I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: The Contact


Unimaginable horror?

About to destroy this city?

The amount of information conveyed through each word and heartfelt message made Maryse's originally good mood turn very bad.

She suddenly felt that without all these miscellaneous dangers, her life could probably be even better.

"We will pass on the information you provide, and the Savior will save this city."

Maryse felt joy and turned around to see the man walking towards her.

His slightly curled black hair, brown pupils, handsome Western appearance, slim-fitted black suit, and the intoxicating aura of a noble scholar.


Bai Yan had actually arrived in the vicinity a long time ago, but he had not shown himself.

At this moment, he came in person while his clone remained in the villa conducting daily adjusted training for Sylve.

Profligate, Marquis Scarlet met this man for the first time, although he had long heard of his name and extended his hand for a friendly greeting.

"The infamous Profligate of the Babel Tower, I have finally met you."

He smiled and said, "The future owner of Tatsumi City may be destined to be the Savior of Babel Tower. As a member of the bloodline, I must establish a good relationship with you in advance."

[But our queen is the most powerful creature in the Dark World. Even though her strength may not compare to the gods, she has the strongest mind... Even if the Savior of Babel Tower can rule over this pathetic city, he cannot control her.]

Reprinting 'Psychic Dancer', Bai Yan, who also possesses psychic powers, restrained himself from laughing.

"This matter is currently of little importance," he simply said calmly.

"So even the legendary Queen of the Scarlet Moon can be injured? How long has it been since she was last injured, at least fifty years since she became a legend in Tatsumi City."

Marquis Scarlet nodded and said solemnly, "Yes, Her Majesty has not been injured for over fifty years."

[Fifty years ago, Her Majesty easily defeated Mr. Trap, Mr. Que, and others, but was then ambushed by 'The Cursed String Music,' the current captain of the Sword-wielding Troop, who had hurried over from the Bureau of Demon Hunters at the time... However, she has not been injured since then and has become a symbol of invincibility.]

"The opponents she encountered this time were very strong, and there was not just one powerful person, otherwise Her Majesty the Queen would not have been injured..."

"According to Her Majesty the Queen's statement, they are people from the Black Star Faction."

Black Star Faction?

Maryse was stunned.

Mr. Mystery" still lingered in her mind, and because of his presence, she had died once before.

More importantly, the true identity of "Mr. Mystery" turned out to be her own uncle... Maryse was very shocked when she found out. She never expected that the man who had so many dirty thoughts about her was actually "Mr. Mystery".

His dirty thoughts were intentionally released as deceptive barriers to prevent others from peeking into his psychic power.

The people from the Black Star Faction are here for revenge now?" Maryse immediately had this thought.

After hearing this news, Bai Yan also fell silent.

He seemed to be recalling some important intelligence.

"Who is the powerful saint they sent?" Maryse asked. "Could it be the 'Unsullied Saint' who appeared only once in the auction a few years ago?"

Marquis Scarlet shook his head gently and said, "No, it's not just this woman, or rather, it's more than just her."

"The leader of the Black Star Faction."

"The legendary 'Undefeated', leading his many strong subordinates, has silently landed in Tatsumi City!"

The Marquis's expression was extremely serious.

[If Her Majesty the Queen had not coincidentally encountered them, no one would have known of their existence! They do incredibly terrifying things in secret!]

Maryse was stunned, unable to speak for a moment. The incoming enemy was actually the leader of the Black Star Faction!

Moreover, he also brought many strong members of the Black Star Faction!

She asked incredulously, "Why would they do this? Do they really need to mobilize so many forces to seek revenge on the Babel Tower? Does 'the Undefeated', as a high-priority target of the Air Alliance's wanted list, have no other targets to strike or other things to attend to?"

Black Star Faction.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😋)

This is an evil cult that spreads across multiple cities of the Air Alliance, although its influence worldwide cannot compare to that of the strongest cult, 'Dead Silence'.

But in terms of influence within the Air Alliance, the Black Star Faction may be superior to all other cults!

You know, these guys are the ones who can transfer the 'Emperor' from Tatsumi City, indicating that there are probably chess pieces of the Black Star Faction even within the Hundred Kings Assembly!

And this time, they actually went all out and quietly came to Tatsumi City...

This lineup is really overestimating the Babel Tower!

Especially since even the leader of the Black Star Faction, "the Undefeated" Ramos, has come, how could I possibly compete with someone like him?

When that guy played hide and seek with Demon Hunt Agency's Sword-wielding Troop, I hadn't even been born yet.

"This is a super wanted criminal, ranked fifth on the Air Alliance's list..." Maryse muttered in confusion.

The Air Alliance offers bounties on many criminals, cultists, and rebels from the Otherworlds, among whom the top ten most wanted are all renowned and provide a reward of one billion just for providing important clues.

If anyone can catch and bring them to justice... the Air Alliance's bounty is a Civilization-level Relic!

And the leader of the Black Star Faction, a man rumored to control the future, is the fifth-ranked super wanted criminal.

"The Undefeated" Ramos and "Mr. Mystery" are completely different levels of existence.

"Don't, help! Our Babel Tower is still in its developmental stage!" Maryse felt like crying and holding her head in distress.

The enemy this time is really too powerful!

Bai Yan wasn't particularly afraid, because he had gone through this event once in "Babel Tower" the first playthrough, so he had relatively rich experience.

Although, at that time, he had suffered a complete defeat here and had to start over...


The first time Bai Yan played "Babel Tower", he crashed under "The Undefeated", and the result was that all the Core Operators of Babel Tower were wiped out, leading to game over.

The aftermath of the failed ending is...the destruction of the multiverse and the end of all things.

The Undefeated.

The man who literally holds the future and never fails.

Bai Yan said slowly, "They don't want to attract the attention of the Eyes of the Empire and the Magic Suppression Bureau, while at the same time they are afraid of the powerful force in the sky, so they chose to quietly sneak in."

He asked calmly, "The most important question now is, what do the people of the Black Star Faction want to do by sneaking into Tatsumi City?"

After speaking, Bai Yan looked at the vampire standing in front of him, waiting for his answer.

Marquis Scarlet clearly knew the answer.

Nodding gently, he said, "Their target should be a Ruin-level Relic located in Tatsumi City. That thing is said to be an important legacy of the 'Connector'..."

This was not the first time Maryse had heard the term "Ruin-level Relic", and her eyebrows raised in response.

The legendary thing that surpasses even a "Civilization-level Relic"? As Mr. Profligate claimed, it exists in a certain witch's possession.


Bai Yan was slightly stunned; it was the first time he had heard of this person.

Who is that person?

Why hasn't anyone mentioned his existence in the vast sea of text throughout "Babel Tower" the first playthrough?

Perhaps he was mentioned a few times, but I couldn't remember; that's the biggest possibility.

As for the Ruin-level Relic hidden in Tatsumi City, Bai Yan could probably guess that it was the one that "Moon Witch" carried with her every time he drew her.

Every time...every time she'll end up getting that Ruin-level Relic, won't she?


Bai Yan fell into deep thought and concluded that if that despicable person managed to obtain the Ruin Relic, it would still be considered as his own gain in a way, so there was no need to stop her.

"Her Majesty the Queen also requests that I relay some important intelligence."

Marquis Scarlet paused for a moment and said solemnly, "The first thing is that she has confirmed that 'the Undefeated' can no longer use the Civilization-level Relic on him. Additionally, due to the presence of the team that infiltrated Tatsumi City, 'the Undefeated' has also expended a considerable amount of energy and is currently unable to exert his full power."

"The second matter is that the Unsullied Saint who follows 'the Undefeated' also possesses a Civilization-level Relic, and apart from the two of them, there is also a hidden 'third person' who can be considered a formidable foe."

"The third matter is the most important of all..."

Lowering his voice, he said with great gravity, "The Black Star Faction doesn't know where the 'Ruin Relic' is hidden in Tatsumi City. They plan to use the upcoming natural disaster... to completely destroy Tatsumi City and finally search for it in the ruins of the city."

Use the upcoming natural disaster?

Maryse was stunned, realizing that there were only a few days left until the annual natural disaster struck Tatsumi City.

However, Tatsumi City has chosen to "seal off" during this time every year, and has safely weathered the arrival of the natural disaster for hundreds of years.

She said with a pale face, "If members of the Black Star Faction find a way to render the "sealing off" ineffective, then without needing to take action themselves, the entire city will be exposed to the natural disaster and perish in an instant!"


After Marquis Scarlet left the dining hall, Maryse and Bai Yan also had no appetite.

But Maryse lingered and chatted with him for a while, although Bai Yan was eager to leave directly, he had no choice but to stay with Maryse until late at night before finally leaving.

When Bai Yan returned to his temporary "home," he found that Sylve was still awake and reading the book he had given her instead of sleeping.

Very serious.

However, at this moment, he didn't care about what had happened to this "former delinquent girl."

Bai Yan took out his mobile phone and opened "Babel Tower."

As expected.

A new event appeared prominently in "Babel Tower," which should be the last major event before the "Doomsday Crisis."

The name of the major event is...

"Black Catastrophe."