I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: The Ever-Growing Babel Tower

Bai Yan sat calmly on the sofa, idly toying with the black mobile device in his hand.

Within the familiar gaming interface stood a valiant man, seated in a cramped chamber. The pixelated art style accentuated his muscular physique, resembling that of an ancient Greek sculpture. He appeared like a warrior summoned directly from the set of a street-fighting film, perfectly aligning with the heroic imagery found in various tales.

Fist of Duel.

In the "Babel Tower" game, Bai Yan remembered that only he and Red Moon were both sinners.

However, Red Moon constantly roamed between the wilderness and Heart City, enjoying relative freedom, while "Fist of Duel" crossed over to Annottales in order to smuggle medication for his sister. As a result of being reported, he was forced to enter the underground abattoir.

From then on, he embarked on a path of relentless strife and irreversibility.

The organizer's boss deceitfully promised to help his sister live a good life, but in reality, they only concealed her, trapping her in one place.

"If I remember correctly, if he is drawn again after the Second Doomsday Crisis, his sister will be critically ill and on the verge of death... 'Fist of Duel' will also acquire an additional Trait called 'Determined to Kill,' which inflicts additional damage on severely injured enemies, significantly enhancing his power..."

"No, it seems that even if he is drawn before the second playthrough, as long as the story quest is left untouched and his sister is not saved, this Trait can eventually be unlocked."

During the first playthrough, Bai Yan witnessed several instances of Fist of Duel succumbing to corruption, yet he never extended a helping hand.

Because that was merely a game.

"However, the current situation is different. The game has turned into reality, unfortunately, unfortunately."

Bai Yan certainly knows what he needs to do now.

Firstly, he needs to complete the introductory mission of "Fist of Duel".

For the current "Fist of Duel", his introductory mission is quite unique, not a task of brute force.

In fact, under the circumstances of his sister being held hostage, "Fist of Duel" cannot simply break free and kill indiscriminately.

Lunchtime has arrived, and the sinners of the abattoir exit their prison-like rooms, entering the dimly lit grand cafeteria in an orderly manner.

The grand cafeteria is empty, not even the walls are painted. The chefs and guards are all coldly observing the sinners.

The chief warden of the abattoir is a middle-aged man who wears white armor every day. He is around forty years old, and his expression behind the mask remains unknown. He is extremely disciplined and oversees the daily affairs of all the sinners.

He is an extraordinary being at the awakening level, once a member of the Black Raven Knights, one of the ten Pillar Knight orders.

The knight order system is part of the Dark Light Church, with separate knight orders assigned to each city and town for defense. Every thirty years, a grand knight order competition is held.

Among them, the most powerful ten knight orders are referred to as the "Ten Pillar Knight Orders", allowing them to prioritize the areas they wish to defend. They mostly choose affluent regions.

The knights of the Ten Pillar Knight Orders, regardless of their race, will have their ranks elevated to "Four", while the captains hold the rank of "Three".

Only the true strong ones among the Ten Pillar Knight Orders are eligible to apply for admission into the most formidable knight order bestowed with divine power - the "Divine Blade".

Dark Light Divine Blade, invincible and indomitable.

They, consisting of only around thirty individuals, are undoubtedly a well-known legend.

The sinners of the abattoir are all afraid of this individual, who formerly served as the chief custodian of the "Black Crow" within the Pillar Knight Order. He is the sole entity in the underground abattoir, apart from the proprietor Mr. Carol, with the power to decide the life and death of everyone.

Within each day, sinners can only gather, communicate, and consume low-cost, high-calorie but tasteless junk food during this time.

Only a few renowned players like "Fist of Duel" are provided with custom-made nutritious meals. The organizers of the abattoir show great concern for their physical well-being, even providing a professional medical team.

Behind the mobile screen, Bai Yan's gaze remains unwavering as he guides "Fist of Duel" to locate his two most familiar companions.

The two companions of "Fist of Duel" are respectively a male and a female, "Steel Fist," who is tall, muscular, and unattractive in appearance, and "Chloe," who is slender and petite.

The original name of 'Steel Fist' was not Steel Fist, but the prominent figure of the organizers bestowed upon him a new name, compelling him to abandon his old name thereafter.

Standing at over two meters tall, possessing an extremely volatile temperament, he is a lower-level transcendent being of the awakening level.

Chloe's face was originally delicate and refined, but now her right eye has been replaced by a gruesome, gaping hole, evoking fear in those who behold it.

However, this has also "fortunately" allowed her to remain within the abattoir, instead of being assigned to other service-oriented locations, as an aspiring transcendent being of the awakening level.

Bai Yan maneuvered "Fist of Duel" closer to his two companions, as dialogue options automatically popped up on the screen.

"1. Chloe, come to my room tonight."

"2. Today, I unleashed immense carnage, causing the audience to experience an exhilaration so intense that it left them breathless!"

"3. I wish to engage in a discussion with you about a matter of great importance, concerning our departure from this place..."

"4. Steel Fist, come to my room tonight, I am eagerly anticipating your arrival."

Bai Yan silently opted for the third choice, intending to aid "Fist of Duel" in its departure.

This is not an unattainable task.

In fact, the biggest challenge lies in the fact that Fist of Duel, who has already revealed his true name and identity, may face immediate "judgment" once he escapes.

However, based on Bai Yan's experience in the first playthrough of the "Babel Tower" game, it can be inferred that the Savior of Dark Light, who is supposedly omnipresent in the country, cannot affect the Core Operators.


From this moment onward, "Fist of Duel" has transformed into a singular entity capable of disregarding the "divine laws"!

"In other words, it means having an 'immunity constitution'... Core Operators, even if they commit murder and arson in broad daylight and are apprehended, will not face any punishment... provided that they don't resist during the arrest and are not instantly slain by the knights."

He didn't quite grasp the principle, but he believed it to be the effect of the black mist.

After Bai Yan selected the third option, both "Steel Fist" and "Chloe" displayed expressions of incredulity in the scene.

Because it is impossible for them to leave in a conventional manner, wanting to depart undoubtedly signifies an intention to escape.

"Chloe", "You finally desire to depart from here. So, what about your younger sister? She is still in the hands of the townsfolk."

Several new options appeared on the mobile screen.

"1. The people of Babel Tower will assist us, for the Savior is omnipotent! They can definitely help me find her!"

"2. My sister, I have already forgotten her..."

"3. Every action carries a price, but I can do my utmost to eliminate the "townsfolk" and seek revenge."

"4. Enough with the idle talk. Tonight, both of you should come to my chamber and revel together!"

To be honest, Bai Yan doesn't quite appreciate the boastful tone of the first option, but the other options either lack seriousness in style or promote a "kill my sister to prove oneself" approach.

Therefore, he could only opt for the first option.


The Kingdom of Dark Light, abattoir.

"The people of Babel Tower will assist us, the magnificent Savior is omnipotent! They will surely help me find her!"

Ganis was filled with astonishment, greatly surprised that he could utter sentence after sentence, all while being out of control of his own body.

What is Babel Tower? And who is the Savior?

Who is the one controlling me in the end?

Could it be that the one controlling my body is the so-called Savior? What does he truly intend?

Ganis's mind was in a state of bewilderment, the influx of unexpected information was overwhelming, rendering him completely unable to comprehend.

Steel Fist and Chloe exchanged glances, both looking towards Ganis.

The towering Steel Fist couldn't help but ask, "What are Babel Tower and the Savior? Is there any connection to the Outer God cult? How did you suddenly come to believe in Him?"

Ganis desperately wanted to explain, even wishing to seek help from his two companions, but his mouth refused to cooperate.

He "calmly" spoke, "The Savior, He is the only hope in the multiverse, and He will guide us onto a glorious path. Let go of any excessive doubts, and from now on, simply follow my commands and await the opportune moment."

Ganis's heart was pounding, realizing that his actions had tied both of them to an inexorable chariot.

And moreover, these words are not sincerely spoken! You must be cautious! Do not agree with me!

Chloe laughed.

The hideous holes on her face became even more terrifying, as she loudly exclaimed, "Very well! Even though you've gone mad and wish to meet your demise, we will accompany you."

Steel Fist also laughed heartily, giving Ganis a strong pat on the shoulder, and said, "Languishing in this desolate place has no real meaning. We are willing to accompany you in whatever way you want in the future."

Ganis remained silent, feeling a profound mix of joy and guilt within his heart.

Because, if it were myself, I would never be able to entrust my life to them.

He also has a younger sister.

"Thank you."

Ganis, who was about to express his gratitude, was momentarily taken aback as he suddenly realized that he had regained control over his own body.

The young voice that resurfaced in his mind was incredibly cold and ruthless, yet it ignited Ganis with a long-lost sense of determination and vitality.

[I am the Savior.]

[All is done to save the past and the future, for this world on the verge of collapse and destruction.]

[Fist of Duel.]

[From this day forth, you shall be a member of the Babel Tower.]


Ganis looked up at the ceiling, disregarding the gazes of the surrounding crowd, and bellowed loudly.

"Who exactly are you?"

"If you can help me obtain the things I desire, then even if it means selling my soul to you, I would do it!"

"If you truly are the Savior, you should already know what it is that I desire!"

Ganis, at this very moment, truly believed that a magnificent entity had suddenly set its sights on him. This kind of occurrence, typically found only in legendary tales, was unfolding before his very own eyes.

The Savior may be benevolent or malevolent, yet undoubtedly holds the potential to aid in his liberation from adversity!

In this very moment, he suddenly felt a surge of immense power erupting within him! It was not a mere illusion, but a tangible, overwhelming force!

It was a tremendously unique current of warmth, akin to flames coursing through every fiber of his being, constantly fortifying his physical form. In a brief span of time, it granted Ganis a taste of the supreme bliss that comes with reaching the pinnacle!

I, am growing more powerful!

This is the power bestowed upon me by the Savior!

And with this force, I shall discover the things that I truly desire!

His eyes were filled with pure delight and determination!

Clench his fist!

On the palm of his right fist, a gradually emerging black tower-shaped brand!


Bai Yan fell into contemplation, knowing that even without his guidance, "Fist of Duel" would eventually embark on the path of resistance.

What he truly desired, was not his own freedom, nor even finding his sister...

But rather the freedom, safety, and dignity of every sinner!

Yes, the duel objective of "Fist of Duel" has never been about an individual, but rather the order of the entire world!

Throw a punch!

Engage in a duel against the decaying system!

He is destined to bring severe devastation to the Kingdom of Dark Light, to become the leader and emblem of sinners, and even has the opportunity to alter the course of the entire world.

Core Operator:

Title: Fist of Duel

Gender: Male

Rank: Plane of Matter

Rank: Awakening (Higher Level)

Race: Human (Sinner)

Operator Identification: Slaughter/Single Combat

Milestone: King of the Arena

Primary Attributes:

Physicality: 139


Skill: 138

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 8

Loyalty: 5

Mood: 2


Duelist: During one-on-one battles, skill temporarily improves, and the heavier the injury, the greater the boost.

Mighty Blow: Attack power is increased in unarmed combat, while decreased when using weapons.

Outstanding Performance: Proficient in pleasing others, capable of discerning the general thoughts of a group, and guiding the collective direction of thinking.


Ironclad Body: A trained physique that is naturally more resilient than reinforced steel and concrete.

Insightful Vision: The higher the skill points surpass the opponent, the greater the probability of activation, ensuring the next strike will undoubtedly result in a "critical hit."

Innate God of Battle: All physical combat techniques, once witnessed, have a chance to be directly mastered and perfected.

Item: None

Description: The indomitable leader that sinners have been waiting for, who dares to challenge the unjust order through duels. Instilling fear in all enemies, this is the innate God of Battle!

Bai Yan murmured to himself, "When it comes to combat talent, perhaps no one surpasses 'Fist of Duel,' except for 'Flow of the Heart,' which is essentially a ritualistic supernatural power. As for other combat techniques, he can learn them just by observing them once."

Placed in a martial world, "Fist of Duel" can quickly become the strongest within a short period of time.

After completing a seemingly simple introductory task, Bai Yan pondered for a moment and began deciding how to allocate the remaining seven Awakening Souls.

Along with the two Awakening Souls previously obtained, there are currently a total of seven remaining.

Now, the awakening levels of the characters eligible for enhancement are as follows:

"Psychic Dancer": the awakening level - Upper Rank (already awakened at sixty-one percent).

"Mysterious Magic": the awakening level - Intermediate Rank (already awakened at thirty-six percent).

"Cybertyrant": the awakening level - Intermediate Rank (awakened at thirty-two percent)

"Fist of Duel": the awakening level - Upper Rank (already awakened at eighty-five percent)

Bai Yan first bestowed an Awakening Soul upon Fist of Duel, enabling him to reach the power of Potential Crown. Subsequently, he also granted "Psychic Dancer" three Awakening Souls, thus allowing her to achieve the status of Potential Crown.

"Alright, for the remaining three Awakening Souls, it's a choice between the pitiful children - "Cybertyrant" and "Mysterious Magic". Who should we strengthen?"

In the end, Bai Yan chose to strengthen "Mysterious Magic".

This is not favoritism towards Alan, but rather because the incremental progress of "Cybertyrant" is not visibly transformative, thus its priority is naturally lower.

"This way, the lineup of Babel Tower has already become formidable."

The Queen of the Scarlet Moon, who ascended as Crown, Nightsaber, who serves as Crown, Fusion Slime, Fist of Duel, and Psychic Dancer, as Potential Crown, and Mysterious Magic, who excels in awakening, and Cybertyrant, who stands among the ranks of awakening.

"In addition to myself..."

Bai Yan took a deep breath, his smile gradually disappearing from his face, and for the purpose of surviving the First Doomsday Crisis, he felt that he might already have a 90% chance of success.

"The premise is that the difficulty of the second playthrough is the same as the first playthrough..."