King, though he is the rightful ruler of Tatsumi City in theory, has barely set foot in Tatsumi City in recent years. He neglects everything and shows no interest. Why should we even bother with his actions?"

Everyone exchanged glances, still remembering that this person's previous statement was not like this.

He continued, "I have always admired the Babel Tower. They have saved this city several times, selflessly devoting themselves for the sake of all of us. It is both morally and logically right that the future of this city should be entrusted to the Savior of Babel Tower. We need to unite and serve the Savior together."

Maryse made a disgusted expression for some unknown reason, causing Phoenix to almost lose his composure.

There's no way around it, this eccentric younger sister always knows his true intentions.

[Damn it, this monster is nowhere near as adorable as it was in childhood.]

[How dare you insult me?]

Maryse's inner thoughts resonated in Phoenix's mind, immediately causing him to break out in a cold sweat.

[I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really can't control myself, I just can't control myself. Please, please don't let me embarrass myself in front of others. It's all my fault.]

Except for Bai Yan silently listening, none of the other people present were aware that the siblings were engaging in a telepathic communication.

[Um, what if I say I won't forgive you? Phoenix, I intend to manipulate your mind, making you do a handstand and strip dance here.]

Phoenix became a little flustered, yet he managed to control his facial expression perfectly, only pleading for mercy in his heart.

["Little sister, everything is brother's fault. When we get back home, brother will kneel down for you. There are just too many people here..."]

"That makes sense."

Kesu also nodded and said, "I agree to the Astor family joining the Babel Tower and serving the great Savior from now on. That's how it shall be."

He clearly felt helpless as well, knowing that there was no other choice.

The new head of the Capetian family had a pale complexion and was at a loss for words. He seemed to want to express a different opinion, but struggled to articulate it, stumbling and stammering, "I, I feel..."

Count Gallard sneered, "Stop pretending, everyone. Let's be honest here. You all don't have any other choice right now. Just join the Babel Tower."

"The Babel Tower will not treat us unfairly, nor will it harm our interests. On the contrary, it will provide us with security and benefits. What is there for you to hesitate about?"

Indeed, they simply have no other choice at the moment.

Several family heads sighed, ultimately they could only nod in agreement and solemnly sign the "contract" with the "Psychic Dancer" Maryse.

[Contract, has been signed]

Except for Count Gallard, who directly signed the contract with the Savior, the heads of the other four families are all Non-core Operators subordinate to "Core Operator" Maryse.

They also had black numerals uniformly appearing on the back of their hands, all starting from 2. Phoenix was 201, Kesu was 202, Bernard was 203, and the young member of the Capetian family was 204.

After successfully signing the contract, Maryse squinted her eyes and couldn't help but shake her head slightly.

If this "little puppy" had a tail, it would definitely be wagging high in the sky now!

In a sense, this little girl, who was once a castaway of the family with no hope in life just a few months ago, has now become the head of the five major families.

Bai Yan shook his head, thinking that this guy was getting too carried away with her own success.

He stood up and said, "So let's end it here. You will realize in the future... that joining the Babel Tower will be the most successful decision of your life."

After leaving the hotel, another Bai Yan who was staying at home took out his mobile phone.

He wanted to give the heads of several major families some basic benefits.

Blood of Darkness.

Exceptionally powerful extraordinary abilities and Relics definitely cannot be given to these peripheral members, but it doesn't matter at all to distribute mass-produced items like Blood of Darkness. It will just help stabilize people's hearts.

Even though the five major families don't have the capability to resist the Babel Tower, Bai Yan still doesn't disdain them. History has taught him many lessons, reminding him not to look down upon the peripheral members of power.

He sincerely wants the five major families to work diligently for him.

Since we want the horses to run, naturally we must also provide them with grass.

By the way, Bai Yan noticed that the progress bars of various research facilities in Babel Tower have all reached ninety-five or above. There should be a lot of new things being produced in the coming days.


Demon Hunt Agency.

Director's office.

"The decision from above has already come down, Mo, and you are truly deserving of it."

Raven Reaper... Mo and Mr. Trap stood side by side, engaging in the handover and farewell in front of the office desk.

Mr. Trap, with his hands clasped behind his back, gazed at the room that held countless memories for him, unable to find solace for an extended period.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and said, "From now on, the position of director shall be handed over to you, while I shall depart from here and savor the remaining moments."

"This position will require you to expend your life force every year, making you a target of criticism, and most importantly, compelling you to confront numerous decisions that will impact the life and death of countless individuals."

"I know you don't want to take on this role, but in the current Night Watcher, only you are qualified... I'm sorry, my child."

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Mo suddenly spoke up.

He said with a solemn tone, "I have come to understand... I must take on the position of director, for only then can I accomplish more."

Mr. Trap froze, as his perception of Mo, the Night Watcher who preferred solitude and despised teamwork, had always been that way in his mind.

Even less suitable for a managerial position.

However, the current Mo, it seems that he has already changed.

"I will protect Tatsumi City."

In Mo's eyes, there is an unprecedented sense of determination.

As the sun sets and the twilight light shines upon the office desk, Mo sits in the director's seat, calmly removing the mask to reveal a face as enchanting as a peerless beauty.

Although not yet officially announced to everyone, he has received an appointment from the king, effectively becoming the new director of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City.

The appointed time has arrived.

From outside the door came a leisurely and unhurried knocking sound.

"Knock, knock, knock."

Mo took a deep breath, his gaze intensified, and he firmly said, "Come in."

The person who walked in from outside the door was a masked individual in a black suit, moving in complete silence.

For some reason, Mo felt a sense of familiarity with the envoy of this Babel Tower.

Is it an illusion?

He shook his head gently and spoke, "To me, Lin Bian is like a true elder brother... but back then, I was completely powerless, unable to prevent his demise. After awakening, I have pondered over many things."

"In the future, Tatsumi City will face even more crises. Simply relying on existing power, the Night Watchers are incapable of accomplishing anything. We will lose even more people going forward."

"Therefore, I am willing to lead the Demon Hunt Agency to join the Babel Tower."

Finally, Mo heard the voice in his mind, knowing that he had made an enormously burdensome decision, one that could potentially jeopardize the entire Demon Hunt Agency.

[Contract, signed.]

Mo took a deep breath, knowing that if his choice would lead the Night Watchers into hell... then let me bear the weight of all sins alone!

The Masked Man stood there in silence for a long time without uttering a word.

Until the contract was fully signed, he suddenly spoke up, saying, "That person, for me, is also someone of great importance."

"Mo, I sincerely hope that our choices are right. This city, even this world, needs us to be its Saviors."

"Let us all believe in the Savior together."

Alan slowly removed his mask, revealing his true face, with an unprecedented calmness in his gaze.

Mo's pupils slightly contracted as he suddenly realized.

"It's you after all!"


Bai Yan, in the forum of the Babel Tower, came across a message sent by "Mysterious Magic."

News regarding the Demon Hunt Agency.

"Raven Reaper," Mo successfully took over the position of director at the Demon Hunt Agency, while Mr. Trap was held accountable and retired.

Alan, then, was appointed by the new director Mo as the new captain of the Night Watcher team.

Inheriting Lin Bian's aspirations.

The most crucial point is Mo's decision, as Tatsumi City's Demon Hunt Agency joins Babel Tower... From then on, the Night Watchers of this city will also answer to Babel Tower.

Bai Yan let out a breath and, tilting his head, fell onto the bed, gazing at the ceiling.

Upon reaching this point, the integration of Tatsumi City comes to a close.

Soon, he spotted the new game prompt for "Babel Tower" and obtained the purple achievement... "The City in One's Palm - Tatsumi City."

Clearly, this is the superior achievement of "The Mastermind Behind the Lonely City."

After unlocking the "The City in One's Palm - Tatsumi City" achievement, Bai Yan also received rewards of 2 Awakening Souls and 1 Spirit of Revelation.

The Spirit of Revelation is an advanced material that enhances the power of individuals surpassing the Crown level.

Currently, only "Nightsaber" and "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" can make use of them. One the Spirit of Revelation can increase the "degree of revelation" by ten percent.

"Nightsaber" currently has a revelation degree of two percent, whereas the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon" has a revelation degree of seventy-five percent. Merely giving them the Spirit of Revelation will not lead to a qualitative change, regardless of whom among them it is bestowed upon.

Thus, Bai Yan decided to hold onto this one the Spirit of Revelation for the time being.

"In conclusion, rewards that have a noticeable improvement effect can be considered truly rewarding."

He walked out of the room and entered the living room, where he found Sylve, dressed in a beige nightgown, sitting on the couch and watching television.

According to news reports, the election for the new leader of the Air Alliance is still in a suspended state, and it is uncertain how long the suspension will last, perhaps for several months.

The television also mentioned one thing, that is, the Hundred Kings Assembly has made an important decision to send troops to launch a counterattack on the native world of the invading "Aliin" civilization!

Upon seeing Bai Yan, Sylve immediately smiled, her gaze fixated on this man, observing him for quite some time.

Then, Sylve suddenly asked earnestly, "Mr. Moriarty, in your opinion, who is stronger between the Eyes of the Empire from the Air Alliance and the adversaries from that 'Aliin' world?"

Bai Yan sighed and calmly responded, "The power levels of the two are simply not in the same dimension. The entirety of the Eyes of the Empire is a formidable force that ordinary civilizations can hardly contend with. That unfortunate ordinary civilization doesn't stand any chance whatsoever."

"The Reaper is about to descend."