I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: Swimsuit!

The pool that he is going to summon from this time is "Different Dimensions", which means skins and spectacles.

A new skin represents a complete set of new abilities for a Core Operator, while a new spectacle... like "the Golden Palace", which is a powerful spectacle, gives players an almost overpowered gaming experience.

If he hadn't summoned the Golden Palace back then, it would have been really difficult for him to completely kill the Soul Body of the Life and Death Saint.

Bai Yan took a deep breath and clicked on "Different Dimensions", starting a new ten-summon directly without any hesitation.

The current Source Energy Points that Bai Yan had were actually enough for a ten-summon, but he decided to leave some Source Energy Points every time, constantly accumulating them to unlock the necessary infrastructure.

Being completely addicted to summoning is not a good thing.

After clicking his finger, one card after another appeared on the phone screen and Bai Yan sat on the sofa, staring at them intently, without any hint of lack of focus.

Come out, come out, my treasures!

First summon!

"Possibility! Fairy Tale Demon King · Queen of the Scarlet Moon (Seven Days)"

The first one to arrive was the seven-day skin for the Queen of the Scarlet Moon. This "possibility" had left a strong impression on Bai Yan and is almost one of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon's strongest two skins.

Don't be fooled by the fact that it's just the demon king in a fairy tale world, it is a real and genuine demon king.

Bai Yan clicked on the detailed introduction of "Fairy Tale Demon King · Queen of the Scarlet Moon".

"Black and red gorgeous evening dress, exquisite black diamond earrings, indifferent eye makeup. As the Blood Demon King who ruled half the world and had numerous terrifying monsters under her command, she had no interest in ruling the other half of the world. In this worldline, 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon' is still born as a ruler, but she is the queen of all monsters and born as the biggest villain in the whole world."

"Special effect, after loading, it will have a new ability set of 'Demon King', replacing the original ability set of 'King of the Bloodline'. The Core Operator will have an extremely exaggerated and constantly expanding huge magic power, and also gain the character 'Enemy of the World'."

This is actually a skin with an extremely negative effect, and Bai Yan is well aware of this.

During his first playthrough, every time he used this skin for Queen of the Scarlet Moon, she became extremely powerful, and her strength was directly upgraded a level.

After loading "Fairy Tale Demon King", the Core Operator won't gain any particularly special abilities, just pure, terrifying magic power, which is simply strong!

But at the same time, after loading this possibility... all sorts of inexplicable enemies will appear from all over the world, most of whom are just and righteous individuals, who will want to hunt Queen of the Scarlet Moon for inexplicable reasons... and the longer this skin is used, the stronger the enemies will become, theoretically even attracting divine-level enemies.

According to the "Enemy of the World" characteristic, she was targeted by the will of the Noah world.

"But honestly, we from Babel Tower are here to save the world. Noah, why can't you get it straight?"

Bai Yan was actually not very clear on how to reconcile with the will of the Noah world, so he knew that this skin could only be used as a "decisive skin" for now.

Second summon!

"Probability! Prisoner of Deep Sin, Moon Witch (Seven Days)."

"The Prisoner of Deep Sin wore only a pure white prison uniform, lost their eyes, had their mouth stitched shut, and had heavy iron chains on their wrists and ankles. Their body was covered in ugly wounds, yet they still had a smile that was impossible to ignore."

"In this world line, the 'Moon Witch' is worshipped as a deity by the suffering people for providing them with a large amount of redemption power. She was tried most severely by the church and imprisoned at the deepest part of the church's prison forever, due to committing the gravest sin of being a 'false god'."

"Special effect: Gain the 'Redemption' ability group as a replacement for the original 'Moon Witch' ability group, with the power to sacrifice oneself to redeem others."

Well, theoretically speaking, this is the strongest support skin early game... the only skin in the early game that has the ability to 'revive the team'.

However, the price of reviving others is to sacrifice herself.

Regardless of which world line, in Bai Yan's impression, it seems that no matter the witch, she never has a good end.

This may be the so-called 'fate' or 'destiny' that the divination spellcasters have always emphasized. Moreover, the master spellcasters of Time of Chord have proven that it does indeed exist.

Bai Yan doesn't like this kind of thing.

Third summon!

"Possibility! Cycle of Life and Death · Perduto (Seven Days)."

Bai Yan slightly startled. This is a very interesting skin that can be quite useful if used properly. He didn't expect to draw it at this moment.

This is a very special skin. In this world line, Perduto was cursed by the Outer God and trapped in an infinite cycle of life and death.

The effect after loading this skin is very unique.

Firstly, there is not much difference between the "Cycle of Life and Death" Perduto and the normal Perduto skin. They are equally handsome, but after using this skin, the whole world will immediately begin to "cycle".

Everyone is trapped in the same day and cannot get out.

In Bai Yan's impression, besides Perduto himself and the "Savior", only the existence of the "Creation Realm" rank can maintain memory during the cycle in the world, and only the "Rainbows" can transcend the infinite cycle.

Perduto himself will die repeatedly on this day due to various reasons, and then resurrect again, repeating this day... an infinite cycle.

The situation where the whole world starts to loop because of the effect of a skin is very unique, and there is not a single solution to solve it, but the simplest solution... is for Bai Yan to remove the skin.

The fourth summon!

"Probability! God of the Arena, Fist of Duel (Seven Days)."

Before the late game, theoretically the strongest 1v1 king skin in the early and mid game, God of the Arena, Fist of Duel!... It provides a great bonus in one-on-one situations.

And he has a very 'disgusting' ability, which is the 'Roaring Arena of Cheers'.

Those selected by the 'arena' will be thrown into another dimension to fight one-on-one with him in a duel.

By using this ability, Fist of Duel can directly catch the support, healer, squishy caster, or other targeted character and beat them to death.

Unless only one person is left alive, this 'arena' is an absolutely unsolvable extradimensional space.

Fifth summon!

"Probability! Heavenly Radiance - Sword of Demons (Seven Days)."

Sword of Demons.

Bai Yan squinted his eyes. He is also a non-human Core Operator and compared to the Slimes, he is even more peculiar.

Because the Slime is still a living creature, while the "Sword of Demons" is simply the spirit of a sword.

As for the skin "Heavenly Radiance"...

In this state, the "Sword of Demons" will turn into a divine sword with a platinum radiance. When wielded, it can summon heavenly creatures and has a great restraining effect on all evil beings.

In a sense, the state of Heavenly Radiance is the timeline where the "Sword of Demons" has been completely brainwashed and corrupted by the so-called "Heavenly Realm". It has unwillingly transformed into a sword full of righteous and radiant power.

It's quite sad... probably?

Round six!

"World Line Change Fragment - Pyramid of the Sun×1"

Hmm, another fragment added... No, wait, the previous pyramid fragment has already been "revoked".

I'll use the "revocation" privilege shortly to revoke this too.

Round seven!

"World Line Change Fragment · Shadow Kingdom×1"

Fragment added...

Round eight!

"Possibility! Water World·Hidden Azure (Seven Days)".

Oh no.

Bai Yan was stunned on the spot; he seemed to have had a seven-day Water World in Hidden Azure before.

In this way, one can be synthesized.

"The classic ones have skins but no characters......and they have already become classic several times, I don't want to be so classic again."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation.

Ninth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Minoan Labyrinth×1"

Well, there are two Minoan Labyrinth fragments, but we still need eight more to complete the set.

Tenth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Sky Garden×1"

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, wondering which fragments would be better to use the "regret card" on.

Well, I should definitely give up on three World Line Change Fragments. Although the effect of wonders like "the Golden Palace" may be exaggerated, even if I had one-tenth of the fragments, it would hardly be as valuable as one-half of the skin.

The question is, out of these four World Line Change Fragments, which one should I keep for myself?

After giving it some thought, Bai Yan decided to keep the "Shadow Kingdom" fragment, which was the strongest one among the four "wonders". It could be used to train operators who were not spellcasters in new combat skills.

Therefore, Bai Yan ultimately chose "Pyramid of the Sun", "Labyrinth of the Minotaur", and "Sky Garden" to use the "regret card" on this time.

Three times of reselection.

First summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Labyrinth of the Minotaur x1"


Bai Yan fell into thought, doesn't this have no meaning to reselect completely?

Today is a bit unusual.

Second summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · World Tree×1"

Okay, even though it's still just a fragment, after all, it's a fragment of the World Tree.

If it were possible to gather the World Tree, it would definitely be a great thing.

In Bai Yan's perception, "World Tree" is almost the strongest one among all wonders!

It has many different effects, all of them quite magical. If you can obtain it, it will definitely be a huge boost for the Babel Tower.

Third summon!

"Possibility! Water World · Mysterious Magic!"


Bai Yan, sitting on the sofa in the darkness, couldn't help but call out.

No way, bro, and it wasn't even seven times. The last shot actually went straight to Alan's swimsuit. Is that even possible?

"The program's effect has been boosted."

The summoning session has ended, and Bai Yan sat there lost in thought.

Then, without even looking at the specific effects and appearance of the skin, he suddenly loaded 'Water World · Mysterious Magic'.

Bai Yan accessed the live function of the Core Operator, and clicked on 'Mysterious Magic' to explore his current situation.

He just wants to see how awkward Alan will be now.