I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: Overflowing in the World, Recording All Things

Demon Hunt Agency Building.

A few minutes ago.

Moon Witch stood calmly on the sixth underground floor of the Demon Hunt Agency.

She calmly arrived at the plain-looking door in the red pathway that resembled a hotel corridor, and opened its door with her hand.


Accompanied by the sound of the door opening, she arrived in a huge, pure white room, with a smile on her face, and took slow steps forward.

The witch is gradually approaching the Civilization-level Relic, which is extremely important to the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City.

Book of Prophecy.

She quietly said, "I have always been guessing whether the other half of the Relic is at the Demon Hunt Agency... but after being manipulated by the Saint of Life and Death, I finally came to a conclusion."

"So that's it, you've been here all along."

Book of Prophecy.

It is an important spoils of war for Ailsa, the first founder of the Demon Hunt Agency, also known as the Demon of Justice.

This legendary figure in the history of the Air Alliance, was initially just a slave girl responsible for washing clothes, but later became excessively powerful, and had many astonishing achievements.

It can be said that she completely changed the Air Alliance.

"She single-handedly defeated the most powerful cult at the time, "Black Hour," and under the banner of justice, slaughtered a million cultists within a day, causing great fear among the people."

People called her 'the Demon of Justice'.

Ailsa established the embryonic system of the Demon Hunt Agency, recruited capable and moral supernaturals to protect people from the Air Alliance from the invasion of evil forces.

Finally, her advocacy of the principle of secrecy completely and greatly changed the Air Alliance, and the supernatural powers and various unbelievable things were erased from the textbooks by those in power.

Including Tatsumi City, most of the independent cities of the Air Alliance have since lived in a unique environment.

After the separation of supernatural powers and normal humans, the chaotic supernaturals and incidents have significantly reduced. If there were no enemies, Ailsa would probably even decide to make the supernatural powers disappear completely.

Supernatural powers are the source of danger.

The only Relic left by Ailsa before her unexplained disappearance, oh, this is a true Relic...Many people actually know that it is the "Book of Prophecy".

This Relic was left in her hometown, Tatsumi City.

Perhaps, this is also why the "Emperor" would like to come to Tatsumi City.

Merete Chambers muttered to herself:

"However, even you didn't realize the true importance of the Book of Prophecy, Ailsa. If you hadn't insisted on dying at that time, you would have had a chance to become the seventh new god."

"The new god of Noah's world."

If there were outsiders here at this moment, I'm afraid they would find Merete Chambers' tone very strange, as if she had known the legendary hero Ailsa, who had long since passed away, for many years.

She smiled and said, "I will take your Relic, but I will not inherit your will, Ailsa... Then, I will also sit on the throne of the seventh new god."

Merete Chambers calmly waved her arm, and an invisible silk thread instantly swept across the front, dividing the large Book of Prophecy into two pieces in the middle.

Subsequently, among the broken white boulders, a black stone the size of a fist rolled out.

"Come out!"

She smiled and summoned a huge black book in front of her.

That was her own Book of Concealment that had belonged to her all along.

This is also the lost treasure of the family of the black wizard leader Weasley, who came to the Air Alliance frantically searching for it, but it had already fallen into the hands of Merete Chambers.

At this moment, the Book of Concealment met the black stone.

Both of them violently shook, as if some force was pulling them together, and finally, the Book of Concealment and the black stone soared into the air and had an extremely violent collision.

They gradually merged into one!


She made a joyful sound.

Moon Witch, an extremely joyful smile already appeared on her face, and her beautiful countenance held a sense of madness at this moment.

"Exactly this, it's the thing that I've always wanted."

"Finally, got my hands on it."

"And next, I will go and seize this world."


Tao Wu remained silent, gazing at the sudden appearance of the white-haired woman before him.

She had a terrifying smile and gaze.

He had seen this kind of gaze once before, on the man with a diamond-shaped mark on his forehead... Everyone belonging to this type of person is very dangerous.

Even if the strength of such a person is not strong enough at a certain period of time, they will definitely gradually develop their potential and ultimately rise to a higher position.

They all have the potential to destroy the entire world!

However, this is completely unrelated to Tao Wu.

The only thing he had to do was to defeat all the obstacles and go to the gate.

Finally, destroy the "sealing".

Completing the task of "the Undefeated" is the only thing that Tao Wu needs to do.

However, it was at this moment that the witch spoke some words that shook him a little.

Merete Chambers said quietly:

"I know why you gave your life to him... because even before you entered the Candlelight School, you were already his pawn."

"You and your mother have always relied on each other, living in the lowest level of society in Heart City."

"Due to being born deaf and mute, and being physically weak, you suffered a lot of injuries and illnesses during your childhood. Your mother worked tirelessly to earn money, buying a lot of medicine and taking you to see many doctors just to keep you alive. However, she also became ill from overwork."

"If no one had intervened, the outcome for you and your mother would have been absolutely terrible, and such circumstances are common in any country or city."

Tao Wu had a deadpan expression, seemingly not caring at all about the words of the witch.

But she continued to speak:

"Later, you met Ramos, who gave you and your mother good treatment for no reason, providing you with food, drink, medical treatment, and allowing you to live an unprecedented wonderful life."

"I know, that was a dreamlike moment for you."

"But deep down you already knew, clever as you were, that everything has a price... Later, when you were sent to Candlelight School, you understood that you had to become stronger, strong enough to repay the favor."

"Even though you were already aware that he wasn't really a good person."

Tao Wu listened silently to everything that Merete Chambers recounted, neither agreeing nor denying, as if what she was saying had nothing to do with him.

Yes, it really doesn't matter... Now he only understands one thing.

Overcome all obstacles and accomplish the task given by that man!

Just as Ramos said... this is the end.

It is repaying it myself at last!

Tao Wu has already set up the posture for Flow of the Heart!

Flow of the Heart · Heavy Stone.

Hollow Earth!

He took a few steps forward and threw a tremendously powerful and heavy punch, intending to shatter the beautiful smile.


The witch narrowed her eyes.

Exactly the same!

Just at that moment, a phantom, which looked exactly like Tao Wu, but was completely unscathed and in far better condition, appeared in front of the witch.

He threw the same punch towards Tao Wu!

The two fists, each containing a terrifying power, shattered into pieces and mixed together in an instant. However, the phantom's condition was clearly better, and thus the power of this punch became even stronger!

Tao Wu, who was already heavily injured, was knocked out and flew out, like a rocket, embedded inside the wall after the hit.


The slime was completely scared. One monster was fine, but why did a new one appear?

Amy and Mr. Trap were also amazed.

However, the phantom of Tao Wu quickly dissipated and disappeared without a trace.

"Phew, a bit tired, but the effect is really impressive."

Sweat was already dripping down Merete Chambers' stunning face, apparently the ability she just used had consumed a lot of her energy, but the smile in her eyes was stronger than before.

"This is just one of its abilities... I am quite satisfied with the ability."

"Although I can only replicate each person once, it can indeed replicate any 'superhuman power' that I have seen... Just now, I replicated your strongest blow, and obviously the effect was very good," explained Merete Chambers.

Sweat was dripping down her fair and delicate complexion, Merete Chambers squinted her eyes and smiled at Tao Wu, who had just broken free from the wall.

"Wow, it seems like you beat yourself up pretty badly."

At this moment, Amy looked closely through the mecha to see what the object summoned the illusory image was.

Floating around Merete Chambers were numerous white pages, shimmering with a bright light and encircling her like a most dazzling and magnificent river!

This is the true face of the Ruin-level Relic hidden in Tatsumi City!

Its name is...

"Overflowing in the world, recording all things."

It's a Ruin-level Relic that corresponds to the Outer God "The Mist of the White Shore", and together with Outer God, it was born from the ruins of a previous multiverse.

The Mist of the White Shore.

He is the Outer God who controls the 23rd hour of each day!

This is a great existence that controls all things and overflows in the world!

Invisible and intangible, it exists neither in the past nor in the future!

Tao Wu, who was bathed in blood, had his right hand completely disabled, turned into an indescribable, bloody mess.

Yet he still raised his left hand firmly and walked step by step towards the witch, with the light in his eyes always present.

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"Ah, why do you have to work so hard? Even if you fall down or run away now, you have already done your best, haven't you?"

"Ramos, actually died."

It was only when the witch spoke these words that Tao Wu, who never hesitated, finally stopped his steps.

Merete Chambers' smile turned malicious.

"Indeed, it is interesting. Even if you have never realized it yourself, but actually...he occupies the position of 'father' in your heart."

She immediately said:

"But in his eyes, you are just a tool."

"No matter what you want to prove, it is useless, meaningless... Besides, Ramos and Yin are already dead, even if you break the 'seal', you cannot do anything."

Suddenly, Merete Chambers changed the subject and extended her fair hand.

"You have never really wanted to kill, have you? Except for Lin Bian, no one from the Demon Hunt Agency has died. I don't believe that you haven't been able to control your own power."

"However, you have to do the task that will kill all the people in the city. For many years, you, who are kind-hearted, have been troubled by various evil orders."

"However, I can give you a reason to live."

Her words were incessant:

"Your mother is waiting for you at home, isn't she? From now on, becoming my pawn is the only way for you to have a chance to see her again."

"My long-awaited moment of your decision."

Tao Wu stood still without moving for a long time on the spot.

Amy, Slime, and Mr. Trap were all watching this scene.

Mr. Trap fell into contemplation. What does Merete Chambers really mean? Even if Tao Wu surrendered at this moment, he was destined to be executed. Could it be that she was trying to deceive them by pretending to surrender? Or perhaps, was she trying to protect this terrifying cultist?

Amy really felt that Miss Witch's danger was indeed extraordinary.

Why would such a terrifying person come to help us?

"Well, I always feel that her true intention is not like that..." Amy silently pondered, and she decided to continue observing the course of the situation.

And then there was the slime, who didn't think about anything...

Finally, Tao Wu made his choice.

He stared at Miss Witch as she opened her mouth, silently mouthing a few words.

"I, re, fuse..." Merete Chambers squinted her eyes and deliberately helped the other person finish the sentence.

"Very good, admirable choice - from start to finish."

Tao Wu took a deep breath and decided to make the final blow to complete the last task given by that man.

Even though, he's already dead.


Let's begin.

Flow of the Heart......

In the next moment, Tao Wu widened his eyes.

He didn't have time to use his "Vajra" body and was split open by an invisible blade... Then Tao Wu felt a dizzying sensation and completely fell down!

At this moment, Tao Wu suddenly felt incredibly relaxed.

The witch also knelt on one knee on the ground, sweating profusely on her snow-white skin, and her black evening dress was completely soaked.

"The consumption is a bit too much...but fortunately, the effect is worth it."

She said with a smile:

"The ability that just killed you comes from the vice captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade in the Eruo League, 'Liege'. As the saying goes, debts must be repaid in full. Don't come looking for me after you become a ghost."

Shocked by the sudden death of the enemy, Mr. Trap and Amy were stunned when they heard "Knights of the Divine Blade".

That is the strongest knight order of the Eruo League. They can fully compete with the Sword-wielding Troop of the Demon Hunt Agency headquarters. Can she really replicate such extraordinary power?

"What exactly is that, Miss Merete? Is it the Civilization-level Relic that you have been hiding?" Mr. Trap asked and then sighed.

"I am really very grateful to you this time, otherwise......"

"Wait a moment."

Merete Chambers, kneeling on one knee, smiled and shook her fair fingers at Mr. Trap who had collapsed on the ground.

"Don't rush with the words of gratitude, because, Director...I have already made a decision..."

Mr. Trap's pupils gradually contracted, and the witch's smile had reached its peak.

"You, have been betrayed by me."