I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Son of the Sea King · Mysterious Magic.

Although it was already midnight, Alan didn't go to sleep on this day.

The energy of Transcendentals is always very strong, theoretically, Alan, who is already at 'the awakening level', can stay up for twenty-seven consecutive nights without sleep.

Players like Mu Ling, who specialize in physical abilities, can have more time without resting and without affecting their energy... She still rests on time like an ordinary person, it is just a biological habit.

They were already different from ordinary people long ago.

Alan sat on his bed in his pajamas and began using the Babel Tower exclusive forum established by 'Cybertyrant'.

He couldn't find any clues about Bai Yan's whereabouts alone, so he finally made a decision to put the information about Bai Yan on the Babel Tower forum and use everyone's strength to find him together.

Although he would pay something, he wouldn't mind these costs as long as he could find Bai Yan.

"Mysterious Magic: Anyone here? Who is interested in helping me out? I am willing to offer a lot of points. This matter is very important to me."

"Psychic Dancer: Can you be more specific? I can't help you with something like stealing someone's girlfriend."

"Mysterious Magic:......"

"Nightsaber: I should be sleeping at this time. I just finished drinking hot milk. I'll check your message history on the phone tomorrow."

"Psychic Dancer: You are such a good kid. Early to bed and early to rise, exercise more... Wait, is this the secret to growing up?"

"Nightsaber: Hmm, thank you."

"Mr. X: I don't think she was really praising you, well, okay, you can take it as a compliment... at least the second half of the sentence."

Alan felt that these girls were turning this place into a "girlfriends' chat group".

He quickly steered the conversation back on track.

"Mysterious Magic: Here's the thing, I have a friend... also in Tatsumi City. One of his friends has recently gone missing, so he asked me to help find his missing friend."

"Psychic Dancer: That 'friend' of yours who lost his friend... is it really you?"

"Mysterious Magic: No, I'm just helping to post the request. It's for my friend's friend whose name is 'Bai Yan'. He suddenly went missing during the Dark Light incident, and the Savior said he's no longer in Tatsumi City but not dead. My friend wants to confirm his current situation."

"Psychic Dancer: Bai Yan? I've never heard of that name before, and it sounds like a pretty silly name. Alright, I'll keep an eye out for it."

"Mr. X: Well, I'll also use various monitoring methods to help you find this person in Tatsumi City."

"Mysterious Magic: It's not me who's looking for this person, but rather my friend who is looking for him."

"Psychic Dancer: Oh, if you say so, then it must be."

"Mr. X: Are you in a romantic relationship?"

"Mysterious Magic: ......Bai Yan is male, and I am also male."

"Mr. X: Sorry, I forgot that talking about this in the Air Alliance can be offensive. So, is it not allowed for males to be in the Air Alliance? However, such relationships are common in Night Union, and even more complex relationships abound."

"Psychic Dancer: Mr. Magician, actually I am very curious about your true identity. Should we schedule a meeting soon? After all, we are both in Tatsumi City."

"Mysterious Magic: Nevermind."

"Psychic Dancer: It's okay, I don't mind. Even if you're as ugly as sin, it doesn't matter to me... Actually, I have recently met with 'Nightsaber' and 'Profligate' seniors."

"Mysterious Magic: You should understand, I really don't want to reveal my true identity."

Thanks to the presence of Psychic Dancer, the forum chats became very lighthearted, yet the members of Babel Tower have also become closer.

After submitting the assignment, Alan shook his head lightly, put down his phone, and let out a sigh.

He only hopes that this way he can find Bai Yan.

At this moment, he suddenly froze.

Because Alan discovered that his pajamas had turned into a blurry mosaic!

What's going on?

A situation never seen before!

[Mysterious Magic, this is the new possibility given to you.]

He heard that familiar cold and merciless voice, but he was relieved because he knew it was another strange event caused by the Savior's appearance.

"So, what will happen..."

After a while, Alan was completely stunned!

Because something quite outrageous had happened - his pajamas had actually disappeared! His white underwear had become a loose pair of blue swimming trunks that he had not intended to wear.

Afterwards, some blue runes appeared on his arms and chest, as if they were a special kind of totem.

What on earth is this?

"Is this a joke? What's going on here?"

Alan stood up from the bed in disbelief, and really wanted to question his Savior if he had made a mistake...

No, since it was done by that Savior, there must be a deeper meaning behind it.

He raised his arms and carefully examined the blue patterns.

"The secrets should lie within the mantras inscribed on my arms and chest. Hmm, this appears to be some kind of special spell, but it is not listed in the knowledge that I have learned... Could it be a product of another world?"

For some reason, Alan gradually understood the meaning behind the blue patterns on his arms and chest.


The so-called totem is not only a picture but also a symbol, and it belongs to the extraordinary category of 'ritual' itself.

Alan felt the powerful force that was different from before.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and fully felt the rhythm of nature.

The blue totem lights up.

All the faucets in the house had opened automatically, and the water flowed continuously from them, then all the water flew out from the faucets and into the room where Alan was.

They kept condensing in front of Alan until they finally gathered into a tall water elemental, a shapeless mass of liquid with a blue core inside, constantly absorbing water from around it.

Did he summon a water elemental with his newfound power? Alan was briefly puzzled.

No, it is not so.

Alan could sense the difference and tried again. The water flow gradually changed into a plant he had never seen before, composed entirely of deep blue liquid and slowly floating in mid-air.

Technically speaking, Alan should not have been able to know any specific information about this plant, but a new knowledge surged in his mind.

Spirit of the sea.

This is a very special and extraordinary kind of plant that specifically feeds on various toxins and secretes a special psychoactive substance that can enhance human vitality.

Then, this extraordinary plant from the ocean turned into a pool of floating water in mid-air, transforming into a new creature ... a beautiful mermaid wrapped in water, with colorful and exotic scales covering her body.

She started singing as soon as she appeared on stage.

Clear, ethereal and pleasant to the ears.

The singing has a bewitching effect that makes the listeners become completely intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves.

Bai Yan was watching all of this on his phone through the live stream feature, feeling a bit surprised. Then he clicked on the information about 'Water World · Mysterious Magic'.

"Water World·Mysterious Magic"

"The loose limited-edition swimming trunks, with ocean totems on the arms and chest, accentuated his now even more sun-kissed physique. In this timeline of 'Mysterious Magic', he was no longer a Night Watcher, but had instead become a son of the sea adopted by the Sea King."

"Special effect: once activated, it will imbue extraordinary power from 'Mysterious Life' summoned through liquid from the Sea of Fantasy."

The setting was unexpectedly such that, as a son of the Sea King, he could summon all sorts of beings from the Sea of Fantasy.

Bai Yan understood clearly in his heart, continued to watch for a while, then switched the live stream to another Core Operator's channel.

Muling slept with a blindfold on and very soundly, as she would always be exhausted from training during the day.

Maryse was playing games for a while before contemplating gazing out the window towards the direction of Platinum Zone.

At this moment, 'Cybertyrant' Amy was not sleeping, but searching online for information on 'Psychic Ion Ray'. Bai Yan had no familiarity with it, only being aware that it was related to psychic power.

As for Fusion Slime... it remained in a massive container, undergoing various inquiries and experiments from Professor Bai Lan.

"R21, how did you communicate with those people in the city of the Air Alliance after you arrived?"

Without hesitation, Fusion Slime replied:

"Look at me, look at me, and look at me again! I will devour you!"

Professor Bai Lan was stunned.

"What? I'm asking you...what did you say to them?"

"Look at me, look at me, and look at me again! I'll eat you up!"

Professor Bai Lan became somewhat angry and pressed a button on the console.

"You're actually threatening me, R21. It looks like I have to give you some punishment."

Fusion Slime felt very wronged. It had said those words itself. Why couldn't the professor understand?


Truthfully, this scene really amused Bai Yan. He shook his head gently after viewing the status of all the Core Operators.

For some reason, Bai Yan suddenly had a very strong feeling at this moment.

Sense of achievement.

At this moment, the Babel Tower that he had created single-handedly was finally taking shape and becoming a truly influential and mysterious organization.

It is not just a game, but a real organization that exists and has an impact on the world.

However, the current Babel Tower is still far from being able to save the world... it still has a long way to go.

But as long as we continue like this... no, we shouldn't just continue like this.

Looking at the Golden Palace in the sky outside the window, Bai Yan began to ponder. Suddenly, he muttered to himself:

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"Perhaps, I can change my thinking and actively integrate the unstable factors in this city."