I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Fist of Duel!

"Savior, Babel Tower, it was you manipulating everything from behind..."

Kneeling on the ground, the countenance of the Scarlet Moon remained devoid of expression. She didn't exhibit humiliation or indignation due to the current circumstances, but rather pondered upon how she could break free from the present situation.

Even for her, this was one of the few monumental crises in her life... To the point where she couldn't even see the existence of the enemy, she had already become a plaything in the enemy's hands.

The Scarlet Moon calmly contemplated what sort of actions she would be subjected to next, which were beyond the realm of imagination for an ordinary woman.

Hmm, although it is beyond the realm of acceptance, if it were to truly happen, there would be no way to resist.

Babel Tower, without a doubt, is the most prominent presence within Tatsumi City's Otherworlds. Recently, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon collaborated with one of their members, "Profligate," to successfully defeat the leader of the Black Star Faction, "the Undefeated" Ramos.

She didn't expect that Babel Tower, which turned its back on her so quickly, would come knocking at her door.

"That so-called Savior, daring to consider themselves my master... Another foolish individual who deludes themselves as a deity."

For hundreds of years, she has encountered countless arrogant bastards who, with a mere hint of power, become haughty and strive to possess everything.

I will not yield to such individuals.

According to the available information, the Scarlet Moon knows that the Savior is undoubtedly an immensely powerful being. However, it is only now that she realizes his power exceeds even her own imagination.

"At present, all I can do is await an opportunity."

Therefore, the Scarlet Moon refrained from taking any further action and allowed the "Savior" to manipulate her body, while she simply closed her eyes, relaxed her mind and body... intending to rest and sleep.

Since she didn't have to control her own body anyway, and was unable to resist, she simply laid down lazily.

Furthermore, the Savior didn't care about what he intended to do with her body next.

However, soon the Scarlet Moon discovered that the control over her body was returned to her, forcing her to awaken from her drowsy state, lest she would fall to the ground.

"How fast it is, is this all?"

She tilted her head and there was not a trace of expression on her face.

It seems that even the Savior cannot control his own body for a long time; there is a time limit.

What power exactly was it that controlled me just now?

Was it the extraordinary power of the "Savior" or some kind of Civilization-level Relic? She must find the reason, solve the problem, and then eliminate... the so-called Savior.

"Yes, let's find an opportunity to destroy the Babel Tower."

She nodded gently, calmly considering the next target.


In the Platinum Zone, inside a villa.

Bai Yan enjoyed the abundant pastries brought over by Sylve, while manipulating the Queen of the Scarlet Moon to complete a simple import mission.

To be honest, the monster she encountered was quite formidable, and its strength was not even weaker than the monsters Mu Ling encountered during import missions.

However, at that time, Mu Ling had a difficult time winning, but the Queen of the Scarlet Moon under his control, on the other hand, only needed a gentle push to ensure everything went smoothly.

"The difference is just too big. I can't blame myself for being a little dismissive of you in the beginning, Mu Ling," Bai Yan muttered to himself.

In terms of initial strength alone, Mu Ling is undoubtedly in the lowest tier. Drawing her at the beginning is definitely an unfortunate occurrence... Fortunately, she has gradually become stronger now.

With efforts in the later stages, her future holds promising prospects!

While Bai Yan was pondering over various matters, he began to examine the character card of Queen of the Scarlet Moon on his phone, which should be not much different from the first playthrough.

Core Operator:

Title: Queen of the Scarlet Moon

Gender: Female

Plane:Formation Realm

Level: Crown (Upper Rank)

Race: the Scarlet Blood Clan

Operator Identification: Slaughter/Destruction/Explosions

Milestone: Dark King, Leader of the Blood Clan, Immortal Breed

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 427


Technique: 127

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 11/10/9

Loyalty: 2

Mood: 3


Dominance over the Weak: Inflicts substantially increased damage against targets weaker than oneself, and against targets in the material realm.

Double Standards: Only the death of individuals "approved" by her will lead to a decline in mood, while the death of any other group will not have any impact.

Bloodthirsty Impulse: Often yearns for fresh blood, especially when wounded and exerting full effort. When unleashing one's full power, it plunges into a state of madness, losing all sense of reason and instinctively consuming copious amounts of blood until satisfied.

Indolent, Domineering Monarch: Mood rises when doing nothing, and mood declines when commands are rejected.


The Scarlet Blood Clan (Supreme, Maxed out, Unevolvable): After merging with the Scarlet Bloodstone, they possess the primordial 'Crimson Blood' within their bodies. They are capable of creating new lineages through their own Crimson Blood or that of their kin. They can swiftly replenish their strength by absorbing the blood of creatures, and grow even stronger after feeding. They harbor aversion towards sunlight, mercury, and sacred objects, and possess a slowly recovering energy pool known as the 'Crimson Blood'.

Demon's Gaze: It can be used to hypnotize ordinary people, making them obey one's every command. It can also be used to observe the flow of energy and the construction of spells.

Mistification: Transforms into a terrifying crimson mist that grants temporary immunity to physical attacks.

Bat Morph: Transforms into a large swarm of bats capable of flight. Each bat symbolizes a portion of its own vitality.

Rampant Onslaught: By channeling the burning of "Crimson Blood," it amplifies the force of its next strike, once per battle.

Item: Blood Vessel (Advanced Relic)

Description: The creator of the Scarlet Blood Clan, the queen of the dark world, a creature who has already tapped into the utmost depths of her own potential, possessing overwhelming power.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😅)

Bai Yan is actually quite familiar with the character card of Queen of the Scarlet Moon, as he had already utilized her numerous times during the first playthrough.

Due to her inclination for "Dominance over the Weak," Queen of the Scarlet Moon is practically the deity of overwhelming inexperienced players. In the early stages of the "Babel Tower game," she stands unrivaled as a top-tier, T0 character.

With a single strike, she brought "the Undefeated" Ramos, who was already consumed by burning souls, to the brink of death, thanks to the combination of her inclination for Dominance over the Weak and Rampant Onslaught.

By the way, among the gains this time, there are also five Awakening Souls.

They are obtained through the purple achievements of the "Black Star Cult".... However, it's a pity that Awakening Souls cannot be used by Core Operators at the Crown level, but only by Core Operators at the awakening level.

The current Nightsaber, Queen of the Scarlet Moon, and Fusion Slime at the Potential Crown level no longer require them.

Therefore, the targets for self-improvement can only be selected from "Psychic Dancer," "Mysterious Magic," "Cybertyrant," and the newly arrived "Fist of Duel."

After a moment of contemplation, Bai Yan murmured to himself, "Hmm, upgrading is not a pressing matter. I should first complete the import task for Fist of Duel."

Fist of Duel.

For Bai Yan, this person is actually an old acquaintance.

Because he had a previous gaming experience where he focused on cultivating Fist of Duel, he often uses Fist of Duel to challenge bosses.

Bai Yan murmured once again, "When it comes to one-on-one battles... he is definitely one of the strongest Core Operators in his level range. After all, his ability modules are specifically designed for one-on-one combat."

If I'm not mistaken, at this time, Fist of Duel resides in the Kingdom of Dark Light, which is also known as the Eruo League.

Moreover, he is currently in that legendary city, the largest and oldest city of all.



The Kingdom of Dark Light.


The Seventh District.

Annottales is a colossal city, a bloated metropolis, protected by divine beings, it resembles an invincible behemoth, devouring all who come to this city, those who live here.

Let them merge with it.

For thousands of years, it has undergone numerous expansions, with each expansion adding a new district, gradually accommodating millions of additional inhabitants.

The Seventh District, naturally, emerged during the seventh expansion, but in its current state, it is actually one of the older districts among the fifteen in Annottales.

The district streets are extraordinarily immaculate, without a speck of dirt, patrolled by the church's surveillance squad dressed in black coats, exuding an aura of solemnity and severity.

People of various races are walking orderly on the streets, not a single loud person can be found on the road surface.

Tranquility, order, cleanliness, without a hint of chaos... That is the first impression the Seventh District of Annottales leaves on all outsiders!

However, in the underground world of the Seventh District, there exists a lesser-known side that is not widely known!

"Fight! Fight! Strike quickly!"

"Annihilate them all! Charge!"

"I bet on you to win, don't give up! Darn it! How did you die?"

This is the "underground abattoir" operated by the Dark Light Church, where citizens of Sequence Seven and above bellow from the spectator seats surrounding the arena. Here, there is no trace of the tranquility and serenity found on the surface of the Seventh District.

The Sequence Nine sinners, one by one, step onto the stage as duelists, initiating battles to entertain the audience.

They often not only distinguish between victory and defeat but also between life and death.

Another battle has determined the outcome, where one sinner perished while the other sinner let out a resounding roar towards the sky, earning him the so-called glory and rewards, naturally abiding by the rules of the sequence.

The spectators, however, remained unsatisfied, bellowing loudly. They yearned for battles that were even more brutal and filled with bloodshed!

A tall host, dressed in Western-style formal attire and crowned with a golden crown, rushed onto the stage accompanied by a group of beauties.

He took hold of the microphone, and his penetrating voice resonated throughout the whole venue:

"Thanks to the magnificent Savior!"

"Let us witness another round of excellent performances, allowing the sinners' lives to have residual warmth to unleash!"

"Next, the main event of today is about to commence!"

The audience suddenly erupted, with cheers resounding one after another.

"Hahaha! It seems that none of you can resist any longer! But that magnificent fellow will surely fulfill your desires!"

The host bellowed with a hoarse and resounding voice:

"Let us all welcome him together! He is a humble sinner, but also the star in our hearts, the king of the abattoir! He is our formidable champion, the 'Fist of Duel'! Ganis!"

Accompanied by the anticipation and cheers of the audience, the gallant man with long flowing hair strode confidently out of the corridor.

He was handsome in appearance, clad in simple leather shorts, with a muscular physique reminiscent of ancient Greek sculptures. Three black stripes, imitating the shape of a majestic serpent, intertwined across his upper body.

On the large screen, the glorious moments from Ganis' professional career began to play, along with the real-time odds for this match.

Ganis stood on the stage barehanded, with a broad smile on his face, and the entire audience continued to cheer loudly as they caught sight of him!