I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: Immortality

In the Platinum Zone, on the street.

Yin held a flawless, pristine white longbow in his hand and stood alone with pride in the pouring rain.

The name of the white longbow is "Moonlight".

This is a powerful and advanced Relic that has the special effect of attacking the shadow of objects and damaging the physical entity of the shadow. However, the cost is gradually impairing the user's vision, eventually leading to blindness.

Therefore, Yin chose it, and also chose to never regain her sight from then on.

She didn't want to see this ugly, false world again to begin with.

This weapon couldn't be more suitable.

"The Hound of Babel Tower, are you going to keep hiding?" Yin spoke.

At this moment, Mu Ling had already taken refuge in the darkness, and Maryse was also in a state of nullification, but the two of them had actually suffered some degree of injuries in the recent confrontation.

Their attempts to kill Yin were all in vain.

Just as Yin had said... she was now an existence that cannot be killed in the true sense.

As long as the "gift" is not destroyed, she has the ability of immortality.

Moreover, there are five constantly floating diamond-shaped crystals around Yin, which are magical products made by alchemy, possessing the power of active attack and defense.

As long as facing attacks, they will begin to defend automatically.

Maryse released her void state in the darkness and began to communicate with Mu Ling in the dark using her psychic power.

[What to do? It seems like our attacks are not effective, this guy is too strong!]

Mu Ling pondered for a moment and gave her answer.

[It seems like there's not much we can do against her, my attacks won't have much effect, but for now, we can only continue to attack.]

In fact, she has tried to limit Yin's movements by severing her limbs.

However, Yin is proficient in "healing magic", and her body immediately begins to recover after being damaged, almost experiencing a rebirth in an instant.

The recovery speed is too fast.

The gift of immortality and the spell of regeneration, together they become extremely terrifying.

This left Mu Ling and Maryse in a deadlock.

Just like Yin said, at this moment, she is already a terrifying existence that cannot be killed or eliminated.

"Still not coming out?"

Yin calmly raised her arm, plucked the bowstring, and an invisible arrow shot out towards a distant villa.

That is the home of a noble in the Platinum Zone.


After a loud bang, the entire noble's villa collapsed with a loud rumble, leaving those who lived inside naturally unable to escape.

"If you don't come out, I will completely destroy this entire area. How many people will die in the end? However, they are all going to leave from the false world anyway."

"This might just be a form of redemption."

With a calm demeanor, Yin raised her bow and aimed it once again at another building in the Platinum Zone.


Mu Ling stepped out from the darkness.

The girl she knew was not like this, she would never indiscriminately kill innocent people and act recklessly.

The once good friend has now become the person they hate the most.

Although the rigid laws of the Air Alliance and the Night Watchers of Tatsumi City may have contributed to her transformation, Mu Ling would not let this woman go unpunished!

Deep Blue World.

In a moment, Mu Ling arrived in front of her friend.

Her eyes were full of killing intent.

She swung the deadly blade, cutting flesh and blood again and again. The speed of her strikes was so fast that the blade seemed to disappear from view.

Time stands still and comes to an end.

In Maryse's astonished eyes, the blindfolded woman in white was instantly cut into hundreds of pieces by countless beams of light, but her body was quickly regenerating at an extremely fast speed!

This is a very powerful forbidden spell... High-Speed Regeneration!

Inside every category of magic, there exists a double-digit "forbidden spell". Whoever can grasp their existence gains immense power.

So far, out of the fifteen types of magic, there are a total of seventy-two forbidden spells created by magic masters.

Among which thirty-six forbidden spells were invented by the first president of Time of Chord, who ascended to divinity a thousand years ago, and is now one of the Rainbow.... "Anomalous Star".

Due to the fact that the forbidden spells created by "Anomalous Star" are generally more powerful, they are also known as the "upper thirty-six", while the other forbidden spells are called the "lower thirty-six".

And the "High-Speed Regeneration" mastered by Yin is one of the six forbidden spells in the "healing-type magic"! Belonging to the "lower thirty-six"!

Cannot be killed.

Mu Ling's blade has severed the beautiful body countless times, but no matter what, she cannot kill her opponent.

Yin's body's healing speed is even faster than the speed of being cut off!

Only by continuously opening the "Deep Blue World" to occupy time, can Mu Ling strike hundreds more times and keep Yin in a state where she cannot fully revive.

Can't I defeat this enemy myself?

Mu Ling fell into contemplation. Continuously using "Deep Blue World" was too mentally draining, and if she kept going like that, she would fall into a coma.

Just then, Maryse released her etherealization and stood a hundred meters away, communicating cautiously with Mu Ling using her psychic power.

[I have a way that might have a chance to kill her, but using it would be risky.]

Maryse wanted to use the Blade of Annihilation, but she hesitated when she thought about the terrible cost.

But it's not a solution to continue like this.

"Finally came out."

Yin, still in the state of being fragmented, suddenly spoke up. This was the first time she had ever used her innate power during the fight!

Mu Ling's INT suddenly raised a great alert!


A loud noise burst from where the sound was, and Mu Ling, who was within reach, first displayed Deep Blue World.

On the brink of a major crisis.

She quickly saw that the air around Yin had already become distorted and warped. Even her hand holding the knife was bleeding.

Mu Ling realized that this was a very terrible explosive force, even if she faced it head-on she would be seriously injured. Maryse was defenseless against it now... and would definitely be crushed into powder by this force in an instant!

In the Deep Blue World, she quickly rushed towards the dazed Maryse, hugged the girl's body and fled into the distance.

The next moment, time returned to normal.


The streets within a few hundred meters were all flattened by the terrifying shockwave, creating a huge crater on the ground, and almost everything was annihilated.

Only Yin, who was unharmed, stood calmly in place.

She stood in the black night and pouring rain, holding a long bow, her clothes destroyed by the terrible impact, leaving only a black blindfold over her eyes.

Like a vengeful goddess, sacred and noble.

Mu Ling, who was holding Maryse, breathed a sigh of relief as they ran away from the position of the shockwave. She now stood on top of a house and gently lowered the girl in her arms.

"Thank you, thank you very much."

Maryse looked blankly at that big pit, a little frightened.

If it weren't for Mu Ling saving herself just now, she might have been completely destroyed by now.

This woman is terrifyingly strong, possessing both an indestructible survival ability and a wide range of killing power.

It is just like a monster!

She murmured to herself, "I'm just a small fry, can you spare me... Although I really want to surrender and beg for mercy, but Mu Ling, you surely must keep on fighting, right?"

Mu Ling was slightly surprised and nodded gently.

Maryse chuckled and said seriously, "I don't have any noble ideals, nor do I care about the lives of innocent people... But Mu Ling, I will fight alongside you, even if it means falling into hell together."

Hmm, is this considered a confession of love?

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment, then said bluntly, "I won't marry a woman."

Maryse was stunned, and suddenly slapped Mu Ling's fair cheeks with both hands, exaggeratingly exclaiming, "Are you stupid? What are you thinking? Besides, I already have someone I like!"

Mu Ling fell silent, not knowing how to answer, wondering if she had misunderstood.

"Have you improved your sisterhood communication?"

Yin walked calmly over, holding a longbow.

What should I do?

Mu Ling and Maryse looked at each other, at a loss for how to deal with the enemy.

At this moment, a voice appeared in their minds.

The two of them immediately brightened up.

[I will give you new possibilities.]


Although Yin couldn't see, she could sense everything around her. Lost in thought, she discovered that the essence of those two girls had changed.

This is theoretically impossible.

Once the essence undergoes a change, it means the foundation of extraordinary power will also be different!

The rain kept hitting her fair skin, and with a longbow in hand, Yin frowned in confusion and said:

"What is going on..."

Then, she heard an angry and powerful roar of a dragon, along with the peculiar neigh of a unicorn!