I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Power Possession

The buildings in the bustling city were like an intense dark forest. The people living here were isolated in narrow rooms to pursue their dreams.

A calm-looking young man stood on the roof of the apartment building, gazing at what lay at his feet.

“Unbelievable…” Bai Yan stretched out his hands and felt the wind blowing gently beside him.

His body and sense had been improved in all aspects. It was no longer a level that ordinary humans could reach.

Bai Yan walked to the side of the building and looked down. He could even clearly see the cigarette butt on the ground. Then he stepped calmly forward and missed a step. He immediately fell.

Bai Yan was falling to the ground. Without any fear, he reached out his hands and grabbed the railing. His body was swaying in the air. However, he was different now. With the power captured from Nightsaber, he can easily keep balance in the air.

‘It’s so amazing with superpowers!” Bai Yan calmly let go again, hooked his feet around the railing, and swung his body at an incredibly strange angle into the outer corridor of his floor.

He pulled his white shirt off, tossing it gently out into the corridor.

“Deep Blue World.”

The white shirt had just risen half a meter into the air when it froze. Everything was forced to stop.

This was the superpower.

Two seconds before the skill was over, he retrieved the shirt and put it on.

‘I did something wrong.’ He felt that he had done something wrong because he was too excited to capture the power of Nightsaber.

Bai Yan took out his phone again and logged in to the game. Nightsaber’s mood had dropped to 5, but her loyalty had actually increased to 7. He was puzzled.

“Is she a masochist?

No way, her mood dropped.’

Bai Yan shook his head gently. ‘I can’t take their power casually.’

Power Possession is an ability that can take over and use others’ power.

Bai Yan pressed the “Power Possession” button on the screen, and three small options appeared. That were "Capture", "Copy", and "Replace".

Using “Copy” can obtain the power of the operators without affecting them, but there is a time limit.

While “Replace” allow the operators to swap abilities with each other temporarily. It could play a very important role at critical moments.

And “Capture” can directly plunder the full power of the operators. He can use this function to counter and punish some disobedient operators.

Although there was no true evil among the core operators, some people had very different values from normal people and would commit terrible or extreme actions. When they became stronger due to the power of the Babel Tower, he would have to restrain them.

Bai Yan suddenly realized that only he could restrain and guide these operators who might not want to save the world.

He knew that there was also a story about the Babel Tower in Noah. After the legendary disaster, the people of the Mythological Era migrated east and settled down on a plain.

One day, someone asked a question.

“How do we know there will be no more disasters?”

“The Rainbow!” came the reply. “Rainbow has promised mankind that there will never be another cataclysm!”

“But why should we pin our future on the Rainbow,” the man argued.

“We should do something to stop the flood. Come on, Let’s make bricks.”

“Yes! We can build a city, a tower with a high roof that reaches the heavens.

“Rely on our own efforts! Don’t let the cataclysm destroy the future of us and our children!”

Bai Yan put down his phone until he finished the story.

He decided to return the power. In the next moment, Bai Yan felt uncomfortable. It took him a while to get used to it.

After experiencing the discomfort, Bai Yan felt even more guilty towards Nightsaber.”

“Next time I meet her, I’ll treat her to omurice. No way, the “Savior” won’t do this.”

The time of Power Possession was short. Bai Yan recovered in a few seconds and walked back to his house.

He sat on the bed and found a new video on the video website.

[Shocking! Humans controlled by psychic powers!]

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. It would be bad if the identity of the Psychic Dancer were exposed. Mu Ling’s situation had already worried him.

He clicked on the video and froze. The other characters in the video were in a normal state, but the “Psychic Dancer” was actually a pixel figure. The video looked funny immediately.


A barrage of “?” scrolled past the video.

Brightnight: What’s going on? Where’s Loli? The cute little girl!

Scarlet: That’s odd. It was a real person in the first video. Why is it like this now?

Autumncamesoon: To protect her identity? Maybe?

Hejizi: Wait! The house looks so luxurious. There’s such a place in Tatsumi. Impressed.

NoOneRepeat: Wow, what a big study. It looks like a library. Mind control is terrifying.

“InkDyedRiver: That superpower is so cool!

Looking at the pixel figure in the video, Bai Yan fell into deep thought. He wondered why the Babel Tower had chosen a completely different way here.

“Why did the Babel Tower post the video?”

There were only two conclusions that could be reached by watching the videos posted till now. One was to let the people of Tatsumi understand the superpower, and the other was to expose the Babel Tower.

“What’s the reason?”

For the time being, Bai Yan could not find out the reason. He only knew that everything the Babel Tower had done was to save the world.

“Let's not think about it for now.” He looked at the training results of the two operators.

The attributes of Nightsaber was still the same. It was obvious that she had reached a bottleneck. The Psychic Dancer’s DEX had increased from 41 to 45. Her mood had fallen to 3. And her loyalty remained unchanged.

“Not bad. Should I let them rest?”

Bai Yan was slightly stunned and realized that he had softened a little.

“Sure enough, I can’t be strict after knowing they are all living people,” he muttered.

In the next stage, Bai Yan was prepared to focus on the various infrastructure of the Babel Tower. When the first stage of infrastructure was fully activated, the game officially began.

Mu Ling lay on the sofa and fell into thought. ‘Why did he take my power?’

Thinking about it for a while, Mu Ling suddenly understood that the Savior was dissatisfied with her and seized her power.

“I haven’t done well enough.”

If Bai Yan knew what she was thinking now, and he might think that Nightsaber was an M.

Mu Ling had always been like this since she was young. Or rather, her family had raised her like this. An individual has to sacrifice themselves for the many.

She lay on the sofa in silence, suddenly feeling all her strength return. The feeling of regaining her power made Mu Ling cherish it more than ever.

‘I see. It was not a punishment but a warning.’

Mu Ling looked at Huo Xin, who was worried about her, and stood up.

“Are you alright? My lady,” Huo Xin was startled.

“I’m fine now,” she said calmly. “I clearly understand now. His intentions.”

“What?” Huo Xin was a little stunned, wonderered what on earth had his master figured out.

“Instead of lazying about like this... I will train even harder.”

The ultimate mission of the Babel Tower was to save the world. As one of its members, what was the point of being forced to do missions every time?

As a new member of the organization, she was really too passive!

“Nightsaber joins the training.”

Maryse was sitting on the big pink bed and thinking about her life.

She had become a member of the Babel Tower, a mysterious, and officially wanted organization.

‘What do I do next? Talk to father? No, that's impossible.’

Maryse’s eyes grew cold. That man wouldn’t believe her because he’d never trusted anyone!

“Since I can’t resist, why not enjoy it?”

The thought came into her mind, and she said it aloud. Maryse was surprised!

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“What was I thinking?”

At that moment, a voice sounded in her head.

[You are entering an imaginary space. You will receive adjusted training and simulation training next.]