I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Sneaking and Stealing

The pixel girl with blonde hair and blue eyes stepped forward on the screen.

She raised one hand in front of her face, standing slightly to the side. Her posture was like a magical girl who was about to transform.

“In this cruel world, there is no need for kindness.”

Bai Yan changed her exclusive battle line straight away.

“Time for a true display of skill!”

He controlled Psychic Dancer to complete the guide mission.

Every Core Operator had to complete a mission before formally joining Babel Tower.

Nightsaber’s mission was fighting monsters on a rainy night, but Psychic Dancer had something else to do.

Her primary skill was Control, Support, and Lurk.

In general, Psychic Dancer shouldn’t participate in the battle against monsters.

Monsters had twisted minds, so they couldn’t be affected by Psychic Domination.

However, Psychic Dancer’s ability would play a great role in the battle with intelligent beings!

Her guide mission was to sneak into the Augustus family and obtain a piece of secret intelligence.

Bai Yan had never heard of the Augustus family. All in all, he only needed to complete the mission.

The operation mode of a stealth mission was different from a combat mission, but he still had to control the pixel characters.

In the pixel maze, he must avoid the sight of black-clothed guards. Once he was discovered by the patrolling guards, the mission failed.

Every time he was seen by those guards, he would have a short time choosing whether to keep out of sight quickly or use psychic Domination on them.

Black-clothed guards were all superpowers at original level. So far, Psychic Dancer’s ability could only simultaneously take effect on three superpowers at this level.

The mission was not difficult for Bai Yan at all because Psychic Dancer was perfect for stealth missions!

Whenever she encountered a guard, she could directly use Psychic Domination and then disable her ability after bypassing them.

As long as she didn’t encounter four guards at the same time, there would be no pressure or obstacles for her to get in.

"Had I chosen Nightsaber, slaughter would be the optimal solution."

Bai Yan muttered to himself, then controlled Psychic Dancer to stop at a small golden treasure chest.

Just as he took out the tool for the mission, a blind man in black suddenly appeared nearby. Holding a flashed blade, he rushed towards Psychic Dancer.

His speed was so fast that he dashed to the pixelated girl in the blink of an eye.

“Psychic Domination!”

Bai Yan hurriedly performed Psychic Dancer’s ability to fix the opponent. Then he used her ability to order the opponent to commit suicide.

However, he failed.

The blind man in black was only fixed for two seconds before he started to move again.

“He is truly the boss.”

Bai Yan was clear that the blind man’s power must have been above Psychic Dancer’s. Otherwise, the effect of Psychic Domination wouldn’t have been so weak.

The cooldown of Psychic Domination was three seconds, so two seconds was enough for many operations, as long as he didn’t get caught during that one second of cooldown.

Bai Yan manually operated Psychic Dancer to distance herself and look for a chance to open the treasure chest.

The treasure chest was opened. A green scroll popped up.

When Psychic Dancer tried to run away with the scroll, the blind man suddenly turned red and rushed over at a super high speed as if he had been enhanced.

“Psychic Domination!”

In just one second, the blind man in black escaped from control!

Bai Yan controlled Psychic Dancer to dash in the maze. The blind man in black raced after.

Because of Bai Yan’s misoperation, Psychic Dancer was caught.

As a result, the girl lay weltering in blood, letting out a mournful cry.

“It hurts…Mother…Mother…” It was the last words of Psychic Dancer.

“Save or New Game?”

Bai Yan thought for a bit and clicked “New Game”.

“I know it’s hard to pass by this method in the first playthrough. It’s time to test my micro control.”

So, Bai Yan continued trying. The pixel girl entered the maze again and again, ran wildly again and again, got stuck again and again, and failed again and again…

“Fuck, I give up!”

The repeated failure made him burst with anger, and the fact that the game would become a reality also gave Bai Yan much pressure.

‘If I don’t complete the mission on time, she will die in the real world!’

Bai Yan took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. All he needed to do was to think differently.

“Check this out. This is how Psychic Dancer works!”

He operated Psychic Dancer to control three black-clothed guards. Then he moved the skill key to those guards.

The view was switched, and Bai Yan began to control the three black-clothed guards remotely.

They went all the way forward without suspect of other guards. That was until they were about to open the treasure chest at the end of the maze when the blind man in black suddenly appeared.

Bai Yan quickly controlled a guard to draw the blind man away, while the other two opened the treasure chest, took the scroll, and ran away.

Finally, Psychic Dancer, who was waiting at the maze entrance, got the scroll.

“Mission accomplished!”

Psychic Dancer made a pure sound like an angel and spun around.

Bai Yan smiled, put down his phone, and took a sip of water.

“Stealth mission completed. Babel Tower Legendary Point +50.”

“Successfully obtained Transformation Scroll of Deep Ones. You can now invest resources to develop new transformation technology.”

“Mission reward received. Relic: Invisible Cloak of Hermes.”

Invisible Cloak!

Bai Yan’s face lighted up. It was a pretty good relic. Although the level was not high, its utility was excellent!

Hermes is the protector of thieves, travelers, merchants, and doctors. He creates the art of deception, and Invisible Cloak is what he uses to deceive the world.

Frowning, Bai Yan looked at the scroll he had just obtained.

“Transformation Scroll of Deep Ones? It’s kind of weird. Why did this Augustus family have such a thing? Do they have some connections with cultists?”

Bai Yan understood that all the missions in Babel Tower were meaningful and would never aim at fighting innocents. The Augustus family definitely would pose somewhat of a threat to the world.

The scroll was like the evidence, and the most reasonable explanation was that the Augustus family had a cooperative relationship with a cultist.

Bai Yan thought about the Trait of Operators, and then he gave Invisible Cloak to Psychic Dancer.

“This is a reward for you.”

Then, he clicked “Save”.

Maryse was horrified to find that her body was out of control!

Nobody knew her hidden power. Since three years ago, she had been manipulating others’ minds.

She often secretly used her power to control someone for pranks, but she never thought that such a thing would happen to herself!

‘No, it’s not the same.’

Maryse immediately realized something different. She was still conscious, but the people she manipulated didn’t know what had happened to them at all.

‘Why is this happening?’

‘Who is controlling me?’

Her body started to move uncontrollably. She got out of the bed, went out of the room, and walked in the corridor expressionlessly.

‘Help! Help!! Help!!!’

Maryse was not sure what would happen, but she knew it was definitely not something good.

‘Whoever it is, please help me!’

Soon, servants noticed her strangeness, and they gathered around.

“My lady, you are not wearing shoes?”

Yes, she was walking in the corridor barefoot.

Maryse completely ignored those confused servants. She went downstairs from the second floor, arrived at the lobby, and opened the door.

She left her villa and walked towards the rear of her family’s villa complex.

‘Wait a minute. I can’t go there!’

Cold sweat trickled down Maryse’s forehead at once. In front of her was the forbidden area of the family. Even she would be severely punished if entered without permission.

‘Stop it! Who the hell is controlling me?’

‘Can you stop if I regard you as my father? Please stop! I can’t take it anymore!’

‘Father! Father!! Father!!!’

However, her pleading was useless. Instead, it made her even more pathetic.

‘You motherfucker!’

Maryse’s petite and lovely body didn’t obey her in the slightest. She arrived at the door of a black villa.

She was stunned for a moment when she saw several secret guards were approaching her.

‘I’m screwed. I’m in hell. My father will hate me more.’ Maryse was already dead inside, however, she found her body moving towards the guards on its own.

‘What’s going on?’

“My lady, what brings you here?”

Guards were all confused by the cute angel-like girl’s arrival, but they still decided to stop her.

Maryse raised her head impassively. Her green eyes didn’t contain any human emotion.

“Time for a true display of skill.” Her tone was indifferent, but she nearly had a mental breakdown.

Guards looked at each other in bewilderment.

Maryse’s emerald-like pupils turned to silver, shining like moonlight.

She stared at the crowd, using Mind Control to give them orders.

“I order you.”

“Forget my arrival. Take out the hidden secret scroll and give it to me.”

Hearing an irresistible voice from the innermost depths of their souls, the guards all shivered, and their eyes turned dull.

“Yes, My lady…”

‘What? Is this the real purpose of the one who controls me?’

Subconsciously, Maryse breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was not her body to be coveted. It almost scared her to death.

‘As for the missing of the family secrets…What can I do? I can’t do anything! I need help!’

Maryse was still very nervous for fear of being discovered.

But this feeling also made her find it exciting!

‘It seems my future won’t be boring anymore!’

After waiting for quite a while, a guard finally stumbled out. He was holding a document folder in his hand, which contained a lot of materials.

“Mission accomplished.”

Maryse said, raising her delicate hands to hold the document folder tightly.

Then she turned around and left.

‘I’ve already made it?’

Maryse held the folder and walked back to the door of the villa she lived.

A dark fog with an indescribable aura suddenly emerged from nowhere, swallowing the document folder in her hand in a flash, which startled Maryse.

She took half a step back in a subconscious and realized that she had regained control of her body.

“Phew, I’m free.”

The black fog gradually dissipated. Maryse had no idea what was going on, but she let out a long sigh of relief, “Phew…”

‘It’s so scary just now that I nearly pissed myself…’

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At this moment, there came a man’s voice in her head, which was extremely indifferent.

“I’m the Savior.”

“We do everything to save the past and future for this world that is about to collapse.”

“Psychic Dancer.”

“Henceforth, you are designated as an operator of the Babel Tower.”