I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: I Promise You

At the moment when the playing cards bestowed upon them by Outer God were destroyed, the immortality of the three powerful enemies was also lifted. Bai Yan knew that the Unsullied Saint must have died at this moment.

Queen of the Scarlet Moon still stood there.

It seems like she is releasing a tremendous amount of heat, and the surrounding rainwater cannot come near her delicate body, evaporating automatically in mid-air.

The girl had a blank expression and lazy eyes, as if she could fall asleep on the ground at any moment.

However, that kind of aloofness, detached from all the surrounding things, cannot be completely hidden.

At first glance, she appears to be almost a perfect girl in terms of appearance. However, absolutely no one dares to provoke this utterly domineering and fearsome presence who always has the final say and has been well-known for many years.

After Alan asked a question, she turned around to look at him.

Like a raging fire.

A terrible pressure overwhelmed Alan in an instant, as if he was being crushed by a mountain. He immediately shut his mouth, not daring to say another word to the girl, and was sweating profusely.

He was certain that this was the Queen of the Scarlet Moon that only existed in stories.

Lin Bian once told him that she was an entity that he should surrender to immediately upon encountering her, without even having a chance to escape.

The Queen of the Scarlet Moon spoke.

"Profligate, our dealings are settled."

Her meaning seemed very clear. From now on, Babel Tower and she had nothing to do with each other.

After the Queen of the Scarlet Moon finished speaking, she turned around and left.

This domineering bloodline king clearly had no interest in outsiders. In her perception, all life forms other than the bloodline were irrelevant.

"So that's how it goes."

Bai Yan stared at her calmly for a long time, with a obsession that had been ongoing for several months surging up in his mind.

Well, just wait. After everything ends tonight, you won't be able to get rid of the connection with Babel Tower anymore.

I can definitely draw you.

"So hungry..."

After leaving everyone's sight, the body of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon suddenly began to shrink, and two small, smooth feet stomped on the ground.

She, who appeared to be only six or seven years old, ran into the alley with a blank expression, dragging her oversized black clothes.

"That Profligate has a very greedy look."

She muttered to herself:

"Next time, let's eat him."


Alan let out a deep breath and asked in confusion, "Mr. Profligate, is it over?"

"It probably hasn't ended yet."

Bai Yan looked at the deep pit below and gradually heard a terrible echo. The man known as 'the Undefeated' had already sacrificed himself and, with the power of the Outer God, it was natural that he could not fall so easily.

If the Queen of the Scarlet Moon were to unleash her own power without regard for anything else, she could easily kill him.

But if she does that, she might end up consuming all the people in the area.

That is the reason why she has been restraining her own power.

The beat of the soul is resonating.

Deep underground, completely contorted, Ramos, who was about to break apart completely, heard the beat of his soul resonating amidst blood and despair.

In a daze, he gradually remembered something.

So that's how it is, no wonder I have always felt that both the fate of Yin and Mu Ling's have traces of being manipulated.

This was actually the price paid by Yin at that time, using the Civilization-level Relic "Apollo's Arrow" to injure the Vampire Queen for herself.

"Adding a cruel connection in life."

Only when he was dying and gained the power of Outer God did Ramos finally recall everything and understand how the "cruel fate coincidence" between Yin and Mu Ling was destined.

In reality, the two of them were probably just ordinary classmates.

They didn't have such a deep bond; they just knew each other.

However, the price of the Civilization-level Relic changed the relationship between the two and even altered everyone's memories.

As Ramos, who pondered over the truth, saw his body begin to change, it was a kind of astonishing and terrifying transformation that gradually evolved towards the direction of this monster.


This is the end.

The Queen of the Scarlet Moon's overbearing blow was too heavy that it left him unable to fight normally anymore.

Now, he can only be the incarnation of a monster, destroying everything in front of him.

"Tao Wu, Yin. The rest is up to you."

Bai Yan on the ground suddenly felt something, He took out a silver-white throwing spear from somewhere and calmly hands it to Alan not far away.

He said very relaxedly, "The lucky moment of fifteen minutes is not over yet. In the last minute, you just have to throw the spear and you will win."

Under normal circumstances, this blow wouldn't be able to kill the Undefeated Ramos who has turned chaotic. But the current Ramos probably has the power of the Apocalypse level.

However, the current Ramos can no longer maintain the curse of absorbing luck, which means...

Now Alan's god-like luck will take full effect!

With this blessing, Gungnir can definitely kill with just one blow!

After saying that, Bai Yan realized that Alan was stunned in place.


Alan shook his head and said nostalgically,"It's nothing, sorry. It's just that your tone a moment ago reminded me of someone."

It's a familiar feeling. That person was also like that, always willing to do this and that without hesitation, and occasionally even blame himself...

Bai Yan knew that he had accidentally been too familiar with Alan, and he shook his head slightly, saying coldly, "Hurry up, we don't have that much time."


However, in the moment of catching the silver throwing spear with both hands, Alan suddenly knelt down on the ground.

He looked in astonishment at the artifact that pressed his hands onto the ground.

"I, I can't use it... It seems to be refusing me."

So that's how it is, there are hidden usage conditions? Bai Yan fell into thought, but... it seems that he can use Gungnir freely.

An increasingly terrifying aura gradually emanated from the ground.

They quickly became alert and finally saw a huge creature drill out from the ground.

Accompanied by despair and a hoarse Roarrr!

It is no longer the Undefeated, but a completely metamorphosed chaotic monster, like a vast sea of sludge, with a sticky stench that is nauseating, with flesh rotting and festering wounds covering its body, eyes full of blood vessels, writhing tentacles, and a voracious blood-sucking mouthpiece.

This thing is no longer "the Undefeated" Ramos, but a vessel carrying the power of the Outer God.

An indescribable aura spread throughout the city, and countless people felt the terrifying power it represented. The intangible sense of oppression left Alan's mind confused and his blood frozen.

"Well, I've come up with a solution."

Compared to Alan who was almost unable to stand, Bai Yan at the moment didn't feel affected at all.

He crouched down and reached out to grasp Gungnir together with Alan.

"Let's go up together."

The terrifying monster roared, its countless wriggling tentacles seeming to want to devour everything around. But for some reason, Alan's mind was clear at this moment.

He could feel that this last strike would definitely win the battle.

So, Alan also stared at the monster with Bai Yan and even asked:

"Senior...What exactly is the Babel Tower that we joined?"

Is everything we did in the past, are doing now, and will do in the future really correct and just?

The reason that drives me to fight is not interests and power, I really need an answer.

"I don't know," Bai Yan answered very seriously, a rare moment of seriousness.

Alan smiled bitterly and opened his mouth to taste the rain.

"So even Mr. Profligate doesn't know?"

Bai Yan took a deep breath and said, "Perhaps the Babel Tower is just a tool manipulated by some behind-the-scenes figure to control us. Alternatively, it could be the final hope to save the world, or even...the Babel Tower is an Outer God itself."

"However, no matter what Babel Tower is like, I hope you can believe in that person...that Savior...he will not disappoint you all."

"He assured me," Bai Yan smiled.

"It is essentially equivalent to assuring you all."

Since the beginning of the Tatsumi City capture, the indecisive Alan nodded at this moment and suddenly smiled.

"Well, it all sounds like not the answers I wanted, but it seems to really soothe my heart...indeed, I am the kind of person who needs to be guided to move forward."

"Thank you, Mr. Profligate."

At this point, Bai Yan roared loudly!


The two took a deep breath, shouting as they threw Gungnir in their hands together!

"Let's end it!"

The rain had stopped unconsciously, and the stars behind them kept shining, celebrating the will of the two to fight against the Outer God!

A silvery spear flew over the top of the chaotic monster, straight towards the sky!

Countless people in Tatsumi City saw the meteor piercing through the sky!

Mu Ling and Maryse lifted their heads beside the huge crystal, looking up at the starry sky.

The Queen of the Scarlet Moon in the alley also turned her head and stared at the meteor, lost in thought.

On the rooftop of Demon Hunt Agency's building, the smiling white-haired witch also gazed at this scene.

It transformed into a white meteor and joined the galaxy, then falling from the sky and directly hitting the grotesque monster on the ground!

The sky and earth paled as the pure white torrent destroyed all evil, and the Undefeated's already incomplete soul dissipated in one absolutely precise strike.

Everything was purified, the monster's flesh and blood completely dissipated and turned into sparkling light in mid-air.

The next moment, the pure white spear returned to Bai Yan's hand.

At the same time, he felt that his stomach had disappeared halfway. Fortunately, thanks to the Blood of Darkness, it could be easily restored.


Alan sat down on the ground and couldn't help burst out laughing.

He looked at Profligate in front of him and said happily,

"Great, Bai...Mr. Profligate, we did it! Hahahaha!"


"We did succeed indeed."

Bai Yan nodded gently, stood among the glittering debris, and held his spear.

The reliable figure made Alan understand that this man could not possibly be Bai Yan...that person had become ordinary, much more ordinary than Profligate.

Bai Yan remained silent for a moment and slowly spoke, "However, the events of tonight are not yet completely over, as the battle in a certain location is still ongoing."

"There are still variables."


Demon Hunt Agency building.

Underground seventh floor.

The golden slime, which had already been beaten for half a day, attempted to fight back. Although its attack speed had decreased significantly, Tao Wu, who never dodged, was still increasingly injured by the golden tentacles' strikes.

These golden tentacles have attack power that's stronger than normal by more than one level!

The 'White Angel' is also cooperating on the side by continuously launching attacks, and constantly using powerful barrages with magical powers.

However, Tao Wu is truly a monster through and through!

Even though he is covered in wounds and bleeding profusely, he is still silently fighting on.

Is there really no way to stop this guy?

Amy was also shocked, as the opponent not only had strong vitality, but even more terrifyingly, an incredible willpower!

"Don't worry, if I am correct in my guess, the Savior has the ability to foresee the future..."

After some pondering, Amy cheered on Mr. Trap and the slime through her mecha.

"We will definitely have reinforcements."

Tao Wu remained silent as he slowly moved forward and looked at the worn-out white mecha, preparing to strike again.

He intended to completely destroy this mecha with this strike.

"I may have arrived a little late."

At this moment, a delighted voice came from nearby.

Tao Wu immediately became alert.

The voice continued, "Mr. Trap, hello. Except for Lin Bian, I had to stabilize the injuries of everyone else... You should thank me for my kindness."

The Moon Witch, a stunning woman with white hair, appeared smiling beside Mr. Trap.

She squinted and said:

"My master... That person sent me to assist, but it seems like I'm a bit late."

"I am very sorry."