I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Let's Pop the Champagne!


The Night Watchers, dressed uniformly in black suits, observed a moment of silence to pay tribute to the heroes who have long safeguarded this city.

Mr. Trap stood at the forefront, personally presiding over this funeral.

This will be the final thing he does before resigning from his position as director.

Due to the loss of the Relic from the Air Alliance, as well as his command of non-resistance, the high-ranking members of the Air Alliance, who had just repelled the external invasion, were extremely furious and held him accountable.

"Lin Bian... Perhaps for you, this is the best ending."

Mr. Trap remained silent for a long time before slowly speaking.

He spoke with remarkable proficiency, slowly uttering the words that would be used at the funeral, "Today, with heavy hearts, we gather here to conduct this ceremony."

"Lin Bian... He is the Savior of Tatsumi City, an exemplar among us Night Watchers for many years, a true hero, and also my good friend."

"His loyalty, bravery, and integrity will be deeply remembered by people."

He paused for a moment, recalling many things.

Not long ago, the one whom he had raised, a young boy named Feather, also departed in the same manner.

Perhaps this is the destined fate of the Night Watcher.

We have protected so many people, only sacrificing ourselves... Quite a profitable endeavor, don't you think?

"Lin Bian... We will be deeply moved by everything you have done, and we will carry within us your righteousness and strength as we continue to move forward, safeguarding the last glimmer of light in the endless night."

Mr. Trap fell silent for a moment, before finally saying, "Now, let us bid farewell to 'Ace' one by one."

Funeral, in the realm of the Night Watchers, is a familiar term.

However many times one may go through it, people will always hope that there won't be another occurrence.


Alan, a member of the team, took a deep breath Alan took a deep breath among the crowd, being the first to step forward and crouch down to place the bouquet he held in his hands.

The chilly wind struck his face, and this young man gradually found it difficult to control his emotions.

He looked at the black coffin before him, knowing that familiar man, that drunkard, lay here. He would never drink recklessly again, nor would he mock himself, and certainly not stubbornly cling to his own beliefs.

Alan could never forget the teachings of that man; it was those positive influences that led him to become a Night Watcher.

He turned around and looked at the people who had come to bid farewell to him and Lin Bian. Today, it was not only the Night Watchers who had come, but also many people whom Lin Bian had once saved and helped.

These are just the ones who have been rescued in the Otherworlds.

There are actually many more, many more, those who live in the surface world but have lost their memories after being saved by Lin Bian.

Alan took out a bottle of wine from his embrace and sprinkled it in front of the coffin.

Lin Bian, you are my mentor and also the hero of this city.

"I will resurrect you, I promise," he said slowly.

Alan knew that "Psychic Dancer" had once been resurrected by the Savior.

Moreover, resurrection in the world of Noah is never a myth, but rather an exceedingly difficult feat to accomplish.

The powers associated with resurrection are often intertwined with forbidden knowledge... knowledge connected to the Outer Gods.

However, Alan believed that as long as he was strong enough within the Babel Tower, gaining power far beyond the present, someday, someday... he would definitely be able to resurrect him!

Even resurrecting his daughter.

Reclaim everything.

He slowly rose to his feet, turned under the sunlight, and returned to the midst of the group.

People approached one by one, and many of them had tears streaming down their faces.

Inside the cemetery of the Platinum Zone, there were countless tombstones belonging to the Night Watcher, reaching an endless expanse.

For hundreds of years, how many Night Watchers have selflessly sacrificed themselves for this city, and many Night Watchers have ultimately been forgotten.

This place is filled with sadness and memories, brimming with pain and unwillingness.

However, outside the cemetery, on the waterlogged streets not far away, children on their way to school were laughing loudly, as if two worlds had no connection at all, as if all the sadness and sacrifices happening in the Otherworlds had no relation to them.

Alternatively, there may be a strong connection.

That laughter is the driving force behind the sacrifices of the Night Watchers.


Inside the mansion of the Lady Helen family.

Bai Yan sat calmly on the sofa, watching the news being reported on the television. It mentioned a major incident that occurred recently in "the Air Alliance," commonly known as the "Supreme City."

Foreign invasion!

However, the foreign invaders were quickly repelled by the military might of the Air Alliance, fully showcasing the strength and steadfastness of the Air Alliance.

While one of the candidates for alliance leader, Ms. Peggie, finds herself in significant trouble... She has been accused of colluding with foreign adversaries, and substantial evidence has surfaced. Currently, she is under investigation by the relevant authorities.

As a result, the election for the leader of the Hundred Kings Assembly has been temporarily suspended.

The news also mentioned that in this incident, the Leaf King, the ruler of Tatsumi City, played an outstanding role in commanding the counterattack and emerged as a crucial figure in repelling the foreign invaders.

Stealing the spotlight.

"Mentor Moriarty, this is a pastry I made for you."

That someone, oh, it was Sylve who walked over with a slightly flushed face, holding a plate of pastries she meticulously crafted through numerous dedicated attempts.

She experimented many times before finally figuring out this plate of pastries. The other failed attempts were all fed to the dogs Sylve raised in her backyard, and now the dogs don't even bother paying attention to her when she tries to feed them.

"Oh, so Sylve can actually bake pastries as well? Allow me to have a taste."

Bai Yan smiled and nodded gently, reaching out to take the pastries made by Sylve, taking a bite.

He smiled rather "insincerely" and said, "Mmm, it's quite delicious. Thank you, Sylve. Your culinary skills are beyond what I had imagined."

Actually, it can only be considered average.

However, Bai Yan knew that if he were to speak the truth at this moment, it would reflect a rather low emotional intelligence.

Sylve's eyes immediately sparkled with a gleam of joy.

Obviously, for her, the praise from mentor "Moriarty" was a matter of great significance.

Although at the beginning, Sylve was quite frightened of this man, she has learned a lot from him in recent days, and he has also been very generous, giving her many things.

Those low-end extraordinary items that can be easily purchased with money hold absolutely no meaning for Bai Yan, which is why he often casually "rewards" Sylve with a generous amount.

Of course, the prerequisite for the "rewards" is that Sylve has to perform well enough.

If she makes a mistake, she will naturally face indifference and punishment.

Unbeknownst to her, Sylve has been constantly pondering on how to win the favor of mentor Moriarty.

It seems that only this matter is the most important thing for her right now.

After a while, Bai Yan returned to his room and sat on the bed with a smile on his face, taking out the recently purchased mobile phone.

"Next, it's time for the Champagne opening ceremony."


The completion level of the new event "Black Catastrophe" is undoubtedly perfect. The "Savior" has achieved an SSS-level evaluation in the "Babel Tower" game this time!

Bai Yan's Core Operators have completed all the missions, with not a single casualty and without any major mistakes.

SSS-level evaluation!

Resulting in the final reward being doubled!

In addition to this, Bai Yan also received a mysterious reward for completing "Extermination".

It seems that completing the numerous tasks of the new event is not particularly challenging, but if one were to consider it from the perspective of the first playthrough, solely focusing on the game, then one would understand just how difficult it truly is.

First and foremost, it is imperative to clarify an important matter.

During the first playthrough, the "Different Dimensions" pool only appeared after the occurrence of the "First Doomsday Crisis".

In other words, if it is Bai Yan from the first playthrough, when facing the new event "Black Catastrophe", he can only rely on the original versions of "Nightsaber", "Psychic Dancer", "Mysterious Magic", "Cybertyrant", and "Fusion Slime" for battle.

Of course, it is possible for him to use skins and the points of wonders to draw from the pool of fate, obtaining other characters. However, the maximum number of Core Operators that can participate in this event is five.

Moreover, in the pure gaming scenario of the first playthrough, the two major variable forces he portrays, "Profligate" and "Queen of the Scarlet Moon," will not manifest.

In this situation, even if he exhausts all Tactical Cards, it is feared that he will only have a chance of a Pyrrhic victory, and the probability of a total wipeout is not even negligible.

However, due to the early availability of the new pool "Different Dimensions," which provided Bai Yan with more possibilities for battle, as well as his external gaming prowess... it resulted in the completion of tasks that were supposed to be extremely difficult being comparatively easier.

"Made a fortune."

Bai Yan narrowed his eyes and looked at the various task rewards obtained in his mobile phone.

"Exterminating all: Task completed, gaining 200 Source Energy Points, obtaining the additional mysterious reward 'Privilege·Recast,' doubling the Source Energy Points due to the SSS-level task evaluation, and receiving an additional 200 Source Energy Points."

"Privilege·Recast: Revoke a construction facility in the Babel Tower, returning all consumed Source Energy Points."

"Savior: Task completed, gaining 200 legend points, obtaining 200 Source Energy Points due to the 200 legend points, doubling the Source Energy Points due to the SSS-level task evaluation, and receiving an additional 200 Source Energy Points."

"Preserve Strength: Task completed, all members survived, gaining 150 Source Energy Points, doubling the Source Energy Points due to the SSS-level task evaluation, and obtaining an additional 150 Source Energy Points."

"Hunting Heretics: Task completed, gaining 100 Source Energy Points, doubling the Source Energy Points due to the SSS-level task evaluation, and obtaining an additional 100 Source Energy Points."

In total, obtained 1300 Source Energy Points along with a new privilege!

The reward obtained from this mission is enough for Bai Yan to do ten consecutive draws...twice!

"Since that is the case, let's draw ten consecutive times twice!"

The smile on Bai Yan's face couldn't fade away completely, feeling extremely satisfied. Is there anything in this world more enjoyable than doing a ten-consecutive draw?

Of course, that would be doing it twice!

Especially when you know that your summon will impact the entire world, the joy of this summoning spree increases instantly, not just by a hundredfold, but even more!

Bai Yan took a deep breath, his fingers trembling ever so slightly.

So, let's start by drawing... "Destiny".

He clicked it!

Bai Yan's pupils slightly contracted, and a surge of joyful emotions instantly overflowed!

"Finally, it's out!"