I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: Who Are You?

After the meeting, Bai Yan returned to the real world.

Now he lies in bed in his pajamas with a newly bought phone in his hand. He appears lazy yet calm, which is completely different from his demeanor as 'Profligate' and 'Savior' when he was just giving directions in the Crystal Palace.

Bai Yan gets up from the comfortable white bed, takes a deep breath, opens the curtains and looks out at the sunlight streaming in.

He squints his eyes slightly and feels the coolness of the autumn breeze.

A good morning.

It's already past eight in the morning, and Bai Yan knows very well that Lady Helen and her daughter Sylve must be having breakfast by now. They are the type of aristocratic family who eat breakfast relatively late.

In this small family, most of the servants wake up at five, have their meal at six, and then begin to clean various rooms and prepare breakfast for the masters.

And everything in the villa will be properly taken care of before eight o'clock.

Only then, the mother and daughter will wake up, wash up, and come together to the dining room for their meal.

In fact, the Air Alliance's noble etiquette is mostly learned from the Euro League.

After all, the founding members of the Air Alliance were just "landlords" in human settlements in the "wilderness" at the beginning, completely unrelated to the aristocracy.

The customs and practices of the Euro League are more similar to modern times, where many people there are unaware of the existence of the internet, and the so-called "true aristocrats" are also preserved in the Euro League.

The Air Alliance is nothing more than a country formed by a group of upstart aristocrats.

By the way, the name "Euro League" was only given to them by the Air Alliance and Night Union. Those people often refer to their country as "The Kingdom of Dark Light" or "His divine kingdom".

The Euro League has a much older history than the Air Alliance and the Night Union, and has direct divine protection. Many people there believe that theirs is the most perfect country and the other two nations don't need to exist at all.

Bai Yan came to the bathroom, took out his washing supplies, and began to brush his teeth and wash his face.

After that, he went to the exclusive bathroom used by the daughter of this mother-daughter pair and calmly sat in the bathtub for a soak.

On odd-numbered days, he would use Sylve's bathroom, and on even-numbered days, he would use Lady Helen's bathroom. He has always done this.

After he finished dressing up, Bai Yan finally came to the dining room where the surrounding servants completely ignored his presence.

There were many hot dishes on the table, including Chinese cuisine that Bai Yan specifically instructed the chef to prepare. The taste was decent, and the freshness was definitely guaranteed.

Finally, after enjoying everything, Bai Yan calmly came to the luxuriously decorated secondary living room in the villa where Lady Helen and her daughter were also present.

They sat calmly here, watching the big television not far away, while Bai Yan sat by the side watching with them.

Sylve hasn't been going to school recently. Due to her bullying of a classmate, a girl's arm was broken and Sylve needs to stay at home to avoid further trouble.

There are actually many programs on the television in Tatsumi City, with a variety of channels, but most of them are not very interesting... Lady Helen is a news enthusiast and is currently watching the Air Alliance news.

The biennial election for the Air Alliance leader is about to officially begin, and the eighty kings are roughly divided into two factions. One faction is the "Eyes" supported by the Eyes of the Empire, which supports a middle-aged man named Luun to become the new leader.

Luun is a very eloquent guy, a big fat and strong bald man who can talk about anything confidently at any time, but many people think he is just a puppet of the "world".

The other faction of kings supports the mastermind behind the Shadow Association, a woman nicknamed "Ms. Peggie" or "the Secret Box".

Bai Yan remembers her well. This awful old woman is openly bisexual and is quite interested in the unlucky Maryse in private. She has even reached out to the Augustus family on her own initiative.

By the way, the previous leader cannot be reelected as the new leader... The name of the previous leader is "Yue Xin", an old man who is over a hundred years old and has not publicly expressed support for either side.

The eighty kings of the Air Alliance represent 228 independent cities in the country, and in Bai Yan's impression, only twenty-six of the "kings" have oriental faces and surnames.

To be honest, during the first few years of his cross-border travel, Bai Yan always felt that a country where Eastern and Western people mixed together was strange, but he gradually got used to it later.

After all, this is the Otherworld, where even rabbits can talk and fight. What else is impossible?

"If only we could hire supernaturals at the awakening level... cough, cough."

Lady Helen seemed to have a bit of a sore throat. She suddenly coughed several times while watching TV, slightly lowered her head, and held her throat.

"Do you need me to pour you a glass of water, Lady Helen?" Bai Yan suddenly asked gently.

"Very well, Mr. Moriarty."

Helen turned her head towards him, smiled and nodded.

She lightly touched the ends of her hair, seeming to become a bit doubtful.

Bai Yan got up to pour two glasses of water, one was for himself and the other he handed to Lady Helen.

Lady Helen and Sylve both watched the scene silently, neither seemed to be moved.

After a while, Lady Helen frowned suddenly, and asked in confusion, 'Mr. Moriarty, I'm sorry but I can't seem to remember, who exactly are you to me?'

She soon became aware of a huge sense of disharmony. How could she ask such a question to someone she was familiar with?

Wait, her husband had already passed away and she didn't have any brothers with her.

Mr. Moriarty, this person who seems to have already lived with me for a long time, this person...

Who is he?

Who exactly is he?

Sylve, who was standing aside, also froze and asked perplexed, "Mom, why would you ask such a question? Isn't Mr. Moriarty our...our..."

She stayed there for a while, suddenly realizing that she couldn't remember who this man was either.

Despite his presence in many places in her memory, she still didn't know who he really was.

"What is going on here?"

Lady Helen became increasingly aware that something was wrong and suddenly stood up in fear!

Full of horror, she looked at Bai Yan who was sitting there calmly.

A tremendous sense of absurdity and despair rose from the depths of Lady Helen's heart.

"Who are you?"

She screamed and protected her daughter, her heart pounding with fear as she trembled uncontrollably.

And Bai Yan just sat on the sofa, wearing a smile on his face.

"It seems that it's still not good enough. Memory modification is a very complex matter, I still need to practice more... You all need to cooperate with me more in the future, sorry about that."

It feels quite good to have these two experimental subjects who have committed many wrongful acts but are not deserving of death by your side...

"Memory modification?"

Lady Helen and Sylve were both stunned. They instinctively tried to turn and run, but quickly realized that the servants from the family had all silently gathered around them.

Every person stared at the mother and daughter with a confused expression.

Full of strangeness.

Lady Helen instinctively held her daughter, her heart filled with despair and fear.

What's going on? What exactly happened?

Who exactly is he?

"Please, let my daughter go. I am willing to do anything..."

Before the words were finished, Lady Helen and Sylve, who were embracing each other, also looked confused.

They sat down again.

Then, both of them ignored Bai Yan, who slowly put down his palms beside them, and heard nothing.

"Very good, very obedient."

Bai Yan smiled, took the remote control from Lady Helen's hand and changed the channel.

The news now is meaningless, he already knew who would become the new alliance leader.

After having lunch together, Bai Yan came to the garden of the villa alone. He sat on a clean bench and took out his phone to open "Babel Tower".

"Think carefully, besides you, there is no one else who is more suitable for it... Only when the Sword of Demons is drawn, can it be rotated with you for use."

Actually, other Core Operators can also use it, but normal people cannot bear this kind of gameplay.

After much deliberation, Bai Yan finally gave the Sacred Rune "Astarte" he obtained not long ago to Fusion Slime.

"It's decided, it's you."