I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: Move With Emotion

In the evening, the moody Phoenix returned to his villa.

He dismissed the servants and concubines of the family, and didn't visit his daughter as usual. Instead, he came to the dimly lit yet sufficiently ancient and solemn study, sinking into contemplation.

Actually, all that Phoenix can think of in his mind right now is one thing.

How can one quickly join the Babel Tower?

First come, first served. He didn't believe that the message conveyed by Babel Tower was just empty words. If he was late in joining, then he would miss the opportunity!

The so-called laws of the Air Alliance are not important at all when it comes to loyalty to the king... Phoenix understands that only easily attainable power is the most important!

In the world of Noah, where 'power is concentrated in one body,' order, law, collective... they are meaningless in the face of sufficient power, like beautiful glass that shatters with one touch.

"Babel tower... I am really lucky. The Savior has extended an olive branch to all the major families."

Phoenix couldn't help but show a smile.

Lucky for oneself, at this moment, acting as the proxy head of the family, one can fully make decisions on behalf of the Augustus family.

In fact, he has been paying attention to the situation of the 'Psychic Dancer' and knows very clearly... that his sister has become stronger several times in less than two months.

Phoenix felt simply unbelievable!

What a stroke of immense luck! It is truly envy and jealousy-inducing. Why can't I be one of the members of Babel Tower? Why wasn't I chosen by the Savior?

This idea has lingered in his mind for a long time, and almost every time he hears news about the Babel Tower, thoughts of this kind resurface in Phoenix's mind again.

If it wasn't his sister that was chosen, but him, then it couldn't get any better...

I too want to become a strong individual.

What's wrong with this thought? I was just unlucky... If only I could replace my sister in joining Babel Tower.

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Therefore, after Count Gallard spoke those words, although Phoenix seemed to express a hostile attitude in a seemingly normal manner towards him, his inner thoughts were not like that.

Hatred? That thing doesn't even exist. Father deserved to die for conspiring with the heretics.

In fact, he was delighted and on the verge of jumping up and down on the spot. He would even have been willing to kneel before the aloof Miss Nightsaber, and implore the Savior behind her to let him join the Babel Tower, if there had been nobody nearby.

"Of course, such an ugly behavior cannot be revealed in front of others."

Phoenix shook his head. In the eyes of the public, he was still the handsome heir of the noble family. Many noble girls pursued him, but no one knew what he really thought deep inside.

[Except for me.]

The sudden voice appearing in Phoenix's mind startled him!


He immediately turned and saw a petite figure standing in the corner of the room.

It's her!

Phoenix's gaze grew cold. That lucky enough monster!

[No, can't think like this. She can read my thoughts. Damn, can't control it! This monster will know that I've always been jealous of her luck... Yes, why wasn't I chosen by the Savior of the Babel Tower? Damn it, Maryse, I really want to join the Babel Tower and become a strong person too.]

Phoenix's thoughts have reached this point. He appeared calm on the surface, simply could not pretend any longer.

He cut to the chase and said, "Phew, I can't hide anything from you. So let's just be straightforward. Sister, I've decided to represent our family and join the Babel Tower."

"I don't want to agree."

Maryse lightly shook her head and looked at her brother coldly.

Phoenix was stunned for a moment, and the anger and jealousy in his heart were ignited instantly, almost wanting to call someone to catch Maryse!

"What's the point of not agreeing? You are not the Savior, Maryse, you are only a member of the Babel Tower!"

He took a deep breath and stared at his sister with a sinister look.

Maryse remained indifferent to his emotions and calmly said, "Aren't you curious, Phoenix? What brought me here tonight? In fact, at this moment, each family has already sent one member of Babel Tower, facilitated by the Savior, for you to join in private."

"I am your interviewer, my foolish brother."

Maryse smiled.

"Can you become a member of Babel Tower quickly? The decision is not in your hands, but in mine."

Upon hearing these words, Phoenix fell silent and didn't speak for a long period of time.

Maryse's countenance changed ever so slightly, seemingly more repulsed by her two-faced brother... Apparently, Phoenix had conceived of something quite revolting.

After a long time, Phoenix suddenly said, "Okay, Maryse, what exactly do you want me to do to make you let me join the Babel Tower? Do you want me to help you return to the family? Well, of course I can do that, it's very reasonable."

"Or should I say, do you want to become the head of the Augustus family? Or even have everyone groveling at your feet?"

Phoenix was talking, but suddenly he couldn't restrain his anger anymore.

He knew it was pointless to keep his feelings to himself, so he decided to be frank and begin to vent his emotions!

"What do you want me to do to agree to let me join Babel Tower? Speak up! You feel left out, but do you think you're not a monster? Your talent makes it difficult for so many people to bear!"

Maryse said indifferently, "Only fake and ugly people would not dare to stand in front of me."

She thought of Mu Ling and added calmly,

"Honest and straightforward people never need to put on a facade around me."

Phoenix took a deep breath, calmed his emotions and gazed coldly at his sister.

This shameless traitor of the Augustus family not only set fire to the family but also colluded with Babel Tower to capture father. And yet, he still wants to reason with a monster like her....

It's my own fault.

Phoenix said, "Since other means have failed, let's discuss terms. What do you want exactly? Still hoping to harm the Augustus family?"

Maryse fell silent for a long time before giving her own answer.

"What I want is..."

"All of it."

Phoenix's countenance changed, and Maryse emerged from the shadows of the study, advancing step by step.

"You and the Augustus family can join Babel Tower like me and become even more powerful, but from now on, the Augustus family can't violate any of my or Babel Tower's orders!"

"Truly a greedy monster, Maryse, do you want to become a 'Shadowhunter'?"

Phoenix knew what it meant. If he agreed, it would mean the entire family would be given to this "monster." But it also meant that Phoenix himself would become a member of the Babel Tower.

He began to ponder the advantages and disadvantages.

Until now, anyone who joined Babel Tower would undergo a metamorphosis and become stronger at an exaggerated speed! Both Maryse and Count Gallard are in the same situation!

There is no doubt that the Savior is the god of the earth! He is greater than the rainbows!

Phoenix doesn't think his sister has any intimate relationship with the great beings like the Savior of Babel Tower, and he thinks that at most she is just an ordinary member of this mysterious organization.

But it was really terrible; at this moment, she had become an "interviewer" and was using this little bit of power to make things difficult for him.

But as long as I can join Babel Tower and obtain the same gifts as they do... one day, everyone will have to look up to me!

"Okay, I agree!"

He showed a serious expression and decided to agree anyway.

Maryse also smiled, her expression filled with many meanings that Phoenix couldn't comprehend.

She had no prior experience with permission to use, but she still tried to invite her brother in her mind, using her authority as a Babel Tower Core Operator.

Is this the right thing to do?" Maryse was also unsure about the situation.

[Are you willing to establish a 'Connection' with the Babel Tower?]

[To contribute to saving this world.]

The voice in Phoenix's mind was cold and ruthless, unable to completely suppress the ecstatic expression on Phoenix's face!

"I am willing!" He shouted out loudly.

[Contract, signed and sealed.]

Phoenix paused for a moment as he saw his sister Maryse squinting and laughing, clutching her stomach as the laughter grew louder and louder.

Even those outside the study could probably hear her laughing, but still, she didn't stop.

"I just couldn't help it, ha! "

Maryse was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face.

"What are you laughing at?"

Phoenix's heart was filled with unease, vaguely guessing that he must have been fooled.

"My dear brother, you are just too greedy and stupid to see the truth..."

Maryse looked coldly at her brother and said, "From now on, the Augustus family and you will be pawns of the Savior... you are both considered "non-core members," while I am a Core Operator... did you really think the Savior would invest equal power in everyone?"

"You are truly foolish and too greedy. That old man, Reno, would never be as impatient as you... this pitiful family has truly fallen into your hands, and it is likely it will perish."

"Oh, by the way, just to let you know, all the other families are still watching from the sidelines. Even though the old timers have been promised great benefits, they have not acted recklessly..."

"Congratulations, you're the first one to take the bait!"

Phoenix remained silent for a while, then suddenly became extremely angry!

"You actually deceived me! And the Savior as well..."

Maryse suddenly said calmly, "If you speak arrogantly, you may be annihilated by the Savior at any time. I advise you to choose your words carefully."

Soon, Phoenix's face displayed an awkward expression of wanting to curse but not daring to.

He was still very fearful of the mysterious and inscrutable Savior. Moreover, as a supernormal being, he was well aware that all the contracts signed by the Otherworlds had supernormal power.

I really can't insult the future new owner...the Savior.

He took a deep breath and actually knelt on one knee, trying to cover up his thoughts with chaotic ideas.

Phoenix lowered his head and said apologetically with a regretful expression to Maryse, "I'm sorry, my sister. I, like those people, have been biased against you all along. I'm truly very sorry..."

"Now I finally understand that family is actually..."

He was moving with emotion, but suddenly felt uneasy when he got here. He couldn't completely disguise his inner voice, and there was no point in saying these things anymore.

It's just too difficult to completely disguise the inner voice... Only the former 'Mr. Mystery' managed to do it, concealing his true identity from Maryse through similar methods.

When Phoenix lifted his head again, the girl in front of him had disappeared, and she seemed to have completely lost interest in her foolish brother.


In the Augustus family's mansion, Maryse's room has been preserved all along. Meanwhile, Irena, who serves as her personal maid, sleeps in the adjacent single room on a daily basis.

Since Maryse suddenly disappeared, Irena has been strictly monitored by the Augustus family. In fact, it is similar to being imprisoned, as she cannot leave the family mansion at all.

She could only huddle in her own room, fiddling with the laptop she bought with her first paycheck.

In fact, as Maryse's personal servant, Irena's monthly salary is quite high, and she also receives a considerable amount of year-end bonus. The accumulated salary throughout the year is several times higher than that of the average working class.

But Irena didn't become Maryse's personal maid just for the money.

Although initially she was just appointed to be by Maryse's side, as years passed by, Irena gradually came to learn about the pain, sadness, and tears of this girl who refused to grow up.

She has gradually started to regard this "master" who she lives with day and night as her friend and family.

"When will you be back, Maryse...?"

Sitting on the bed, Irena murmured to herself, her heart filled with sadness.

In the current Augustus family, without Maryse, she was just an outsider.

If she doesn't come back, her life will no longer have any meaning, as she has always revolved around her from childhood to adulthood. Her only purpose is to take care of her.

Irena is also worried that Maryse's leaving will make her life even more painful.

She knew better than anyone that Maryse was not a monster, nor a terrible villain...

"Just a lonely and afraid little child."

Irena shook her head, sighed, and decided to go to sleep.

How long has she been trapped in this tiny room...

Unable to take a single step out.

Tomorrow will also be the same.

Irena remained silent.

Suddenly, she heard someone talking in her heart.


The door of the room slowly opened by a familiar hand, and the girl sitting on the bed's eyes, which were originally dull, glimmered with excitement as her body trembled slightly.

Irena didn't speak, but responded to her friend in her heart.

[Welcome back, Maryse!]