I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Tao Wu

Platinum Zone, Demon Hunt Agency.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😢)

The water on the street outside is getting stronger and stronger. People can no longer imagine how long this heavy rain will last, nor do they know if it will trigger a terrible flood that even submerges the lower neighborhoods of the city.

At this moment, many Night Watchers have been dispatched by the Demon Hunt Agency to go to the attack site prepared by the Black Star Faction to deal with those cultists.

It is still an old but practical tactic. The Demon Hunt Agency knows that their headquarters will be attacked, yet they still have to disperse their forces to take care of the people in the city.

Because, this is the responsibility of the "Night Watchman who carries a lantern to guard in the dark".

A skinny man in all-black clothes walked up to the front of the Demon Hunt Agency and stopped.

Tao Wu stood still for a long time, and then walked straight ahead towards the iron gate outside the Demon Hunt Agency with an unstoppable momentum.

The steel gate in front of him was like a paper mache, easily twisting and breaking with a creaking sound. Soon Tao Wu passed directly through the gate, leaving only a humanoid hole in the iron gate.

Tao Wu walked into the courtyard of the Demon Hunt Agency and still looked straight ahead.

He walked straight towards the glass doors of the Demon Hunt Agency building.

At the same time, inside the Demon Hunt Agency, everyone became aware that the infamous and terrifying man from Heart City had arrived through the surveillance footage.

Just like the information provided by Babel Tower, the attacker who came to attack the Demon Hunt Agency building was the strongest traitor in the history of the Candlelight School, one of the two major factions in Heart City, and also the former chief disciple of the Candlelight School's head.

Tao Wu.

He was born deaf and mute, yet possessed immense physical strength, able to interpret people's words through lip-reading, always maintaining silence and strength, never wavering at any time.

"Silent Beast"

This is his title.

Tao Wu walked slowly forward, and the glass doors of the Demon Hunt Agency automatically slid open. He came alone to the first-floor hall of the Demon Hunt Agency, where only one Night Watcher was waiting.

"The guard here at the main entrance is me, with a fighting strength equivalent to about 100 ordinary Night Watchers."

Raven Reaper, Mo, he wears a white suit and a raven mask made of bronze on his face.

He stood calmly in the vast and quiet hall, gazing at the terrifying man in front of him.

The man named "Tao Wu" and the "Unsullied Saint" both have a mid-level strength of Crown level.

But his strength in direct combat should be above that of the "Unsullied Saint"!

Mo had long heard of Tao Wu, who was a highly wanted criminal.

He is the dual master of both Diamond Flow and Heavy Rock Flow of the Heart, a terrifying beast that is difficult to stop, and the most difficult man to defeat in the hundred-year history of Candlelight School.

For over twenty years since his birth, Tao Wu had no criminal record and was just a law-abiding enthusiast of martial arts, devotedly practicing Flow of the Heart year after year.

But suddenly, without any signs, the silent Tao Wu abandoned everything he had and joined the Black Star Faction.

Became the strongest fighter to be known as "the Undefeated".

"Why did you join the Black Star Faction?" Mo asked the other person. "You are not a sinner, are you?"

Facing the enemy's inquiry, the deaf and mute Tao Wu, even if able to read lip movements, didn't respond to anything.

Communication seemed meaningless as rain trickled down on the thin yet firm face, with only steadiness in the dark eyes.

As firm as a rock.

He just posed his own posture, solid, steady, and upright.

"Flow of the Heart" is a personal ritual that imitates everything in the world.

At this moment, in front of Mo's eyes, Tao Wu seemed to have been magnified countless times. He himself was like an enormous and unbreakable Vajra mountain, with no weak points and unable to be shaken by any external forces.

The thin and weak he just stood there, as if he were an immovable city!

"Raven Reaper" Mo knew that his strength was far weaker than the opponent, but at this moment of life and death for the whole city, as a Night Watcher, she could not retreat.

He held the posture of Flow of the Heart with his hands and feet, determined to win with speed and technique.

Just like what Mo once told Mu Ling...in terms of fighting skills alone, there is no one in this city who can defeat him!

It's not a lie!

In the next instant, he had already shifted his weight to his back leg and stepped forward with his front leg, completely changing his stance, and the sound of whistling winds could be heard around him.

I am the wind.

Raven Reaper has already incarnated into an invisible gust of wind, instantly attacking the enemy in front of him. His speed is so fast that he has become a blurry afterimage, making it impossible for people to catch him!

However, Tao Wu doesn't need to catch the opponent.

The man's expression didn't change in the slightest, his stance was extremely heavy, like an unshakable fortress or mountain.

Flow of Heart - Vajra.

Buddhist Deity.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The sound of explosions was like a machine gun hitting steel, ringing powerfully through the spacious hall, among which, in an extremely short time, Mo had already thrown countless punches.

If there were outsiders watching from the side, they would probably only see Tao Wu standing still, silent and unmoving.

And by his side there were blurred afterimages constantly shaking, with a tremendous sound that was unceasing!

After about a minute, the sound finally stopped, and Mo had returned to his original position.

The man known as Raven Reaper calmly looked at his own hands.

Those were a pair of extremely swollen, bloody and blurry miserable hands, uncontrollably shaking, and fresh red blood kept flowing out continuously.

Mo breathed out and said, "No wonder you are the master of 'Heavy Stone' and 'Diamond' Flow of the Heart. Is a real diamond going to be as hard as you are... in a sense, you restrain me."

Originally he hadn't moved at all, only enduring the beatings, but at this moment Tao Wu finally made a move.

He clenched his fists.

By using posture to exert force to the limits of the center of gravity, but what is being pursued is not the strength of the muscles, but the force of gravity itself.

If it is said that all gods have authority, then isn't the so-called gravity of the planets...the power of the god of the earth?

Flow of the Heart·Heavy Stone.

Center of the Earth.

The frail fist was swung, but it seemed to possess the strength to pierce the Earth's core.

He moved at an astonishing speed, and in an instant he had punched with his entire body and hit the mask of the "Raven Reaper".

The fist seemed to have magnified countless times in an instant, while Mo had already turned into a puddle of water, but his mask had not had time to dissolve. It was shattered by the residual shockwave of the fist that had not yet arrived.

Tao Wu's fist smashed fiercely forward, advancing recklessly, penetrating the transformed water, and heavily hitting the wall right in front of him.


An unimaginable impact!

The huge sound was like a missile blast. The wall shattered instantly, and the entire Demon Hunt Agency building trembled. The ground was also shaking slightly.

"Definitely cannot win by force-on-force clash..."

Feeling the shaking of the ground, Mo immediately had self-awareness.

But at least I can hold him back. As long as I keep using "First In, First Out" to constantly liquefy and dodge his attacks.


Right at that moment, Mo suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood, but didn't understand how they were injured for a short period of time.

Could it be that the shockwave from the backlash I received during my attack affected my body...

Before he could think much, the incredibly powerful Tao Wu had already come before him, with lightning coiling around its body.

Thunder and lightning are powers that cannot be countered even with liquefaction. At this point, Mo can only use Flow of Heart - Vajra to withstand it. This is a defense strong enough to resist cannon fire.

However, the opponent's punch was not a "Vajra" or "Heavy Rock" technique, so it shouldn't be as heavy as the previous one.

The punch is coming!

A heaviness that hasn't been experienced in decades!

Mo recalled something, that the so-called "Flow of the Heart masters", even if they were not accustomed to the posture and didn't perform the ceremony, were already able to exert a part of their power that excels in Flow of the Heart...

In themselves, they have become the natural mysteries, the incarnation.

This guy is not like a human, but more like a hundreds-of-meters-long terrifying monster with a compressed body shape that appears somewhat human!

Mo's consciousness disappeared in the next moment. His entire body was pressed down to the ground by a palm, and the ground, unable to withstand the immense force, crumbled in an instant.


Tao Wu silently looked at the hole punched in front of him, ignoring the enemies who were knocked down by himself and went underground. Instead, he turned around to look for the elevator.

He got on the elevator and silently went down to the seventh floor underground.

However, the elevator stopped and opened on the first floor underground.

Dozens of Night Watchers surrounded him outside.

Lin Bian, Adelaide, and Holly are also standing here, and everyone is as if facing a great enemy.

Deaf and mute Tao Wu stepped out of the elevator, assuming a stance properly. Holly's eyes turned red and she became eager to give it a try.

"Be careful, everyone! The enemy is very strong!"

But Adelaide made the first move!

She wielded a long spear that possessed the Attributes of both lightning and frost, stabbing fiercely with lightning speed.

Tao Wu calmly raised his hand and caught the spearhead, exerting force as he pushed it back. Adelaide immediately fell to one knee, feeling a tremendous force that was difficult to imagine struggling to hold it up.

Adelaide was shocked to discover that the Attribute attack emanating from the magic spear couldn't harm the enemy at all!

Holly shot out with a "bang".

With a sudden movement, she wielded a fist that had always been too powerful, causing much trouble and striking fear into her Night Watcher colleagues!

Tao Wu stretched out his other hand, taking the initiative and gently grabbing Holly's fist that was thrown out, pressing it down.


Holly's legs went weak and she almost fell to her knees, but she didn't want to kneel on the ground like that, so she exerted all her strength and used both hands to resist against one of Tao Wu's hands.

However, even so, although her legs didn't kneel down, her spine was becoming more and more bent. If this continued, her body would surely be folded in half.

Tao Wu stood still in place, without moving, and calmly restrained the two girls with both hands.

Lin Bian and others acted in a timely manner.

"Be careful not to get involved because of me!"

He used the Civilization-level Relic firearm to unleash numerous dazzling killings and manipulation spells, bombarding Tao Wu with attacks that eventually caused numerous abrasions on his body.

Silently, the injured Tao Wu lightly kicked Holly away, raised his hand, and easily snapped Adelaide's firearm in half. Holly crashed into the wall, spitting blood and falling into a coma.

He fell silent and continued to stride forward without a word.

The Night Watchers were seeing such a formidable enemy for the first time, everyone was shocked, but no one retreated.

Lin Bian took a deep breath and grinned wickedly.

"Good, it couldn't be better. Perhaps this lunatic should die here too."

He thought of Alan, who was sent to deal with the members of the Black Star Faction, and felt some comfort. At least that boy didn't have to be buried here with him.

Alan, I'll leave this city to you from now on.


Demon Hunt Agency, located on the seventh underground floor.

This is a space with black ceiling and walls and white floor, covering an area of about 200 square meters, except for a lone gray door, there are no superfluous items.

Mr. Trap stood alone here, with the apparently very important gray door behind him.

Inside this door is where the "sealing" ritual takes place.

It is the key to protecting this city from natural disasters. Once it is destroyed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Because the enemy may have infiltrated using powers such as invisibility and spatial displacement, the Night Watchers didn't allocate all their troops at the gateway.

As the director of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City, the elderly Mr. Trap stood alone here as the last line of defense, guarding the "sealing" ritual behind the door.

In his hand, he held an antiquated and rust-stained yellow jar.

This is the Civilization-level Relic he would use when the enemy invades...

"King Solomon's Magic Jar"

At this moment, Mr. Trap saw the elevator door in front of him open.

However, what came out from inside was not the imagined enemy, but a mass of... deep blue slime?

Mr. Trap narrowed his eyes, unable to distinguish whether the other side was an enemy or...

"Gurgle gurgle!"

The crawling Fusion Slime inside made a sound and greeted its temporary teammate very friendly.