I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: The Fifth Meeting.

"Returning to my own family and making those who have hurt me grovel at my feet."

Even at midnight, Maryse was completely unable to sleep.

Sitting on the small narrow bed, she recalled the familiar big bed she used to sleep in... She was the one who left the family, even though she hadn't done anything wrong.

Just as the senior 'Profligate' said, there are always some mediocre people in the universe who try to cling together, thinking they are powerful. However, they are easily defeated when they face reality.

They don't understand what true power is!

I am more capable and better suited to become the master of the Augustus family.


She took a deep breath, put on a pink hoodie with bunny ears, and walked out of her home feeling happy.

Maryse stood in the hallway of the apartment building and slowly closed her eyes.

[Follow my orders.]

She's been training her psychic abilities during this time, and the neighbors in this building are her experimental subjects.

They are so easily manipulated, those fragile souls are like born slaves.

Within a diameter of 70 meters centered around Maryse, one ordinary person after another gradually awakened from sleep and became a designated dance partner of 'Psychic Dancer' with bewildered eyes.

Hmph, I'm still very strong now.

Maryse laughed.

After ascending to the higher level of 'Awakening', Maryse can clearly feel that her psychic powers have been enhanced again.

"So, from now on, everyone dance together."

She lightly snapped her fingers and the people under Psychic Domination in the apartment found their partners and started dancing.

Dancing psyches,

Sleepless night.

Maryse, as an extraordinary individual, had a lot of energy. She continued her self-training until the break of dawn.

Only then did Maryse return home and take a shower.

"There isn't even a bathtub here... It's becoming unbearable."

Standing in the shower room, Maryse sighed, realizing that her inner desire to return home had been thoroughly ignited by the antics of her "Profligate" colleague.

She used to occasionally think about it, but now she can't control her thoughts and thinks about it all the time.

"The Augustus family... who knows how the Savior will deal with them."

As the mist rose, Maryse closed her eyes amidst a spray of water, fully enjoying the comfortable sensation of heat on her skin.

I really want to take a bath.

At this moment, a mutation suddenly occurred.

The black mist suddenly surged from all sides, and began to coil around her defenseless body.

"Wait a minute, I'm still taking a shower!"

Maryse opened her eyes in great alarm!

Oh no! I'm about to be teleported away!

What should I do?

Next, at the fastest speed she had never had in decades of her life, she picked up the coat she intended to change into, and then without any hesitation, she put it on directly!

At this moment, Maryse made an incredibly accurate decision! She didn't put on her underwear first!

Sure enough, just after she successfully put on her coat, the whole world began to blur and the transfer had already begun.


A few seconds later, Maryse was standing in a palace with walls made of crystal. The shower water was still dripping from her body, but it didn't affect her happy and relieved mood at the moment.

Fortunately... the clothes and pants were both put on, and she directly put on the coat.

Even better news was that this was a sturdy autumn coat, and not a thin summer shirt.

There was no need to worry about embarrassment even if she was soaked.

"Wait, what's that? A slime?"

Maryse suddenly froze.

At this moment, in the magnificent space opera-like Crystal Palace, several core members of the Babel Tower, including the "Fusion Slime," had already gathered.

Naturally, everyone's gaze fell upon the "Fusion Slime."

With its huge, deep blue body and sticky, evil form, and a red core inside ... it looks like a, well, real slime?

But the other issues are also okay.

Why is the slime so big?

"What is this, what is this?"

Mu Ling was also stunned, could it be that it is also a new member of the Babel Tower?

The others all thought it was impossible, only someone as naive as Mu Ling would think that a large slime could also be a member of Babel Tower.

[It is also your companion.]

The voice of the Savior appeared, immediately identifying the identity of the "Fusion Slime".

Unexpectedly, it really is...

"Fusion Slime" curiously sized up its new companions, excitedly began to greet them and its sticky tentacles reached out immediately.

Mu Ling trusted the Savior's words and was willing to believe in her companions, so she chose not to avoid the deep blue tentacles.

The other few people didn't even react and were caught by the tentacles of Fusion Slime of Potential Crown level.

"What the hell?"

One should not underestimate this fellow's strength!

They quickly came to this conclusion that the tentacles had a very fast ejection speed and were very sticky, making it difficult to break free.

[Release them.]

Although it was not clear why, the "Fusion Slime" instinctively feared this stern voice and immediately let go of the few people it was holding.

"Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!"

It apologized so much to everyone, but nobody understood.

"Everyone, this meeting has a specific purpose."

Just then, a scholarly voice appeared in the Crystal Palace.

Maryse's eyes lit up as soon as she heard the voice.


He appeared in the Crystal Palace, smiling at the people present.

Every member of the Babel Tower wears a mask, and "Profligate" is no exception, his mask is just a plain white smiling mask that doesn't look like that of a serious person.

Because the voice, appearance, and even character are completely different, even Alan couldn't recognize Bai Yan's true identity.

Of course, the real Bai Yan is still playing the role of Savior, and this "Profligate" is his incarnation.

"In ten days, Babel Tower will take over Tatsumi City."

As Bai Yan appeared in the form of "Profligate", he didn't consult with anyone and immediately announced Babel Tower's next plan in an informative tone at the beginning.

Naturally, everyone present was very surprised, with an expression of disbelief in their eyes. Even Maryse, who was reminded beforehand, was stunned with her mouth wide open.

Even the Fusion Slime was quite surprised... surprised at why everyone was showing such a surprised expression.

"What do you mean?"

Suddenly, there was a huge reaction from "Mysterious Magic"!

"Babel Tower is going to take over Tatsumi City?"

Alan's shock was the most intense, and at this moment, he thought of many things. He was even contemplating what he should do if Babel Tower were to slaughter the Demon Hunt Agency.

No matter what, he had been a member of the Demon Hunt Agency for more than ten years. If Babel Tower really takes that step, he would be powerless to stop it... In order not to be manipulated into killing his former colleagues by the Savior, he could only resolve himself first.

Damn it, so we finally come to this step!

Babel Tower is going to attack this city!

Alan was completely distraught, his body slightly trembling, contemplating how to prevent a terrible outbreak.

Amy, who is not from Tatsumi City, was the least surprised. She had already squinted her eyes, pondering the meaning behind the sentence and wishing to hear the specific details from “Profligate”.

Mu Ling asked perplexedly, "What does it mean that Babel Tower takes over Tatsumi City?"

Bai Yan, with Profligate's face, smiled and looked around at everyone present, saying, "Congratulations, you are no longer just new members of Babel Tower but have acquired the qualifications as 'core members' that differ from the past."

"Now you can invite up to five people and allow them to join the great Babel Tower,"

Everyone's expression became complex upon hearing this sentence.


Bai Yan continued, "Seats are limited, and those you invite to join have no possibility of saving the world, so they belong to the peripheral members and won't enjoy the same treatment as you."

"But they will also enjoy many benefits just like you do."

"If anyone joins Babel Tower through your invitation, all the forces under their leadership will become a part of Babel Tower together... And at that time, these people will also become pawns of the Savior. You should understand what this means."

Mu Ling was stunned for a moment and asked, "What does this mean?"

Amy said, "It means that they, like us, can no longer escape the control of the Savior. I can understand what Mr. Profligate meant by taking over Tatsumi City."

"He wants us to send an 'invitation' to the leaders of various forces in Tatsumi City... Well, it could even be a forced invitation."

She concluded, "Then, forcibly binding the major forces onto the chariot of Babel Tower."

Bai Yan continued, "To be precise, invitations were sent to four out of the five major families, as well as the director of the Demon Hunt Agency. In fact, one family has already joined Babel Tower."

"What? One of the major families has already joined Babel Tower!" Alan was shocked to hear this news, it was almost unbelievable that such a thing could happen.

"I just want to know, is this Your plan, Respected Savior?"

Mu Ling looked up at the lofty Respected Savior, and everyone's gaze followed hers.


Bai Yan naturally gave an affirmative response.

Mu Ling knelt down on one knee, and said very seriously, "Since that is the case, I will definitely complete the task."

"Nightsaber assures you."

"Profligate" smiled and continued, "Nightsaber's performance at the Babel Tower is evident to all. In ten days, she will be promoted to a 'Crown' level transcendent being."

At this moment, everyone present was once again shocked.

A transcendent being at the Crown level!

That is an area that only truly powerful people can step into. There are so many people standing at the threshold, but unable to enter it even after standing for a long time!

The "Three Strong" of the Demon Hunt Agency, in a sense, are just failed individuals who cannot enter the "Crown" level. As long as they can successfully step into the Crown level, they will immediately be reborn!

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It is even possible to ascend to the upper echelons of this country!

And at this moment, "Nightsaber" has already been designated to be promoted to "Crown"!

Just ten days later!

It seems that within the Babel Tower, cultivating a transcendent at the Crown level is very simple and easy, just like a simple matter of promoting an employee within a company!

Everyone was stunned and unable to recover for a long time. Mu Ling also stood frozen for a while, as only the ancestor of the family has ever reached the Crown level in their history and has already been hailed as a legend.

Am I finally going to step into this field as well?

Alan was completely confused, his mind was in chaos. If a powerful "Nightsaber" at the Crown level really appeared after ten days, the combat strength of the Demon Hunt Agency would be completely inadequate!

However, if I invite them to join the Babel Tower first and solve the problem peacefully, then the terrible situation may not arise...

But how do I tell the director that I want him to become a member of the Babel Tower?


Alan's thinking has become confused.

Bai Yan nodded gently and continued, "Yes, once we have Crown-level combat power in Tatsumi City, it will be much easier for us to take over the city."

Suddenly, Amy said:

"Actually, I've researched a lot of information about Tatsumi City, so there's one important question I want to ask you... How do we deal with Queen of the Scarlet Moon?"

"Even if Nightsaber reaches the Crown level, she still wouldn't be able to defeat her, right?"