I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: Two Core Operators!

Bai Yan held his breath and pressed the button of "Destiny". Following that, he welcomed his own new fate.

Or perhaps, once again, manipulating and dominating the fate of others.

First summon!

"Operator Fragment · Innocent Singer×1"

Second summon!

"Operator Fragment · Fist of Duel×1"

Third summon!

"Operator Fragment · Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon×1"

Fourth summon!

"Entertainment Card · Dawn of World Destruction×1"

Fifth summon!

"Mystical Power Fragment · Manipulation of Reality×1"

Sixth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Blink Blade×1"

Seventh summon!

"Operator Fragment · Queen of the Scarlet Moon×1"

Eighth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Blink Blade×1"

Ninth summon!

"Mystical Power Fragment · Power of Weather×1"

Tenth summon!

"Tactical Card · Resurrection of the Dead×1!"

Ten fragments of Queen of the Scarlet Moon rotate within the screen of the mobile device, gradually converging in the midst of black mist, ultimately transforming into a pristine portrait of a new character!

At this very moment, Bai Yan finally attained complete contentment.

He sat motionless on the bed for a considerable length of time, as if in a state of absolute tranquility.


Finally obtained!

After a span of over two months, I have finally obtained it!

Queen of the Scarlet Moon! The true goddess of early-stage warfare!

"Now she belongs to me..."


Bai Yan took a deep breath, and with excitement, he stood up abruptly from his seated position.

"Yes, there is still plenty of time left. The current progress of the 'Babel Tower' game is only in the early-mid phase, which is the perfect time for Queen of the Scarlet Moon to unleash her mighty power."

The smile on Bai Yan's face couldn't fade away for a long time. Now, he felt as if he were a mobile game player who had saved up for a long time and finally drew the coveted character from his dream.

Describing it this way seems to be entirely accurate, it's the truth.

"The Scarlet Moon, ah, I didn't expect us to be able to 'meet' again so soon, the Scarlet Moon... Although you personally feel that you have no other connection with Babel Tower."

He muttered to himself, "But in this world, there are always many things that go against our wishes."

"Although you and I are not familiar at the moment, but in the first playthrough, I frequently 'employed' you to annihilate countless enemies... I look forward to your guidance in the future."

At this very moment, when Bai Yan refers to the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, he has already omitted the "queen" part.

What's with all this "Queen of the Scarlet Moon"? Isn't it just "the Scarlet Moon"? From now on, I, Bai Yan Bai Yan Bai, will be your boss!

At this thought, Bai Yan recalled the one who gave him this nickname, oh, that's Holly.

"If there is a chance, quietly go and see them..."

The witch claimed to have administered a life-extending elixir to Holly's parents, but he still wanted to go and verify it, while also checking if the witch had performed any other manipulations on them.

After contemplating, Bai Yan immediately "repents" all the fragments of the Power of Weather, Fist of Duel, and Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon.

First summon!

"Core Operator·Fist of Duel!"

Second summon!

"Mystical Power Fragment · Eternal Youth×1"

Third summon!

"Operator Fragment · Drunken Masters Panda Rowen×1"

Another operator has arrived!

Upon witnessing this scene, Bai Yan was once again deeply moved, taking a deep breath.


Bai Yan instantly felt immensely pleased. However, upon further consideration, although two have been obtained, Queen of the Scarlet Moon was assembled from fragments.

However, regardless of anything, for him, this moment's marvelous experience is undeniably real.

After a brief moment of chaotic contemplation, Bai Yan embarked on the second ten-summon.

This time, the pool he would draw from is... "Different Dimensions".

Because the previous ten-summon brought immense satisfaction, the current state of Bai Yan's mindset was remarkably serene, even if nothing noteworthy were to be obtained in the upcoming ten-summon... which is far from the truth!

"Of course, it would be even more 'wonderful' if something worthwhile could be obtained."

His finger moved over to Different Dimensions, without hesitation, and he pressed it directly.

First summon!

"Potential! Fairy Tale Dragon Slayer Hero · Fist of Duel (Seven Days)"

Bai Yan's expression momentarily froze as he had just drawn the actual Fist of Duel, but this time he managed to draw one of his seven-day skins.

One could say it was quite a fitting match.

"In the realm of this worldline, the Fairy Tale Dragon Slayer Hero, after undergoing rigorous training and enduring trials, obtained the ancestral heritage and became a renowned dragon slayer. Clad in a suit of ebony armor that blankets his entire body, he has forsaken the principle of hand-to-hand combat and has instead embraced the utilization of a plethora of grandiose weaponry."

"Special effect, upon activation of this potential, Fist of Duel will gain the Trait 'Dragon Slayer' with a special advantage against dragon-type monsters, and acquire the 'Hero' series of abilities. If three Core Operators with the 'Hero' ability series are present simultaneously, the 'Dragon Slayer Hero' can activate the new Trait 'Unyielding Determination' even when critically wounded."

"Indomitable Spirit: Upon being attacked, the 'Dragon Slayer Hero' has a 50% chance to exempt from the impact, and after death, there is a 50% chance of resurrecting in the same location."

Bai Yan remembers that in the Fairy Tale World series, there are a total of five Core Operators with hero skins, apart from the Dragon Slayer Hero, there are also the "Holy Sword Hero," "Healing Hero," "Shadow Hero," and "Fallen Hero."

If you can collect three of these hero skins and have them all on the field together, activating the Unyielding Determination in the game, the resulting intensity will naturally become extremely high!

"However, it's quite difficult to gather three heroes together. I remember the Holy Sword Hero is Red Moon, the Healing Hero is Songstress, the Shadow Hero is Hidden Azure, and the Fallen Hero is Perduto... What's even more amusing is that Slime in the Fairy Tale World is referred to as a Candy Behemoth..."

Bai Yan looks at the next card.

Second summon!

"Potential! Demons Entwined. Crime Hunter Perduto (Seven Days)."

This is Perduto's specialized type skin, or rather, Perduto's skins are mostly of specialized type.

"Demons Entwined" refers to Perduto's body being implanted with a hundred powerful anomalies by the sect during his childhood.

While becoming the source of Perduto's power, they also constantly exert tremendous mental pressure on him.

Therefore, Perduto under this potentiality would have a significant advantage in dealing with anomalies, but he would also experience some mental issues.

Third summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Shadow Kingdom×1"

Fourth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Purgatory×1"

Fifth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Minoan Labyrinth×1"

Sixth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Golden Kingdom×1"

Eighth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Nibelungen×1"

Ninth summon!

"Potentiality! Abyssal Assassin·Hidden Azure (Seven Days)"

This is a skin belonging to Hidden Azure, in which she will utilize necromantic powers for assassination, exhibiting an eerie and unpredictable nature that often catches people off guard.

However, the art style is not particularly appealing. In this world line, the "Hidden Azure" has gray-white hair, wears a black and white leather outfit, and has a pallid complexion, resembling a wraith concealed within the darkness.

In this world line, Hidden Azure has lost her sense of self, becoming completely a tool of slaughter known as the "Mercury Ball".

Tenth summon!

"Potentiality! Water World · Fusion Slime (Seven Days)"


Bai Yan fell into contemplation, as the complexion of Fusion Slime in this world line has transformed into that of a water elemental, possessing the power to manipulate the sea.

However, why does it always feel like... whether it's the true form or various skins of this slime, there's always a hint of mischief.

He pondered for a moment, selecting Shadow Kingdom, Minoan Labyrinth, and the Golden Kingdom as "Regret Cards".

In the next moment, three new cards appeared.

First summon!

"Possibility! Arcane Behemoth·Fusion Slime (Seven Days)"

Second summon!

"World Line Change Fragment - Pyramid of the Sun×1"

Third summon!

"World Line Change Fragment - Pyramid of the Sun×1"

Finally, the set of twenty, in a certain sense, amounted to twenty-six, has been completely drawn.

The harvest is truly not insignificant... The most important thing is that I managed to draw two new Core Operators.

At this moment, Bai Yan suddenly realized there was a game hint that he carelessly overlooked.

"Oh, it's a new achievement."

"The player has obtained a new achievement, 'Black Star Cult,' and received a reward: 5 Awakening Souls!"

This is an achievement related to hostile factions, categorized as a purple-tier achievement. Every time a cult is annihilated by the Babel Tower, Bai Yan successfully completes one corresponding purple-tier achievement.

There are twenty-seven Outer Gods, corresponding to dozens of cults. In truth, not every one of them is evil, but indeed, the majority are beyond human comprehension.

"It's an unprecedented bountiful harvest..."

Bai Yan lay down on the bed, took a deep breath, and had a smile on his face.

The First Doomsday Crisis is approaching, but I have also made many preparations.

Not only did I cultivate various in-game characters and perform miraculous extractions, but I also took the initiative to eliminate several prerequisites of the first playthrough Doomsday Crisis outside the game. For instance, overseeing Lady Helen to prevent her from getting involved with cult organizations, and ensuring close supervision of the Demon Hunt Agency, preventing them from encountering the enigmatic box of the Church of Balance. Apart from these, there were many more...

"However, the First Doomsday Crisis will eventually come, won't it?" he muttered to himself.

Bai Yan calmly picked up his phone, gazing at the countdown on the game interface. No matter what he did, it never ceased.

Just like some predetermined fate, completely unavoidable.

The only thing left to do in the end is to face it directly.

"In the first playthrough, the main reason why the 'beginner village' always starts in Tatsumi City is because... every occurrence of the First Doomsday Crisis is destined to happen in this city."

What exactly will happen next in Tatsumi City, and could it even lead to the possible destruction of the entire world?

Bai Yan gazed at the saplings of the World Tree in the courtyard outside the window, falling into contemplation.

He shook his head gently, deciding to temporarily put aside this matter and instead embark on the task of importing two new Core Operators.


Club of the Vampires.

Inside the club, numerous vampires gathered together, indulging in the delicious taste of fresh blood wine.

The beverage, crafted with the finest proportions, had a rich aroma that was irresistible to them, captivating everyone who tasted it.

Today is the day of celebration for the vampires of Tatsumi City!

Queen of the Scarlet Moon!

Oh, magnificent Queen of the Scarlet Moon, Her Majesty, who a century ago, on this very day, led her fellow vampires to this city.

From then on, they settled down and established a place for themselves in the Otherworlds of Tatsumi City.

Queen of the Scarlet Moon is the "mother" of every vampire, renowned for her dominance and protectiveness. She considers every vampire a precious community that must not be disrespected!

Inside this city, almost everyone fears the vampires, the extraordinary beings. And there isn't a single person who dares to show any disrespect towards Her Majesty, the Queen!

She is undoubtedly the deity of this group of vampires!

Hundreds of vampires all have their own positions in Tatsumi City. They started planning a century ago, finding their own place in the world of humans.

Although no one has kept track, the combined assets held by the hundreds of vampires are likely on par with any of the five major families.

Possibly even surpassing them!

They stood in the grand hall, dressed in magnificent gowns and adorned with exquisite masks, their gaze burning brightly.

Today is the only day of the year when we can see the queen, and there is no one who doesn't anticipate it.

Marquis Scarlet stood at the elevated position on the second floor, adorned in a crimson evening gown, exuding both nobility and solemnity. In his hand, he held a glass of vibrant red wine, raising a toast to the vampires gathered in the banquet hall.

"To Her Majesty the Queen, a toast!"

All the vampires raised their glasses and burst into laughter.

"To Her Majesty the Queen!"

The vampires indulged in the exquisite blood wine, which they had collected from their enemies and preserved with sorcery until this very moment, when it was finally unveiled for their enjoyment.

Due to an agreement with the local Demon Hunt Agency, the vampires in Tatsumi City now have no choice but to acquire blood from their enemies, aside from obtaining it through official channels.

"How come Her Majesty the Queen hasn't come out yet?" someone muttered.

"I don't know, maybe she's just lazing around in bed, hahaha." Several others laughed, as everyone was well aware of the Queen's penchant for oversleeping and laziness; it was hardly a hidden fact.

In the most luxurious room of the club, the golden chandelier casts a perfect light, while various highly-priced artworks are showcased around the room.

On the white large bed positioned in the center, a petite red-haired girl, no more than six or seven years old, is lying lazily, with her face adorning a lazy expression, huddling herself in a small quilt that resembles a ball.

She was in deep slumber with her eyes closed, until the nearby golden alarm clock chimed.


The Scarlet Moon groggily sat up.

The Scarlet Moon, in a childish voice, said, "I've rested enough and consumed enough... blood." There were many empty red cups not far away, emitting a strong aroma.

She stretched her body lazily, and her physical appearance visibly started to change. Her age rapidly increased, growing from a size resembling a six or seven-year-old to fourteen or fifteen-year-old, ultimately transforming into an enchanting and mature woman.

The Scarlet Moon's fiery red hair resembled blood and burning flames. Surprisingly, her figure surpassed even that of Mu Ling's, and it appeared completely natural. Anyone who laid eyes upon her couldn't help but admire this perfection.

"The time has come."

She slowly got up from the bed and calmly changed into a black evening gown, intending to attend a celebration she had no interest in whatsoever.

On this day in that past, half of her kin perished.

For her, it was not a day worth celebrating.

At this moment, a cold and unfamiliar voice echoed in the mind of the Scarlet Moon.

[You have been chosen by fate, Queen of the Scarlet Moon.]