I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: New Event - "Black Catastrophe."

"The new event, 'Black Catastrophe,' has already begun!"

"Please players follow the following task list to act...and try to complete the following tasks as much as possible."

"First task: Exterminate All: Kill 'The Undefeated' Ramos, kill 'Unsullied Saint' Yin, kill 'Traitor of Zhuzhao' Tao Wu. After all are killed, get extra mysterious rewards."

"Second task: Savior: Ensure the 'Sealing' ritual is not disrupted, and receive legend points reward."

"Third task: Preserve strength: Ensure the survival of Babel Tower with at least one Core Operator. For each surviving Core Operator, the player will receive a reward of Source Energy Points."

"Fourth task: Hunt down the members of the Black Star Faction concealed throughout the city as much as possible. For every Black Star Faction member killed, the player will receive a reward of Source Energy Points."

"If Task One fails, the event evaluation will not be higher than A-level."

"If Task Two fails, a natural disaster will destroy Tatsumi City, and the difficulty of the main storyline will increase dramatically."

"If Task Three fails, the game will end."

"If all tasks are completed, at least an SS-level evaluation will be obtained."

"The Undefeated","Unsullied Saint","Traitor of Zhuzhao"......

The names of the three bosses made Bai Yan's eyelids jump.

Formerly, Bai Yan suffered a setback in their hands, so the memory was still fresh. At that time, Babel Tower relied on continuously buying lives to defeat "Unsullied Saint" and "Traitor of Zhuzhao" with difficulty.

In the end, they were left with only one Core Operator and no Source Energy Points to purchase extra lives, and were plunged into a completely desperate situation.

Bai Yan could only despairingly send out the last remaining Core Operator with low health, Hidden Azure, to challenge the final boss of the solo event, the Undefeated.

Hidden Azure was crushed without suspense by the mighty power of 'the Undefeated' in the first stage, and she couldn't even force the opponent to use their full power.

But times have changed.

"This time, I will defend Tatsumi City." he muttered to himself.

Actually, during the recent period of idleness, Bai Yan occasionally had the Core Operators carry out a few "emergency missions", but they were all meager rewards.

Until now, 'Babel Tower' has finally come out with a large-scale event again.

Compared to the 'Chaos of Equilibrium', which can be completed with ease and could only be considered a "medium-large" event, this large-scale event clearly has much greater caliber in both enemies and rewards.

Bai Yan poured himself a glass of water, took a couple of sips, and sat calmly on the sofa.

He muttered to himself, "The scale of this 'Babel Tower' event should be the largest one so far in the second playthrough."

The real difficulty.

The mobile game 'Babel Tower' also had a very special notification appear.

"Special notification:"

"Attention: All feedback from the 'Babel Tower' game event will be reflected in the real world after one day."

Hmm, this small change was somewhat unexpected for Bai Yan.

Usually, the game content of 'Babel Tower' is reflected in the real world after a few hours.... but this time it was after one day.

"So, did 'Babel Tower' give me time to buffer... giving me a chance to change the destined future and my fate?"

Bai Yan fell into contemplation. The meaning behind the creation of 'Babel Tower' remains unclear, but the high probability is that it was created so that he, who plays the role of the "Savior," can save the world.

It actually made an active concession, indicating that this event is indeed difficult enough.

Very soon, the task appeared on the game interface.

"Emergency mission: Hunt down a member of the Black Star Faction (1)."

"Please select a Core Operator to participate in the battle."

Hunt down members of the Black Star Faction?

I remember, this is a series of emergency missions, which will keep appearing these days, and each wave is more difficult than the previous one.

Until the seventh wave, the personnel at Babel Tower will encounter one of the three bosses of the Black Star Faction.

Although it is not a boss level, and it is only the first wave of monsters, Bai Yan thought for a moment and still chose the currently most confident and strongest Nightsaber to participate in the battle.

Because the performance will affect the final activity score, and if the rating is good enough, there will be more rewards.

So we need to do our best.

Bai Yan not only wants to complete the "Black Catastrophe" event, but he also wants to win it perfectly!

Soon, the art style on the phone changed and became dim.

Familiar pixel art style.

Out on the dimly lit street walks a pixelated figure of "Nightsaber", while ahead not far away are a dozen or so members of the evil organization dressed in black with gray masks.

"Da da da da."

The black subtitles appear at the bottom of the phone screen.

High Priest Grey, "So it's you... the Hound of Babel Tower...

High Priest Grey, "So, you have discovered it after all, because of that bloodsucking creature... But the Star of Chaos blesses us, and our great plan will never fail because of this!

The cold and unfeeling "Nightsaber" didn't reply at all.

Even though the Core Operators of Babel Tower are being manipulated, they can still talk at the moment. However, she feels that speaking to the heretics is meaningless.

Especially the people of the Black Star Faction...

They are nothing but a group of monsters disguised as humans, and as a hunter, she must expel these terrible creatures for all the people in the world.

Bai Yan controlled Nightsaber and bravely killed one heretic after another, cutting through brambles and thorns.

The strength of these more than ten heretics is much higher than that of the previous Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices. They should all be elite members who have the opportunity to reach the "awakening". Perhaps if anyone can survive, they may even become priests or high priests in the future.

However, for the already powerful Nightsaber, the outcome of the battle at this moment was absolutely certain.

The boss that appeared suddenly in this event is "Senior Priest Grey".

There is no doubt that this is a person of the same level as Mr. Mystery. Both have the position of a senior priest.

He released a large amount of black, slimy monsters and at the same time, came attacking Mu Ling with a knife with great speed.

Bai Yan skillfully controlled Nightsaber to use the skill "Dark Dimension" to avoid the opponent's high-speed attacks. The Nightsaber constantly shuttling in the dark dimension was equivalent to gaining invincibility frames every few seconds during the battle.

Very useful.

He didn't immediately let Nightsaber use Deep Blue World, but instead let Nightsaber and the opponent fight for a while like this.

The power of Gray is very strong, the speed is very fast, and the sword fighting skills are extremely advanced.

But there is no doubt that it is a complete suppression by Nightsaber!

Her strength is even stronger! Her speed is even faster! Her combat skills are even more advanced!

Bai Yan shook his head gently and murmured to himself, "So that's it, this level of small BOSS is already too weak for Mu Ling."

Let's finish it off in one go!


The rain silently falls from the gloomy sky.

Under the dark night sky, the blood of the dead flowed in the alley.

Drops of water flowed down the girl's face, with icy purple eyes and fresh red blood dripping from her black coat, merging with the accumulated water on the ground.

She tightly grips the blade that trembles incessantly with excitement for the taste of death, staring at the last remaining enemy before her.

You have taken away everything that was once important to me.

And I, too, will take away everything from you.

The enemy standing in front of Mu Ling was wrapped in a black cloak, with a small stature... "Grey", the high priest of the Black Star Faction, also held a deep blue blade in his hand.

"Chaotic creation, obey my command and devour my enemies."

He summoned many gray slime monsters and commanded them to rush forward and subdue his enemies.

Mu Ling seemed to be standing still, but all those gray slime monsters suddenly split in half, clearly torn apart with high-speed slashes.

"Can't I even interfere a little?" Grey shook his head lightly.

Many years have passed, and you have become so strong. You are destined to be a hunter.

Grey chuckled coldly, darting forward with lightning speed, as his deep blue blades sliced through the raindrops and mercilessly attacked the enemy.

This blade is infused with a deadly poison, and one strike is enough to slay an enemy.

Mu Ling, who was being controlled, coldly lifted her hand and easily blocked the enemy's attack.

Too slow.

This level of combat ability is already too slow for her now...however, the speed and power are still impressive.

Through one, two, three strikes and several rounds of confrontation, Mu Ling effortlessly suppressed her opponent.

Suddenly, a voice sounded in her mind.

[Finish him off.]

She looked at her opponent mercilessly, and had already declared the enemy's death sentence.

Meanwhile, Gray was stunned in place, suddenly feeling a change in the opponent's breath.

My own death is near!

Deep Blue World.

All things in the world stopped in an instant. As far as the girl's eyes could see, every raindrop was frozen in mid-air, and the previously noisy night became quiet.

In an absolutely silent space, Mu Ling slowly took a step forward, each step causing the ground to crack, while a faint blue light flickered around her.

Swing the knife.

Behead the enemy!

At last, the raindrops resumed their falling state, and the sound of nature returned.

The head soars into the sky.

"Mission accomplished."

Mu Ling slowly withdraws her knife as the body behind her falls silently.

Her mind was once again plagued by the cold and ruthless voice.


[The Black Star Faction mobilizes, and you especially need to watch out for 'The Undefeated' Ramos...he is an opponent even you cannot overcome presently.]

"The Undefeated" Ramos.

Mu Ling repeated the name in her mind, nodded slightly, and left the dark alleyway.

The rain still hasn't stopped.

About ten minutes later, a beautiful woman with a pure and flawless white nun's dress walked into the alleyway with a black cloth blindfold over her eyes.

She had an excellent figure; full but with well-defined curves. Her golden hair fell like a cascade, and she gently held her hands in front of her chest.

The "nun" looked down at the corpses with sadness.

She knelt down in the rain and slowly picked up the head of "Gray".

"Congratulations, Gray. I genuinely feel happy for you... You are fortunate to have taken the first step towards the real world and have freed yourself from the constraints of this false world."

"But we will continue to work hard here."

The "nun" murmured softly, "Babel Tower, even Mr. Ramos couldn't predict your actions?"