I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: King of Luck!

Luck is not a vague and elusive thing.

It is a tangible existence... The third generation chairman of Time of Chord and the greatest prophetic spell master in Noah's history. He has already proven this fact.

"Fate and luck are both tangible things, and mortals can never go against their own destiny, but luck can be changed... You can control it with just a little clever trick."

To the extraordinary members of the Prophetic Spell faction, so-called luck is actually a quantifiable and objective thing, just like life energy, muscle, and speed. Of course, they can also be transferred, stored, and even plundered.

And for some extraordinary individuals, their superhuman abilities are related to luck!

At this moment, Ramos' prophetic spell ability has failed, but he still used his innate talent power that he had prepared long ago.

"The Fate of the King"

He can freely plunder the luck of ordinary people and claim it for himself. As his strength grows, he can absorb and withstand more luck.

Ramos suddenly threw three coins of the same size at random, and they fell on the wooden floor, spinning wildly for a long time, and finally all stood still and upright.

He was certain that he was now the king of luck.

Will never fail!

"I originally had two Civilization-level Relics that I could use, but I sacrificed one to the great Chaos Star in exchange for a gift, while the other one, due to that vampire's actions, is temporarily unavailable for use."

"Even the power of prophecy cannot be used on the Babel Tower, so you are not wrong... I am indeed very weak now."

"But right now, I am the luckiest human in this world, without exception."

Ramos calmly looked at the 'Profligate' in front of him, and walked forward without any hesitation. It seemed as if he had no intention of protecting the three cards behind him.

"Luck will stand on my side."

Bai Yan took a deep breath. According to the original plan, there was no one sent here by him, only Core Operator 'Mysterious Magic'.

Then Alan, who was completely outmatched, was completely beaten by Ramos.

Bai Yan had played "Babel Tower game" multiple times in a single day, and had also changed a considerable number of permutations and combinations in the battle lineup selection.

He even tried to convince everyone to give up on the Demon Hunt Agency and the Platinum Zone, and come here together to fight against Ramos.

However, although they completely suppressed Ramos, they were never able to defeat him swiftly.

And when Tao Wu completed Ramos' mission, destroyed the "sealing" ceremony, under the terrifying disaster, only the three members of the Black Star Faction were able to survive because of the protection bestowed by the Chaos Star.

"However, there is no greatest variable in the Babel Tower game... and that is me."

Power Possession......Nightsaber.

Deep Blue World.

Without hesitation, Bai Yan solidified time, quickly bypassed Ramos, and rapidly reached out to destroy the playing card with great speed.


Suddenly, his right foot twisted in an unbelievable way, an occurrence with less than one in a million chance, and his rapidly moving body quickly fell towards the ground!

But because the balance of "Nightsaber" far exceeds that of an average person, Bai Yan immediately stabilized his body, while trying to continue moving forward in the solidified time.

Only five steps away from the three rotating playing cards, but every step Bai Yan takes automatically breaks several bones, damages several nerves, and shatters multiple muscles, causing blood to flow.

By the time he reached the playing cards, his shattered body could no longer support standing and fell directly to the ground.

Bai Yan kneeled on the ground, taking a deep breath, as the time in Deep Blue World has passed, and the sound of pouring rain is constant in his ears.

He can destroy the playing cards with just a stretch of his hand.

However, it seems that there is a problem with the cervical spine, and both hands cannot be lifted up at all.

Ramos turned around and looked at the man covered in blood, adjusting his silver-framed glasses as he stood towering over him.

"You are quite tenacious, to be able to get this close."

"But I have no choice but to crush your hopes."

He raised his hand, and three playing cards floated in mid-air before disappearing completely into Ramos' body.

"Unless you completely destroy my body, it is impossible for you to destroy them...But I am so lucky, what can you do to harm me?"

Ramos paused briefly, then calmly continued explaining:

"Or in other words, will you, who harbors hostility towards me die automatically beforehand?"

"Just as an aside, my powerful luck should also be effective towards anyone who holds hostility towards me. Other members of the Demon Hunt Agency and Babel Tower must also be in dire straits by now, I presume."

He paused for a moment, then turned around.

"How about we ponder and see what will happen later?"

Bai Yan slowly stood up, taking a deep breath. In the darkness, the wounds on his body healed at a visible speed.

He looked out the window at the night sky outside the villa and was stunned.

A meteorite wrapped in flames was actually falling from the sky, with an irresistible force, flying towards the direction of the villa!

"This degree of luck is really too much..."

Bai Yan started to feel a headache.

Even if only a portion of his abilities can be used and the Relic is temporarily unavailable, this Crown, who is the leader of the Black Star Faction and an upper-ranking expert, is still very difficult to deal with.

Difficult to deal with, this special type of enemy is really difficult to deal with... Even if you use a certain-kill move, there might be some powerful character falling from the sky to help him block the attack.

The only solution that comes to mind is to use strong luck to offset it.

But Bai Yan is not a real Core Operator of Demon Hunt Agency and cannot use Tactical Card on himself. This is the real reason why he called 'Mysterious Magic'.

Alan outside the house is still a little absent-minded. INT is often accurate. Maybe there really is someone at the Demon Hunt agency... Could it be that old guy?

Suddenly, he felt an unprecedented power.

No, it seems not to be power, but a kind of... blessing from the world?

Alan could feel as if the whole world was watching him at this moment!

The starry sky illuminates itself!

The night shields itself from the sun!

At this moment, undoubtedly, I am the child of destiny of this world!

The meteorite from the sky was originally falling towards the villa, but at this moment it suddenly changed direction, flew outside of Tatsumi City, and caused a considerable and enormous explosion.

Without hesitation, Alan clapped his hands and calmly swapped places with a chair inside the villa.

"I'm here, sorry to have kept you waiting, Mr. Profligate."

Ramos was stunned, not only did he notice the presence of this man... but also the powerful luck on him that was no less than his own!

"How is that possible..."

Ramos could not comprehend the current situation, but he could only accept it. Perhaps the other party used some kind of greatly expensive Relic or a forbidden curse that theoretically could enhance luck.

"But the effect should not last too long..."

"Mysterious Magic" and "Profligate," one in front and one behind, formed a pincer attack on "the Undefeated" Ramos, who was a legend.

Although Alan had never fought alongside Mr. Profligate before, he always felt that the other person's coordination with him would be more skilled than imagined. That man seemed to be really suitable as his partner.

Ramos guessed it right. Bai Yan also knew that there was only a moment to win.

If the time exceeds a quarter of an hour, the Tactical Card will become invalid... by then, they will have no way to deal with Ramos.

"Ramos' luck still works on me, but your luck at this moment is like that of a deity, and can offset his strong luck. So perhaps the only one who can beat him now is you."

Bai Yan cheered for "Mysterious Magic" not far away.

Alan nodded slightly with a confident expression under the mask. "Very well, I'll take care of everything," he said.

"Your Babel Tower's methods are indeed surprising, but unfortunately my power is not only limited to prophecy and strong luck..."

Ramos' voice was low and suddenly his figure flashed.

He quickly came in front of an unguarded Alan, and punched him in the stomach. Alan fell down weakly.

"If it were 'Profligate' who had offset my luck, it would be understandable, but just you... even with just physical abilities, I can still kill you."

In terms of speed using only physical abilities, Ramos is not inferior to 'Raven Reaper'.

Perhaps this is not only his worst skill, but also his last trump card.

"You are underestimating me too much."

Alan suddenly laughed, and the body gradually dissipated into nothingness, as it was only an illusory clone.

This is his curse technique... "Unlikely Friendship."

Alan raised his hand without hesitation and used his most powerful killing technique.

The Fire that Burns Everything.

The black flame suddenly burned, born in the world destined for destruction. At this moment, it ignited a new calamity in a new world!

Ramos started to burn, and if his good luck charm still worked on Alan, then it was highly likely that Bai Yan would be the one burning instead.

"The Undefeated's" left arm suddenly burned with black flames filled with twisted and oppressive aura. Ramos' face was quickly drenched in sweat.

"You... are very strong!"

He calmly and angrily cut off his left arm and gazed at the two powerful enemies before him.

His figure gradually disappeared into the darkness.

Bai Yan quickly spoke up, "Although he won't die immediately, it doesn't mean he won't be hurt and it doesn't mean he can recover quickly. Our victory will only come when we burn him and the playing cards together into ashes."

At this moment, he has the abilities of 'Nightsaber', and he has an extremely deep understanding of darkness. He closed his eyes and began to sense the enemy's position.

"Be careful, he's behind you!"

Just as Bai Yan spoke up to give a warning, his tongue burst into a spray of blood.

When Alan turned his head, he saw a fist that was gradually enlarging and straightly punching towards him.


The temple received a heavy blow.

Alan felt a little dizzy.




The consecutive three attacks on his chin, chest, and eyes caused Alan to step back continuously, leaving him no chance to cast any spells or superhuman powers.

Of course Bai Yan is not just watching here. Even if his luck is extremely bad, he will make some efforts to resist.

Deep Blue World.

He froze time again, then quickly approached and threw Alan out.

As Bai Yan's target at the moment was Alan and Alan's luck was canceling out Ramos', he successfully lifted Alan and threw him away.

Before "Deep Blue World" ended, Bai Yan still tentatively clenched his fist, swung and hit Ramos.

The fist instantly cracked, the waist and back began to collapse, the power dropped significantly in an instant, but Bai Yan's knuckles still grazed the face of "the Undefeated"!


After time froze, Ramos' body flew out, broke the window, and fell heavily to the ground.

Meanwhile, Bai Yan's internal organs began to bleed one by one.

A large number of cells began to mutate prematurely due to bad luck at this moment, and many sudden illnesses struck, making him physically weak, dizzy, and causing severe heart pain.

"You are not invincible."

Bai Yan looked at Ramos, who had just managed to get up, even though his punch had not hit him hard. It was only a small part of Nightsaber's strength that had injured Ramos.

Perhaps a few more strikes and he will be killed.

Alan stood up again and quickly began to prepare his own spells. The Fire that Burns Everything is too exhausting and cannot be launched when the distance is too far, otherwise he will continue to ignite until the enemy is burned beyond recognition.

"The Undefeated" Ramos stood coldly in the darkness, staring at the two of them, while the pouring rain swept in through the broken window behind him.


First, the thunder, followed by lightning, suddenly illuminated the night sky.

"I am indeed not invincible, nor am I undefeated," Ramos said slowly. "Failure runs through a person's life, who is impossible to fail..."

"But, I will not fail here!"

Suddenly, he turned back in utter shock, and looked heavily towards the distant rooftop.

What is it?

Why is there an even stronger and powerful aura?!

It's a scarlet color!

It was a dazzling scarlet color, resembling a raging fire and yet also like fresh blood, standing out in the dark rainy night!

He recognized it!

"It's her! She actually came!"

Ramos suddenly realized that his prophecy was true, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon would attack him tonight, and it was not a deception from the Babel Tower after all!

"Even though she couldn't possibly have healed, she still risked her heavily injured body to come and kill me?"

Ramos suddenly realized that the relationship between the Babel Tower and the local blood clan was even closer than what he had investigated.

Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief, finally it came, but it was just a little too late...

"Could it be that this guy overslept?"

Of course, reason told Bai Yan that just now, Queen of the Scarlet Moon probably couldn't have come over for a while, as Ramos' luck was not yet offset.

Now, as Alan's supporter, she can easily get closer here.

Not bad, this is also a variable that is not present in the 'Babel Tower game,' and it is a variable that has arisen because of me.

I told Queen of the Scarlet Moon about Pastor's location at that time, which allowed her to successfully pursue and avenge her fellow clan member... and thus gained a crucial favor.

This favor, of course, must be repaid at such a crucial moment!