I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: Blood, Flames, and the Crimson Queen

In the dark torrential rain,

The art style of both people suddenly changed.

Mu Ling was dressed in a white male tuxedo and had a chic black short hair. She was riding on a humble unicorn, with a white knight sword firmly held in her hand.

Maryse stood on the head of a deep green cyclops dragon, dressed in leather garments from a primitive tribe, which contrasted with the black night rain.

"The raincoat I prepared is totally useless now......"

With her hands crossed over her chest in silence, Maryse truly felt a little bit cold.

Fortunately, my physical condition has been enhanced, otherwise, I would have definitely developed a serious illness!

The green cyclops dragon at Maryse's feet was enormous, standing on the rooftop, and even a slight movement caused it to sway and become dangerously unstable.

Its towering and terrifying head began to roar loudly!


Maryse realized that every dragon she could summon was different, it seemed to depend on luck... well, as long as she doesn't draw that weak little dragon, it's fine.

"Thank you, Respected Savior...".

At this moment, Mu Ling held the knight sword in her hand, gazing at her nearby comrade and finally understanding why she was sent by the Respected Savior to assassinate Yin.

Only she can perfectly deal with her undead body.

"Looks like you still have some new tricks up your sleeve."

Yin, who was holding a long bow, remained calm and said quietly, "It's meaningless... no matter what you do, you can't kill me."

"You're wrong."

Mu Ling rode on a snow-white unicorn into the sky and said, "I don't need to kill you. At this moment, my new ability is your greatest nemesis!"

Yin frowned, and her INT started ringing alarm bells like crazy.

Although not quite sure what Mu Ling is up to, I must stop her!

She took a deep breath again and opened her mouth, wanting to release a shockwave.

Just then, a puddle of a special liquid was sprayed out by the one-eyed green dragon.

The disgusting green liquid fell onto her snow-white skin, immediately starting to corrode and emit smoke, interrupting Yin's attack... and also slowing down her physical healing and recovery speed.

It's poison.

"It does work, indeed."

But I can dispel it.

Yin frowned and began to cast a healing spell, wanting to expel the toxins that had invaded her body. It only took a brief few seconds.

But at that moment, a sudden light shone down from the sky!

The torrential rain in Tatsumi City instantly disappeared, replaced by clear skies. In the midst of the previous dark night, sunshine and a Rainbow unexpectedly appeared!

The sky looks like daytime!

Many people in the city were shocked to see this scene.

"What is this!"

The incredible celestial phenomenon deeply moved Yin.

Although she didn't feel like Mu Ling's power had increased much, she gathered momentum and displayed an aura comparable to an Apocalypse level powerhouse, and actually directly changed the weather of this area!

Extraordinary powers in the fairy tale kingdom world always come with exaggerated special effects.

Yin didn't know this.

She just felt that if this sword was swung, I'm afraid that both herself and half of the city would be destroyed!

Mu Ling, what did you guard in the end?

"Even so, you can't kill me."

But how could a just person in the fairy tale kingdom have the power to kill someone?

Under the shining of light and Rainbow, Mu Ling rode on a unicorn and came to the sky, overlooking from above, and lifted the knight sword in her hand high up.

At this moment, she felt the existence of the power of miracles!

"Light and Rainbow, grant me the power to seal evil!"

The ten-thousand-feet Rainbow was emitted from the sword, yet it had no killing power. Nevertheless, layer after layer of sturdy crystal immediately formed on Yin's skin upon contact with the sound.

How could this be!

Yin desperately tried to struggle and break free from the crystal, but she couldn't move an inch!

She tried to take a deep breath, but found that even crystals had grown inside her body, preventing her from storing power and releasing shockwaves. If it were Tao Wu, he could have liquefied and escaped, but Yin couldn't do it.

I see. So that's why the Savior arranged for her to defeat me...Babel Tower. Yin realized at this moment that she was actually destined to fail here.

Each 'possibility' is a brand new set of abilities that will directly upgrade with the original version. This is the new skill of the Crown Level 'Black Prince Nightsaber'...Crystalline Seal!

Undoubtedly, at this moment, Nightsaber is the most effective against Yin out of all Core Operators.

The sky, which briefly became daylight, gradually returned to darkness.

The brief moment of daylight just now has shocked everyone in the city, and they all know it's not an illusion!

It's a miracle!

Yin's body was wrapped in a huge crystal, unable to move, but she was still alive, like the most perfect work of art.

As long as the blessing of the Outer God is not broken, she can still survive.

Master, I'm sorry.

Please make our dream come true.


Yin's heart became selfish at this moment.

Please come to the real world... and meet me.

Do not sacrifice your soul.


Alan was slightly stunned, and then turned around to see that scarlet figure in the dark, still about a kilometer away.

"Wait a minute, this enemy actually instantly spotted the Queen of the Scarlet Moon in the distance."

Is it because of strong perceptual abilities? Or some other ability?

Bai Yan found a chair and sat down calmly, explaining with a smile, "He has been claiming that his precognitive ability has failed... but that is not the case."

"He can still use the power of precognition."

Bai Yan is well aware of this matter.

In fact, Bai Yan has sent Mu Ling several times in the "Babel Tower game" to cooperate with Tactical Card to single-handedly kill Ramos, but it was found that others had a hard time dealing with Yin, and Mu Ling was also restrained by another gift from the Chaos Star that he had not revealed.

That gift is called the 'Cup of Binding', which is a disposable consumable that contains the power of the Outer God.

This will cause Deep Blue World and the Night Veil Bloodline to become completely ineffective, and coupled with the precognitive ability, Ramos can easily dodge Mu Ling's attacks in advance.

However, Ramos was always able to take out the gift that restrained the enemy in advance to attack, which made Bai Yan wonder why he was able to "silence" Mu Ling before she had a chance to use Deep Blue World.

Obviously, there is only one reason.

His precognitive ability has not completely failed and can still be used in battle!

This doesn't mean that the power of "the Undefeated" is stronger than Babel Tower, but rather it is due to the mechanism of the game.

During the "Babel Tower game" process, Ramos's power will not be forcibly stripped, but outside of the "game in progress", he is unable to detect Babel Tower.

Sitting quietly on the chair, Bai Yan smiled and waited for the drama to continue... Now that the Queen of the Scarlet Moon has arrived, with the combination of "Divine Destiny", there is no need for him to go up and fight.

Just then, Ramos suddenly knelt down on one knee, realizing that his leg had become unsteady.

Alan was also stunned and didn't understand why the other suddenly knelt down. Could there be a trick behind it?

Ramos hasn't felt true fear for many years, but at this moment, he felt it again... the feeling of fear.

The man, his luck is still on the rise!

How is that possible?

Suddenly, the dust on the ground formed letters and provided a clue.

"Before the deity that can manipulate destiny, all mortals will eventually surrender. He, at this moment, is the son of destiny, possessing luck that you can't reach."

Ramos knew what it was, a clue provided by the prophecy spell he had cast beforehand.

This is a despairing and unattainable clue.

So if things continue like this, he knows he is already destined to lose.

Unless, a sacrifice is made.

Many people join various evil organizations not because they are unaware of the danger and horror of the related risk and taboo of the Outer God, but because... it is just too easy to become powerful by contacting the Outer God.

Just as Bai Yan previously concluded, compared to hard work, talent and opportunity are the main factors that enable extraordinary people to become stronger... If there is no talent, luck is not enough.

So the easiest way to become strong is to join some powerful mysterious organizations and let the big shots lead you.

Undoubtedly, the strongest backing is the Outer God!

Culty members can use forbidden techniques to transfer and use Relics at a cost. They can also sacrifice certain things to obtain blessings, or even forcibly sacrifice a part of themselves or their loved ones to quickly gain enough power!

Obviously, this is an advantage that ordinary extraordinary individuals don't possess.

Sitting on the chair, Bai Yan discovered that all kinds of diseases and injuries on his body had improved. "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity", a Tactical Card that provides a single-person BUFF, had even started to transfer the residual power of luck to him.

It is indeed the strongest consumable Tactical Card.

Ramos tried his best to stand up but was completely powerless.


The villa walls had collapsed with a loud bang, but Alan was completely unaffected. With his back against the storm, he slowly walked towards Ramos, who was kneeling on one knee on the ground.

At this moment, he has an incredibly strong luck like a deity!

Ramos looked at it in astonishment.

Behind Alan, the night sky shimmered with a countless number of stars! They were sparkling brilliantly, as if they were blooming just for him!

In the next moment, the darkness unexpectedly disappeared and the bright sky cleared up, as if it were daytime, with a gorgeous Rainbow shining behind that man.

As if a heavenly god descended to the mortal world!

Finally, Alan's good luck reached its pinnacle.

He calmly raised his hands.

"The Sun Anthem!"

This is a wide-range attack that cannot be avoided even with foresight!

The intense sunlight shone upon all things, as if the Sword of the Sun had fallen to the mortal world. Ramos instantly went blind, screaming in agony, his body almost being cooked.

The cards inside his body were about to be destroyed, and Ramos knew he could no longer hold on. He had to use his final method!

I am sorry, Yin.

From the moment I became the leader, it was destined that I could not accompany you in the real world.

Both your tragic encounter and that of many others, including Tao Wu, were all foreseen by me... but even though I had enough capability, I didn't choose to prevent it.

I am just waiting for you to reach your lowest point and helplessly search for a way out.

All of these sacrifices should be worth it!

"But people like me are not really worth loving..."

In despair, Ramos remained resolute and let out a loud roar.

"Oh, the Chaos Star!"

"Grant me even greater power, enough to achieve my ideal strength!"

"I will offer up my soul! I will offer up my entire past and future! I only hope to open up a new world for this world!"

Blue light began to emit from his body.

The power of the Outer God is unfathomable, as it instantly restored Ramos' body, and even the Son of Destiny, Alan, could not kill him in that moment!

The light faded away, and Tatsumi City receded back into the darkness of the night.

Sitting in the chair, Bai Yan understood that this was what they called... the Second Stage.

Ramos, shimmering with blue light all over his body, reopened his eyes with a deep and profound gaze. He could feel an unprecedented immense power within and around him.

In the next moment, Ramos gazed upon the crimson color in the distance.

In the darkness, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon's aura surged with an incomparable, dazzling brilliance.

It's not just red, it's blood. It's not just flames, it's burning. She just stands there, but her mere presence fills all her enemies with fear.

"But now, I am irresistible. Even you cannot stand against me... neither Queen of the Scarlet Moon, nor Profligate or the Saviour of Babel Tower! None of you can stop me now!"

I will entrust my ideals to them with this power!

To redeem mankind into a new world!

Ramos stood still, raised his hand, and gazed at the legendary Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

At this moment, Ramos had the confidence to withstand the opponent's attack!

She flew from the sky and instantly arrived at the villa, like a scarlet meteor.


Tremendous blow!

With absolute dominance, a punch sent Ramos down deep beneath the ground, causing the whole villa to crumble and collapse in an instant, followed by numerous cracks appearing on the streets outside!

However, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon's true objective is not to launch an attack.

In the ruins of the collapsed villa, Bai Yan and Alan stood unscathed, both looking towards this "reinforcement" in unison.

At this moment, three black and white playing cards fluttering in the wind and rain have been firmly held by a fair hand.

It was also the first time Bai Yan had seen the face of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon in the real world.

Alan exclaimed in shock, "What's going on? Queen of the Scarlet Moon, are you...are you really the Queen of the Scarlet Moon?"

Why do you look different from the Queen of the Scarlet Moon in the information?

Alan was already a little confused; it just didn't match up. He knew Queen of the Scarlet Moon was a woman in her mid-twenties, with a figure that could rival that of the Unsullied Saint.

But before his eyes was an expressionless teenage girl who was only a few years older than Maryse.

Her hair was as red and fiery as blood, and her ill-fitting black long-sleeved shirt hung loosely on her, not at all like the type of clothing a normal teenage girl would wear.

A pair of bright golden eyes, clear and pure, sparkling like stars. Just standing there, she already surpassed all the surrounding beauty. This girl possesses an unparalleled beauty unseen in humanity; anyone who dares to look directly at her face will probably be enchanted.

Perfect creature.

Perhaps only with this kind of overly exaggerated vocabulary could she be accurately described.

Bai Yan knew very well why the Queen of the Scarlet Moon had shrunk and even knew that she could become even smaller. However, these things were currently not important.

What is important is to completely defeat "the Undefeated".

"Profligate, I've kept my promise."

The Queen of the Scarlet Moon looked at him with an extremely lazy expression, not a bit of emotion on her face.

Her voice is cold, ruthless, domineering and doesn't tolerate anyone to question it.

With a light pinch of her fair hand, three playing cards turned into ashes and scattered instantly.