I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: New Gameplay - Achievement System.

"Achievement system is another new feature that has been added in the second playthrough."

To be honest, the more new things there are, the more Bai Yan feels an intangible pressure mounting.

The main storyline mission 'Doomsday Crisis' of the second playthrough has not officially begun yet.

No one knows how huge the crisis will be, or how terrifying the challenge will be when it arrives...

Theoretically speaking, 'Babel Tower' is like a snowball game. This time the start is so good that as long as we survive the First Doomsday Crisis, it will become easier and easier later on.

"But in the real world, will everything really be completely controlled by 'Babel Tower'... the difficulty of the second playthrough and the first playthrough probably won't be the same."

Bai Yan clicked and looked at the list provided by 'Babel Tower', where he found densely packed achievements totaling in the hundreds. Many of the achievements were particularly unique and difficult to accomplish, with some being so challenging that they were almost absurd.

"I took a look and saw a bunch of messy and disorganized achievements..."

Bai Yan discovered that Babel Tower's achievement system was divided into three different categories: white, purple, and gold achievements.

Gold achievements are particularly challenging to complete and provide significant rewards. Purple achievements have relatively lower difficulty and rewards, while white achievements are the easiest and have the lowest rewards.

The 'Mastermind behind the Lonely City' is a white achievement with relatively low completion difficulty and minimal rewards.

He looked through them one by one.

"Well, a gold achievement named 'Shadow Emperor,' just by looking at it, one can tell it's very difficult."

"The task requires players to manipulate the leader of the Air Alliance in secret, with the goal of influencing the entire country. The reward is 5,500 Legend Points. Although it sounds quite challenging, there will be opportunities to complete it towards the end of the game."

"The gold achievement 'Spawn Terminator' requires players to kill at least one Spawn of every Outer God, and rewards 3,000 Legend Points."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation. Killing them is not difficult, but it's quite hard to encounter so many strange Spawns.

Many Spawns live in different worlds, and coming to the present world often requires a summon from a cultist. To encounter all the Spawns under the 27 Outer Gods requires quite a bit of luck.

He kept reading and found out that all the gold achievements were currently not worth considering.

Then, there are the purple achievements.

"Hey, this one can be completed!" Bai Yan's eyes brightened.

"The purple achievement 'Unfortunate Someone' requires one Core Operator to continuously die five times while other Core Operators are alive. It rewards 1200 Source Energy Points."

So, Bai Yan immediately calculated how many Source Energy Points were needed for each resurrection of 'Psychic Dancer' and figured out that she only needed to die four more times to have enough.

Well, it's still not worth it, it will be a loss.

"It's a pity that after the upgrade of 'Psychic Dancer,' the amount of Source Energy Points required to resurrect her has also increased."

Shaking his head vigorously, Bai Yan thought to himself, "Forget it, forget it. As a kind boss, how could I possibly let my beloved subordinates die just for the sake of Source Energy Points!"

"The purple achievement 'Art of Bombing' requires at least five Core Operators to use Astarte Sacred Rune at least 20 times each. It rewards 1000 Source Energy Points..."

One thousand!

Two sets of ten consecutive draws!

This 'Art of Bombing' achievement seems relatively easy to complete. I'm a bit tempted...

But let's just forget about it.

Bai Yan shook his head and browsed through the achievements one by one. Finally, he found two that were relatively easy to complete immediately.

They all come with rewards... and it won't put our people in harm's way.

What caught his eye was a white achievement.

"The white achievement 'Money Talks' requires Core Operators to spend at least 100 million credits in a day and rewards 150 Source Energy Points."

Upon seeing the task, Bai Yan's lips immediately curved into a perfect arc.

"For me, who drew 'Cybertyrant', it's not a difficult achievement, and things are looking up..."

He suddenly realized something; to some extent, he too had become a rich man.


To be honest, Bai Yan was poor for quite some time. In this life when he began as an orphan, he met Alan by picking up garbage and managed to eat, drink and even pay for school by deceiving him at his place.

Even after starting school, Bai Yan continued to live a poor life. He was not used to living under Alan's roof and eventually rented a tiny room to live in for a long time.

He had always been a hedonist, but had to bow his head.

Poverty is a disease that leaves people helpless.

However, for the present Bai Yan, obtaining a large amount of money is no longer a problem. The changes brought about by the 'Babel Tower' really seem miraculous.

He shook his head slightly to steady his thoughts and decided to first achieve the 'Money Talks' achievement before thinking about anything else.

The problem was that Bai Yan himself was not a Core Operator of Babel Tower.

He cannot complete the task and gain rewards even if he spends the money himself now.

So, someone else has to spend the money on his behalf.

Whom should we choose, Cybertyrant?

"But she should keep a low profile now and better not randomly hack into financial systems, to avoid being found by the company's lackeys 'Maintainers'."

So, Bai Yan chose 'Psychic Dancer' to achieve on his behalf.

It is decided that it is you.


At this moment, Maryse is lying on her familiar big bed.

She is wearing white silk stockings and underwear, leisurely flipped over, stretched her limbs, and then flipped back.

Looks just like a pancake with cream on top.

Now Maryse is extremely overjoyed!

Not only did she return to the family, he also became the so-called Shadow Patriarch with the help of the Savior, and soon she will be able to elevate to a Crown-level transcendent being.

The future and prospects are both bright!

Feels great!

She scratched her belly and felt like she could take it easy for these few days, just procrastinating.

"That's really nice..."

Maryse, who needed to pee, finally got out of bed, put on her coat and left the room with the intention of going to the restroom.

"I was training my superhuman strength almost every day for a while. Now that I'm taking a little break, I hope the Savior won't catch me..."

[Psychic Dancer.]

The sudden cold voice in her mind startled Maryse so much that she almost peed herself on the spot.

Her face turned unpleasant, thinking that her idea of trying to slack off had been caught.

[New mission: Immediately spend one hundred million dollars.]

Maryse was dumbfounded.



Is it some kind of ritual? Maryse doesn't quite understand, but can only see it as a possibility.

But no matter what the situation is, she can only go and complete the mission now, otherwise she might face punishment from the Savior.

"Come to think of it, even without actively punishing me, I've been embarrassed to death several times. If he really punishes me, I might die on the spot..."


She sat on the toilet lost in thought.

But where could I get a billion from?

By the way, let that scoundrel Phoenix transfer the money!

As one of the five major families of Tatsumi City, Augustus has a complete monopoly on the medical and pharmaceutical industries, so it's quite easy for them to come up with a hundred million.

"If Phoenix knew that this money was being donated to the Savior, he would probably immediately add another billion."

Just at that moment, Maryse's phone rang.

She picked up her phone and discovered… the bank alerted her that 100,000,000 Air Alliance currency had been transferred to her account, leaving a current balance of 102,052,000.45.

Oh, what is this?

The money was already prepared, so the question now is: how to spend it?

She pondered for a moment and sent a text message to her maid Irena, who had returned to school.

The sound of flowing water.

As a personal maid to the offspring of the great family, Irena received training since childhood in gathering intelligence and has an invaluable intelligence network within the world of high-level servants.

Soon Maryse received a reply, and what Irena sent back was a very concise webpage which listed items that were quite expensive, with prices starting from a million yuan...

Even relics are being sold!

She was momentarily stunned, then she realized that this webpage was actually established by the "Shadow Association"!

Shadow Association, the largest intelligence organization of the Air Alliance, is led by a person known as the 'Secret Box'... Ms. Peggie.

It is said that no intelligence can escape the grasp of the Shadow Association, they are like everyone's shadow, always lurking behind major events and important figures, observing in secret...

Maryse fell silent.

She still remembered Ms. Peggie's desires towards her, and a shiver ran down her spine.

Given the choice, Maryse didn't want to have any contact with Ms. Peggie whatsoever.

"Well, but the Savior's mission must be completed, mmm..."

She gritted her teeth and looked through the simple webpage, only to find that the Shadow Association had a complete collection of items open for sale. However, most of the things related to transcendence were low-grade goods, with various cursed materials and ritual spell-casting components being the mainstream. As for high-grade Relics, there were only one or two available for sale.

As for Civilization-level Relics, they are strategic-level items that cannot be sold online. If any forces want to purchase them, it will definitely take multiple rounds of communication and negotiation between the two sides before the deal can be finalized.

As an ancient elf family, the Augustus family has only managed to accumulate two Civilization-level Relics over thousands of years. It is nearly impossible for ordinary transcendents to obtain a single Civilization-level Relic.

However, Maryse thought to herself that for the mysterious and incomprehensible Babel Tower, a mere Civilization-level Relic would be like having several of them on hand!

She pondered as she got up.

"Well, I'll just buy some non-transcendence-related things, like a yacht or something, as they are also quite expensive."

With one hundred million, Maryse quickly spent it all on the website.

She doesn't need to worry about anything else - Irena will take care of contacting the seller. That's the use of having a personal maid.

After coming out of the bathroom, Maryse continued to lie on the bed and felt a bit strange.

Why are there still such tasks?

"I've never done this kind of thing before, but it doesn't matter. At least I completed the task and won't be punished."

Just a moment.

After all, even if I don't complete the task, what will the Savior do to me?


"The player has obtained a new achievement, 'Money Talks,' and received 150 Source Energy Points."

Bai Yan discovered that he had obtained the white achievement "Money Talks" and immediately felt delighted.

In fact, unlocking this achievement can be difficult or simple depending on how you look at it.


If the Core Operators you initially pulled are all average, and you don't happen to have "Cybertyrant" who can manipulate networks, it will be difficult to complete this achievement.

However, for Bai Yan who has obtained "Cybertyrant", it could be easily completed with no trouble at all.

There is another achievement that can be completed today.

"The white-rarity achievement "Cult Exterminator"."

"Requires Core Operators to kill at least 500 cultists (499/500) to get a reward of 150 legend points."

"So Babel Tower has killed so many cultists in just over two months? No wonder the Black Star Faction and Church of Ruins were so worrying..."

Bai Yan even felt that at least half of the nearly 500 cultists were killed by "Model Worker" Mu Ling.

"Just one more left!"

One more! Just one person left!

Hurry up and kill any of the cultists, whoever comes to help, just die once!

However, the cultists never reveal their identities and instead hide in various corners of the city, so it is impossible to easily find them...

Bai Yan also saw the purple achievement 'Cult Killer' and the gold achievement 'Nemesis of Cultists'.

"In the future, when fighting alongside them under the identity of 'Profligate', I will try to kill as few people as possible and let them do it instead..."

Because Bai Yan himself is not a Core Operator, his killing of the cultists is not counted towards the achievement statistics. Otherwise, he would have already obtained the one hundred points for the white achievement.

Afterwards, Bai Yan suddenly figured out a way to quickly gather the last quota of cultists.

There is a place where a lot of cultists exist, but they have no resistance ability.

"After completing this achievement, the obtained Source Energy Points and accumulated ones combined will immediately allow for a summon."

Summon! Summon! Summon!

Just today!


[Mysterious Magic, immediately kills a cultist from the Demon Hunt Agency.]

Bai Yan gave instructions to Alan, who was sitting in the office attending a meeting.

The voice in his mind made Alan slightly startled. It was true that Demon Hunt Agency imprisoned many cultists, but why did he need to go and kill them himself now? And immediately?

Lin Bian, who was organizing the meeting, kept talking about the situation of 'natural disasters'. Suddenly, he noticed that his disciple Alan stood up.

Alan couldn't comprehend it, but he dared not disobey the order.

"My stomach is feeling uncomfortable again, perhaps because I ate too much crayfish hotpot, fried chicken and beer yesterday. I must go to a restroom."

The reason was too ambiguous, which made Lin Bian dissatisfied.

Is this kid trying to slip away again?

After making up an excuse, Alan left the office and didn't give Lin Bian any face. He went straight to the restroom.

"Let's begin."

On the underground second floor of the Demon Hunt Agency, there are many transparent square rooms equipped with stable lighting and independent bathrooms, but they are only ten square meters in size.

Numerous criminals, cultists, and anomalies possessing extraordinary powers are all detained here.

To assassinate a cultist without authorization is undoubtedly a breach of discipline, but Alan is well aware that the mission of the Savior must be fulfilled.

Sitting in the transparent room is an old man with white hair. He appears to be very kind, but in reality, he has a notorious and criminal past.

"Why are you here? Young Night Watcher..."

The old man with white hair suddenly found himself facing a young man wearing a purple suit and a smiling mask.

"It's you."

Alan knew how serious the crimes of this old man were, and that death should be his best destiny.

Until now, no Core Operator of Babel Tower has ever been truly punished. However, during this period of time, the prestige of the Savior has silently become extremely high in the hearts of everyone at Babel Tower.

They began to subconsciously want to complete all the tasks given by Bai Yan.

Suddenly forgetting that they had always been manipulated.

Killing directly here will definitely be monitored, so Alan needs to find another, less direct way to kill the target.

He stared at the old man with the eyes of one looking at a dead person for a while, then turned around and left.

"Kid, come back! Why were you looking at me just now?"

This elderly cultist is very confused and then approaches the transparent barrier, wanting to call Alan back who has left.

Feeling increasingly uneasy inside, the old man became afraid.

Suddenly he spits out blood, falls down in pain, while Alan who was walking away disappears... It turns out that the old man suddenly realizes he was dreaming!

However, why is this pain so real?

Life seems to be truly slipping away.

At the same time, Alan slowly opened his eyes in the bathroom, knowing that the old man underground had already died.

The surveillance equipment in the underground prison would never detect the power of my invisible killings.

This is the powerful curse he recently learned by secretly studying with the captain of the sixth squad.


During this time, Alan silently and secretly used the Pupil of Mystery to learn all the spells of his colleagues in the Demon Hunt Agency.