I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: White Angel!

A straight punch in the center!

Lin Bian fell down quickly and softly.

His abdomen was torn apart by a terrible punch and blood kept flowing out.

Fortunately, Lin Bian is also an extraordinary person of Potential Crown level. Although he has always played the role of an "archer", his physical fitness is still far superior to ordinary people.

Otherwise, he would definitely be smashed into mincemeat by this punch on the spot!

Tao Wu looked calmly at the fallen crowd, without any extra emotions on his face, he just took a step forward.

"Damn it!"

One hand tightly grasped Tao Wu's foot, which was covered in blood and held tightly.

"We move forward alone at night."

"In the long night, we are humans, elves, dwarves, orcs,..."

"We are the ones who carry the lantern in the dark, the ones who keep watch."

Lin Bian, whose abdomen was punctured and bleeding, still laughed wildly. His hand tightly gripped Tao Wu's foot, refusing to let go. However, Tao Wu paid no attention to him and just continued to move forward.

His strength was too great and dragged Lin Bian's body forward. Vast amounts of blood and organs flowed out from his broken body.

Some vague images flickered in front of Lin Bian's eyes.

He still remembers the "Tower" incident.

That silly boy named Alan was caught up in the Tower incident by Sister Hui and even lost one eye. Even though his body was later restored, he was still filled with fear.

When Lin Bian first saw him, the skinny and small boy was curled up in a corner, burying his head and remaining silent.

The trash upper management of the Demon Hunt Agency believed that he had the potential to become a Night Watcher. Therefore, they didn't erase his memories and let this boy live in fear.

At that time, when the Demon Hunt Agency found out that Alan's family was not in Tatsumi City, Lin Bian, who was in charge of the case, had a stroke of bad luck. He had to take the boy home and take care of him for a week.

His daughter also met Alan at that time and the two became close friends.

In order to help Alan recover from his psychological trauma, Lin Bian talked to him about many of his own experiences.

And in order to inspire him, Lin Bian always chose heroic deeds and good deeds to tell Alan. In the stories, Night Watchers were invincible warriors in the darkness. It was the efforts and indomitable spirit of these people that had allowed the people of this city to live peaceful, calm, and even dull lives for hundreds of years.

Gradually, Alan finally opened up again and began to take an interest in the Night Watcher profession, which had been unlucky for generations.

Before leaving, Alan asked him seriously: since he had also been detected as talented, could he become a real Night Watcher?

Lin Bian remained silent for a long time and gave a very serious answer:

"No one knows us, but we try our best to protect everyone like gods... We are too arrogant."

"In the end, we will also pay the price and die silently in the corner... Actually, the so-called Night Watcher is not great at all. We are often very small and powerless."

"Alan, I don't want you to become a Night Watcher."

Arriving at the elevator, Tao Wu watched as the elevator door opened and stepped inside.

He found that the door was being held tightly by Lin Bian, who was almost out of strength.

"I can't let you go down..."

Lin Bian squinted his eyes and grinned, showing his teeth.

Tao Wu lowered his head, staring at the other person, as if asking a simple question...

Why don't you let go?

Lin Bian took a deep breath and then started coughing. Blood was seeping out of his nose and mouth.

He seemed to have understood the other's question, "There are many reasons, too many, but I am tired... and don't feel like talking to someone like you."

Tao Wu calmly walked out of the elevator and clenched his fist.

With a bang, the air seemed to be crushed by a terrible force.

Then, he slowly bent down, his fist aimed at the dying man's head.

Lin Bian closed his eyes.



The ground and buildings were shaking, as a tremendous force pierced everything, obliterating all obstacles.

Tao Wu silently withdrew his blood-stained fist from the ground, turned around, and entered the elevator.

Go to the seventh underground floor.


Elevator door, open.

Keeping silent all along, Tao Wu walked slowly forward. He entered the room with white floors, black ceilings, and walls, and calmly looked at his final opponent before him.

Director of Tatsumi City's Demon Hunt Agency, Mr. Trap.

The elderly and frail man, dressed in a white suit, stood in front of the final door.

The old man calmly gazed at the black-clad man whose hands and body were covered in blood.

His gaze instantly dimmed, seeming to have aged more in this moment. He knew that most of this bloodstain came from his friends and subordinates.

Mr. Trap didn't say anything else. At this point, any words would be meaningless.

He was aware of his own inadequacy in battle, understanding that he could never defeat his opponent. Therefore, he quietly rotated the "King Solomon's Magic Jar" held within his hand.

A black mist was released from a yellow jar and gradually formed a terrifying demon burning with flames in the air. It roared and attacked Tao Wu.

Tao Wu neither knew how to hide nor dodge, and it had always been this way.

He threw a punch fair and square!


The tremendous force of the punch shattered the Flame Demon in an instant, but it quickly started to heal. It bared its teeth and sneered as if to indicate that Tao Wu's attack was meaningless.

The next moment, Tao Wu had transformed into the incarnation of a towering wave surging towards the sky!

Flow of the Heart·Running Water.

Wave strike!

The water waves instantly covered the terrified and screaming Flame Demon, causing it to disappear without a trace.

The next moment, Tao Wu had already transformed into human form, while the demon from earlier was long gone and completely dead.

Mr. Trap stood still in his place, as a brand new demon crawled out of the magic jar.

It has three crimson-colored elderly human heads, four sturdy arms, and its whole body is crimson-red.

The most obvious feature is its abdomen, incredibly huge! It is a gigantic sphere that occupies at least half of its body weight!

"Hehehe, hahahaha! Hehehehe!"

It laughed wildly at Tao Wu, with all three heads wearing an insane expression, while continuously waving the four arms and patting its abdomen, producing a strange sound.

Tao Wu stood still in his place, but his soul was continuously under attack. If an ordinary person had experienced this, they would have died instantly, but he persisted.

Mr. Trap, who was originally standing, suddenly fell down and collapsed on the ground, unable to move.

It seemed that because of paying the price of a Civilization-level Relic, he even quickly lost his breath.

Strangely, even after losing his breath, he still gazed intently at the enemy and didn't look like someone who was about to die.

"Fortunately, this body is not in danger of losing its life even if it loses its breath. I will make sure you pay the price, you foolish cultists of the Black Star Faction."

Tao Wu changed his stance, seemingly trying to crush the new demon.

Just then, a huge, dark-blue tentacle suddenly shot out from behind the door and fiercely stuck to Tao Wu's feet.

The sticky liquid fixed Tao Wu's feet, he remained silent and immediately reversed his force to snap them off in an instant.

At the same time, Tao Wu also spotted the enormous creature attacking in the darkness.

A deep blue viscous liquid, of a very large size, squirmed and extended its tentacles from behind the door.

Tao Wu didn't choose to attack Fusion Slime at first, nor did he go to attack the demon that hit his belly and damaged his soul, but instead directed his attacks towards Mr. Trap!

More precisely, the objective is "King Solomon's Magic Jar".

He knew that even if he could kill one, two, or three demons, new ones would continue to crawl out of the magic jar.

He cannot allow the Relic to continue to function.

Tao Wu's speed was astonishingly fast, and he instantly rushed to Mr. Trap's front.

He lifted his foot to kick the rusty yellow can into the air.

Just then, there was a sudden rumbling sound from the ceiling!

A huge object pierced through the ceiling of the seventh floor, came down from the sky, and crushed Tao Wu under its feet with force!


"What is this?"

In the smoke and dust, Mr. Trap and Fusion Slime were both incredibly stunned by the appearance of this new thing.

What they saw was a gigantic creature that was extremely tall, even reaching close to the ceiling of the seventh level!

This is a fifteen-meter-high, fifty-ton white mecha, resembling the appearance of a knight. It was indeed the heavily modified prototype "Liquidator"!

At this moment, on the 115th level of the Ring City, in Amy's new home, a limbless girl lay motionless on a comfortable new bed.

But there was a constant gleam in her eyes.

Amy once again felt the feeling of being manipulated...The Savior manipulated her without hesitation and then had her control the new "Liquidator" from such a distance.

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Amy felt confused and lost. It was a very strange feeling. Was she a puppet manipulated from behind the scenes, or just a toy for the Savior to play with?

"Anyway, this is a test for the modified prototype of 'Liquidator' for me. No, it's not called Liquidator anymore."

Amy gave a new name to her first mecha.

"White angel."


The White Angel mecha, except for the basic core which is "Liquidator", has been upgraded by Amy with expensive and high-end parts and weapons. Due to the use of special materials, its weight has greatly increased - sacrificing some mobility - but its overall combat effectiveness is even superior to that of current large military mechas!

The White Angel suddenly sensed a tremendous force coming from beneath, which, despite its powerful thrust and terrifying weight, it could not fully suppress.

It was lifted up entirely and its head instantly hit the ceiling hard.

Tao Wu got up from the ground and looked calmly at the massive white mecha, but his vision had already begun to blur.

"Hahaha, hahaha!"

The three-headed demon continued to strike its belly in a frenzied celebration, its terrifying sounds relentlessly damaging Tao Wu's soul, exerting a noticeable effect!

Fusion Slime stood right in front of the yellow rusted magic flask, which obviously posed a difficult challenge to get past...Tao Wu took a deep breath.

He suddenly arrived in front of the demon and punched it directly, smashing it to pieces.

A new demon crawled out of the magic flask immediately. It was a black beetle with a six-pointed star on its back.

It doesn't seem to have any real function, just lying on the ground motionless with a blank expression.

Amy, lying in bed, saw everything on the battlefield through the panoramic view of the mecha, including the magic jar.

I see, the high-level demon crawling out of that Relic is randomly generated, not a consistent threat each time.

"So, we need the White Angel to come and destroy him."

In the next moment, Tao Wu's body had disappeared.


He suddenly punched the body of the mecha, instantly sending the white behemoth flying and crashing into the wall with an incredibly exaggerated roar.

Amy's timely computer system prompt immediately appeared in her mind.

[Beep. System prompt, "White Angel" is currently at 35% damage, moderate damage, cockpit and radar both damaged, self-repairing in progress.]

Just aimed a hit at the cockpit, Amy was pondering... but unfortunately her body was not in the cockpit, and she didn't need to control it on site at all.

Anyway, I will not die in this battle.

In the battlefield on the seventh floor underground, Fusion Slime stretched out more than ten deep blue tentacles trying to stop Tao Wu, but they were easily torn apart and had no effect at all.

Silent Tao Wu appeared above it, and his lightning-fast kick came down like a whirlwind.

Fusion Slime's body exploded in an instant, shattering into countless raindrops and fragments that scattered on the ground and began to rapidly heal themselves.

It was somewhat anxious, as it had never encountered such a powerful opponent since its birth.

At this moment, Fusion Slime heard a voice.

That familiar voice that belonged to the so-called Savior.

[Fusion Slime, this is the possibility that I am about to give you.]


It didn't understand, what taste does possibility have?

Tao Wu has an incredibly rich combat experience and immediately transforms his hands into flames to prevent the slime from healing.

Flow of the Heart · Flame and Fire.

Fierce Blaze.

This blow would send this strange monster to its grave, he was certain of it.

Fusion Slime also felt fear, for the first time in its life, becoming aware of the existence of "death."

"Danmaku, shoot!"

Suddenly, a woman's cold electronic voice came out of the body of the white angel, and the next moment, two rows of white mini missile launchers, resembling "wings," appeared behind it.

This is the meaning of the white angel.

Dozens of mini missiles rose up into the air, and then rained down on Tao Wu, bombarding him relentlessly. The entire underground space shook relentlessly, and the ceiling was also shattered by the explosion.

Countless hotel corridors on the sixth floor were unexpectedly connected to the seventh floor.

In fact, these dozens of mini missiles are all cutting-edge products of Noy Military. Their power is enough to destroy buildings across half a block.

The Demon Hunt Agency building itself is a folded design of multiple spaces, and it has been reinforced with spells repeatedly to withstand such devastation.


[Di! Vital signs detected! Target not eliminated!]

The reminder in her mind made Amy frowned. She no longer knew whether the other side was human or a mutated super monster wearing human disguise.

"Hmm, why can only two life forms be detected on the field..."

The sudden discovery left Amy stunned. It turns out that the body of Mr. Trap, the director of the Demon Hunt Agency, was not a real living being.

"Ah, I see," she thought.

Tao Wu in the smoke stood up again, covered in more blood and with broken skin.

He even lost his left eye, and on his arm, one could see the stark white bones.

But for him, the attacks still weren't deadly enough.

The silent man remained composed and upright, standing there with a dignified posture.

Flow of Heart - Vajra.

The Radiant King.

It was the power of the Radiant King that ensured he wasn't killed by the mini missiles launched in the swarm attack.

Tao Wu suddenly realized that the things in front of him had become different.

The deep blue slime in front of him quickly regenerated, and unexpectedly changed its color and density. It turned into a huge dark golden sphere, motionless in its original location.

Although there were strange changes, there was only one solution for Tao Wu to solve the problem.

He punched again without hesitation.


Accompanied by a loud bang, the golden spherical slime was also slammed by the terrible fist power, but it didn't fly too far, nor did it burst into pieces.

Tao Wu's expression had always been calm and unchanging like a still old well, but at this moment, he finally showed a hint of surprise.

It doesn't feel right.

If, just if... the golden slime in front of us could reach Crown level, even if it is the lower level of Crown...

Perhaps my attacks will be unable to harm it.