I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: Night of Calamity

Tonight is the time when the calamity is about to come.

The violent rain didn't stop and the streets and alleys of the city were covered with rainwater. The sky was very dark, and the people of Tatsumi City stayed at home one after another... No one dared to go out in such weather.

Mr. Trap sat in the office, feeling very uneasy.

The elderly person, who had already aged and was about to wither, looked at the rain outside the window, pondering tonight's arrangements.

The Black Star Faction has already deployed all their forces and arrived at Tatsumi City. This information had long been obtained by the Demon Hunt Agency.

However, they found it difficult to locate even a single member of the Black Star Faction.

Although they knew that these terrifying demons were hiding nearby, the Night Watchers couldn't find a single clue during their search.

Undoubtedly, this is due to "the Undefeated" Ramos.

The most terrifying aspect of that dreadful man is not his direct combat abilities, but his incredible power of prophecy!

When the "Book of Prophecy" couldn't be used due to the interference of the Outer God, all the Night Watchers in Tatsumi City who were knowledgeable in prophetic spells were no better than the lowest level apprentices in the face of the legendary "Undefeated".

Their prophecies will inevitably be countered and heavily misleading, becoming full of harm and traps.

Mr. Trap sighed.

"The most important thing, undoubtedly, is to ensure the smooth progress of the "sealing" ceremony. If Tatsumi City were exposed to the violent calamity, it would be destroyed in an instant."

As the director of Tatsumi City's Demon Hunt Agency, Mr. Trap's eyes were full of worry at this moment.

"Raven Reaper" who stood not far away also noticed this. In the twenty years since he was adopted by Mr. Trap, he had already achieved a complete understanding and connection with the old man's thoughts.

"Reaven Reaper", Mo, was puzzled as to why the old man was so worried, and suddenly felt a shock. Could it be that there was a problem with the person who was supposed to have been sent from above?

He couldn't help but ask, "Have the Eyes of the Empire and the Sword-wielding Troop not arrived yet, Mr. Trap?

"They are not coming," Mr. Trap spoke slowly.


Mo was full of shock and couldn't believe his eyes. The Air Alliance didn't send anyone to support this time. Have the kings given up on Tatsumi City?

This is impossible!

"The highest city is facing an unexpected invasion from another world... The unknown world named 'Aliin' accidentally opened a space-time passage with the Air Alliance, and it was located in the current 'highest city'... This is war, and the kings are now threatened with their lives."

Mr. Trap continued, "Protecting the kings is the top priority requirement in the law. Until this crisis is completely resolved, neither the Eyes of the Empire nor the Special Investigations Department will come. Ironically, Tatsumi City will also face a natural disaster tonight. Everything seems to be such a coincidence."

"But I know, this may be the reason why the Black Star Faction insisted on taking action tonight."

The Air Alliance is under invasion! The lives of the kings are being threatened!

Upon hearing such astonishing news, Mo was stunned for a long time. In other words, the only people who can protect Tatsumi City this time are themselves... and the mysterious and inexplicable members of Babel Tower along with the legendary Savior.

The situation in the highest city is really concerning. Mo pondered, if many of the kings were to perish, the entire Air Alliance would experience a great upheaval, and the original order might even collapse!

But he soon realized that this was impossible.

Because of the presence of the Eyes of the Empire and the Sword-wielding Troop... there will not be any external enemies that can defeat the most powerful fighters of the Air Alliance!

Especially Mr. "World", this man cannot be defeated by mortal beings.

Under the gods, he is invincible.

The problem that he and his companions need to solve now, is how to protect Tatsumi City and overcome the crisis caused by the intrusion of the Black Star Faction.

Just then, the sound of a ringing telephone suddenly echoed in the dimly lit office.

Mr. Trap and Moore exchanged a glance, and the former slowly walked up and turned on the speakerphone on the desk with his aged fingers.

It was a cold and ruthless voice.

"Tonight, they will create chaos in various places, with the intention of luring out the Night Watcher. The locations that they plan to attack are the Dawn Pedestrian Street, Central Square, and... but these are not their ultimate goals."

"Their ultimate goal is only one, which is to destroy the 'closure'."

"Let the natural disaster destroy Tatsumi City."

Mr. Trap remained silent for a long time before finally speaking a heartfelt word.

"Thank you very much, mysterious members of the Babel Tower. I will always remember your kindness for the innocent people living in Tatsumi City."



Thunder and lightning flashed, and heavy rain continued to fall outside the window.

Professor Carol.

No, he should be called "the Undefeated" Ramos.

He stood in the hall of the villa, still dressed like a professor and scholar, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, with his hands behind his back, and a more solemn expression than ever before.

The reason Ramos is called "the Undefeated" is because he is one of the top prophetic spellmasters in the Air Alliance, and so far his prophecies have never been wrong.

The outcome of this prophecy has already been clear!

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Tatsumi City will be destroyed!

At this time, there were still more than 20 people standing behind Ramos - all dressed in black raincoats and gray masks, and remaining silent.

They are all elite members at the core of the Black Star Faction.

Originally, Ramos brought more elite members than these, but in recent days, they have been hiding as much as possible, but they were still found one by one by the people from Babel Tower.

Many people were killed on the eve of the operation, resulting in a shortage of personnel for the final operation.

Ramos finally learned that the members of Babel Tower who were trying to eliminate them... were actually Mu Ling, the friend of Yin!

"Perhaps this is the cruel fate," his tone was low and hoarse.


Ramos squinted his eyes and felt that perhaps it was not just an intangible fate, but there was something manipulating the special connection between Mu Ling and Yin.

He also didn't know what the thing was that was manipulating everything in secret?

But now this is no longer important.

"By now, our goal is set, and we must successfully obtain the Ruin-level Relic no matter what."

"Only by obtaining it, will the Black Star Faction have a chance to advance further."

"You have to create chaos throughout the city, mobilize manpower from Babel Tower and Demon Hunt Agency as much as possible, and leave the agency in a state of emptiness."

He continued to speak in the shadows:

"The Eyes of the Empire and the Sword-wielding Troop of the Demon Hunt Agency won't come to disturb us..."

"Because the real war has broken out, not only them, but the entire Air Alliance and even the whole world will begin to fend for themselves. If they still want to be distracted to help Tatsumi City, the foundation of the Air Alliance may be completely destroyed."

Ramos fell silent for a while, "It was precisely because I foresaw this that I decided to come to Tatsumi City at this particular time."

"Tonight, I have all the movements of the Demon Hunt Agency under my control."

He said slowly, "Ling, Lin Bian, Mo... only these three need your special attention, the rest don't have enough strength to pose a threat."

"However, there are still variables in this operation."

Ramos closed his eyes and spoke heavily:

"That is the Babel Tower, which I cannot predict at all... Behind them, the Savior has an astonishing power, but that is the test we need to overcome."

The expression of this man was extremely calm and determined. He took out three black and white paper cards from his chest and gently stood them upright on the nearby table.

Three seemingly ordinary but full of mysterious and wild breath cards, standing silently on the table like transcending everything. All members of the Black Star Faction kneel down, they can feel the breath of the great Chaos Star on the cards!

This is the gift of the Outer God.

This is the proof that they will ultimately succeed!

The cards standing upright on the table slowly start rotating, as if forming some kind of special ritual. The speed of the rotation is slow but very steady, and they seem to never fall.

Ramos explained, "This is the gift bestowed upon us by the Chaos Star... And as long as these three cards don't fall, myself, Yin, and Tao Wu will not truly leave the false world... I will help you guard them."

Yin stood among the crowd, bowing her head in silence, as if pondering something about Mu Ling.

Beside her stood an East Asian man wearing black clothes, with a thin and determined-looking physique.

He stood in the most out-of-place position among the crowd, seemingly not a member of the Black Star Faction. The others seemed to hold a peculiar attitude towards him.


Ramos turned to the thin black-clothed man and calmly said, "So, the final task of destroying the 'sealing' is left to you, Tao Wu."

"And this is it, the end," he added in a deliberate manner.

The black-clothed man named Tao Wu remained silent, as if nothing that was happening in the world had any connection or significance to him.


Bai Yan sat calmly in the dimly lit room, watching the exaggerated rain outside, wondering how to complete the new task at hand.

Through the game "Babel Tower", Bai Yan already knew where the "Sealing Ceremony" took place and he believed that Ramos knew this information as well.

His ability to predict is really a useful tool for gathering intelligence.

It has been said before that in the underground world of the Demon Hunt Agency, the deeper something exists, the more important it is.

The "Sealing" ceremony takes place on the 7th underground floor of the Demon Hunt Agency!

Bai Yan went silent and gently put down the mobile phone that he was holding in his hand.

Finally, he made up his mind and used his finger to tap on the "Save Game" button on the screen.

Bai Yan muttered to himself, "As a result, it is still the same. We cannot achieve a perfect outcome by just relying on the means within the realm of the game. The current arrangement should be the limit under the premise of conserving resources."

He has been playing the Babel Tower game for a whole day, from yesterday until now.

The conclusion is... no matter what, there is a huge gap in strength between both sides. Normally, in Tatsumi City, there is no one who can restrict or defeat "the Undefeated" Ramos.

If everything in reality follows the script of the "Babel Tower" game...

The final result will end with the complete victory of the Black Star Faction.

Tatsumi City is thus destroyed.

"But, the variables produced because of me tonight will be too numerous to count... No one can truly know what will happen tomorrow."

Thunder explodes outside the window, and Bai Yan, the most unpredictable variable in the "Babel Tower" game, slowly stands up in the darkness - the biggest surprise!