I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: See the Savior Again

"Amy, are you looking for me?"

Bai Yan narrowed his eyes slightly and fell into contemplation.

Why did she suddenly start searching for 'Bai Yan'?

Could it be that Amy has already learned about his true identity?

He was not too panicked. Whatever the situation was, as long as he could detect anything unusual at this moment, it wouldn't be too late. If worst comes to worst...he could just go and modify Amy's memory.

Moreover, even if his identity is completely exposed, though he may find himself in a very awkward situation, the Core Operators of Babel Tower still would not be able to escape from his control.

The first thing is to figure out why she is looking for him, and where did she find out the name 'Bai Yan'?

This is the most important thing.

Bai Yan began searching through the past records stored in "Babel Tower," opening up each Core Operator log in video mode one by one, leaving no detail unexamined, not even neglecting videos of mundane activities such as eating and bathing.

After skimming through, Bai Yan calmly searched for other message records. Soon, he found a trace of the name "Bai Yan" in a forum set up by Amy.

After looking through the message records, Bai Yan felt relieved.

"I see, you were looking for 'Bai Yan' because of Alan's commission. Then the situation is much better than I imagined."

Bai Yan's worst-case scenario was that Amy had already betrayed them, and that she was now attempting to eradicate the 'master of Babel Tower' with an unknowable power, possibly even under the control of the Outer God.

Now it seems otherwise.

There is only one person in the world who knows the actual connection between 'Bai Yan' and the Savior.

That would be… 'Nightsaber'.

He once revealed his true identity to Mu Ling and claimed to be the Savior of Babel Tower. If given another chance, Bai Yan would never do that again.

In fact, Mu Ling only knows his face and doesn't know that the Savior's name is Bai Yan.

"With Mu Ling's current loyalty, even if she knew that Bai Yan was the Savior all along, she would probably accept it gradually after the initial shock."

Bai Yan had a good grasp of Mu Ling's personality and situation, but not necessarily of Amy and others. Even if they don't betray him, they may still try to take advantage.

If Amy were to know further that the 'Savior' is just an ordinary person, she might brainstorm low-probability methods to obtain the 'Babel Tower' book and persuade him that it would be more helpful for saving the world.

Perhaps she is making sense, and we can all try to come up with a decision on how to master this game called 'Babel Tower', to make saving the world an easier task.

But Bai Yan is not generous enough to share, and he has never liked works where the protagonist suffers. Therefore, he would never confess to owning the game 'Babel Tower'.

However, this would inevitably disappoint Amy and those who were convinced by her, by the selfish 'Savior', eventually leading to a decline in both loyalty and mood.

Moreover, if the Witch were to know he is not invincible, she would constantly think about how to seize the 'Babel Tower'.

"No, it won't work because not everyone is as innocent and straightforward as Mu Ling."

As for whether everyone would still be respectful and loyal after knowing his true identity, even Amy might think it's better that she keeps the 'Babel Tower' game to herself. The possibility of Miss Witch bowing down and obediently licking his shoes is not impossible.. well, perhaps, maybe.

However, Bai Yan didn't bother trying such a boring idea.

So after much deliberation, he still felt it was necessary to conceal his identity.

The truth cannot be revealed to Amy and others.

Bai Yan sat on the couch, murmuring to himself, "First, we need to start with 'Nightsaber' and detach the identities of 'Bai Yan' and 'Savior'.

"In this way, it will no longer be feasible to claim that Bai Yan is the Savior."

"Even if Nightsaber later discovers who Bai Yan really is, it will no longer be important."

Okay, he has already figured out how to do it.


The time has finally come.

November 24th, 11 p.m.

Mu Ling took off her clothes and sat calmly in her own bathtub, closing her eyes and meditating.

Before, she tried to practice 'Flow of the Heart' but failed completely.

However, as her strength gradually grew, Mu Ling decided to attempt it again in order to become stronger.

Inside the bathtub, her skin was completely fused with the water and air, with nothing else present.

The girl calmly and attentively felt the flow of the water.

This is a basic training method for 'Flow of the Heart' that Mu Ling obtained from 'Cybertyrant', which serves as an aid for beginners of 'Flow of the Heart'.

She began to inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale...

It is necessary to forget one's existence in the material world and let one's soul become a part of the water...

Mu Ling sat quietly in the bathtub for a long time, continuously sensing.

The water keeps flowing.

She suddenly opened her eyes and shook her head.

"No, I still can't do it. It's still too unimaginable... How did those people ever manage to do it?"

Clearly practicing the 'Dragon Slaying Technique' goes smoothly, but for the first step of 'Flow of the Heart,' which is stillness, it's just impossible...

Am I just too stupid?

Just at this moment, Mu Ling's mind echoed a familiar and cold voice.

[NightSaber, proceed to Herendor University.]

Mu Ling was slightly taken aback. The school she hadn't visited in a long time was actually the location of the Crown Ceremony?

"In less than an hour, it will be time for me to be crowned as monarch... Other than me, only the first generation patriarch of the family has ever achieved this level.”

She slowly rose from the water, her white long hair sticking to her flawlessly damp skin.

The girl's eyes were filled with thankfulness towards her Savior, and an unmistakable hope.


More than half an hour later, Mu Ling, who had changed into a black windbreaker, arrived at the entrance of Herendor.

Because the situation in Tatsumi City is very chaotic, the time for elementary and middle school dismissal, as well as the time for university lights-out, have all been moved earlier. At this moment, not a single person can be seen at the entrance of the university.

Even the security guard fell into a deep sleep for some unknown reason.

With no moonlight, only a faint light illuminated the ground in front of the door. She remained silent in the darkness.

Mu Ling stood calmly at the entrance of the university, waiting for the next step of the Savior's plan.

"How will he tell me what to do..."

In fact, Mu Ling has also acquired intelligence concerning the Crown Ceremony and knows that many people are stuck in the position of 'Potential Crown', making it almost impossible to truly ascend their status for their whole lives.

The Crown Ceremony undoubtedly will be a very difficult and challenging task.

At this moment, Mu Ling suddenly froze.

In the darkness, she saw a woman with exactly the same appearance as herself, who suddenly appeared nearby without any signs and then walked towards her position.


Mu Ling immediately became cautious, but the 'self' who walked out of the darkness was expressionless and looked at her coldly.

[Don't be afraid, it's me.]

Mu Ling was stunned, and the voice that appeared in her mind was unexpectedly that of the Savior.

This 'Mu Ling' is the Savior?

But why does He resemble me?

[The appearance of the material world has no significance to me.]

Bai Yan knew she would think that way, then calmly began to change her appearance into Alan, Maryse, Bai Yan, Lin Bian, Queen of the Scarlet Moon, Mr. Trap, the Left Hand of Dark Light...

"I see."

Mu Ling nodded gently, and didn't raise any questions again. For such a great existence as the Savior, it is indeed inappropriate to try to understand them using common sense.

The appearance of the young man I had seen before was just one of the Savior's manifestations.

She kneeled down on one knee, and lowered her head.

"Mr. Savior, I will never disappoint your expectations. Please allow me to be promoted to the rank of 'Crown'."

At the beginning, Mu Ling actually wanted to call him 'Master.'

But later on, she thought that calling him 'Respected Savior' would be more appropriate, and in the end she called him 'Mr. Savior'.

Ever since using the term 'Profligate' to call the Savior, she would occasionally secretly use this more intimate term.

Bai Yan didn't care about how she addressed him, he just nodded lightly with an indifferent expression and pretended nothing had happened.

"Soon, you will embark on the path of the Crown."

"Becoming the King of Night."

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