I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 196

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Chapter 196: Production

Today, Fusion Slime is lying obediently in its container.

A gigantic, deep blue mollusk was calmly devouring a large bowl of white special substance.

It is now eating the nutrient paste provided by the professor. As an extremely special super life form, "Fusion Slime" only needs to eat once a month to maintain all the necessary nutrients it needs.

The vast majority of the energy that sustains its movement actually comes from the "Heart of Nuclear Fusion," and it only needs some nutrients to supplement its activity.

This is certainly not a true nuclear fusion device, but rather a special magical power that has sealed the concept of "nuclear fusion" through powerful spells. The creator of the "Heart of Nuclear Fusion" is not Professor Bai Lan, nor anyone from the Noah world.

Rather, it is a foreign civilization known as "Arvent."

The Arvent civilization is a highly belligerent one that has an extreme militaristic and expansionist culture, and has conquered many other civilizations and races in the multiverse through its powerful use of nuclear fusion energy. Ultimately, this civilization was annihilated in an instant by a higher civilization known as the "Unknown."

However, the numerous ruins of the Arvent civilization still bring enormous benefits to many civilizations, especially with regard to the powerful weapons of this militaristic culture.

"Higher civilization".

They refer to the civilizations in the multiverse that have already transcended the "material world." In the civilization rating system of the "Babel Tower" game, higher civilizations should have an index rating of 10,000 or higher.

They are also known as the only entities in the multiverse that can oppose the Outer Gods.

According to the records of Professor Bai Lan, there are only three "higher civilizations" known to exist in Night Union, and they are respectively translated according to transliteration as "Origin," "Unknown," and "Cycle."

But these things actually have nothing to do with the honest and straightforward "Fusion Slime".

It quickly absorbed all the nutrients from the specially-made food, supplied itself with the energy it needed, and also reserved a considerable part of it for backup.

Then the "Fusion Slime" suddenly discovered an additional tattoo on its body!

A light pink tattoo, how strange...

"Gulu gulu gulu?"

"Fusion Slime" didn't understand what it was, so it extended its tentacles and tore off the section of "skin" for a closer look.

Suddenly, the Sacred Rune of "Astarte" emitted a beam of light.

"Dudulu dudulu dudulu dudulu."

A voice that had never existed before suddenly appeared in the container.

Fusion Slime slightly paused, sensing the presence of other creatures beside itself in the container.

It quickly found out that they were of the same kind!

A little slime with a greyish-white body suddenly appeared not far from itself.

"Gulu gulu gulu?"

How did this fellow get in here?

Teleportation or flash step? Or some other extraordinary power?

"Fusion Slime" was shocking!

The greyish-white little slime crawls on the ground, while the "Fusion Slime" stares at it vigilantly.

After a while, it noticed that there was a new, black compatriot in the container, and it also seemed to have become very tired.

All the nutrients it just ate are gone! It discovered a horrifying fact!

What on earth is going on?

"Gurgle, gurgle!"

Facing the inexplicable situation, "Fusion Slime" instinctively felt deep fear, apprehensive that these so-called compatriots might violently attack it.

The newly born little ones came over affectionately, wanting to be closer to their "parents," but "Fusion Slime" was scared and kept retreating.

It started to beg for mercy.

"Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle......"

It was praying for its compatriots not to absorb its energy.

Soon, several new little slimes appeared, making "Fusion Slime" with no place to hide, more exhausted, and its energy continued to drain away.

It's done, it's done, it's done...

"Fusion Slime" felt despair and thought it would be eaten by the suddenly appeared slimes of the same clan!


Lady Helen's residence is in the Platinum Zone of Tatsumi City.

Sitting in the garden, Bai Yan calmly opened the Core Operator list and selected to give the Sacred Rune Astarte to "Fusion Slime".

He quickly saw "Fusion Slime" unleashing its new power.

Game tip:

"Ash Slime x1 (Small)".

"Black Gold Slime x2 (Small)".

"Flame Slime x1 (Small)".

"Ocean Slime x1 (Small)".

Stopped after breeding five small slimes in one go, even the "Fusion Slime" that was positioned as a tank has exhausted its stamina and cannot continue.

"Out of the five small slimes, amazingly, there are four different types. I wonder how many other types there are....".

Bai Yan couldn't help but recall the first playthrough, where he curiously assigned "Astarte" as a regular Core Operator and produced various unusual offspring at the time.

"Sacred Rune · Astarte: The wearer only needs to consume stamina to rapidly produce offspring and can adjust the innate ability values of the offspring to some extent."

To be honest, the effect of this Sacred Rune is quite strong... The five small slimes produced by Fusion Slime all have an average strength of an Original Level transcendent.

And the emphasis is that it can produce at least this many small slimes every day.

When Fusion Slime becomes stronger and has more stamina, it can produce more small slimes every day, while also having some level of autonomy to choose their offspring's innate ability values and tendencies.

They are physically matured at birth through Astarte, equivalent to "adolescence," and can immediately be used as combat force.

If lucky, there is even a chance of less than one in a thousand for a "super individual" to be born.

During the first playthrough, Bai Yan witnessed the birth of a "super individual".

As stamina determines the upper limit of production quantity, theoretically, the most suitable person for this Sacred Rune right now, besides Fusion Slime, is... Mu Ling.

"Cough cough, I feel like if I imagine further, it's a bit..."

Bai Yan shook his head gently. "Babel Tower" is no longer just a simple game, but a real world.

Just because you pull yourself back together after an emotional breakdown, it doesn't mean the things didn't happen.

"It's a pity, really, collecting such a large number of extraordinary soldiers is now useless. This kind of tactic was actually quite effective when I tried it during the first playthrough."

He couldn't help but ponder a question.

If he had never realized that "Babel Tower" is real and played the game in a purely gamer-like way, would it be easier for him to eventually save the world?

All five little slimes were born inside the laboratory's large container, but they were quickly transported by Bai Yan into the interior of Babel Tower, leaving none for Professor Bai Lan.

Of course, Professor Bai Lan definitely witnessed the entire process of the birth of the new slimes through the camera.

Bai Yan also doesn't know what she would think.

But no matter what she thinks, Bai Yan doesn't care at all.

Inside Babel Tower, Bai Yan looked at the round and colorful ball-like objects at his feet, and the more he looked at them, the more pleasing they became to his eyes.

Really fun... even cuter than their "parents" at least.

Many things look more comical and cute the smaller they are, but once they become too big, they appear a bit scary.

One gray, two black, one red, and one blue – five chubby slime creatures the size of soccer balls wriggled and bounced on the ground.

Their intelligence level is relatively low, probably similar to that of a normal dog, and they can understand basic commands after being trained.

After playing with them for a while, Bai Yan discovered that each of the different types of slime possessed unique abilities.

The Ash Slime's power is to release a large amount of toxic smoke. The Black Gold Slime's power is its super hardness. The Flame Slime can manipulate flames, and the Ocean Slime can manipulate liquids.

Unfortunately, they are not very strong at all, after all, the small slimes only possess "Origin" level strength, and even the combat support personnel of the Demon Hunt Agency can defeat them with firearms.

But as long as the "Fusion Slime" becomes stronger, it can produce more small slimes in greater quantities, and as long as the numbers are large, they will still be useful.

Moreover, there is an extremely small probability of a "super individual" being born.

Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, what should I do during this 'longing period' coming up?"

Should we let them try using that Entertainment Card to "reach heaven"? That Entertainment Card is actually a copy card, and after clearing it, there will be a reward.

"Let's wait for Nightsaber to be promoted to Crown, otherwise they may not be able to complete it now."

Bai Yan continued pondering on the park bench.

Just then, Bai Yan suddenly remembered an extremely important matter that he accidentally forgot recently.

So he took the initiative to enter the Babel Tower and came to the Library of Ruina.

The golden magnificent library in the darkness appeared extremely mysterious, recording all the "past" and "present". Its owner, Bai Yan, arrived at this moment.

He stood in the center of the library and asked:

"The library, the perfect place for my Crown Ceremony... what is it?"

In fact, Bai Yan didn't know how strong he was at the moment, after all, there was no awakening level in the real world, and he didn't have a character card.

But he has been constantly improving the strength of his "Connection" and "game" in recent times.

Moreover, both abilities suddenly began to stagnate. Perhaps, his current self has truly reached the level of "Potential Crown".

"Anyway, try completing the Crown Ceremony. If he could be promoted to the transcendent Crown level, it would definitely be a good thing."

Bai Yan still remembers that a few times when his transcendent power was upgraded, it would bring about the evolution of the Babel Tower. This may be the true effect of the "game".

Soon, the Library of Ruina provided answers one after another.

Bai Yan was slightly stunned as he found the Crown Ceremony that was best suited for him, but he felt it was impossible to complete.