I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: The Scarlet Moon Is Lazy

In just two short months, unnoticed by many, the Babel Tower has become significantly more powerful than before.

"Seven Core Operators, each possessing unique and formidable abilities, combined with my own 'hidden power'... Even in any country within the world of Noah, this force should never be underestimated."

However, Bai Yan was well aware that this was just the beginning.

The current Babel Tower is not strong enough, far from strong enough!

Their enemies are not any country, individual, nor even the lofty "Rainbows" of the Noah world.

Only the Outer God is worthy of being called the true adversary of the Babel Tower!

Bai Yan took a deep breath and calmly opened the operator list of "Babel Tower", reading through it one by one.

After being bestowed with the Awakening Soul, "Fist of Duel" has reached the strength of Potential Crown, with significant enhancements to various attributes on his character card, as well as the addition of a new power in the ability column.

"Seizing the opportunity: Once per battle, this attack cannot be evaded by the opponent and will absolutely hit."

Seizing the opportunity is a fascinating ability that appears to be a martial arts skill, but in reality, it has a hint of causality.

However, although this attack cannot be evaded, it can still be defended against. It is particularly effective against squishy enemies with high evasion.

Moreover, Bai Yan also noticed something. After reaching the level of Potential Crown, the mood of "Fist of Duel" instantly rose to 7, while loyalty increased all at once to 5.

He completely understands this situation.

"Indeed, in such a desperate situation, any glimmer of hope must be tightly grasped... If I were in the same predicament, I would also be grateful to this inexplicable 'great presence'."

Then, we have the "Psychic Dancer" who has already reached the Potential Crown level and the "Mysterious Magic" that has ascended through awakening.

Undoubtedly, their strength has been enhanced.

Core Operator:

Title: Psychic Dancer

Gender: Female

Plane: Material Realm

Rank: Awakening (Potential Crown)

Race: Elven Kind

Operator Identification: Control/Support/Infiltration

Milestone: High Elves, Betrayers, Chief of Shadows

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 24+50 Self-healing Specialization (She can knock down a man twice her weight with a single punch)

INT: 126 (Allows for more precise utilization in combat)

Skill: 136 (Capable of perceiving the thoughts of all animals within a hundred meters)

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 9 (From a certain unconventional aesthetic perspective, she is capable of receiving a higher charisma rating)

Loyalty: 8 (Even if she never admits it, she is deeply grateful to you)

Mood: 8 (Wow, I suddenly got stronger even if I did nothing! I am so powerful!)


Extremism and Madness (Unstable mood, more prone to triggering events during idle periods and periods of self-disciplined battles)

Farewell, my timidity (Skills receive a certain level of enhancement during battles)

Free Spirit (Reduces the probability of being controlled)


Mind-reading (Proficiency: 100%)

Mind control (Proficiency: 100%)

Memory retrieval (Proficiency: 54%)

Long-lasting command (Proficiency: 45%, extends the duration of mind control to 70 hours)

Telepathy (Proficiency: 0%)

Blood of Darkness·Self-healing Specialization

Memory alteration (Proficiency: 27%)

Sacred Rune - Athena (Proficiency: 60%)

Deep Red - Divine Punishment (Proficiency: 75%)

Primary information:

Body measurements: 145cm, 74, 54, 81

Preferences: Being kind to oneself, capturing attention, playing games.

Dislikes: oneself, family.

Items: Ring of Protection1, Invisible Cloak of Hermes1, Blade of Annihilation1, Special Automated Battle Robot1, Manuscript of Puddus1

Description: The noble descendant of an ancient elven family, she is born with immensely powerful psychic abilities. Ordinary minds are laid bare before her, and the uncontrollable power has made her aware of the filthiness of the real world, as well as the preciousness of sincerity.

"The future Empress of the Mind, a manipulator of beings."

After reaching the Potential Crown, Maryse awakened a new ability, an extension of her innate powers.

"Soul Transference"

In simple terms, after she utilizes this power, others can communicate telepathically through Maryse, enabling short-range and mid-range mental connections to occur.

Maryse herself will function as a kind of "mental chat group" base station.

However, the individuals engaging in telepathic communication must not exceed the range within which Maryse can perceive their thoughts. Currently, it seems that the limit of this range is one hundred meters.

To be honest, "Soul Transference" as an auxiliary ability should be quite useful.

At least that's what Bai Yan thinks. In many battles, it enables the swift transmission of information that teammates wish to convey, while also keeping the enemies unaware of the situation.

Core Operator:

Title: Mysterious Magic

Gender: Male

Plane: Material Realm

Rank: Awakening (Superior)

Race: Human Species

Operator Identification: Recon/Support/Control

Milestone: Night Watcher

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 35+50 (Self-healing Specialization) (An indomitable physique beyond the reach of ordinary humans)

Inspiration: INT 96 (Intuition triumphs over logic, where lies can be truths)

Skill: 79 (Capable of instantly unleashing intricate spells)

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 8 (Received numerous love letters from both men and women throughout his life)

Loyalty: 7 (Perhaps his loyalty is not to you, but to the people you wish to save)

Mood: 3 (I will resurrect you, as well as her, and Lin Bian...)


Cunning Man (Higher probability of success in negotiation-type tasks)

Deep sentiment and loyalty (loyalty and mood will vary due to the situation of loved ones)


Transparent Wall, Phantom Beast, Unlikely Friendship, Magic Wand, Sensing Curtain, Blade Poker, Passwall, Explosive Balloon, Concealing Hat, Enchanted Costume, Transposition, Dream Induction, Nightmare, Silent Communication, Ring Ceremony, Short-range Teleportation, Ice Sealing, Flesh Regeneration, Forbidden·Substitute Puppet, Forbidden·Foreseeing the Future, Forbidden·Black Day (Spellcraft)

Fictitious Lover (Ritual)

The Grandiose Stage for the Magical Ceremony (Ritual)

Ember of Fire that Burns Everything (Proficiency 33%)

The Sun Anthem (Proficiency 82%)

The Pupil of Mystery (understanding and learning all the spells witnessed with one's own eyes)

Blood of Darkness·Self-healing Specialization

Secondary Information:

Body Measurements: 175cm, 91, 77, 92

Likes: Night Watcher, cats, hot milk, cheese sticks, cupcakes

Dislike: Evil, tragedy

Items: Escape Door 1, White Son 1.

Description: a Night Watcher, a member of the Demon Hunt Agency for thirteen years, has undergone formal training since childhood, possesses extensive combat experience and remarkable adaptability, excels in deception, and carries a strong sense of justice.

"The upholder of order and justice, the person who walks with a lantern in the depths of the night."

Alan didn't show any new abilities in his awakening to the Plane stage, but only enhanced his basic attributes, which left Bai Yan somewhat disappointed.


The shame of the Babel Tower!

This person is wasting my Awakening Soul, can I get a refund?

"Never mind, I'll just go to his place in the future and help myself to some food."

Bai Yan shook his head and continued, "However, this individual's combat power under the Crown is likely an almost invincible presence."

He learned the forbidden curse "Foreseeing the Future" from "the Undefeated", which allows him to expend energy and briefly see events that will occur in the next few seconds.

Undoubtedly powerful, albeit extremely draining of energy.

He also stole the forbidden curse "Black Sun" from the head of the Capetian family.

This is a high-damage curse that can destroy half a street when used by a Potential Crown's extraordinary individual. Its power directly amplifies with the strength of the user, showcasing remarkable growth capabilities.

In addition to the forbidden curses Substitute Puppet, the Fire that Burns Everything, and the Pupil of Mystery, it can be said that his potential has been maximized.

Bai Yan saw an unfamiliar name and fell into contemplation.

"White Son... It should be Lin Bian's Relic, that special handgun capable of casting spells."

Lin Bian's innate power is "Death Ammo."

He can compress spells into bullets and shoot them in advance.

While Bai Yan clicked on the introduction of the "White Son" handgun, he saw the prompt for its effect... Seven times per day, choose one effect from the following to bestow upon the next bullet.

"Absolute Accuracy", "Double Bullet", "Spell Breaker"

Once the seven special bullets are depleted, or if at least one bullet is used and a day has passed, the user will also pay the corresponding price...

They will be trapped in the least desired memories for several hours.

Without needing to think twice, Bai Yan knew that under normal circumstances, Lin Bian would not activate the effects of the Civilization-level Relic.

He was unaware whether Lin Bian had chosen to activate the effect of the "White Son" during his final battle with Tao Wu.

It should be the case.

Because, at that time, he was fighting not only for himself.

Suddenly, Bai Yan understood why Lin Bian had contemplated death at that time.

Perhaps, he feared the price of sacrificing the "White Son" more than he feared death.

After reviewing the updated character cards, Bai Yan proceeded to open the logs of the operators and, as usual, perused through them.

As he was reading the logs of "Queen of the Scarlet Moon," he paused for a moment.

"This guy..."

She actually went straight to find Mu Ling!


The room of the Scarlet Moon is large and luxurious, but in the empty space, besides herself, there is only a small otter accompanying this ruler of the dark world.

She lay on the bed, her eyes fixed straight on the ceiling.

The fluffy black otter was lying nearby, motionless, alongside its owner.

It was evidently already asleep, with its eyes closed and its adorable little head making gentle purring sounds.

This is a pet that the Scarlet Moon has kept for hundreds of years, a vampiric otter, an awakened being of lower rank... it's name is Lan Lan.

Yes, although it may sound somewhat outrageous, it is indeed the truth!

This otter is even older than Mr. Trap and its combat prowess is comparable to Mu Ling, who has yet to join the Babel Tower.

An important characteristic of the Scarlet Blood Clan is that they can't only transform humanoid beings into vampires but also various other forms of life. Ancient bloodlines and the Crescent Blood Clan are unable to achieve this.

The Scarlet Moon has a great fondness for otters, as they are highly social and cooperative creatures, never abandoning their own family members and companions.

If an otter cannot find its family members and companions, it will anxiously search, continuing to search without stopping for a long period of time.

Just like the Scarlet Blood Clan, a great collective, every member should be a united presence, possessing a connection that transcends other species.

Only they are each other's most important family members.

The Scarlet Moon will require every person who joins the Scarlet Blood Clan to sever ties with their past families, henceforth considering only other vampires as their family members.

She knew that there were some ethnicities that were unable to fully meet her expectations, yet she didn't forcefully intervene to prevent them.

The Scarlet Moon raised her hand and placed it on her chest, feeling the black tower-shaped brand on her fair skin.

Now, being forced to join the Babel Tower... this is a problem that must be resolved.

"Yi yi yi yi!"

The otter suddenly woke up, blinking its small eyes, and quickly crawled onto the Scarlet Moon's arm. Its short limbs gently embraced her fair arm as it began to nuzzle against it.

"Lan Lan, stop messing around, let's eat together."

The Scarlet Moon rose from the bed with an expressionless face, and methodically dressed herself, putting on each article of clothing.

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"My Queen, the time has come."

After a while, the vampire servant who had been waiting outside walked in, bringing in the food for the Scarlet Moon and the otter's food, and arranged them nicely.

In reality, both the Scarlet Moon and the otter don't require nourishment. Their current actions are merely a desire to savor the flavors and satisfy their appetites.

The physiological desires of the Scarlet Blood Clan are most similar to those of humans, while the Crescent Blood Clan slightly deviates. As for the ancient Blood Clan, they exist more closely to that of zombies.

The Scarlet Moon sat calmly in front of the table, holding a small black sphere in her left hand, and began to eat with her right hand.

She was holding an ordinary Relic that required a very short lifespan to be consumed, with rather average effects. It merely heightened various bodily sensations by several folds.

Indeed, the Scarlet Moon now derives multiplied delight when partaking in her meals.

"Delicious," she suddenly murmured to herself.

However, at this moment, the Scarlet Moon remained calm in her tone, expressionless, displaying a demeanor of complete composure.

One cannot discern the joy arising from the culinary delight.

Lan Lan crawled aside. It stood up unsteadily, palms clasped together.

It happily feasted, alternating between a clawful of food and a clawful of water.

"Chirp, chirp, chirp!"

Upon finishing her meal, the Scarlet Moon calmly rose to her feet.

"Indeed, it is time to address the issue of the Babel Tower," she remarked.

Her nearly flawless form transformed into a burst of crimson mist, swiftly escaping through the cracks of the window with remarkable velocity.

When the recently satiated otter turned around, it soon realized that its owner had vanished without a trace.

Ah, what happened?

Its eyes, akin to small beans, were filled with perplexity.

In fact, the Scarlet Moon had known about the hunter family's barrier entrance and exit decades ago!

For she had spared the life of Mu Ling's grandfather several decades ago.

Ten minutes later.

The grand gate of Mu Ling's family mansion was instantly annihilated by a dreadful force, causing the sturdy door panels to shatter into countless pieces. The Scarlet Moon, with an expressionless face, walked straight in.

"Come forth, the Hound of Babel Tower."

She said with a cold and stern expression.

"If you don't appear within one minute, I will kill everyone here."