I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: The Scarlet Moon

Centuries of time are indeed lengthy.

The memories of the Scarlet Moon can be traced back as far as six hundred years ago.

During that time, she was living in the Kingdom of Dark Light, also known as the Eruo League, as a young girl in an ordinary village in the Principality of Puerto.

The appearance of her parents and companions in the village, she has long forgotten to this day.

They are frail and have no magical talent, the Bedell people, who are the lowest in the hierarchy among the three human races, ranking at sequence seven.

Sequence is everything, the rules established by the gods should never be broken.

The Bedell people are not slaves, but as sequence seven individuals, they are forever confined to specific occupations. Without permission, they cannot leave their local area or enter the upscale establishments frequented by higher-ranking races.

Fortunately, the Bedell people of sequence seven also have the power of prayer.

The Scarlet Moon's favorite day is Sunday, on that day she would join everyone in the village to go to the church. Under the direction of the divine leader, they would all kneel on the ground and pray to the magnificent Savior of Dark Light.

After each prayer session, delicious bread and fruits would be distributed by the priestly figures. During special occasions and festivals, there would even be candies and pastries, causing the Scarlet Moon's anticipation to soar.

The Scarlet Moon cherishes every person in the village, especially her own family... Family is always the most important, with nothing able to replace it.

She lives an unremarkable life, day after day, year after year.

Until one day, a tremendously dreadful accident happened, altering everything in the Scarlet Moon's destiny.

Her parents swiftly passed away due to a rare and gruesome malady.

They appeared as if afflicted by a curse, drained of their lifeblood, enduring immense agony before their demise.

Only the Scarlet Moon survived.

However, she was henceforth regarded by the villagers as an ominous presence, even though no one dared to defy the "divine decree" and drive away the Scarlet Moon, they all chose to turn a blind eye to her.

Afterwards, nobody in the village dared to approach the Scarlet Moon.

"Why...do you all choose to turn a blind eye to me..."

The Scarlet Moon was in great agony, as she had once cherished everyone in the village, but now she suffered the betrayal.

Indeed, because they were not her true family after all.

If only family were still here... Only family members would truly care for one another.

She found it increasingly difficult to obtain food, and silently awaited death in the village, growing even hungrier.

Finally, the Scarlet Moon, in a state of extreme hunger, mentally disoriented, voluntarily departed from the village where she had lived for many years, defying the "divine laws," and ventured into the outside world.

The people in the village silently watched this scene unfold, without anyone attempting to intervene.

Outside the village, she came across a red stone floating in the air.

The Scarlet Moon recalled that this stone suddenly appeared in her house on that day, and it was because her parents touched it that they died. Afterwards, the stone disappeared without a trace.

She not only didn't distance herself, but instead approached the red stone, actively devouring it out of hunger, sorrow, and anger.

Then, an indescribable and overwhelming hunger engulfed the mind of the young girl.

When she awoke once again, she found herself inexplicably back in the midst of the village...

The surroundings were filled with nothing but the color of blood.

The Scarlet Moon at that time was exceedingly frightened, and without thinking twice, she fled from the village. In the time that followed, she continuously evaded the terrifying culprit that threatened to destroy her homeland.

Later, the Scarlet Moon gradually discovered various changes in her body, growing stronger and developing a growing aversion to sunlight.

She began to crave blood when injured and engaged in battle, and increasingly became able to ascertain the truth of that day.

Because the Scarlet Moon has always concealed her whereabouts, never being found by the people of the churches who sought her "true name" and "true form," no priest has been able to successfully "judge" her.

She finally realized that as long as she didn't expose her true name and true form, she would not be judged by the power of "divine law".

In the Kingdom of Dark Light, people are all afraid of "judgment".

Anyone who dares to defy the rules established by the gods and is simultaneously known by the priests of the church by their true name and true form, the priests possess the power to initiate "judgment"... bringing forth an unstoppable divine punishment!

The Scarlet Moon always lives in fear, hiding away, unwilling to be found, trembling not only at her own existence as an outcast, but also dreading the impending divine judgment and punishment from the Savior of Dark Light.

In order to escape from this immense fear, she started a relentless training regimen, growing stronger, stronger, and ultimately powerful, until a hundred years later she fully unleashed the power of the crimson stone within her being.

At this moment, she realized that she seemed to have the ability to create "kin" herself.

Thus, the Scarlet Moon created the first kin.

She arrived in an anonymous village and selected a girl who had lost her parents, granting her blood to transform her into a reborn bloodline.

"From now on, you must sever all ties with your former kin and become a part of my family,"

Distinguished from the ancient bloodline and the Crescent Blood Clan that had long existed in the Kingdom of Dark Light, the Scarlet Blood Clan, created by the Scarlet Moon, possesses distinct characteristics. Unlike the others, they don't perish directly under the sunlight but rather experience a sense of revulsion.

Moreover, they possess appearances that are indistinguishable from, if not superior to, those of humans, and demonstrate better control over their own desires.

The Scarlet Blood Clan, through the consumption of the crimson blood within their bodies, can only create one new member each year, and each member becomes their new family.

Within the clan, all members share a collective devotion to the Scarlet Moon herself.

As the ultimate source of all crimson blood, once the Scarlet Moon herself perishes, the entire clan will be unable to create new offspring and inevitably plunge into decline.

After another hundred years, the existence of the Scarlet Blood Clan was discovered by the church, and they were mandated to join the hierarchy. According to the rules designated by the divine, the bloodline should be ranked as the fifth sequence.

The citizens of the Kingdom of Dark Light can only enjoy the corresponding rights and obligations by joining the hierarchy, and the Scarlet Moon herself completely accepts the church's decision.

From henceforth, she acquired an exclusive domain and began to be hailed as the Queen of the Scarlet Moon by the Scarlet Blood Clan.

However, after joining the hierarchy, the publicly exposed Scarlet Blood Clan encountered a multitude of Machiavellian conspiracies, offending numerous individuals. The various immense pressures left the Scarlet Moon somewhat breathless.

During the span of two hundred years, the Scarlet Blood Clan has also witnessed a significant reduction in its population, and the remaining bloodline is on the brink of extinction...

Thus, after familiarizing herself with the situation in Tatsumi City, the Scarlet Moon made a bold decision.

Lead the clan in a long-distance migration.



The sudden voice that appeared in her mind made the Scarlet Moon instinctively alert, but she quickly discovered another matter.


Am I unable to move?

The enigmatic voice in her mind, the peculiar situation of sudden immobility, both led the Scarlet Moon to speculate that there might be a formidable enemy approaching.


The Scarlet Moon's six hundred years of long existence have made her unflinching in the face of any crisis.

She was merely contemplating the fact that her own kin were outside, and if the enemies who had control over her were to harm them, it could potentially give rise to a massacre in an instant.

At this thought, the Scarlet Moon promptly commenced the activation of the astounding power within her being.

She attempted to unleash all of her power to break free from the shackles, this force should have obliterated all obstacles, yet the Scarlet Moon discovered that her own body had become completely unresponsive.

Although she was capable of speaking and blinking, she was utterly incapable of taking even a single step or turning back.

As if, this body no longer belonged to her...

The enemy's power far surpasses her own?

This is an extraordinary and unbelievable situation, having lived in this city for over two hundred years, never has anyone been able to subject herself to such a predicament.

However, the Scarlet Moon comprehends this incredible truth, as it is unfolding.

Following that, the body of the Scarlet Moon began to move.

However, it was not acting of its own volition. At this moment, the Scarlet Moon felt as if it were a puppet, manipulated by invisible threads suspended in mid-air.

She couldn't help but take graceful steps, calmly walking out of the luxurious room, along the corridor, all the way to the banquet hall of the club.

"What on earth is going on..."

The Scarlet Moon remained expressionless, utterly unable to comprehend the current situation, simultaneously contemplating just how many individuals in this country could secretly carry out such actions without a trace.

Of course, there are beings more powerful than herself, but individuals who can effortlessly manipulate her body from the shadows...

In the hall, as the Scarlet Blood Clan members caught sight of the queen's arrival, the countenances of everyone turned fervent.

She is so exquisite!

How incredibly compelling, making one yearn for surrender!

Clearing his throat, Marquis Scarlet, as he did in previous years, took the lead in lavishing praise.

"Great Queen, Your Majesty, you are as enchantingly beautiful as ever. You are the ruler of this city's dark realm, and for a century, no one has been able to defy your will!"

"Even the mighty Black Star Faction, attempting to oppose you, swiftly crumbled!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, on this annual occasion, let us pay homage to our magnificent Queen!"

One by one, the vampires knelt down, surrounding the Queen in her elegant black gown, all filled with excitement.

The various noble families of the Platinum Zone, the influential factions of other districts, and some extraordinary individuals who have gained a reputation in Tatsumi City... Their gifts have all been stacked in the hall. Although these gift-givers are not vampires and are not qualified to lay eyes upon the true countenance of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, they are indeed worthy of presenting gifts to her perfection.

Of course, this privilege is subject to selection. If someone lacks sufficient power or influence yet presumptuously presents a gift, they might face a minor reprimand from the vampires.

They only accept fifty gifts each year.

Many people perceive this as perhaps the arrogance of the vampires. Their social threshold is so high that ordinary individuals with extraordinary abilities are simply unable to ascend it.

However, the truth is... on one occasion, as the Scarlet Moon was engulfed by piled-up gifts, a present rolled off and hit her on the head. She casually remarked, "There are simply too many gifts."

Thereafter, the vampires no longer accepted excessive gifts on celebratory days.

In contrast, the families that had presented gifts to the vampires gained the potential for negotiation and settlement when encountering various matters related to the vampire community.

The Scarlet Moon stood among her kin without uttering a word.

She simply couldn't comprehend what the person manipulating her had in mind.

At this moment, the Scarlet Moon had only one plea.

"Do not lay a finger on my kin. As for the one pulling the strings, if you have any intentions, direct them toward me."

Her face remained devoid of expression.

Fear, terror, confusion, and bewilderment... All were nonexistent.

Next, under the control of someone, the Scarlet Moon bypassed the kneeling blood kin and calmly walked out the door.

Everyone was stunned, wondering why this year was different from previous ones. In the past, even the former Queen would stay here, offering a few words before returning to her slumber.

Her Majesty the Queen, why did she depart in such a manner this year...

Some of the blood kin whispered to themselves, "However, it is only natural that we cannot fathom the profound intentions behind Her Majesty's every action."

The other blood kin nodded in agreement, indicating that it was highly probable!

The Scarlet Moon continued to walk in silence, steadily traversing, gradually arriving at a secluded alley.

"Are you the one manipulating me? Are you here?" Her tone was remarkably calm.

Her body passed through the walls of the alley, arriving inside the "Muzi Realm"... It appeared to be an ordinary ancient-style street, with numerous individuals leisurely strolling about.

Just like the already devastated Land of Flames, "Muzi Realm" is also one of the three "realms" of Tatsumi City, with the size of this parallel dimension roughly equivalent to that of a street.

Thousands upon thousands of supernaturals and reservists, in short, the inhabitants of the Otherworlds, have long been engaging in gatherings, trading, and intelligence exchange within the realms.

The Scarlet Moon continued to move, and after a dozen minutes, she finally halted beside a man hidden in the shadowy corner.

The man's body was slightly hunched, enveloped in a black attire, refusing to be seen as he hid here.

Until the Scarlet Moon stood behind him, he trembled, finally turning his body around.

On his fair complexion, astonishingly, there were no facial features at all!

This thing is not human!

"The White-Faced Baku", is a rare and ancient creature, which usually disguises itself as a human and lurks among society, yet in reality, sustains itself by feasting on human internal organs at night.

However, in reality, very few people are aware of the sinister consequences of this peculiarity, so those extraordinary individuals who catch a glimpse of its true nature would generally not meddle in its affairs.

Ordinary transcendents are no match for it, for this creature possesses the authentic power of the awakening level.


The Scarlet Moon stared at the peculiar creature expressionlessly, while its body trembled more and more, filled with overwhelming fear!

One punch!

Her hand struck uncontrollably, landing a heavy blow on the head of the White-Faced Baku!

Just as if a mighty hammer had struck a pile of tofu, in the next moment, the bizarre remains burst into scattered pieces!

The Scarlet Moon remained expressionless, while the surrounding pedestrians were filled with astonishment.

"A murder has occurred!"

Hmm, is this it then?

The Scarlet Moon knew that the individuals in charge of this "realm" would come shortly, but she paid no heed.

All she wanted to know now was, who was the manipulator pulling her strings?

In the next instant, the Scarlet Moon discovered that the uncontrollable body moved on its own.

Kneeling, unexpectedly knelt down...

For all these years, she has never assumed a kneeling posture before. However, for the current Scarlet Moon, the astonishment felt from this very moment outweighed the impact of the humiliation itself!

The Scarlet Moon widened her eyes, attempting to struggle, yet utterly powerless. In an uncontrollable manner, she muttered to herself, "Mission accomplished."

Once again, a cold, youthful voice resurfaced in her mind, finally making the Scarlet Moon comprehend who was behind all of this manipulation.

[I am the Savior.]

[Everything is done in order to save the past and the future, for this world that is on the brink of collapse and destruction.]

[Queen of the Scarlet Moon.]

[From this day forth, you shall be a member of the Babel Tower.]