I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: The Strongest Spectacle!


Three redraws.

The first draw is... "World Line Change Fragment · Atlantis x1."

Although the probability of failure seems to be already loaded, Bai Yan still manages to remain composed.

He didn't believe that his luck was really bad, as ever since he awakened his extraordinary power named "Game," his luck has continuously been obviously improving!

Yes, especially after reaching "awakening," Bai Yan found that his luck in various situations in daily life was much stronger than that of ordinary people.

Especially when playing various games, he often manages to get good items with low probabilities.

It's obvious that in some games, achieving a perfect victory not only requires skill, but also a stroke of good luck.

Therefore, it's normal for the extraordinary power named "Game" to also come with a luck bonus.

Second summon!

Open the card face.

"Probability! Indestructible · Fusion Slime!"

"Not bad."

Bai Yan finally felt a lot more relieved. He drew the skin for the strongest regular defense specialized type, and Fusion Slime was a Core Operator he already had.

As a result, in targeted battles, the defense capability of the slime will rise sharply.

"Indestructible" is a defense-specialized skin for Fusion Slime, which specializes in defense against regular damage.

Its weakness is that it is susceptible to being manipulated by mental control or strange curses, and its recovery ability greatly deteriorates. However, this type of slime is capable of essentially immune to all regular attacks.

The "Fusion Slime" in this world line was born in a "metal world" composed of metal people, where all living beings in the world were made up of metal elements.

Meanwhile, Fusion Slime in this world is naturally composed of the rarest "extraterrestrial metal" from the universe, with a dark golden spherical body with its own texture, and extending indestructible tentacles.

Its recovery ability and flexibility will both decrease as it is unable to enter its explosive state without the power of fusion. However, its regular defense capability and strength will increase significantly.

Not only is the slime at the same level unable to be cut, but even Bai Yan suspects that after changing to this skin, it would take Nightsaber, who is several times stronger than it, several hours just to deal with it.

Bai Yan murmured to himself:

"If Alan didn't have his own 'Fire that Burns Everything', he probably wouldn't be able to kill Fusion Slime under this skin in his lifetime... no, wait, he seems to have learned some very powerful spells recently. I was too harsh on Alan before. Even so, it would take him ten hours."

At this point, his ten summons this time can't be considered as a piece of totally bad luck.

Even if the last summon doesn't give him anything useful, Bai Yan is already satisfied.

Of course, it's still better to have a prize drop.

The next summon dropped a prize.

Moreover, what he got made his heart stop and he instantly turned into a motionless statue.

"World Line Change·World Tree!"

Bai Yan was a bit incredulous, and even rubbed his eyes, carefully looking at the game prompts given by "Babel Tower".

In his perception, "World Tree" was undoubtedly the best among all "marvels", and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it was equivalent to drawing the Queen of the Scarlet Moon in the pool of "marvels"!

World Tree, Queen of the Scarlet Moon, Wishing Lamp, they were the few cards that Bai Yan needed the most... It would be a great stroke of luck to draw any one of them in the early or middle stage!

"Did it really come out?"

He was still a bit incredulous, as if he were dreaming.

But the reality was that it had really been drawn - the legendary World Tree...

"Load World Line Change!"

Without any hesitation, Bai Yan used World Line Change · World Tree!


"Game Tip:"

"World Tree loading! It will be completed in a few days!"

Bai Yan knew the function of World Tree, according to legend, the tree species of this tree is the white wax tree, reaching the sky.

From this tree, nine kingdoms emerged, and under this tree, there are three huge roots that lead to three special springs.

And in "Babel Tower", the World Tree is a "portal" that connects various otherworlds in the multiverse.

When it is fully grown, "Babel Tower's" daily and weekly missions will have additional content related to the various worlds of the multiverse, replacing the original ordinary tasks.

Each of its branches and roots is connected to a different world, and the "Savior" can dispatch Core Operators to complete "otherworldly" missions, replacing the original daily and weekly missions to earn considerable profits.

Simply put, the Source Energy Points that Bai Yan obtains steadily every week will be greatly increased... this is a stable and high return! Effective in the long run!

Therefore, the earlier you withdraw from the World Tree, the higher the overall profit you can obtain throughout the game.

Bai Yan was extremely excited, and couldn't calm down for a long time, feeling that he was one step closer to achieving a perfect ending in "Babel Tower's" second playthrough.

This is not an illusion, but an objective fact.

He felt as if he had returned to the villa, where Sylve was eating chips and watching TV in the living room... The news on the TV reported the increasingly close "natural disasters" to Tatsumi City, requesting citizens to prepare for protection in advance.

"Recently, a new natural disaster is getting closer to Tatsumi City. Please be prepared to deal with the disaster..."

Due to frequent natural disasters, the Air Alliance has formed independent cities, one after another.

The girl reflexively stood up at the sight of Mr. Moriarty... Sylve looked at him fearfully while holding her chips.

"Please sit, you can continue eating."

Bai Yan was feeling extremely happy at this moment. He waved his hand in a completely indifferent manner while his eyes carried a gentle smile.

Sylve blinked her eyes and took out a potato chip, uncertain of what was happening, and carefully put it back in her mouth.

What made Mr. Moriarty so happy?...

He has never shown me such an expression before.


Two days later.

Maryse received news from Phoenix that the Capetian family, one of the five major families, had a new patriarch who chose to join the Babel Tower without hesitation.

Well, a wise choice.

Now only the Astor and Gene families are still hesitating.

But she knew it wouldn't be long before this matter would have a complete outcome, as the trend was unstoppable.


At this moment, Maryse was sitting in a high-end restaurant humming a cheerful tune.

She was dressed up much more exquisitely than before, in pink clothes with bare snow-white arms and legs... even though it was almost winter, she didn't fear the cold at all.

People in the restaurant would glance at her from time to time, amazed by the beauty of the young girl. However, those who harbored impure thoughts after admiring her would suddenly behave improperly during their meal.

Maryse arranged to meet with Senior Profligate in a restaurant and planned to confide in him about her recent affairs.

To be honest, this kind of thing can also be left undone.

However, Maryse felt that she wanted to meet with Profligate and share with him about her recent experience of "lost and found".

She was, of course, ecstatically happy now. However, the actual acting head of the Augusta household was still Phoenix, and Maryse had only Irena to confide in about her joy.

Not enough, she still needed to share with others... Maryse knew in her heart that Mu Ling was not a good choice, so she found Mr. Profligate on the forum and expressed her desire to meet him for a meal.

She thought she wouldn't be successful, but she received the other person's agreement.

Maryse murmured to herself, "Profligate, pleasure... it makes sense. Since he likes pleasure, he probably won't refuse the invitation to dinner, right?"

However, the person who appeared next was not Profligate that she had been longing for.

A faint smell of blood entered Maryse's nostrils. She froze for a moment, then became alert.

She quickly heard a series of inner voices.

[Are the people from Babel Tower here? I finally found you, Psychic Dancer.]

[I thought it was absolutely impossible to find you.]

[Cognition Filter... Did you turn it off voluntarily?]

Did the Cognition Filter malfunction?

Maryse was stunned, not understanding why someone would come looking for her...

Come to think of it, Mu Ling mentioned that she has also been recognized by ordinary citizens out of the blue.

She immediately had an idea.

Could it be that Babel Tower's Cognition Filter only activates when it determines that there is a risk of identity confirmation?

Just then, the door of the restaurant opened.

A man walked in from the outside, with a handsome and imposing face, a smile that carried a hint of pride, combed golden parted hair, and a red tailcoat.

Marquis Scarlet!

Maryse's pupils constricted, not understanding why an important member of the blood clan would be looking for her, nor whether the other party had any hostile intentions.

However, now my own strength is already very strong... Well, I should be more powerful than him.

Don't be afraid!

Well, in my heart, I still feel a little afraid!

Maryse sighed and said, "Mr. Profligate, where are you? How could you stand up a beautiful young lady? It's hateful! Do you know the grave sin of being a death row candidate?"

Marquis Scarlet looked at Maryse and showed a gentle smile, which didn't look like an enemy.

[That matter must be explained to the Babel Tower, otherwise this city will cease to exist.]

Maryse was slightly stunned. She seemed to have heard something extraordinary just now.

Marquis Scarlet walked over and bent down. His every move was full of nobility. He smiled and said, "Psychic Dancer, the beautiful lady who belongs to Babel Tower, I have something important to tell you. The respected Savior must know it."

"Our Queen Majesty is injured."

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Queen of the Scarlet Moon is injured?

Maryse froze. It didn't sound like a joke. This "injury" probably referred to something more serious, otherwise, they wouldn't have informed her specifically.

Marquis Scarlet looked very serious and solemn, but at the same time appeared to be somewhat afraid.

[[If our speculation is correct...]]

[Some unimaginable horror has quietly infiltrated this city.]

[It is about to destroy the entire city.]