I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: 10 Summons

In the courtyard of the villa on the deserted edge of the city.

Mu Ling’s expression was calm. She kept waving the black cross sword in her slender and fair palm, each swing stronger than the last. The fallen leaves in the courtyard were scattered by the sword.

Standing at the side, the old butler, Huo Xin, looked at the young lady for a long time. Gradually, he could not find any traces of the little girl on her. He couldn’t help but feel that the little girl who liked to eat omurice had really grown up and become a powerful hunter.

Finally, her clothes were drenched in sweat, and Mu Ling stopped training while panting.


The training in the virtual space and the real world had ended entirely.

‘I have to become stronger, she thought silently.

Mu Ling fought the enhanced version of Child of the Star and was torn apart more than twenty times in the virtual space. In the past, she would have been too tired to practice her swordsmanship in reality, but she was used to it now.

Mu Ling’s mood was still as high as 7. It was all because she had a deeper knowledge about the Babel Tower.

It was lucky for her to join the Babel Tower.

Huo Xin stepped forward and bowed. He said in all seriousness, “My lady, you can’t live with your identity in the real world.”

“I know.” Mu Ling nodded slightly, already prepared.

After a moment of silence, Huo Xin continued, “My lady, could you tell me about the Babel Tower?” Even the old butler knew about the incident!

With the help of a friend from the Otherworlds, Huo Xin had seen that video on the Internet. He instantly recognized the black-clothed, white-haired girl as Mu Ling!

Mu Ling lowered her head and was silent before saying honestly, “Actually, I only know the tip of the iceberg about the Babel Tower.”


Huo Xin was very surprised. As far as he knew, Mu Ling was a mature, steady, and calm crime hunter. Why would she join an organization she wasn’t familiar with?

It was completely illogical.

Mu Ling thought for a moment. Many parts of Babel Tower were too strange to explain. She explained briefly, “This organization is very mysterious and huge. It has powers beyond common sense. Even the Queen of the Scarlet Moon and the Pastor might not be able to fight its master.”

Huo Xin did not comment. He felt that her ladyship still did not understand the terror of the two ancient beings. ‘They had controlled the Tatsumi for many years, and no one could shake them.

The Babel Tower might indeed be a powerful new force, but Huo Xin thought a new organization rested on a shaky foundation.

However, Huo Xin did not refute Mu Ling in person. After all, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon and the Pastor had not made any major moves for many years. It was normal for many new era people to forget their power.

He sighed. “All in all, I hope you will always be safe and happy, my lady,” he continued, “That is my last wish.”

Mu Ling turned back and smiled at the old man.

The cold hunter finally looked like a girl should.

“Don’t worry, Huo Xin. I’m not a child anymore.”

A cold and heartless voice sounded in Mu Ling’s mind.

[Nightssaber, your reward.]

The thick black fog appeared again as if it had an indescribable aura. Huo Xin saw this scene and was shocked by the sudden appearance of the black fog. The old man’s eyes focused, and his body exploded with cold, murderous energy. He already had the short white blade in his hand.

“Don’t worry. It’s just the big shot’s trick.”

Mu Ling shook her head and took the initiative to extend her hand for the black fog to envelop her.

“My lady?”

Huo Xin was still bewildered but refrained from making any moves.

It stung.

It was as if something terrifying was burrowing into her body. Mu Ling felt a burning sensation as her blood boiled! She bit her lip and endured the clear pain. Suddenly, she realized that her strength was improving significantly. It was an unprecedented and unbelievable transformation!

Blood, flesh, bones, and skin seemed to have been growing again! Such magical, extraordinary power!

Even though she had already seen this unfathomable divine power once, Mu Ling was still shocked when she experienced this again!

The black fog had already dissipated. She slowly held her palm and felt that her body was filled with terrifying power. It was enough to kill the ferocious Spawn with her bare hands.

“This is the power of the Babel Tower. This is a new me.” Mu Ling turned to Huo Xin. The seriousness in her eyes shocked the old man.

She took a deep breath and said firmly, “From today onwards, I am the Nightsaber. As a member of the Babel Tower, I will contribute in saving the world. I will also shoulder the responsibility of a crime hunter to take revenge on the sinful evil cultists and restore the family to glory!”

Bai Yan sat by the window in the library, drinking. Around him, many students were engrossed in their books for the coming exam.

“Queen of the Scarlet Moon! I’m coming!” His face filled with excitement, and his hands trembled slightly as he set down his cup.

Three days had passed since that incident. He had obtained 60 points from the daily mission, deducted 30 points from Nightsaber’s daily training, and finally gained 500 points!

Time to do 10 new summons!

“New operators! Wait for me!”

Bai Yan did not draw his card immediately. Instead, he ran to the bathroom to wash his face and hands three times.

Summoning was supposed to be exciting. Now the operator he summoned could still affect reality. The waifu in-game would also transform into a real beauty. No one would be able to remain indifferent about this!

“And the powerful relics, mystical powers, and sacred runes,” he muttered.

The relic was a special tool. Each relic had a very powerful, mysterious power, but anyone who used it had to pay the price.

Mystical powers were kinds of supernatural powers which were things that ordinary people dreamed of.

As for the Sacred Rune, it was a special technique exclusive to the Babel Tower. It symbolized the divine power of various gods. At least in the game, none of the forces except the Babel Tower had the Sacred Rune. Instead, there was only a low-level secret technology called “Secret Rune.”

Bai Yan was excited just thinking about what was in the summoning pool.

“I can definitely summon something valuable!”

Bai Yan calmly walked out of the bathroom and returned to his seat by the window. He took a deep breath and took out his phone.

Log into the “Babel Tower.”

He glanced at the options at the bottom of the screen and reached for the third option, Fate. A gray mist appeared with two more very obvious options.

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10 summons

Bai Yan took a deep breath and clicked on the “10 summons” with a shudder.

Glittering pictures gradually appeared in the gray mist.

Operator Fragment -- Queen of the Scarlet Moon x1

Relic Fragment -- Blink Blade x1

Entertainment -- Travel Card x1

Relic Fragment -- Holy Shroud × 1

Sacred Rune Fragment -- Artemis x1

Operator Fragment -- The Final Gun x1

Sacred Rune Fragment -- Loki x1

Core Operator -- Psychic Dancer Maryse x1

Mystical Power -- Immortality X1

Relic -- Disguise Mask x1

Bai Yan’s pupils constricted as he swallowed.

“Psychic Dancer Maryse?”