I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: The Eternal Spear!

The night has grown late.

Standing in the dark restaurant, Bai Yan first opened the new Babel Tower infrastructure.

This is a facility named "Projection (Primary)", which requires a Crown level member in the player's Core Operator in order to be activated.

Activating "Projection (Primary)" requires 600 Source Energy Points, but Bai Yan opened it without any hesitation.

He calmly watched as a lighthouse icon appeared on his Babel Tower app on the phone.

"The earlier you open this thing, the more profitable it will be."

"Projection" is a kind of null light that exists in the sea of consciousness.

It lures knowledge and intelligence lost in direction like a lantern fish, and after activating the Projection, Bai Yan will occasionally receive game push prompts for "Babel Tower".

The form is similar to that of "rumors". Most of the knowledge and intelligence that "Projection" can provide is actually superfluous and quite inconspicuous.

However, there are also some knowledge and intelligence that are particularly crucial and extremely important.

Sometimes, when players make good use of critical information, they can directly pass the levels of "Babel Tower" in a special way, which will bring important additional benefits.

Sometimes, a crucial piece of intelligence will simply unlock a set of extremely special series of tasks for the player.

Using the first playthrough as a benchmark for the gaming experience, Bai Yan deeply feels that "Projection" is something that must be activated immediately after Core Operators reach the Crown level.

Because, it can provide quite high hidden benefits.

"Game Tip: The Projection has captured new knowledge. Would you like to view it?"

"Yes, no."

Bai Yan, of course, wants to view it and selects "yes" directly.

"Knowledge: The 'Glimpse' ritual."

"At midnight until 2am, take five steps backwards from your doorstep and silently recite the names of any three ancient gods. This will allow you to see the intersection of different dimensions corresponding to those gods and the real world."

Bai Yan shakes his head lightly at the useless bit of trivia.

The 'Glimpse' ritual is a very common and basic ritual that is well-known to everyone, and is essentially worthless.

In a few days, he even thought about giving it to Sylve, who had just entered the transcendent world.

Then, let's see what expression she will have when she sees a ghost.

It might be very interesting.

However, one thing to note is that the Projection (basic) only requires six hundred Source Energy Points and is also a necessary prerequisite for Projection (advanced). It is definitely worth investing in.

As long as you are lucky enough to learn even one or two forbidden curses, ancient god-level rituals, or extremely important information, the six hundred Source Energy Points could be instantly worthwhile.

By initiating the 'Projection' feature so early in the game progress of 'Babel Tower', one can expect significantly higher returns in the subsequent stages.

Bai Yan glanced at the sharply declining Source Energy Points and shook his head slightly.

It's really too easy to spend, no matter how many Source Energy Points you have, they are actually not enough at all.

Next up is the summoning stage, and the remaining Source Energy Points are just enough for one set of ten summons.

After the card draw, the great Savior of Babel Tower, Bai Yan, will once again become a penniless "broke" person.

"Unfortunately, the infrastructure that could allow me to take out a 'loan' is temporarily unavailable."


Bai Yan decisively clicked on "Fate" and started praying, hoping that something good would appear before his eyes.

First summon!

"Operator Fragment · Queen of the Scarlet Moon×1"

Opening Thunder Strike!

Nine fragments, collected all nine fragments directly!

If there are still two missing fragments, it's like missing one's head.

What is one fragment equivalent to?

Although repeated fragments can be 100% returned for Source Energy Points, at this moment, Bai Yan inexplicably had a strange thought of 'Don't give me Queen of the Scarlet Moon right now'.

Next time it will definitely come out!

Second summon!

"Entertainment·Banquet Gourmet Card × 1"

There's not much to say about it, an ordinary Entertainment Card...... in theory, it should be like this.

But Bai Yan had already seen the presence of "food" through the video records in "Babel Tower".

There is no doubt that "food" is one of the ancient gods.

Even though he calls himself the weakest deity, he is still a true god.

When Bai Yan discovered his (Food's) presence in the video, he was also surprised and a little afraid of the possibility that the other party might trace it back to Babel Tower through the internet .

So many things in Babel Tower are related to the gods, and Bai Yan sometimes wondered if all of this was a conspiracy of the gods. However, many things in Babel Tower are also related to the Outer God...

So, what exactly is Babel Tower?

With too little information, Bai Yan couldn't make appropriate deductions/reasoning.

Although, some weaker gods may not necessarily be able to defeat the top-tier 'Apocalypse' that is skilled in combat.

However, because they are gods who possess the supreme 'Plane' of the 'Divinity Realm', it is destined that they will not be truly defeated.

Gods may be forgotten, twisted, and corrupted, but they will never completely disappear.

Immortality is the smallest unit that can claim to be a god.

If it were before, Bai Yan would definitely surrender this 'Entertainment Card' directly and give up on it.

But now he has a brand new idea.

Bai Yan was pondering whether he could make some...off-game deals with this god who called himself 'Food'.

If the game producer of 'Babel Tower' really existed, I would feel sorry for him, as all I can think of when playing the game are these unconventional moves.

Third summon!

"Mysterious Relic·The Eye of Horus x1!"


Bai Yan has an impression of this thing.

The Eye of Horus. The soul of the person who wears it will not be subject to any violation.

Core Operators whose souls have completely disappeared cannot be resurrected. And in the later stages of the game 'Babel Tower', there are many powerful beings that can inflict damage on the soul.

The Eye of Horus is a very effective safeguard.

Fourth summon!

"Relic Shard: Absolute Barrier x1."

One shard +1, the ultimate power in defense. However, if it's just the shard without the actual item, it is not of much value.

Fifth summon!

"Sacred Rune Shard: Poseidon x1."

One Shard +1, Sacred Rune in the Ocean Series. The same logic applies as the previous one.

Sixth summon!

"Mystical Power Shard: Manipulation of Reality x1."

There is a fragment of Manipulation of Reality which is definitely a good thing, but it's not worth worrying about if you can't obtain it.

Seventh summon!

"Operator Fragment · Girl Psychic Elene×1"

Come on, little sister with psychic power, hurry and come out!

Bai Yan recalled the relevant plot, and at this moment, 'Girl Psychic Elene' should be in jail, while those who wanted to kill her were frantically searching for her all over the world.

Eighth summon!

"Sacred Rune Fragment · Sacred King Odin×1"

Ninth summon!

"Operator Fragment · Drunken Masters Panda Rowen×1"

Tenth summon!

"Relic Fragment · Gungnir×1"

In the last three summons, there was still no Core Operator, but Bai Yan remained calm.

He'll 'discard a tile' first before saying anything.

Shortly, Bai Yan chose to reset 'Sacred Rune Fragment · Sea King Poseidon', 'Sacred Rune Fragment · Sacred King Odin' and 'Relic Fragment · Gungnir'.

"'Mysterious Relic·Gungnir×1!', 'Entertainment Card·Fairy Tale Paradise', 'Tactical Card·Endless Fury'."

Bia Yan was slightly startled.

Although no Core Operator was obtained, the legendary Eternal Spear was obtained.

"I have at least acquired two decent mystical relics, The Eye of Horus and Gungnir, so it's not a loss."

"Fairy Tale Paradise, if my memory serves me right, this Entertainment Card can allow Core Operator to go to that fairy tale world..."

After murmuring to himself, he fell into thought.

It would be great if I could personally try out this card. I really want to see another worldline.

"Unfortunately, I am not a true Babel Tower Core Operator."

As for the Tactical Card 'Endless Fury', it is a card exclusive to Dead Insane Warrior Red Moon for locking blood and adding attack power.

Finally, this is the most valuable thing in this summon.

"The legendary weapon, Gungnir, is a spear that will absolutely hit its target."

Gungnir, the legendary spear, appeared in Bai Yan's hand. It was a white throwing spear that resembled lightning. As soon as it appeared, it emitted an intense aura that was impossible to conceal.

He squinted his eyes.

Even just by holding it, Bai Yan could feel the terrifying power of it.

The power of this weapon will be determined by the strength of the user. If the user is powerful enough, they could even use this legendary spear to destroy cities, penetrate continents and oceans with it as the Eternal Spear.

Bai Yan looked through the description of the relics given in the "Babel Tower".

"Gungnir: This spear, when successfully thrown, will transform into a meteor falling from the sky, and is unstoppable in the process of its hitting the target before returning to the hands of the user. The cost of its use is the random consumption of a body part."

Although it is a spear that would definitely hit the target, it is not actually a weapon that would necessarily kill.

Nevertheless, its power can be considered astonishing.

At this moment, Bai Yan had a very strong premonition.

Next time, when drawing from the 'Fate' pool again, I will definitely draw the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

He seemed to vaguely sense the connection between the two, a feeling that was there but not quite there.

In the past, perhaps he would have thought it was just an illusion, but the present Bai Yan, like most extraordinary individuals, believes more in feeling than in logic.

Bai Yan could not help but start pondering about one thing.

Why does Alan enter the 'Fate' pool as a new character during the second playthrough of Babel Tower?

Is it related to how closely connected his life is with my own?

"If it is because Alan and I have a certain level of so-called 'bond', which led to him entering the pool... can I use the same method to let others enter the pool?"

So there is another question, where does the connection between myself and the other Core Operators come from?

"I clearly didn't know them at all before this."

As Bai Yan didn't have enough information, he shook his head and decided not to continue thinking about it, returning to his room to sleep.

When he woke up again as the sun rose, he calmly took out his phone.

Ten days passed quickly, and now he was going to follow the plan he had previously mentioned to conquer Tatsumi City.

Initiate a new Babel Tower conference.

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