I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: The Sixth Meeting.

Another new Babel Tower conference has been convened.

November 25th.

Thirty-six days left until the expected doomsday.

At the Sky Temple, where the wind keeps blowing, white clouds float around in proximity, as if within arm's reach.

The solitary Savior sits upon an ivory-white throne, with the golden sun occupying the vast sky behind him, and no one dares to directly gaze upon his figure from below the platform.

““Fusion Slime" has come to this temple for the first time and is clearly very uncomfortable with the high-altitude environment. Its huge body trembles with fear.

Despite being physically massive, Fusion Slime R21 is undoubtedly the worst among the Core Operators in terms of combat will, intelligence, and emotional intelligence.

The black mist coalesces as the Core Operators of the Babel Tower arrive, fully prepared.

Mu Ling stands calmly among the crowd, with a plain expression.

The people beside her all looked at her, wanting to know an answer.

Has she already been promoted to a transcendent being at Crown level?

This question was swirling in everyone's mind, but it was Maryse who asked first, "Mu... Nightsaber, did your Crown Ceremony go smoothly?"

Mu Ling looked at Maryse with a calm expression and nodded lightly.


"I have embarked on the road to the Crown."

Maryse was slightly stunned. She wondered if it was just her imagination that Mu Ling didn't seem as friendly towards her as she used to be.

In fact, she misunderstood.

Mu Ling spent a long time in that dark dimension, and the emotional trauma she suffered from left her quite indifferent. In all areas of her life, she became rather cold. Recovering from it would take a considerable amount of time.

But in a sense, this emotionless and aloof Mu Ling... has a better temperament.

The so-called 'silence is golden' actually has scientific basis.

Their gazes immediately changed as the Crown-level transcendent was born among them!

So effortless and straightforward, it is truly enviable.

But they all knew one thing.

An extremely important matter!

Within a month or two at most, they would very well set foot on the path to becoming a Crown too!

Perhaps for the Savior of the Babel Tower, a mere 'Crown level' transcendent is nothing significant, but for them, it is truly a level of power that was once unreachable.

A transcendent of Crown level!

It's truly unimaginable that the tremendous power that was once only heard of in stories would appear... And, perhaps it can even be taken further.


That is the rank of the most elite and powerful, which few know about, and is often referred to as 'half-god'.

Maryse is also pondering about another matter.

Today is the day when Senior Profligate and Savior have agreed to officially conquer Tatsumi City, so how exactly will they achieve this conquest? Will there be a massacre...

I don't think so.

Although she has left the Augustus family, subconsciously, she still doesn't want all members of the family to be slaughtered.

Alan's emotions are also very complicated, in fact, he is currently the most conflicted person.

He knew very well that the Babel Tower was unbeatable, and its scope of saving countless worlds was completely on a different level from Tatsumi City's Demon Hunt Agency.

However, he also knew deeply about the character of the Night Watchers.

Those people will never surrender just because the Babel Tower is powerful.

If they didn't have the most basic integrity, they would have been corrupted by numerous cults that worship Outer Gods and would not have been able to protect the city for so many years.

What should I do...

Amy's expression at the back of the crowd also changed slightly, making it increasingly clear how terrifying the power of the Babel Tower was.

She also had more expectations as a result.

"This may be the only opportunity I have in my life, I must work hard to become stronger through the power of the Babel Tower..."

The Ring City.

It shouldn't always exist like it does now.

Violence, poverty, exploitation, drug abuse, environmental pollution...

Those living in the Ring City face countless problems.

Just because it has always been that way in the past, does it make it right?

Amy doesn't think so. The images of those suffering in the slums linger in her mind.

The excruciating pain of my limbs rotting away still haunts me after being forced to test medicine for the Rock Morgan Group.

However, with enough power in one's hands, everything in the Ring City, and even in the Night Union, can be changed.

'Crown level' is not enough, we need to be stronger, and even stronger, strong enough to make the whole world tremble.

At that moment, an applause sounded.

"Why does everyone have such a serious expression?"

Bai Yan's incarnation appeared in the form of 'Profligate', smiling and gently clapping on the side.

His appearance made everyone come back to their senses.

Bai Yan smiled and continued, "Let us congratulate Miss Nightsaber on her ascent to the Crown path. From now on, no faction in the world of Noah will dare to underestimate her."

Throughout the world of Noah, top-level 'Apocalypse' class experts are few and far between, and they are often extraordinary individuals at the 'Crown level' in the major forces.

If an extraordinary individual at the Crown level visits any city, they will definitely attract attention and be treated with caution by local powers, who will carefully and respectfully interact with them.

"Nowadays, Miss Nightsaber has undergone a complete transformation and has become much stronger than before. Except for the Queen of the Scarlet Moon, there is no one in Tatsumi City who can match her."

As Bai Yan spoke, Mu Ling also gazed at him calmly.

She didn't have much of a response to all the boasting.

"Next, we will launch an attack on Tatsumi City and have the major families join the Babel Tower."

"Is it necessary?"

Alan suddenly spoke, attracting the attention of everyone present.

He took a deep breath and continued, "Is it really necessary? Our power will only grow stronger, and the few families in Tatsumi City will not be able to offer any assistance in battle. Is it really necessary to control this city? The scope of Babel Tower should be larger."

"It is necessary."

Amy shook her head gently and said, "Although our personal strength will continue to increase, the current influence of the five major families is still very useful. They have people from all walks of life in Tatsumi City under their umbrella, with a total of up to one million employees. In addition, these employees can influence their families, it can be said that they control almost half of the city. These people can definitely achieve many things."

She continued, "I believe that any outsiders who come to Tatsumi City will not be able to completely escape the intelligence network of the five major families, as they still need the necessities of life. And, to take a step back, it would be better if things like the collective corruption of the Wettin family that happened before don't happen again."

"The influence in these places also requires our supervision."

Alan wanted to retort, but Bai Yan shook his head at that moment and spoke up.

"There is actually a simpler and more necessary reason, which is that we need to bring the Babel Tower into the open."

Bring Babel Tower into the open?

Alan was slightly stunned and for a moment couldn't understand the meaning behind it.

He turned to Mu Ling and Maryse standing beside him, and slowly said, "Do you still want to continue living this way? Living in fear every day, afraid of being found?'

Before they could answer, Bai Yan continued speaking.

"Also, can you bear to let your loved ones continue to live in this way, like rats, for such a long time?"

Maryse immediately thought of her personal maid, Irena... she should still be under surveillance, quietly waiting for her return at home.

If the Augustus family didn't submit, she would never be able to come back and meet her, and Irena's family would continue to be monitored for an even longer time.

That kind of life is definitely not what I want.

"I support the ideas of Senior Profligate."

Maryse's gaze was determined, and even if the Augustus family were completely destroyed, she didn't want to continue hiding like this anymore.

Mu Ling also fell silent.

Since the Black Star Faction almost destroyed the family, Huo Xin and she have been living in hiding in the dark, fearing exposure of their true identities.

Mr. Mystery has already been settled by her.

But her life has become even more incapable of exposure...

Should it really be like this?

Why can't we live under the sunshine?

The five major families and Demon Hunt Agency are the true controllers of Tatsumi City and the Otherworlds, able to deploy countless people who have infiltrated every aspect.

They desperately wanted to find themselves, who were only exposed at the Babel Tower. Therefore, myself and Huo Xin must hide carefully... But do we really have to hide?

The current balance of power is not the same as before.

Babel Tower can be seen in public in Tatsumi City.

Mu Ling remained composed and murmured to herself, "The black mist saved me, but it couldn't save Huo Xin, who is now my only relative...I cannot continue to hide forever."

The solution to completely solve this problem is actually very simple.

Either make these people no longer dare to provoke Babel Tower, or make them part of Babel Tower.

Alan opened his mouth and realized that he could no longer stop this from happening.

Nowadays, the major families in Tatsumi City may not be important to Babel Tower.

However, for some members of Babel Tower, living in constant fear with their loved ones is indeed a great trouble.

If it couldn't be done before, it was fine. But now that the problem can be solved, they will definitely go ahead and solve it.

I understand.

"So, I have a condition."

At this moment, Alan's voice is very calm, exceptionally serious.


Bai Yan looked at his friend whom he had grown up with since childhood and smiled.

Do you have any grounds to negotiate conditions?

I don't think so.

However, I am willing to listen.

Alan gazed into Profligate's eyes and stated with utmost sincerity, "During the strategy to conquer Tatsumi City, Babel Tower must not engage in indiscriminate killing, not even a single innocent person."


Before he even finished speaking, he heard the response.

"Of course."

Bai Yan nodded and immediately committed, "I believe everyone present agrees with your idea."

"Yes, under no circumstances will we engage in indiscriminate killing."

Mu Ling nodded in agreement, and Amy on the side also expressed her approval.

"Don't worry. Things won't be as violent as you imagine because the power balance is clear, and there is no absolute hostility between the two sides."

"This is just a collaboration invitation."

But Maryse remained silent, either accepting others' views or having her own thoughts.

Of course, Bai Yan understands the thinking of this 'chaotic neutral' little guy very well.

In fact, she doesn't really care about the deaths and injuries of innocent people.

"So what we should be discussing now is how to do it," Amy continued.

She sat in the wheelchair, smiling. "Power and interests are the basis of all negotiations. As for the negotiation methods, there are only three: using emotions, reasoning, and incentives."

Maryse interjected and said, "We possess sufficient power. Therefore, I believe it would be more prudent to tempt several major families with incentives going forward."

"The heads of those families are fundamentally people who would do anything for the sake of their family's interests."

She fell silent after finishing her sentence.

At this point, Alan could only sigh and say, "For the Night Watchers, benefits are not the most important thing, so we must make them understand the reason."

"We need to find a way to persuade them, to make them understand that joining the Babel Tower will make it easier to protect the innocent."

"It's best to make them understand that, without the existence of the Babel Tower, Tatsumi City would definitely be destroyed."

As for appealing to emotions, Bai Yan could do that for a few individuals present, but there was no emotional connection to discuss with the major families and the Demon Hunt Agency.

Bai Yan nodded lightly and said, "Apart from that, we also need one important 'thing'."

"That is... an example."

"Familiarity and an important model of cooperation would put the major families at ease and allow them to see clearly the future they would have."

The model of cooperation he was referring to was none other than the powerful and extraordinary Potential Crown-level individual, the patriarch of the Wettin family.

Count of Knights, Gallard.


The afternoon of the next day.

The Wettin family booked the entire 24th floor of the best hotel in Platinum Zone, Tatsumi City, to entertain representatives from the other four clans.

It is said that he has very important news to announce.

Although the five major clans are not interdependent, they know each other well. The recent changes in the Wettin family cannot be concealed.

Everyone knows that they have been targeted by the Babel Tower.

Then, many members of the Wettin family were exterminated by the Babel Tower overnight!

This terrifying and appalling incident made everyone in the other major clans feel insecure.

Although it is unclear what Count Gallard is gathering everyone for, people from the other four major families privately share a common speculation.

Perhaps Count Gallard is requesting a formal appeal to the "King" of Tatsumi City, hoping that the Sword-wielding Troop or the Eyes of the Empire of the Demon Hunt Agency's headquarters could come and reside permanently, finding a way to thoroughly defeat the Babel Tower.

However, the actual situation was beyond everyone's expectations.

At the beginning of the banquet, Count Gallard's first words left everyone stunned and incredulous.

"Everyone, I have joined the Babel Tower," said he.

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