I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: Explain With Physics!

Nowadays, the Capetian family is perhaps the most dominant of the five major families.

Although not on par with the other four major families, the family has a united heart and many exceptional individuals. As the head of the family, he is also a Potential Crown-level exceptional individual.

Xiu stood before the mirror in his bedroom, calmly gazing at his reflection.

If he doesn't actively release his aura, there will be nothing distinctive about his entire body, and he will appear plain and ordinary like an average person.

However, those who truly understand Xiu Capetian know that this man is not only incredibly powerful, but also ruthless and certainly not as amiable as he appears on the surface.

Once, a small family was forced into a corner by the Capetian family, and as a result, the head of the family chose to seek refuge with the Aster family, one of the five major families. However, overnight, all the children were brutally killed using low temperatures.

Although the Demon Hunt Agency could not find any concrete evidence in the end, everyone believes that it was Xiu's hand that did it!

Over the next few years, the rest of that small family also died one after another, and in the end, not even a dog survived.

After thinking for a long time, Xiu left from in front of the mirror.

"By now, it is time to make a decision. Continuing to hesitate is not an option."

He was very clear that since the Babel Tower had blatantly solicited various clans, it meant that the Savior had already planned to take control of this city.

From the moment Xiu left the "Crown" hotel, he understood one thing.

Even if they really join the Babel Tower, it is impossible for them to be "highly valued" by the Savior like those few people.

If the Savior could really make everyone stronger quickly, and have endless magical resources, then he wouldn't need people from the five major families at all.

Since he needs the five major families, it means that...currently, the control of Babel Tower over Tatsumi City is limited.

Xiu took out a black exclusive phone from the bookcase, intending to communicate with the headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency located in the "highest city".

"Perhaps having you dogs fight each other is the best choice."

The "highest city" of the Air Alliance has always been changing. Each leader of the Air Alliance selects his own city as the "highest city," and then the Hundred Kings Assembly will be held there. It is said that in reality, the headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency, a "Relic," will also be relocated to the "highest city" at that time.

If Tatsumi City could become the "highest city" someday, then the headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency would also be relocated to Tatsumi City, and the Director, "Duke of Blades," would directly take over the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City.

However, the master of Tatsumi City, the Leaf King, has been making plans outside for many years. Yet, the support he has received so far remains scarce. In this election, he can only rank third, with virtually no possibility of becoming the new alliance leader.


Xiu was stunned.

The phone in his hand beeped repeatedly and he couldn't make a call at all.

"What happened?"

Xiu put down the phone and tried to communicate through the internet, but found that he couldn't connect to the network either.

Moreover, it wasn't just one laptop or one phone; he went to many rooms and discovered that all the ways to contact the Air Alliance had failed.

It seemed as if everything beyond the Capetian family and Tatsumi City was cut off.

He fell silent for a moment, then suddenly saw text being typed out automatically on his computer.

Black text appeared suddenly, one after the other.

"We have made warnings before."

"You can't tell the Air Alliance about this matter."

"You have violated the rules."

"You will be punished."

Is it some kind of extraordinary power... Xiu fell into contemplation, while also becoming alert.

Since he violates the rules ourselves, then will the Savior of the Babel Tower bring punishment upon him?

Xiu suddenly felt that there were two formidable breaths appearing nearby that shouldn't be underestimated!

He turned around and saw the two hostile individuals.

A male wearing a tall and slim, purple outfit resembling that of a magician.

The other one was a slim and petite female, who appeared to be underage.

Surprisingly, these two individuals appeared out of nowhere near him without a sound... Xiu recognized them, these two guys were undoubtedly from the Babel Tower.

"You guys arrived very quickly. I made up my mind less than twenty minutes ago."

Xiu's tone was very unfriendly, and he was ready to act at any moment.

Alan said, "Because the Savior is watching you... As expected, you want to violate the rules set by the Savior, and He was right about you."

Xiu shook his head and said, "I am not a member of the Babel Tower, let alone the Savior's dog, unlike you guys... I can decide what I want to do on my own."

He made a hum in place, and his eyes gradually became cold. In the blink of an eye, he shed his harmless exterior demeanor and transformed into a formidable force that no one could underestimate.

The surrounding temperature was rapidly dropping, and even ice crystals began forming on the walls. Maryse and Alan exchanged a glance.

Maryse said, "The Savior said that warning is enough for others who violate the rules. But if it is this guy, killing him wouldn't matter. The Babel Tower doesn't welcome such evil existence."

Xiu Capetian is the head of the prominent Capetian family.

This ruthless man often abuses his power and status to indiscriminately kill innocent people. Sometimes, someone on the street could be played to death only for giving him an extra glance.

Bai Yan doesn't welcome such scum. If he truly joined the Babel Tower, he would also be wiped out.

Xiu possessed a relic specially used for handling on-site traces, which caused Night Watchers to be unable to catch any evidence against him for years.

Because of this guy's special identity, Night Watchers were unable to conduct a deep investigation at his door, let alone take him away for severe interrogation.

Alan and his teacher Lin Bian, along with many members of the Demon Hunt Agency, have always wanted to catch him, but they have been unable to do so.

He heaved a long sigh.

Alan rarely started to feel fortunate about being chosen by the Babel Tower.

Today, I can resolve this deeply sinful demon from the standpoint of the Babel Tower!

"Can we win?"

Maryse was actually a bit unsure, as the opponent was an extraordinary individual of Potential Crown level, whereas she and Alan were only extraordinary individuals of the awakening level.

Alan nodded gently, not afraid despite having gone through many years of battles.

"Our advantage lies in...the Savior's extraordinary gifts beyond standard limits."

The Fire that Burns Everything, Blade of Annihilation, Invisible Cloak of Hermes, Eye of Mysteries... these powerful methods of combat, which don't belong at this level of battle, are stirring restlessly.

"Hehehe, I see. So, the Babel Tower truly has a sense of justice. It seems that my decision not to join you was the correct one."

"You wanted me to die from the very beginning, didn't you?"

Xiu could sense the killing intent from the two and sneered contemptuously.

He released his most proficient magic spell.

"Cold current!"

The so-called magic spell refers to the type of spell that manipulates the elements. It is one of the spells with the lowest difficulty level, but if used well, it can produce tremendous power!

The entire room was frozen in an instant by an extremely cold current. The servant who had served outside for many years was also frozen to death by Xiu without hesitation. Xiu had no intention of controlling the power, but was aiming for a large-scale attack that would at least eliminate one enemy.

Half of the villa had already become an icy wilderness where it seemed as though no living being could survive.

However, he quickly realized that both of the people in the Babel Tower had disappeared.

Experienced in battle, Xiu knew that they had not fled, but were hiding or defending themselves in some way. He still needed to be extremely careful.

He muttered incantations and continuously cast spells to strengthen and protect himself.

Wind, fire, ice, lightning - a variety of elemental spells obediently followed the caster's commands, swirling around him like soldiers and providing an impenetrable defense support.

Suddenly, Xiu saw the figure of the 'sorcerer' suddenly appear out of nowhere nearby, muttering incantations just the same.

Wind, fire, ice, lightning - a variety of elemental spells obediently followed commands like soldiers..

Xiu was stunned, completely unable to understand what was going on!

Is he using...my spells?

This is simply impossible!

Noah has access to thousands upon thousands of spells in the world, how could the spells he learned be exactly the same as mine?

Alan's eyes had turned pure black, as deep as the universe and seemingly containing all the world's truths. A flood of information was being imprinted onto his mind, and he was rapidly comprehending, assimilating, and absorbing it in a way that was incomprehensible to humans.

"I see now, I am gradually understanding everything."

Alan murmured to himself, his black eyes fixed on his opponent.

This is the Pupil of Mystery that Bai Yan bestowed upon him some time ago.

Alan relied on the power of the Pupil of Mystery to instantly understand and replicate the spells that Xiu had cast.

Then, he stretched out his hand to unleash the Fire that Burns Everything.

Pure black flames suddenly ignited around Xiu's body and even though he had set up a large amount of defense in advance, it was still breached layer by layer.

Whether it is wind, water, thunder or the flames themselves, they will all be burned to collapse and nothingness by the black flames!

This black flame seems to be unstoppable!

"What kind of power is this?"

After the initial shock, Xiu quickly calmed down and transformed into a stream of water, swimming away to a safe distance. It was only then that he breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that the black flames had not caught up to him.

Muttering to himself.

"The fire of sincerity..."

"The fire of incineration..."

"The fire of absolution..."

"The fire of soul burning..."

Taboo spellcraft!

This will be a more advanced and terrifying spell than ordinary spells, and Xiu has already decided to release it here in order to completely eliminate these enemies.

Although this is the whereabouts of the Capetian family, and many of its members will die in the aftermath of the taboo spellcraft, Xiu understands that it is better than dying himself!

If it weren't for my power, the family would decline... This is a necessary sacrifice.

Alan, who had more combat experience, shouted immediately, "Psychic Dancer, this is taboo spellcraft. This guy is insane! Be careful!"

Maryse nodded, quickly took out the Invisible Cloak of Hermes and prepared to begin the process of invisibility. This thing is always very useful.

Suddenly, Xiu raised his palm high to the sky.

"Black day!"

The sky suddenly became dark and gloomy.

A huge black and red fireball obscured the sun, causing people on several streets to raise their heads and stare at the sight, like a natural disaster!

It fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground!

The terrifying flames crazily engulfed the earth, destroying everything in its path. Many who were unable to escape in time were instantly reduced to ashes. Only Xiu, who was the practitioner responsible for the spell, not only remained immune to the damage but was also protected by the black and red flames.


The explosive impact was immensely powerful, and half a block was instantaneously reduced to rubble. Most members of the Capetian family had fled before the start of the battle, but some still perished in the aftermath of the terrifying attack!

Amidst the ruins, the dark red flames burned ferociously, while the middle-aged man stood coldly amongst the fire like a demon in the flesh. His icy gaze sent shivers down the spine, and his aura of madness and murderous intent was undeniable.

"Is it over?"

Xiu didn't believe they could survive such an attack head-on, but the extraordinary always held numerous possibilities. Perhaps these individuals possessed unique methods of evasion.

However, his mind suddenly became dizzy, as the forbidden spell had consumed too much energy, even for an extraordinary being of Potential Crown level to bear...


In the moment of haziness, a nearly transparent blade suddenly pierced through his chest. Xiu regained clarity in an instant and used the advanced Relic ring on his hand to mend his wounded body.

However, the advanced Relic that should have granted him a second life failed to activate.

The pierced body gradually began to collapse, transforming into smoke and dissipating into nothingness.

He looked at this scene in disbelief.

"How could this be? This shouldn't happen, why isn't the Relic working..."

Xiu, filled with regret, wanted to salvage his life but was utterly powerless to do so.

Bai Yan's Civilization-level Relic bestowed upon the Psychic Dancer, was a great weapon.

Blade of Annihilation.

It is an almost transparent crescent-shaped weapon. When thrown, any object that is attacked will be 'annihilated', making it a powerful Relic of the one-hit kill type.

The cost... after each use, the user will be transported to a nearby random location.


Using 'The Reanimation Spell', Alan returned here again, his head full of sweat and exhausted. He knelt directly on one knee.

"This is too exaggerated." He looked at the half-destroyed street, and he was really frightened.

If I had chosen to defend against that attack, I would have definitely died miserably.

Just now, using 'The Reanimation Spell', Alan performed a long-distance teleportation and sent himself directly over a kilometer away... fully evading this attack that could be considered as terrifying.

He suddenly laughed.

"The harvest was great, it can be used in the next battle."

The Pupil of Mystery has just witnessed the forbidden curse 'Black Sun', Alan's face is full of excitement, he has already obtained it.

This pair of Pupils of Mystery is really too terrifying, even for Alan, it feels more extreme than the Fire that Burns Everything which cannot be extinguished.

The power given by the Savior is truly amazing!


He suddenly realized that the 'Psychic Dancer' was gone, she should have used the Invisible Cloak of Hermes to evade the attack at that time, but now he doesn't know where she went...

At this moment, Maryse has been transmitted several hundred meters away due to the side effects of the Civilization-level Relic.

Next to a burning large tree.

The girl painfully pulled out the branch inserted in her waist, and fresh blood kept flowing out.

Maryse made up her mind that she would not use the dangerous Blade of Annihilation again until she was in real desperation.

"Random teleportation... if it takes you underground, you will die instantly... but the one-hit-kill effect of this Relic is also exaggerated."

Xiu has strong power and considerable combat experience, but the Babel Tower members have too many extraordinary fighting techniques, which makes it impossible for him to predict his own death.

"That being the case, the mission is completed... exhale."

She sat down and waited for the Blood of Darkness to heal her wounds.

It hurts so much, I wonder if the Savior guy is watching all of this... shouldn't he award a bonus for it?

Maryse sighed as she covered her wound.

If only Senior Profligate could come and help me, it would be better!


Sitting at home, Bai Yan silently watched this scene through the live streaming function on his mobile phone.

Maryse is injured.

"The task was completed excellently, and no one died."

He originally intended to watch over the scene personally, but later thought that he was not a nanny and didn't need to make every effort for everything.

Staying here to block the communication between Xiu Capetian and the outside world is enough.

He believes that the members of the Babel Tower already have enough strength, even if there is a gap between their level and the Potential Crown-level enemies, but they possess various extremely powerful combat techniques.

Theoretically, they should have an advantage in the fight.

In fact, that's exactly the case.

The notorious head of the Capetian family has passed away, the Wettin family has long since completely surrendered, and the representative of the Augustus family, Phoenix, has voluntarily defected.

At this moment, a new game prompt for 'Babel Tower' appeared on the phone.

"Game prompt: The achievement system has been activated!"

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😏)

"The player obtained the new achievement 'Mastermind behind the Lonely City', legend points +100!"

Bai Yan was stunned, the first playthrough didn't have it, and this achievement system was a new thing that appeared in the second playthrough?

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