I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 201

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Chapter 201: Crown Ceremony "Night Vigil"

The most suitable ceremony for the future "King of Night" in the entire universe is also related to the night.

Its name is "Night Vigil".

The reason why Mu Ling would eventually be called the "King of Night" is that her body carries the power of an Outer God named "Lord of Darkness".

"People also refer to 'Lord of Darkness' as the 'Obscure Changer' who wields two completely different powers of darkness and light.

And Mu Ling's body also has a dark part.

The purpose of the Crown Ceremony for "Night Vigil" is to activate it, so that she can master it and use it for herself.

The power of darkness is very strong, but at the same time, it is also very dangerous.

If she cannot control this power until later on, then Mu Ling will ultimately only be a nourishment for the Lord of Darkness, a pawn for Him to descend upon the world.

Once Mu Ling meets the fate of soul destruction, not even the Babel Tower can bring her back to life. The characters in "Babel Tower" will be displayed in a state of "permanent death".

Bai Yan will not let such a future happen.

He is certain.

At this moment, Mu Ling is feeling a little nervous. She is not afraid of the dark, but feels that the promotion to Crown is just too important.

Crown level... undoubtedly is a sign of strength, and in the entire city, there is currently only one extraordinary individual at the Crown level, which is the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Myself, will become the second person.

At the same time, this also represents a great responsibility. Myself, as the sharp blade in the hands of the Savior, am the one who will save this city and even the whole world.

In the world of Noah, perhaps there is no Babel Tower member stronger than myself.

She deeply understands that responsibility and honor are inseparable.

Next, I will embark on the path to the Crown.

Ultimately become the King of Night.

Just then, she suddenly realized that the "Savior" had disappeared without a trace, leaving only herself in the darkness!

[You will face it alone next, but I believe you can definitely conquer it.]

The Crown Ceremony "Night Vigil" is both hazardous and theoretically cannot be assisted by outsiders.

Mu Ling needs to face the challenge alone, while Bai Yan can only hide and observe her situation in secret.

Of course, once there is a fatal danger, Bai Yan will naturally save her... Hmm, in order to save Source Energy Points.

Mu Ling quickly settled her mind, nodded lightly, and then found a deep blue bottle of potion in front of her feet.

[Take it.]

She kneeled down according to the command in her mind and drank the potion of unknown effect in one gulp, without any extra question.

Suddenly, Mu Ling felt the world shake, her body losing its balance, and she kept hearing some incomprehensible and low murmurs in her ear.

As if it was coming from within her, stemming from the darkness around her...

It was an indescribable aura.

[Calm down and focus.]

[This is just the first hurdle you must face.]

Mu Ling also wished desperately to calm down. She instinctively reached out with a hand to support herself, only to find that the cold ground that she had fallen onto was actually her own cheek.

Saliva slowly trickled out of the corner of her mouth. She was shaking and experiencing dizziness on the ground, unable to get up.

The low murmurs in her ear grew more and more frequent, their pace becoming increasingly rapid. It was as if they were trying to pull her deeper into an abyss without end.


Calm down, quiet down...

Mu Ling remembered the foundational training for "Flow of the Heart" - how to maintain a calm state of meditation - and gradually began to concentrate to restore her ability to move.

She slowly climbed up from the ground and suddenly realized that everything around her had fallen into complete darkness.

There was nothing left; not even a glimmer of light existed. She felt as though she had entered an endless abyss of darkness.

The low murmurs around her disappeared, and Mu Ling, clutching her sword tightly, attempted to speak, only to realize that she could not hear any sound.

Unable to see or hear, it was as though all five senses had been sealed off completely.

She felt a soundless fear.


It is the true land of darkness...

[Don't be afraid, I still maintain a connection with you.]

The voice of the Savior!

The sudden plain voice that appeared in her mind made Mu Ling forcibly calm down. She quickly regained her confidence, knowing that she could not lose as long as the "Savior" was there.

I can definitely become a qualified sharp blade.

To break through the darkness for him.

Mu Ling stood still, waiting for the arrival of the second test.

A terrifying sound suddenly appeared in the infinite darkness, which was called...

"Night Vigil".

Terrifying roars, lamentations, screams, pleas for mercy, and various other sounds emerged from all around, as if millions of monsters had already surrounded Mu Ling, who couldn't see anything.

[You have entered the dimension of 'Nightfall'.]

[This shall be your dimension, conquer it.]

The voice of the saviour gave her immense courage.

Mu Ling nodded.

She took a firm step forward, while feeling a great darkness surrounding her.

And thus, swing the sword!

The sharp blade, brimming with the scent of death, sliced through the darkness, causing the monsters within to howl in agony and dissipate into smoke. Mu Ling swung her sword all the way through.

Gradually, she suddenly understood one thing.

What she had killed was nothing but her own fear.

Darkness is never frightening, what people fear in the dark environment is only the reflection of their own fearful thoughts.

The moment she realized it, the monsters also disappeared without a trace.

Thus, the voice in the darkness disappeared.

[Congratulations, Nightsaber.]

[You have successfully passed the second level.]

Mastering oneself, slaying fear... Mu Ling takes a deep breath, waiting for the next challenge of 'Night Vigil'.

But she didn't get anything she was waiting for.

There's nothing left...

In the darkness of the end, there is only absolute loneliness, emptiness, and a perplexity that never finds a way out.

Mu Ling didn't know how long she had been waiting for, a day, two days, or how long...

It might have already been half a month, or a month, but the endless darkness around her remained unchanged.

The third trial doesn't exist...

She is a bit confused.

Just then, that voice rang out again.

[Don't lose yourself, Nightsaber.]

In theory, the ceremonial process of the Crown Ceremony "Night Vigil" is impervious to any external force.

The final trial will give the initiator of the ceremony an absolute sense of loneliness.

This is a very difficult level to pass, requiring the one being tested to have a firm spirit and comprehension.

However, Bai Yan in the real world found that his voice could still be heard.

The "Connection" between him and Mu Ling is incredibly close beyond imagination.

"Connection", and "game" are the two extraordinary powers he possessed... Bai Yan remained silent and looked at Mu Ling in front of him.

In the real world, she was actually standing still in one place, with a calm expression.

Only half a minute has passed since the ritual started until now.

Mu Ling had been sinking in the dark world but she didn't know for how long.

Bai Yan knew that she must have been suffering a lot.

At this moment, if he only reached out and gently touched her, this serious girl would be liberated from the darkness, but all the trials will be wasted.

Bai Yan took a deep breath and could only say:

"Keep it up."

Mu Ling in the endless darkness took a deep breath, and the voice in her mind made her feel as if she had seen the light.

As long as He exists, I will not lose here.

There is only one light in this darkness.

Carry on.

A long time passed again in Mu Ling's consciousness.

One day, ten days, one hundred days, or even longer?

She wasn't very sure and didn't know if time still had any significance.

In the endless darkness, there is no fear, no death, no emotions, and even oneself is almost non-existent…

Only nothingness can bring eternal demise.

She almost forgot herself, until that unforgettable voice echoed once again.

[Mu Ling, don't lose yourself. The key is that you must truly coexist with the darkness.]

Mu Ling?

Whose name is this...

Is it me?

So it turns out to be my own name.

She was stunned as the Savior called her own name.

It's not Nightsaber, it's Mu Ling.

Yes, He...actually always knew my name.

I cannot let you down.

Do not lose yourself and become a part of the darkness.

Mu Ling pondered the meaning of this sentence and gradually started to attempt to feel out her surroundings, experiencing the essence of darkness through nonexistent senses, the darkness that had existed unknownly beside her for who knows how long.

They seem to have life, and yet throughout one's many years of life, one has never truly been aware of this fact.

So, that's how it is.

The darkness no longer surrounds Mu Ling, it has merged with her.

I understand now.


In the real world, Bai Yan's fingers are only an inch away from Mu Ling's shoulder.

If she cannot successfully ascend to the Crown through "Night Vigil", she will have to find another way.

However, there should not be any other ritual that is as suitable for Mu Ling.

However, "Night Vigil" is indeed a dangerous ritual, and if it continues like this, Mu Ling may suffer from significant psychological trauma.

In the real world, every passing second, Mu Ling in the dark dimension will sink deep for a long time.

"If it were at the time when I first met you, I should have chosen to let you persevere."

Bai Yan knew that Alan was right, he had become ordinary.

So he pressed his finger down.

But at the moment before Bai Yan touched Mu Ling, her eyes gradually regained clarity.

He instantly frozen time with Deep Blue World and took his hand back.

Bai Yan stood aside, pretending to be cold and indifferent. He coughed and almost didn't know how to explain himself.

The Savior's character design is cold and ruthless.

"I did it."

In front of Herendor's gate, Mu Ling in the shadows was like a goddess of the night, gazing up at the dark sky for a long time.

Then Mu Ling turned to the Savior standing expressionless by the side and calmly kneeled before him.

She could feel a new and formidable power, once hard to reach.

Now Mu Ling even had complete confidence in defeating the "Pastor" who was still alive before.

"I have become a part of the darkness, a part of the night... yet I still remain your blade."

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