I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Unsullied Saint

Mu Ling picked up the wooden bucket and scooped water in the family bath.


She stood in the bath and closed her eyes, washing away the bloodstains from her fair body with the clear water, feeling the water's temperature acutely.

People from the Black Star Faction have reappeared again.

How many people in this city have suffered because of them, and how many families no longer exist because of them!

Although usually emotionally indifferent due to the side effects of the Crown Ceremony, Mu Ling took a deep breath and felt a long-forgotten emotion rising within her...anger!

"Those from the Black Star Faction must never be forgiven!"

However, that feeling of anger was fleeting; she quickly regained her composure.

After washing her body, Mu Ling sat in the bathtub and began to take deep breaths. Her snow-white skin pressed against the transparent water as she tried once again to merge herself with the flow of the water.

In the past, she would have never been able to easily achieve a state of "peace of mind".

And "peace of mind" is the foundation of the Flow of the Heart.

However, Mu Ling at this moment hadn't fully recovered emotionally from the residual effects of the Crown Ceremony, so she easily calmed down again.

It can be said that it was a case of "accidental coincidence".

Finally, she felt it.

The flow of water.

Water... this force seems very weak, but it is difficult to ignore.

When calm, it has the power to drown the careless, and when violent, it is powerful enough to destroy everything in its path.

This is the power of water.

So vast, so gentle, so fierce, the key lies in the change between calmness and flow.

And oneself is a part of water.

Mu Ling slowly opened her eyes and discovered that at some unknown time, her body had already immersed in the pool water.

Flow of the Heart · Flowing Water.

Entry level.

It will take a long time to master the specific skills, but taking the first step of entry level is a good thing. In fact, achieving a "quiet mind" is the most difficult obstacle in the Flow of the Heart.

"Flow of the Heart" is a power system that is very difficult to learn at entry level, then becomes easier and harder to master in the advanced stage.

Many people have to meditate for several years before they can truly and perfectly enter a state of "quiet mind".

And Mu Ling, in the dark dimension of the night, was also tortured for "several years," which is extremely similar to the closed-door state of martial artists, and even goes further.

She became obliged to "quiet her mind".

Leaving the pool, Mu Ling dried herself off, put on her new black pajamas, and went back to her room to prepare for sleep on the bed.

She habitually put on the black cat eye mask that had been with her since childhood and lay down in a regular position.


Always feel like something has been forgotten lately...

She suddenly sat up, remembering something very important that had slipped her mind. Right, she still had the task of giving birth to an heir for her family to do.

"Well... I have to give birth to nine. I could sacrifice myself for the Savior at any time, so I should start reproducing earlier."

Mu Ling sat up calmly, stayed for a while, and then took out her cellphone to search.

How to choose a suitable spouse.

Salary, house, education, maternity leave... There are various types of information and a great variety.

After a while, she felt that the online comments were too close to "ordinary people" and had no reference value for herself.

"Better go ask Huo Xin," Mu Ling muttered to herself.

Huo Xin is her only relative now, and this kind of thing should also be asked of him... So, how to find a suitable spouse after all?


Huo Xin on the sofa, upon hearing the question from the current head of the family, spat out the black coffee in his hand.

"Cough cough, miss, you don't sleep at night and actually want to discuss this kind of issue with me... You, well, indeed, this is also a very important matter."

Continuing the family is indeed a very important matter, and to truly rebuild the family it is impossible for her to do it alone. As for the miss looking for a spouse... it is actually a bit difficult.

He seriously pondered for a moment, and the most critical issue lies in the fact that the miss's conditions are both too good and too difficult at the same time!

Huo Xin nodded gently and said very seriously, "But miss, now that you're a member of the Babel Tower, a normal spouse may not really be suitable for you."

"If it was the former family, the previous you, I think any of the five major families in Tatsumi City could have been potential marriage partners... Even if we don't discuss power, based on your appearance alone, you could have chosen a spouse you like."

Although the miss has never had self-awareness, Huo Xin knows that she is a one-in-a-million peerless beauty that would attract the attention of any normal man... except for relatives.

Huo Xin sighed and said, "But now things are different. Not to mention the various changes within the five major families, I think now ordinary superhumans cannot be with people from this mysterious organization like you."

"You have become too strong too quickly, and your life is also under great risk... if it weren't for the heavy responsibility of continuing the family line, I believe it's best for you to remain single... but then again, that would be too pitiful."

Huo Xin fell into silence.

He felt that even someone like the miss should have the happiness of an ordinary person.

Mu Ling silently listened to the butler's explanation, and nodded.

That is indeed the case.

"Huo Xin, you're right. I'll think it over carefully when I return."

"Okay, please go to bed early."

Huo Xin sighed, shook his head gently. Joining the Babel Tower was undoubtedly a good thing for the miss.

But can she really attain happiness in the future?

As Mu Ling returned to bed and put on her eye mask once again, she started reflecting and ultimately arrived at a conclusion.

The spouse one needs to find must meet three requirements.

Firstly, they should be able to adapt to the unique lifestyle of being a part of a mysterious organization like her.

Secondly, as an important member of the family's revival, they must be powerful enough, ideally always stronger than herself.

Thirdly, they must possess personal charm that can make her admire and even worship them.

"There is no such person in Tatsumi City."

Mu Ling, who came to a conclusion, decisively went to sleep.


In the morning, the sky in Tatsumi City remained overcast.

The drizzling rain still hasn't stopped, and people could smell the fresh scent that can only be found on rainy days.

Sitting in her usual coffee shop, Mu Ling, dressed in black, was calmly enjoying the free breakfast and coffee promised by the owner, awaiting her next task.

Inside the coffee shop, the newly installed television was broadcasting the news.

"Disaster is about to arrive at Tatsumi City. This time, the disaster type is a 'cloud burst'. Theoretically, if Tatsumi City doesn't prepare for it, it could be completely destroyed within half an hour..."

"But the citizens can rest assured that the safety of Tatsumi City has been fully guaranteed for several hundred years. The 'sealing off' facilities used to defend against disasters are reinforced, and there is no danger whatsoever..."

Mu Ling listened to the news while pondering about the matter of "sealing off" in her heart.

In the Otherworlds, there is actually a completely different claim. "Sealing off" is, in fact, a large-scale ritual that every city possesses, and each city will activate it when a disaster occurs.

Due to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, all cities in the Air Alliance exist independently, while sinners living in the wilderness will follow the footsteps of the disasters and migrate...because after a natural disaster, a new one will not occur in the same area for a short period of time.

Even so, the average lifespan of sinners living in the wilderness is still less than thirty years old.

The wilderness, in the true sense of the word, is a land of despair.

Mu Ling vaguely remembered that "sealing off" in the eyes of ordinary people was just a "big cover" that enveloped the city, but in reality, its true principle seemed to be to temporarily transfer the entire city to a different dimension.

Therefore, as long as they can activate the "sealing off" in advance, independent cities will not need to fear any natural disasters.

She murmured to herself, "It's because the second generation leader of the Time of Chord invented the reason for 'sealing off' that the various independent cities of the Air Alliance were able to establish themselves, otherwise the Air Alliance would not exist at all."

It will still be the same migratory settlement as the sinners.

Just then, Mu Ling suddenly saw a familiar girl walking in from outside the restaurant.

She froze.

"Unexpectedly, how could it be possible..."

With black cloth blindfolding her eyes, she had a gentle demeanor like a young lady, silky and smooth hair like golden sand, and a white fitted gown that completely concealed her shapely figure.

The blindfolded girl held a pure white umbrella in her hand. After she entered the cafe, she calmly put her umbrella away, making very little noise throughout the process as if unwilling to disturb others.

However, everyone was immediately drawn to her because although her face was slightly less beautiful than Mu Ling's, her figure was even more impressive...such a woman is truly rare to come by.

Perhaps, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.


Mu Ling was slightly taken aback, but immediately said, "Yin? Is that you?"

The blindfolded girl also paused for a moment and turned "towards" this side, asking with some confusion, "Is that...Mu Ling's voice? Are you there?"

"You really do remember me after all."

Mu Ling, who was originally aloof, suddenly became happy and immediately stood up and walked over, with a slight smile on her face.

Then she stopped in front of the girl again and said, "Yin, long time no see...what happened to your eyes?"

"It's really you, Mu Ling."

Yin's face showed a faint smile, shaking her head, "It's nothing, just some unexpected events that happened."

"I am really happy to see you again."

Her expression seemed a bit sentimental.

Yin was Mu Ling's neighbor, classmate and friend when she was a child. At that time, Yin was still attending regular elementary school and had only a vague understanding of the family's affairs.

Her biggest impression of Yin is kindness and gentleness.

Mu Ling still remembers that every time after school, Yin would lead her to feed a stray orange kitten in the park.

They gradually formed an emotional bond with the little kitten.

In winter, the little kitten in the park suddenly disappeared, which made Mu Ling feel sad, but she didn't show it.

Yin cried, and she cried for a long time until her eyes became swollen.

Her current pair of eyes...they should have been so beautiful, but I don't know why they have lost...

The moment she came into contact, Mu Ling checked it with her powerful perceptual ability.

She found out that Yin's blindness was caused by physical trauma.

So that's how it is.

Mu Ling knew that as long as she used expensive high-level alchemical medicine, she should be able to fix Yin's blindness, so she didn't feel particularly sad at the moment.

But she didn't know how to tell Yin, who was just an ordinary person, about it. She could only figure out a way to surprise her later.

Mu Ling pulled Yin over to sit down here and stopped focussing on her eyes. Instead, she said:

"I really didn't expect that, I could see you again after so many years."

She said in a calm tone, "We used to go to school together, and I remember your younger brother being very mischievous, and you would always complain to me about him... By the way, why did you suddenly leave Tatsumi City later on? I have always been puzzled about it. My father only told me that you had all moved away at the time but didn't tell me the specific reason."

Everything in the past was so happy, but it was all destroyed by the Black Star Faction's own hands.

Unconsciously, Mu Ling has accumulated another anger.

She felt that she was gradually getting rid of the influence of "emotional indifference".

Yin was silent for a while, as if recalling something.

Then she smiled and nodded, saying, "Yeah, we were really good when we were young."

"We encountered something at that time, and had to leave Tatsumi City and live in other cities. Unfortunately, I thought we would come back soon, but I didn't expect to spend nearly ten years outside like this..."

"Well, it's been a long time."

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment, and also recalled her own experiences in the past decade.

If it weren't for the great Savior, and the grace of the master, I would definitely be more miserable than Yin.

She suddenly frowned and asked, "Your eyes... why did you come out alone? Aren't there any other people with you? Where are your parents and your younger brother?"

Yin forced a smile and said, "Yes, my younger brother will come to pick me up... it's usually like this."

"Your younger brother has also come back, Gray... seems to be his name."

In fact, Mu Ling had little impression of Yin's younger brother. She only remembered that he was thin and small, and liked to show off his strength. She didn't know if the boy had grown taller over the years.

Her current mood is very complicated, but also very happy.

Over the years, all of Mu Ling's relatives except Huo Xin have passed away, and she has hardly had any friends. Yet now, she is able to reunite with her childhood friend.

This special sense of joy is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mu Ling continued to ask, "Yin, why did you guys come back to Tatsumi City?"

Yin answered calmly, "Because Tatsumi City is my hometown."

"I have always liked the people here, that's why I wanted to come back...If I were to choose a place to be buried, it should definitely be here. I think that's the best way to describe it."

"Place of burial...," Mu Ling sank into deep thought.

Tatsumi City is also my hometown.

But as long as it is an order from the Savior, I can die anywhere.

Yin smiled calmly and suddenly issued an invitation as a friend:

"My parents actually have no intention of coming back here. This time, I came to Tatsumi City with my younger brother and my lover. We may likely live here permanently in the future...Mu Ling, would you like to come and see where I'm living now and meet my lover?"

"How about we have a meal together, today?"

Mu Ling noticed that when Yin mentioned her "lover", an unconcealed admiration appeared on Yin's face.

It was like...the expression I have when talking about the Savior with others.

Mu Ling couldn't help but be curious, what kind of person would make Yin feel admiration like that?

I don't know if that man treats Yin well or not, I should go take a look.

She nodded gently and said, "OK."