I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: Are You Picking a Fight?

She didn't really have a comprehensive understanding of just how powerful the Savior was and what this mysterious being could actually do to her.

In the eyes of the Scarlet Moon, the previous events were merely being ambushed by some concealed extraordinary power, followed by being controlled for a period of time...

That's all.

She was unaware that the Savior had the ability to manipulate her life and death, and at the same time, she was constantly on guard against being ambushed and controlled by extraordinary powers once again.

What exactly is it? Is it innate power, sorcery, a ritual, or some sort of Civilization-level Relic?

The Scarlet Moon remained vigilant of that Mystical Power which had the potential to dominate her.

Experience led her to believe that there is always some reason or triggering condition behind the power to control people and Relics, it never happens without cause.

"There's half a minute left," she said calmly.

In fact, ever since she was hailed as the ruler by her ethnic kin, the Scarlet Moon has never once broken her word.

The king will never break her word.

Therefore, once the one-minute mark is reached... she will unleash a merciless bloodbath!

What a pity.

In fact, the impression of the Scarlet Moon was quite favorable upon the several dozen hunters of this family. She even entertained the notion that if the opportunity arose, she might be able to strike up a friendship with their household head.

However, since the Mu family, represented by the young girl named Mu Ling, is associated with the Babel Tower, this family can be considered as being in conflict with both the vampire race and herself.

The Scarlet Moon never shows mercy when dealing with enemies.

One minute has passed.

Mu Ling has appeared before the Scarlet Moon.

With long white hair, violet-red eyes, clad in a magnificent black trench coat, wielding the pitch-black sword that exudes the aura of death, The Heart of Death.

"Apologize to me."

She gazed calmly at the Queen of the Scarlet Moon before her, without the slightest intention of backing down, even though Mu Ling knew exactly who her opponent was.

"You have violated the possessions of my clan, openly provoking us. As the head of the family, I accept your challenge."

Being an extraordinary being at the Crown level... the Scarlet Moon gazed at her expressionlessly for a moment, and asked, "You have already become the head of the family? Then where is your father? Are the other hunters of your clan not present today?"

"We might have to fight soon, so it would be better if you all join forces."

Mu Ling's expression flickered for a moment, furrowing her brow as she replied, "They... have all been deceased for many years."

The Scarlet Moon remained silent for a moment.


She realized that she had once again become disconnected from this city, as it turned out that there were only a few people left alive in the hunter clan.

Such incidents often occur, for example, the Scarlet Moon still doesn't understand smartphones and computers until now, recently "struggling" to learn how to use an electric rice cooker and an induction cooker.

She said slowly, "This is a good thing. Since that's the case, there's no need for me to personally kill them anymore... I've heard from Crimson that he has information about you, Mu Ling... After collaborating with me, Babel Tower forcefully took control of me, even forcing me to join your group."

The Scarlet Moon said coldly, "You have betrayed me, provoking me first!"

Mu Ling's eyes flickered with a trace of surprise, then revealed a faint smile.

She shook her head and put away the weapon in her hand.

"So it is... In that case, we no longer need to fight."

"Now, both you and I are just pawns of the Respected Savior. Regardless of who gets injured, I believe it would be detrimental to the interests of our master."

The Scarlet Moon remained silent for a while, and from Mu Ling, she could distinctly sense the girl's admiration towards the Savior, which seemed almost on par with the reverence her clan had for herself.

She said, "You are a canine tamed by the Savior, but I am not."

"You still don't understand."

Mu Ling, shaking her head, said nothing, and turned around intending to go back.

The Scarlet Moon calmly said, "Well, then I shall kill you first."

"You are unable to accomplish anything."

Mu Ling, believing that the Respected Savior would protect her.

The body of the Scarlet Moon moved.

In an instant, she rushed towards Mu Ling, extending her hand in preparation to grasp the girl's throat, aiming to suffocate this arrogant hunter... Perhaps this coercive method would extract more information.


Mu Ling paused for a moment upon hearing the sound of a fall.

She turned around and saw that the Dark King, who scrutinized everything, had unexpectedly tumbled heavily to the ground.

It appears somewhat comical.

The Scarlet Moon fell face down on the ground, with her arms and knees shattered, and the blood of the vampire queen spilled out.

What's going on?

She couldn't comprehend it, only sensing that her body suddenly became more frail than ever before, reaching a level of weakness that was almost unimaginable.

The Scarlet Moon struggled to rise from the ground, but found it difficult to adapt to such an ordinary body.

She made several attempts but failed to stand up.


Mu Ling calmly observed for a moment before walking over and extending her hand to help the renowned Queen of the Scarlet Moon to her feet.

"The Savior has deprived you of your power, and your recent actions were not permitted."

Mu Ling said, "In fact, you made only one mistake... that is, believing yourself to be an enemy of the Savior, when in reality, it is not the case. You two can never be enemies... just like the chess pieces on a board and the one maneuvering them, they don't establish a hostile relationship... you are simply not qualified."

Queen of the Scarlet Moon remained silent, sensing a tremendous, long-unfelt sense of humiliation.

She intends to utilize her full power now.

Although, after unleashing her full power, the Scarlet Moon will descend into madness, succumbing to a bloodthirsty frenzy, at this very moment, Queen of the Scarlet Moon has no other recourse.


No, it's still not possible, not at all. Not even a trace of power can be exerted.

Queen of the Scarlet Moon gazed blankly at her own palm.


"Your Majesty."

At this moment, an unexpected man appeared.

At a glance, Mu Ling recognized the arrival as Profligate, a senior figure in the Babel Tower.

He arrived in the world of Noah merely in his projected state, possessing immeasurable power, and it seems that he becomes even more formidable with each appearance.

Mu Ling initially believed that she would feel the gap between herself and "Profligate" narrowing after becoming stronger, but she discovered that the disparity between the two had never diminished.

The Scarlet Moon looked silently at "Profligate" and said, "You have betrayed me. I clearly aided the Babel Tower, yet your supposed Savior intends to turn me into... a slave."

"Hmm, there's no way to argue back. Let's change the subject then," Bai Yan contemplated.

Bai Yan smiled and said, "Both Mu Ling and I, after joining the Babel Tower, have acquired unimaginable power that surpasses ordinary individuals."

"In a little while, you will surely understand the benefits of joining the Babel Tower... The power that cannot be further enhanced for centuries can only be advanced with the help of the Savior,"

"But am I still the slave of that so-called 'Savior'?" the Scarlet Moon said coldly.

Mu Ling suddenly spoke, saying, "No, the Savior is merely using this method to help everyone become stronger, with the ultimate goal of saving the entire world..."

"The fate of the world, it has nothing to do with me... The so-called Savior in your words, in my eyes, is nothing but a despicable figure lurking behind the scenes, a repulsive existence."

The Scarlet Moon's tone was extremely icy, clearly expressing great dissatisfaction with the current situation.

Mu Ling remained silent for quite a while after listening.

Suddenly, she gently pushed, causing the Scarlet Moon, who was previously being supported, to "smack" and fall back onto the ground.

And she couldn't get up.

Bai Yan was slightly surprised, noticing that Mu Ling seemed to be slightly emotional. If the Scarlet Moon wasn't a member of Babel Tower, she might have resorted to direct violence.

"If you insult him again, I will cut off your tongue."

Mu Ling's gaze was extremely indifferent, clearly indicating that she wasn't joking.

Bai Yan knew he was important in Mu Ling's heart, but he didn't expect to be this significant.

If loyalty is already like this at level 9, can you imagine how infuriating it would be if loyalty reached level 10? Would she gladly kick the Scarlet Moon's head like a ball?

The Scarlet Moon, who was lying on the ground, remained expressionless and showed no signs of backing down. She spoke again:


"You won't speak any further," Bai Yan sighed.

Bai Yan, having appeared before her without her notice, gazed into her captivating golden eyes. He unleashed the powers that originally belonged to the Scarlet Moon herself.

Demon eyes.

The Scarlet Moon, who had become an ordinary vampire, gradually grew expressionless and was soon entranced.

Nowadays, she would obediently comply, never resisting any task Bai Yan asked of her.

Bai Yan furrowed his brow, realizing the necessity of finding a way to boost the loyalty level. Otherwise, if that guy really killed any Core Operator, wouldn't he suffer a considerable loss of points?

"Have I, perhaps, made a mistake...?" Mu Ling suddenly spoke up and inquired.

"What have you done wrong?" Bai Yan shook his head and smiled. "You are simply upholding the Savior, and we all know how deserving of reverence that person is."

"No, my impulsiveness would only deepen the Queen of the Scarlet Moon's hatred towards the Savior. Perhaps, it could sow hidden dangers for the future Babel Tower, if ultimately it was to compromise the interests of the Savior..."

Mu Ling bit her lip, clearly displaying a sense of self-blame.

To be honest, Bai Yan was dumbfounded at this very moment.

He was slightly moved, genuinely moved, who wouldn't have a favorable impression of a woman who wholeheartedly defends oneself in all aspects?

Bai Yan began to spout nonsense, saying, "The great Mr. Savior is aware of everything happening now. If you make a mistake, he will naturally mete out punishment to you, but obviously, isn't that the case?"

"So, you don't need to overthink it."

Indeed, Mu Ling nodded gently, no longer dwelling on it.

At this moment, Bai Yan noticed that his phone was vibrating and glanced at it.

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"It seems that I need to leave first."

With a smile, he nodded to Mu Ling, and the Scarlet Moon, completely hypnotized, returned motionlessly to her own home.

The text displayed on the phone was a game prompt for "Babel Tower."

There is a new emergency mission.

Inside the villa, Bai Yan smiled as he looked at the Scarlet Moon standing beside him. Her appearance was exquisitely refined, silently embodying the presence of an invaluable piece of art.

This Dark King is more powerful than almost everyone in Tatsumi City, yet now they have suddenly become my pawn, standing here like a mere puppet.

This is the decision of fate.

He calmly said, "Every time... during the first playthrough, every time I draw you, it's so difficult to raise your loyalty... but I always find a way, and this time is no exception."

The Scarlet Moon stood calmly in place, her gaze directed downwards, oblivious to everything.